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⚽ | 《Tokyo Olympics》 Soccer, Kashima will be held from 22nd Audience, school cooperation only 3 games

Photo taken by Masahiro Yoshida, Jinkoji, Kashima City, the prefectural Kashima Soccer Stadium, where the Tokyo Olympics soccer competition will be held from the 22nd.

《Tokyo Olympics》 Soccer, Kashima will be held from 22nd Audience, school cooperation only 3 games

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Only in the first game, about 1 children from Kashima City will watch the game.

Prior to the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, the soccer competition will begin on the 22nd at the Ibaraki Prefectural Kashima Soccer Stadium (Kashima City).new… → Continue reading

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Kashima City

Kashima City(Kashimashi) isIbarakiSoutheasternDeer areaLocated in the population of about 6City.


Hitachi countryIchinomiyaIsKashima Shrine OfTorii Mae TownIn addition to being known for a long time asShowaNext door after the 40sKamisu CityImportant port straddling betweenKashima PortCentered onKashima Seaside Industrial AreaIs formed,SteelManufacturers of industry, chemical industry, etc. gatherIndustrial cityIt has become. "Nippon Steel OfCastle townIt may be described as.

またJ LeagueKashima AntlersHome stadium (Kashima Soccer Stadium) And clubhouses are located, and it is also known as one of the leading "soccer towns" in the Kanto region.

CurrentKashima CityIt is,1995 (Heisei7 years oldKashima-gunKashima TownIs in the same countyOnomuraBefore the merger, the character "island" was used and there was no custom to use the character "island" in general, as was the case with Kashima Jingu and Kashima Antlers.At the time of the merger, the former Kashima Town had hoped that the city name after the merger would be "Kashima City" because of the popularity of Kashima Jingu and Kashima Antlers.SagaToKashimaExists and "to avoid duplication"Kashima Jingu"("Enki ceremony god name book”) Using the variant character“ Shima ”KashimaChanged the name of the local government to[1].

With this remnant, even now in the city besides Kashima AntlersKashima City Kashima Junior High School,Nippon Steel East Japan Works Kashima DistrictSuch"KashimaIs very commonly used as a group, facility, company, etc.[1].


Southeastern part of Ibaraki prefecture,TokyoTo 110Kilometers (km) Located in the east-northeast.East sideThe Pacific Ocean(Kashima Nada), West sideKitauraandOgawaIt has a long and narrow city area with a width of less than 10 km from east to west.Most of themKashimadaiThe difference between the sea level in the east and the lake in the west and the altitude of the plateau is about 40 meters.[2]..In addition, the coastal area is a part of the area, and development and development have been delayed for a long time because there was little land suitable for cultivation along with the plateau.Against this background, a large-scale industrial development called "Kashima Development" was to be carried out later.Kashima Seaside Industrial AreaFor details.

As a living areaJR EastKashima Line,East Kanto ExpresswayViaExpress BusEtcChibaEastern (Katori,Narita,ChoshiEtc.) It has close traffic to and from Tokyo, and while it has close ties to these areas, it is the center of the prefecture.Mito,TsuchiuraThe connection with various cities such as is weak compared to other areas in the prefecture.

Adjacent municipalities


Chronological Table

Kashima-cho, Kashima-gun

For the history of Ono Village, see "Ono Village (Kashima-gun, Ibaraki Prefecture)See section.

