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⚽ | Makito Ito from Iwata Subordinate Organization joins by rental from Yokohama FM "Since I was little ..."

Photo Jubilo Iwata Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

Makito Ito from the Iwata sub-organization joins by rental from Yokohama FM "Since I was little ..."

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Regarding joining Jubilo Iwata, "I'm Makito Ito from Yokohama F. Marinos.

Jubilo Iwata of the Meiji Yasuda Seimei J2 League will join DF Makito Ito from Yokohama F. Marinos on the 21st due to a loan transfer ... → Continue reading

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Jubilo Iwata

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Jubilo Iwata(Jubilo Iwata,Yubilo Iwata) IsJapan OfShizuokaIwataHometown,Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) professionalsサ ッ カ ーclub.


1972WoundYamaha Motor Soccer ClubIs the predecessor[1]. In 1993J League Associate Member[1],1994Become a regular member of the J League[1].

The operating companyJubiro Co., Ltd.[1],Yamaha MotorEtc. have invested[2].

The team name "Jubilo" isPortugueseJúbilo [ʒuːbilu] andSpanishIn júbilo [ˈxuβilo] (Fubiro)DelightMeans[1]

Home stadiumYamaha Stadium (Iwata)[1], The practice area is[1](Detail is#Stadium/practice fieldSee).


1990 era

Founded in 1972Yamaha Motor Soccer ClubBecame the predecessor, in 1992J League Associate MemberApproved as, in 1993Japan Football LeagueAfter winning second place in the first division, participation in the J-League from the following year was approved.In the same yearNetherlands representative OfVanenburgWas won.

1994, formerRepresentation from JapanDirector'sHans OftIs appointed as a director. Before the opening of the J LeagueAli DaeiI made a contract with Iran but did not get an exit permit from Iran[5], The transfer was broken and on April 4thFormer Italy national team OfSalvatore SchillacciWon, in the summerActive Brazil national teamServed as captainDungaReinforced.same yearToshiya Fujita-Makoto Tanaka-Oku DaisukeJoined the group. In 1995Nanami Hiroshi-Takashi Fukunishi, In 1996Toshihiro HattoriJoined.

  • Won the 1st stage. 2nd stage is 2ndJ League ChampionshipLost to Kashima.Won the Nabisco Cup.
  • Nakayama participated in 27 games and scored 36 goals (currently the most scored league match). Won titles such as MVP and top scorer.
  • To the world cup中山,Nanami,(I.e., As captain of Brazil national teamDungaParticipated.
  • 中山,Nanami,Dunga, In the backBest elevenElected to.
  • After the season, Dunga left the group.
  • Season 107 points and goal difference +68 are currently the most in JXNUMX history.
  • The 90 wins within 26 minutes have been the most tie record in J2 along with Kawasaki F in 1996 since 2020, when the second round was round robin.
  • 1st stage victory, championship, 2nd stage victoryShimizuDefeated and became the second champion.
  • After the 1st stage, Hiroshi Nanamiイタリア-AC veneziaTransferred to.
  • FukunishiWas selected as the best eleven.
  • First victory in the Asian Club Championship (currently ACL).

2000 era


  • FUJI XEROX SUPER CUPWon for the first time.
  • January,NanamiIs back.
  • 4th in the annual ranking.The number of points won annuallyoak2th place after.
  • Nakayama won the top scorer for the second time (2 goals in 29 games) and was selected as the best eleven.
  • 1st stage victory, 2nd stage 2nd place, championship lost to Kashima.
  • Nabisco Cup runner-up, Emperor's Cup best 8.
  • Fujita wins MVP.
  • Van Zwam, Oiwa, Fujita, Fukunishi, Hattori were selected as the best eleven.
  • 1999 Asian Super Cup victory, July-AugustスペインWill be held inFIFA Club World Championship 2001It was decided to participate in.

[Annotation 1]Focusing on Nanami to "fight the world"N-BOXIs adopted.The same year's championship will not be held due to operational issues.

