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🚴 | A man who cuts lilies from the flowerbed and takes them away ... A man who keeps watching, the “everything” of securing the identity of the criminal


A man who cuts lilies from the flowerbed and takes them away ... A man who keeps watching, "the whole story" of securing the identity of the criminal

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The police are listening to and investigating the situation from the man as a theft case.

Lily flowers were cut one after another from the flowerbed of a company in Chuo-ku, Sapporo.A man in the company keeps watch ... → Continue reading

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theft"Seto" means stealing or simply stealing.Ethically and morally antisocial behavior, and legallyTort liabilityandCriminal liabilityIs usually asked.

In addition, in Japanese law, it correctly means "stealing the property of another person" (for details, seeTheft(See), but it may also be used as a legal term to mean "thief", that is, "thief".[1].


Both "stealing" and "stealing" mean taking away someone else's property against the will of the owner, but the word "stealing" has a strong meaning of "secretly unnoticed."HoweverCriminal lawIn theft, another personOccupancyTopropertyIs an act of transferring to the possession of oneself or a third party against the will of the occupant, and it is not a requirement that the act of occupancy transfer be performed without being noticed by others, and includes cases where it is performed openly.For example, "SnatchThe degree of assaultRobberyIf it does not reach thatTheftBecomes

Classification of theft

Crime statistics by the National Police Agency of Japan[2]The classification by the theft method used in is shown.

  • Invasion theft
    • Empty nest, Sneaking in, vacant, ATM breaking, safe breaking, inn ruining, public office vandalism, school vandalism, hospital vandalism, refueling station vandalism, office vandalism, store opening vandalism, factory vandalism, changing room vandalism, lustful aim (underwear thief, (See below), warehouse vandalism, etc.
  • Vehicle theft
  • Non-intrusive theft
    • Ex-officio theft, condolence theft, expulsion theft, shopping theft, visiting theft, payout theft, ATM aim, window aim, midway aim, indoor aim, guest room aim, hospital room aim, snatching,Pickpocket,Deduction, Aim for nappers,Aim on the car, Parts aim, Dressing place aim, Vending machine aim, Color aim (underwear thief, described later), Construction site aim,Shoplifting, Workplace aim, Living together aim,OfferingTrolls, etc.

In addition, it is a classification as a name based on the theft method and the object, and although it is not a legal classification, it shows common terms.

Classification of thieves

Art theft countermeasure organization
  • (English edition) --A non-profit organization that collects information on art research, stolen goods, etc.
  • (English edition) --Has a web portal that provides information on art museums stolen in Europe to museums.
  • (English edition)(Art Loss Register)-The world's largest database provider of stolen and lost works
  • (English edition) --A company that provides information and searches for stolen art to the art market and cultural heritage institutions headquartered in Italy.

Famous thief

For a fictional character, "A thiefSee.

Crime prevention example

  • key,lockFixed with (eg:Chained library)
  • Display a warning text (example:Book curse)
  • Make sure you know what you brought out:RFID(Application of wireless communication technology)


  1. ^ (example)theftBut,propertyTo prevent this from being regained,ArrestTo escape or destroy the sins暴行OrIntimidationWhen you dorobberyDiscuss as. (Article 238 of the Criminal Code Post-mortem robbery)
  2. ^ Crime Statistics 23 Crime
  3. ^ Shoji YamakiIs his own bookYou are in the wind of the wheat field"When the autumn leaves have passed and the winter season has come, the mountains around us are already full of oranges. And if you reach out with Hyoi while driving, you can easily get the oranges on the roadside (I'm sorry)." (Ibid., Pp.168) and confessed the theft in a light tone.The fact that a person who was a university professor at the time wrote such a sentence in a joke and plain manner is an example of how the "field thief" is considered to be a minor crime.

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