After the city system came into effect

Administrative region transition

  • Timeline of transition
Transition of Kashima city area (chronological table)
YearsDateTransition of administrative areas related to the current Kashima city area
1889 (22th year of Meiji)May 4Municipal systemWith the enforcement, the following towns and villages have been established.[7][8][9][10][11]
  • Former Kashima Town
    • Kashima Town ← Miyanaka Village / Nesanda Village
    • Takamatsu Village ← Sada Village, Shimohanawa Village, Yahara Village, Nagasu Village, Aou Village, Kitaki Village, Hachigata Village, Hirai Village, Izumigawa Village
    • Toyotsu Village ← Ofuna Tsumura / Tsumekimura
    • Toyogo Village ← Taya Village, Saruta Village, Tatanuma Nitta, Tanobe Village, Numao Village, Suka Village, Yamanoue Village
    • Namino Village ← Kamikoji Village, Shimizu Village, Akashi Village, Komiyasaku Village, Shimotsu Village
  • oldOnomura
    • Datong Village ← Shizaki Village, Large and Small Shizaki Village, Takei Village, Takeigama Village, Tsuga Village, Hamatsuga Village, Wamura, Tanagi Village, Arai Village, Aozuka Village, Kakuori Village
    • Nakanomura ← Nakamura, Narage Village, Hayashi Village, Oyama Village, Wilderness Village
1954 (29)May 9Kashima TownTakamatsu Village-Toyotsu Village-Toyogo Village-Namino VillageMerged withKashima TownBecomes
1955 (30)May 3Datong VillageNakanomuraMergedOnomuraWas launched.
1995 (7)May 9Kashima TownOnomuraIncorporated.
  • On the same day, the name was changed and the city system was enforced.Kashima CityBecomes
  • Transition table
Kashima City Area Transition Table
Meiji 22
May 4
Meiji 22-1920-64XNUMX-presentNow
MiyanakamuraKashima TownKashima TownShowa 29 years 9 month 15 Date
Kashima Town
Kashima CityRenamed the city system
Kashima City
Root Mitamura
SadamuraTakamatsu VillageTakamatsu Village
Shimohanawa Village
Tanihara Village
Nagasu Village
Aou Village
Kitaki Village
Hachigata Village
Hirai Village
Izumigawa village
Ofuna TsumuraToyotsu VillageToyotsu Village
Nail Kimura
TayamuraToyogo VillageToyogo Village
Tatanuma Numashinden
Tanobe Village
Numao Village
Suka village
TayamuraNamino VillageNamino Village
Tatanuma Numashinden
Tanobe Village
Numao Village
Shizaki VillageDatong VillageDatong VillageShowa 30 years 3 month 3 Date
Transferred to Kashima Town
Large and small Shizaki village
Takei Village
Takeigama Village
Hamatsuga Village
Rice terrace village
Arai Village
Aozuka Village
Kakuori Village
Narage Village
Oyama Village
Wilderness village


Successive mayors

NameInauguration dateRetirement dateRemarks
First generationTakeshi Igarashi1995 May 91998 May 4Former Kashima Mayor
2-5 generationsNovemberNovember
6-7 generationsKoichi NishikioriNovemberIncumbent


Constant: 20[12]

Government office

  • Kashima City Hall --1187-1 Hirai, Kashima City Hall
    • Ohno Branch Office --1919-1 Tsuga, Kashima City



  • Kashima Regional Office Fire Department
    • Kashima Fire Department
    • Ohno Fire Department

National administrative agency

House of Representatives

House of Councilors


Primary industry

2020 At the timePrimary industryThe working population ratio is 3.0%.


Facing the cityKashima NadaYou can catch various marine products,Octopus,Bastard halibutEtc. are famous, especiallyClamIs also known nationwide.
In addition,2019 The catch of the degree is 1,422tThe share in Ibaraki prefecture is 0.5%.[13].


2018 The estimated agricultural output at that time is 38.6 billion yen.[13].

Secondary industry

High economic growth periodToKamisu Cityと と も にKashima PortCentered onKashima Seaside Industrial AreaSince its creation, it has developed as an industrial city.Nippon Steel OfCastle townMany Japanese steel-affiliated companies are located in the city.Also, in the industrial areaWind farm,Thermal power plantAnd so on.
In addition,2020 At the timeSecondary industryThe working population ratio is 32.6%.