  • The league match won both the previous and next seasons.
  • Annual record 26 wins, 3 losses, 1 draw (1 draw, 1 loss in league match, 1 loss in Emperor's Cup).
  • Highland, top scorer (27 points in 26 games), MVP.After the season, the plateauGermanyHamburger SVTransfer.
  • Hattori, Fukunishi and Nakayama participate in the World Cup.
  • Best eleven, The most Thai 7 people (Tanaka, Suzuki, Nanami, Fukunishi, Fujita, Nakayama, Kogen) selected from the same club.
  • The Asian Club Championship has advanced to the final for the third consecutive year.
  • Sho Naruoka,Kentaro Oi,Naoya KikuchiJoined.
  • In August, Fujita Netherlands-FC UtrechtTransferred to rental (returned the following year).
  • The 1st stage is 2nd.
  • In the 2nd stage, he lost the final round against Yokohama FM and missed the championship (stage ranking is 2nd).
  • Won the Xerox Cup and the Emperor's Cup.
  • Selected as Fukunishi Best Eleven.
  • 1nd place on the 2st stage. 2th place on the 13nd stage.
  • Won the Xerox Cup.


  • Nabisco Cup loses quarterfinals, shortly afterMasakuni YamamotoThe director resigns.
  • Iwata OB to succeedAjiwsonBecame a director.
  • The league match is 5th.
  • Kawaguchi won the Best Eleven for the first time in four years.
  • Kawaguchi and Fukunishi participate in the World Cup.
Club slogan: "VAMOS CONTIGO'
Club slogan: "Hungrrrrry!'
  • After the qualification match, Ooft retired.Nanami HiroshiRetired from active duty.
  • Mabuchi retired from the president due to poor performance and a significant decrease in sales, and Hiroyuki Yoshino, the president of Yamaha Motor Taiwan, took over.
Club slogan: "SPEEDY ACTION 2009'
  • Former director IwataMasaaki YanashitaHas returned to the coach.
  • Takahiro KawamuraTokyo V, Shun Morishita京都, Makoto TanakaFukuokaComplete transfer to.Kenya Matsui transferred to Kyoto for a limited time.On the other hand, Daisuke Nasu was acquired from Tokyo V and promoted to two from youth.
  • At the opening round on March 3thYamagata2-6, lost to the worst goal in history, but then recovered.
  • In April, Kenji Hattori was appointed as acting manager of the strengthening department.
  • Korean representativeLee Keun HoAcquired.Lee is enrolled until 2010.
  • In July, Yuki OshitaniFC GifuTransfer to the deadline.
  • The season result is 11rd.
  • Ryoichi Maeda won the Japanese top scorer for the first time in seven years since the plateau (7 points in 34 games), and won his first best eleven.