Major companies with factories and offices in the city

Tertiary industry

The commercial area of ​​the cityNational Route 124There is a street in front of Kashima City HallMiyanakaIt spreads mainly in the district and pot-shaped district.Mainly on the shopping center Cheerio, home improvement stores, home improvement stores, discount stores, bookstores, restaurants, etc.Roadside storeAre lined up in large numbers.
In addition,2020 At the timeTertiary industryThe working population ratio is 59.0%.

Major commercial facilities in the city


Sister city




Population distribution of Kashima, Ibaraki, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Kashima City and the whole country (2005)Kashima City's population distribution by age and gender (2005)
Purple-Kashima City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Kashima City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

In addition,2020 Various demographics at the time are as follows.Some figures have been rounded off.

  • Population increase / decrease rate (compared to 3 years ago): 0.43% decrease
  • Number of births: 484
  • Deaths: 691
  • Number of transferees: 2,510
  • Number of out-migrants: 2,425
  • Foreign population: 898
  • Worker population: 32,243
  • Female labor force participation rate: 45.6%
  • Daytime population:72,397 people
  • Day-night population ratio: 106.66%
  • Unemployment rate: 4.3%
  • Working-age populationRatio: 57.49%
  • Elderly population ratio: 30.08%
  • Late-stage elderly ratio: 13.50%
  • Population density of habitable land: 851.0 people / km2
  • Total fertility rate: 1.77
  • Average age: 46.5
  • Life expectancy for men: 79.6 years
  • Life expectancy for women: 86.1 years

List of town names


サ ッ カ ー

It is the home of Kashima Antlers and is centered around the Antlers.サ ッ カ ーIs used for town revitalization. Since the inauguration of the J League, in recent years in high school soccerKashima High School,Kashima Gakuen High SchooletcNational High School Soccer ChampionshipParticipation in (2019 tournamentAt that time, Kashima has participated 6 times and Kashima Gakuen has participated 8 times), and Kashima is becoming the center of soccer in Ibaraki prefecture, and the number of players from the Kashima youth team is increasing in Antlers.In addition, Antlers Youth has launched a strengthening style that promotes growth in both literary and military terms, such as establishing a daytime training system in partnership with Kashima Gakuen.[15].2002 FIFA World CupWas also selected as the venue for.



Facing the Pacific OceanKashima NadaThe area is constantly hit by high-quality waves, and is easily accessible from central Tokyo by highway. On weekends, many surfers come from Tokyo and Saitama.Hirai BeachShimotsuke coastIt is crowded with many surfers even in winter when the water temperature is low because you can enjoy many high quality beach breaks.In recent years, JPSA (Japan Professional Surfing Federation) sponsored Hokota Pro (longboard) has been held at Top Sante Point.

Sports Facilities


high school

Junior high school

primary school

  • City
    • Mikasa Elementary School
    • Kashima Elementary School
    • Hirai Elementary School
    • Takamatsu Elementary School
    • Hachigata Elementary School
    • Hano Elementary School
    • Toyosato Elementary School
    • Toyotsu Elementary School
    • Daidohigashi Elementary School
    • Daidonishi Elementary School
    • Nakanohigashi Elementary School
    • Nakano Nishi Elementary School

Cultural facility



  • Kashima Soccer Museum
  • Kashima City Dokidoki Center (exhibits excavated items such as the national historic site "Gunya Ruins")

Hall Community Center


Railway line

Central station:Kashima Jingu Station

JR logo (east) .svg East Japan Railway(JR East)
Kashima Line
Kashima Jingu Station - Kashima Soccer Stadium Station
Kashima coastal railway
Oarai Kashima Line
Kashimanada Station - Kashima Ono Station - Chojagahama Shiosai Hamanasu Koenmae Station - Koyadai Station --Kashima Soccer Stadium Station
Kashima Rinko Line(Cargo line)
Kashima Soccer Stadium Station


There are no highways in the city.East Kanto ExpresswayIt was supposed to be the end point of, but at the basic planning stageWhereaboutsChanged to a route going north viaItako ICThe plan for Kashima City was abandoned.