2010 era


Club slogan: "EVOLUTION 2010'
  • Masashi Nakayama, who has supported Iwata for many years, has moved to Sapporo, and Hideto Suzuki has retired.
  • Takayuki Chano, Shinji Murai in Chiba, Hiroki Mandai in Tosu, and Kenya Matsui, who had been transferred to Kyoto for a limited time, completely transferred to C-Osaka.
  • Park Ju-hoFrom KashimaLee Gang JinTheBusanFromTomoyuki ArataTheMitoAcquired by complete transfer from.
  • 2010 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamKawaguchi and Komano were selected, and Komano participated in all four games.Kawaguchi then moved away from the national team and made his first appearance in the second half of the season.
  • Mid-season,Lee Keun HoIs G Osaka,Karen RobertIs completely transferred to Kumamoto.
  • Suganuma MinoruMasahiro KogaTheoakObtained from a loan transfer.
  • Nabisco Cup, Defeated Hiroshima in the final and won the title for the first time in seven years (Nabisco Cup for the first time in 7 years). Maeda, who scored 12 goals and 2 assist for the MVP, was elected.
  • リーグ戦17節終了時点で15位の成績。後半戦に入り22節~29節まで無敗、32節、3連覇中の鹿島をアウェーで8年ぶりに破る等7勝4敗6分の成績を残し、最終順位は11位。
  • Maeda, who scored 17 points in the season, was selected as the best eleven of the J-League top scorer for the second consecutive year since Nakayama in 2000.
Club slogan: "ROAD TO CHAMPION 2011'
  • Sho Naruoka transferred to Fukuoka, Kota Ueda to Omiya, and Yusuke Inuzuka to Kofu.
  • Takuya Matsuura transferred to Fukuoka and Kentaro Oi transferred to Shonan for a limited time.Takuya Ohata goes on to Juntendo University.
  • Yoshiaki FujitaTheOitaWith a complete transfer fromKei UemuraTheShonanObtained from a loan transfer.
  • Yuki KobayashiYamada DaikiFrom Meiji UniversityKinen EnglishJoined from Kansai University.
  • In the middle of the season, it was established in the starting lineup from the beginningPark Ju-ho FC BaselComplete transfer to.
  • July, BrazilSao Paulo FCからRodrigo SoutoIs acquired by full transfer.
  • January,Suruga Bank Championship 2011アルゼンチン OfIndependienteVictory.It is the first time in 12 years to win an international tournament.
  • Victory for the first time in 6 years in the opening round.After that, he continued to accumulate points.
  • The annual result is 8th.
  • Nabisco Cup lost in the best 8 and Emperor's Cup in the 3rd round.
  • After the season, Yanagishita retired from the coach.
  • Kenji Hattori takes office after introducing the general manager system (GM).
Club slogan: "Origin opening ROAD TO CHAMPION 2012'
Club slogan: "Origin opening ROAD TO CHAMPION 2013'
  • Hwang Song-suIs Gunma, Mitsuru Chiyotada is Tokushima, Tomoyuki Arata is Okayama,Han Sang EunIs KoreanUlsan Hyundai FC,Rodrigo SoutoIs in BrazilNauticoComplete transfer to.Akihiko Takeshige transferred to Niigata and Yuki Oshitani transferred to Okayama for a limited time, and Takashi Okada's transfer deadline was extended.
  • In the previous year, Kei Uemura, Shunya Suganuma, Tomohiko Miyazaki, and Yuki Kobayashi, who had joined for a limited time transfer, were acquired by a complete transfer.Active from KobeRepresentation from Japan OfMasahiko InamiAnd representative from Japan from Vitesse in the middle of the seasonYasuda UniversityAcquired by complete transfer, from KyotoJeong Woo YoungJoined the transfer with a deadline.
  • It was Iwata Youth affiliation 2 kinds registrationSakawa Ayumi, From Kansai UniversityHiroto TanakaJoined.
  • In the league match, the opening 7 rounds were 2 minutes and 5 losses, and at the time of Section 7, it was the lowest. He won his first league match against Shonan in Section 8, but lost to Kofu in Section 9, and Director Morishita was dismissed on May 5.
  • Head coachToru NagasawaActed as acting director, from May 5thU-23 soccer representative from JapanFormer directorTakashi SekizukaBecame a coach (Nagasawa returns to head coach).
  • But in Section 31TosuLost to the next 2014 seasonJ1For the first time in club historyJ2Relegated to.
  • Lost the third round of the Emperor's Cup.
  • After the season, Director Sekizuka, GM Kenji Hattori, and Head Coach Nagasawa retired.

2014-2015 (J2)

Club slogan: "Win !!!'
  • Former director of KyotoHisato KatoIs the general manager and OBToshihiro HattoriWas appointed as the head of the strengthening department, and the former director of OitaPericles ChamuscaWas invited to the director.
  • Shuto Yamamoto is Kashima, Yuki Kobayashi is Niigata,Yasuda UniversityTransferred to Tosu.
  • Ryosuke Matsuoka transferred to Yamagata, Jo Kanazawa transferred to Gunma, Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi transferred to Gifu, and Kei Uemura transferred to Fukushima.
  • Cho Byung-kuk Shanghai ShenhuaCompletely transferred toKitawaki RikiLeft the group.
  • ポーランド-Lechia GdanskからDaisuke Matsui, G from OsakaYousuke FujigayaFrom KobePopo,Brazil-PortugalからFerdinandIs acquired by full transfer.
  • From KawasakiShun MorishitaWith a loan transfer.Takashi Okada, who has completed his loan transfer to Fukuoka, is back.
  • As a newcomer, I am from Jubilo Iwata U-18Daiki Ogawa(Meiji University)Misaki UemuraBoth players (University of Tsukuba) joined.
  • Kosuke Yamamoto transferred to Niigata on June 6th for a limited time.
  • March 6SE PalmeirasからChingaIs acquired by transfer with a deadline.
  • The trade name was changed from "Yamaha Football Club Co., Ltd." to "Jubiro Co., Ltd." on July 7.Also announced that the emblem will be changed from the 1 season[4]
  • Hiroki Yamada in Germany on July 7thKarlsruhe SCTransferred to.
  • March 8Shusuke TsubouchiWas acquired from Niigata by a loan transfer.
  • The Emperor's Cup is eliminated in the 4th round.
  • Chamusca was dismissed from the director on September 9, and he is an OB.Nanami HiroshiBecame the director.
  • 2th place in the J4 league match.J1 promotion playoffsLost to Yamagata in the semi-finals and did not return to J1.
Club slogan: "Connect-Road to J1'

2016-2019 (J1)

Club slogan: "To realize the dream of connecting'
Club slogan: "Connect Challenge For Next'
Club slogan: "Connect 2018 Challenge For Next'
Club slogan: "Connect Challenging! 2019'

2020 era



Club slogan: "Jubiro PRIDE prepared'


Club slogan "UNITE FOR W1N Gather for victory'

  • Start the season with two consecutive losses in the opening season
  • Achieved 5 consecutive shutout wins in J15 record tie from May 6th Gunma match to June 26th match against Nagasaki



Domestic title

International title


Personal records

J1 league match calculation field record

  • 600 games
    • Yasuhito Endo 641 MatchOngoing
  • 400 games
    • Yasuyuki Konno 443 games Ongoing
  • 300 games
    • Hideto Suzuki 328 games retired
    • Hiroshi Nanami 314 games retired
    • Yoshiaki Ota 310 games retired
    • Kentaro Oi 305 games Ongoing
  • 250 games
    • Kosuke Yamamoto 260 games Ongoing
  • 200 games
    • Yoshiaki Fujita 220 games retired
    • Hitoshi Morishita 202 games retired
  • 150 games
    • Kotaro Omori 167 games Ongoing
    • Shohei Takahashi 165 games Ongoing
    • Yohei Sato 164 games retired
  • 100 games
    • Hiroki Yamada 150 games Ongoing
    • Tomohiko Miyazaki 138 games Ongoing
    • Kentaro Moriya 113 games Ongoing

J2 league match calculation field record

  • 100 games
    • Shohei Takahashi 111 games Ongoing

* Until the 2020 season.Including participation in other teams. ※Current(2020), While belonging to Iwata, mainly the players who belonged to Iwata at the time of retirement.

League match record goal

J1 league

  • 6000th score Hideto Suzuki [1999 2nd Section 12 (November 11th), Hiroshima match]

J2 league

  • 14000 points Hayao Kawabe [Section 2015, 27 (August 8st), Okayama match]

League match total GK minimum ERA

  • Van Zwam 0.89 points

hat trick

J1 league

  • 5 points
    • Masashi Nakayama [1998 1st Section 6 (April 4), C-Osaka match]
  • 4 points
    • Masashi Nakayama [1998 1st Section 7 (April 4th), Hiroshima match]
    • Masashi Nakayama [1998 1st Section 8 (April 4), Fukuoka match]
    • Naohiro Takahara [2002 2nd Section 5 (September 9nd), FC Tokyo match]
  • 3 points
    • Schillaci [Suntory Section 1995, 20 (June 6), Kashiwa Battle]
    • Schillaci [Section 1996, 14 (May 5), Battle of Hiratsuka]
    • Masashi Nakayama [1997 2nd Section 13 (September 9th), V Kawasaki Battle]
    • Masashi Nakayama [1998 1st Section 9 (April 4), Sapporo match]
    • Daisuke Oku [1998 2nd Section 8 (September 9), Ichihara Battle]
    • Naohiro Takahara [1998 2nd Section 8 (September 9), Battle of Ichihara]
    • Masashi Nakayama [1998 2nd Section 9 (October 10), Yokohama F match]
    • Toshiya Fujita [2000 1st Section 10 (May 5), Kawasaki Battle]
    • Masashi Nakayama [2000 2nd Section 14 (November 11), Hiroshima match]
    • Norihisa Shimizu [2001 2nd Section 9 (October 10th), FC Tokyo match]
    • Naohiro Takahara [2002 1st Section 14 (August 8th), Sendai match]
    • Ryoichi Maeda [Section 2005, 15 (July 7), Cerezo Osaka]
    • Ryoichi Maeda [Section 2008, 28 (October 10, against Sapporo]
    • Ryoichi Maeda [Section 2009 of 30 (October 10) ・ Match against Nagoya]

J2 league

  • 3 points
    • Jay [Section 2015, 28 (August 8), match against Kyoto]

Stadium/practice field

Home stadium

Home stadiumYamaha Stadium (Iwata)Is. Also,Shizuoka Ogasayama Sports Park Stadium(Ecopa) also holds home games on an irregular basis.

The number of home games heldJubilo Iwata's annual results list #Number of games hosted by venueSee.

In the pastHamakita City(Current:ShizuokaHamamatsu city) For the complex stadium planned inHamakita City #Complex Stadium ConceptSee.