Express Bus

The highway bus that connects Kashima City and the city center starts at Kashima Jingu Station (some start at Kashima Soccer Stadium) and goes through Kashima City (also via Kamisu City and Itako City).With Kashima Jingu StationTokyo StationThe "Kashima-go" that connects
Customers to the city centerKashima Seaside Industrial AreaBusiness travelers toKashima Soccer StadiumWill be held inKashima AntlersIt is mainly used by spectators of the game.
In addition, the route of "Kashima-go" differs depending on the time of day. (Most of them go through the Kashima Space Center, but about once an hour,club houseThere are flights via. )

Currently, it is the dollar box route with the largest number of flights and users among the highway bus routes to and from Tokyo Station.All lines from Kashima Jingu StationSuigo Itako Bus TerminalYou cannot get on and off on the way.

系統Main transit pointdestinationOperating company
high speed Kashima(ExpressIncluding stool)-Midnight KashimaKashima Shrine -(Kashima Space Center/club house)- Kashima Works - Kashima Central Hotel --Suigo Itako BT
* All flights on the Haneda Airport Line and Tokyo Teleport Line are operated via the "Space Center".
Tokyo StationJR Bus Kanto,JR Bus Tech
Keisei Bus,Kanto Railway
Kashima Jingu Station ・
Kashima Soccer Stadium
high speed Kashima-Haneda Airport LineHaneda airportKanto Railway
Kashima Jingu Station
high speed Kashima-TDR / Tokyo Teleport Line(Reservation required for all flights)Kaihama Makuhari Station-
Tokyo Disney Resort-
Tokyo Teleport Station(Odaiba)
Kashima Jingu Station

* Of the above "main stopovers"TaiziIs a highway bus stop that stops in Kashima city.

Transit Bus

Route buses operating in Kashima City go through neighboring cities to Chiba.Isogo Station,Omigawa Station, There are routes connecting Namegata (Aso) and community buses that circulate in Kashima City, and all routes go through Kashima Jingu Station.

  • Kanto Railway (Itako Sales Office, Hasaki Garage)
    • coastline-Tonegawa Line(Between Kashima Jingu Station and Choshi Station)
    • Rokko Wide Area Bus "Jingu Ayame Hakuho Line"(Cheerio Aeon Kashima store --Koyama Memorial Hospital-- Road Station Itako --Suigo Itako BT --Itako Station --Ushibori --Aso Government Building), (Contracted operation with Ikeda Kotsu)
    • Kamisu City Community Bus 3 lines(Kashima Jingu Station-Omigawa Station)
  • Ikeda Transportation
    • Kashima Community Bus Chuo Line / Lakeside Coastline(Takamatsu Ryokuchi Park ・Kashimanada StationDirection)
    • Rokko Wide Area Bus "Jingu Ayame Hakuho Line"(Contracted operation with Kanto Railway)



Hitachi Kashima TV relay station transmission equipment

Hitachi Kashima TV relay stationSee also

Digital relay station
Broadcasting station nameRemote control key IDPhysical channelAntenna powerERPBroadcast target areaNumber of households in broadcasting areaDate of opening
NHKMitoGeneral TV1203W15.5WIbaraki3 households2004 May 12
NHK Tokyo Educational TV226Nationwide broadcasting
NTV NTV42512WKanto wide area3 households2008 May 12
EX TV Asahi524
TX TV tokyo723
CX Fuji TV822



News (Chinese)

Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events





Native celebrity

Historical figure
Cultural and entertainer

Works set in Kashima City


TV drama


Lyrics associated with Kashima City

  • "Kashimadachi": Departure for a distant journey.DecreeAfter the people around Kashima prayed for victory at Kashima Jingu in the era,DazaifuHaveKitakyushuIt comes from going to.
  • "Kashima's touch": To imply the occurrence of a major event.Used for good luck and bad luck.The priest of Kashima Jingu is in a rural areacalendarIt is derived from walking by handing out.


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