Practice field

  • : Top team practice area.There is a clubhouse on the pitch side[14]..Originally used as the home of the Yamaha Motor Baseball Club (currently registered as a club team)Baseball fieldHowever, at the same time that Jubilo Iwata joined the J-League, the baseball club withdrew from here and it was used as a dedicated ground for Jubilo Iwata.A part of the bench room remains from the remnants of the baseball field era.There was also a back screen with a mascot and logo on it, but it was removed.There is a rugby field on the north side of the ground,Japan Rugby Top League OfYamaha Motor JubiloIs used as a practice area.
  • Jubilo Kamionogo Ground: Jubilo Iwata U-18, Jubilo Iwata U-15, etc.[15]..One artificial turf ground.Two artificial turf futsal grounds.
  • Yamaha Kamo Ground: A practice field dedicated to the Jubilo Soccer School Iwata venue.One artificial turf ground.


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)light bluewhitelight blue
FP (2nd)whiteblackwhite
GK (1st)dark bluedark bluedark blue
GK (2nd)绿绿绿
GK (3rd)"Red""Red""Red"
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Team color

  •     Sax Blue[1]
    • Before the J-League promotion, the 1st uniform used red accents on the top and bottom of dark blue, and the 2nd uniform had red and blue lines on white.
    • In 2003, in commemoration of the club's 10th anniversary, a 3rd uniform of dark blue (darker blue than the one in the Yamaha era) was prepared for the home.ShimizuWorn in battle
    • 2005 years,real Madridas well as the Bayern MunichWearing a dark blue body in a friendly match with
    • From 2006, a dark blue uniform for the league match of the year has been prepared for practice matches.
    • The name under the uniform number is written with the sound "H" that stretches out.
    • The three stars (★) on the emblem (behind the collar until 2011) represent three J3 year wins.

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestYamaha MotorYAMAHA1993
1997-2008 sleeves,
2007-2008 pants
Upper backSala GroupROOM2011-2009-2010 sleeves and pants
Lower backSakura IndustrySAKURA2020-
sleeveHamamatsu PhotonicsHAMAMATSU2012-
  • Training clothes-Yamaha Motor (YAMAHA)

The history of uniform supply

  • 1994-1996: League matchesMizunoThe cup gamePuma
  • 1997-Present: Puma

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1994 - 1996
1998 - 1999
2000 - 2001
2010 - 2011
2021 -
FP 2nd
1994 - 1996
1998 - 1999
2000 - 2001
2010 - 2011
2021 -
FP Other
Friendly match
20 anniversary
Midsummer Great Battle
Midsummer challenge
Summer Night

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1993YAMAHABefore ban-Before ban--Before banPUMA
1994NestleBuitoniKitKatMizuno /
2002- /
2006Iida SangyoNestle KitKat-
2007Nestle MiloYAMAHA
2008joinvest Joinvest Securities
2010Ginza de Futsal
2011ROOMCentennial housingArt nature
2014Shizuoka Shimbun
2016- /
2020SAKURAShizuoka Shimbun-




  • U-18 (High school student): Jubilo Iwata U-18
  • U-15 (junior high school student): Jubilo Iwata U-15, Jubilo SS Iwata, Jubilo SS Hamamatsu, Jubilo SS Kakegawa
  • Kids / Junior (younger to 6th grade): Jubilo Soccer School (Iwata, Uenosato, Hamamatsu / Tsurumi / Iida, Hamamatsu / Hayade, Hamamatsu / Shitoro, Hamamatsu / Hamakita, Hamamatsu / Aritama, Kakegawa, Shimada, Ladies)


Other club information


Shizuoka birdParadise flycatcherSilhouette and flowing through Iwata City, the home townTenryu RiverAnd the taiga in Shizuoka prefecture,Oigawa,Abe River,Fuji RiverThe upper and lower blue bands that symbolize[2]

Mascot character

The motif is a prefectural bird in Shizuoka prefecture,Paradise flycatcher[1].

Born November 1993, 11.Born in Iwata City.Height 16 cm, weight 182 kg
Born March 2003, 3.Born in Hamamatsu City.Height 21 cm, weight 163 kg.Jubilo's girlfriend.Unmarried

Season seat

The season seat name is "Corte Azul".PortugueseMeaning of "light blue court"[16].

Special invitation business "Iwata-shi elementary school students simultaneous watching class"

As part of its contribution to the local community of Iwata City, Jubilo develops a business to visit all elementary schools in Iwata City, and holds "Iwata Citizen's Day" every May.The free zone away of the back stand (excluding some) is reserved, and the "Iwata City Elementary School Students Simultaneous Watching Class" is held by inviting local elementary school students 5-5 and their parents.

He started watching Jubilo games in 2011 with the aim of being attached to the team, proud of Iwata City as his hometown, and maintaining his attachment to Iwata City in the future.Part of the free zone home seats will be reserved for invited guests[17][18].

Match event

○○ day

Since the 2015 season, an event "○○ Day" featuring foreign players enrolled in Iwata (where the player name and the player's nickname are entered) has been held.At the match where the event is held, cheering goods related to the player will be distributed.

event name
Distribution goods
2015May 8Jay's dayEngland flag JayKyoto Sanga FC△ 3-3Face[19]
2015May 9Camic Day

~ Let's raise it together and block the goal ~

Polish flag KaminskyEhime FC△ 0-0Paper gloves[20]
2015May 11Adailton Day

~ Connect with energy ~

Brazilian flag AdaiutonV. Farren Nagasaki○ 4-2Paper hat[21]
2016May 9Daddy dayGreek flag PapadopoulosVISSEL KOBE● 3-4Face photo handheld goods[22]
2017May 6Musayev DayUzbekistan flag MusayevFC Tokyo○ 2-0Face[23]

All the events are held at Yamaha Stadium.

Midsummer ○○

Since 2016, we have been holding a home event entitled "Midsummer XX" in the summer.During the event, limited uniforms will be worn and visitors will be presented as gifts.

The limited uniform will be different from Jubilo's team color, and will be red in 2016 (normal uniforms for GK are worn by field players)[24], 2017 is black[25] It has become.

event name
Distribution goods
Midsummer Great Battle2016May 7Kashiwa Reysol● 1-2bandana[1]
May 8Gamba Osaka● 0-2Uniform type fan
May 8Sagan Tosu△ 1-1Wristband
Midsummer challenge2017May 8Sanfrecce Hiroshima● 2-3Laundry bag[2]
May 8Cerezo Osaka△ 1-1Uniform type fan
May 8VISSEL KOBE○ 2-1bandana

Summer Night Challenge

In 2018, the name was changed from "Midsummer 〇〇" that had been held since 2016, and a home game event was held as the Summer Night Challenge. The 2018 limited edition uniform is black.There is no sale of GK uniforms[26].

event name
Distribution goods
Summer Night Challenge 20182018May 8Gamba Osaka

~ Hamamatsu Day ~

△ 1-1Uniform type mini towel[3]
May 8Vegalta Sendai

~ Kagoshima Day ~

○ 3-2Fan
May 8Kashiwa Reysol

~ Puma Match ~

○ 2-0Laundry bag

Official theme song

"Jubilo Iwata!" Sung by DR (De Rete) released in 1994 is the official theme song of Jubilo Iwata.

On August 2013, 8, the club anthem "Fozza Jubilo! ~ Hymn to Delight ~" sung by Kihito Hariba was announced.[27].

Season song

In addition to the official theme song, there are season songs that are played in stadiums and Jubilo TV.

2011Hallelujah!!!!!!![28]Sonar pocket
2012Desperate man[29]cyclamen
2013[30]GOLD RUSH
2014Weir One[31]cyclamen
2015Be your windUSAGI
2016Nameless challenger
2019WE CAN![32]Kana Adachi
2020Our PRIDESpira Spica

Jubilo TV

In 2011, the original program "Jubilo TV" was started by planning, producing and shooting the club."Jubilo TV ~ stadium channel ~" screened in the vision of the stadium, SBS TV (Shizuoka broadcasting), "Jubilo TV ~ SBS channel ~",SKY PerfecTV!There are three types of "Jubilo TV PLUS" that will be broadcast on. From spring 3Smartphone"Jubilo TV Mobile (member registration required)" that can be viewed on TV has started.


Jubilo Iwata's financial results are as follows.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationMorecostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Amount of money: million yen

Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingMorecostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

Amount of money: million yen

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesMorecostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016

Amount of money: million yen


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016

Amount of money: million yen


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注 釈

  1. ^ In the group league of the tournamentreal MadridPlay against (Spain) in the first match,Los Angeles Galaxy,Accra Hearts of OakWas scheduled to play against.


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