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🎾 | [Tennis] Naomi Osaka and Kei Nishikori enter US Open Djokovic aims for annual Grand Slam

Photo Nishikori (left) and Osaka

[Tennis] Naomi Osaka and Kei Nishikori enter US Open Djokovic aims for annual Grand Slam

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Kei Nishikori (31 = Nissin Foods) and Novak Djokovic (1 = Serbia), who are ranked number one in the world, are scheduled to participate in the men's singles.

The organizers of the four major tennis tournaments, the US Open (opening August XNUMX, New York), will participate in men's and women's singles on the XNUMXst ... → Continue reading

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Nissin Food

Nissin Foods Holdings > Nissin Food

Nissin Foods Co., Ltd.(History,British: Nissin Food Products Co., Ltd.) IsTokyoShinjuku wardとOsakaOsakaYodogawa WardHeadquartered inInstant noodleCentered onFoodProcessing company.Nissin Foods HoldingsIt is a subsidiary of (holding company).


1948May 9Established as "Chukou Soja",1958It was taken over as "NISSIN FOODS". Of the founderAndo BaifuIs one of the pioneers of instant noodlesChicken RamenWas developed.

"DayEachclearThe founder, "Creating a rich taste"Ando BaifuIs the origin of the company name,Nisshin Seifun Group,Nisshin OilliO Group,Nissin Medical Food,Nisshinbo HoldingsHas nothing to do with capital and human resources.

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayHolding companyAfter shifting to the system, (the first) Nissin Foods Co., Ltd.Nissin Foods HoldingsThe trade name was changed to a joint-stock company.Currently, Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. becomes a holding company as a business company under the company.Company splitIt was established by the method.

Corporate Philosophy/Founder Spirit

  • Shokuhei(Shokusekisei)-"The world will be peaceful if we have enough food."
  • Creative world(Shokusosei)-"Creating food for the world"
  • Beautiful food(Bikenkensho)-"Beautiful and healthy body starts with a wise diet"
  • Food priesthood(Food)-"Food work is a priesthood"


First generation

2 generation

  • 2008
    • May 10 --Shifted to a holding company structure and changed the trade name to "Nissin Foods HoldingsLtd.(Headquarters / Tokyo, registered head office / Osaka), instant noodle business (2nd generation) "Nissin Foods Co., Ltd.", chilled food business "Nissin Food Chilled"Co., Ltd.", frozen food business "NISSIN FROZEN FROZENEstablished and succeeded to "Co., Ltd." and "Business Support Department" respectively.As a result, in addition to the above-mentioned consolidation of head office functions, the central management functions have shifted from the founding place of Osaka to Tokyo.
  • 2010(22)
    • May 3 -In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founder Momofuku Ando, ​​special price limited sale of commemorative package of chicken ramen and cup noodles (at the price when 1 million meals were released) and special cup noodle "" Limited sale.
    • March-September- TokyoKoto WardToyosu OfUrban Dock LaLaport ToyosuAnd a commemorative event was held at the Instant Ramen Invention Memorial Hall (now Momofuku Ando Memorial Hall, Osaka Ikeda) in Ikeda City, Osaka Prefecture.
    • May 8 -Discontinued production of "La King". On July 4, four days ago,Hot waterCeremony" implementation.
    • May 8 -"Cup noodle rice" limited release in the Kinki region.
    • May 9 -Launch of new "Lao"[2].
    • May 10 -"Donbei" renewal release[3].
  • 2011(23)
  • 2012(24)May 8 -A bag noodle type (non-fried noodle) is added to "Lao".Kanto-Koshinetsu/ShizuokaAdvance sale in the district.
  • 2012(24)May 10 - Hong KongAcquisition of Fukuji-nyu.
  • 2013(25)11 -From this month's shipment, packaging of bag noodles such as chicken ramen, Demae Iccho and Nisshin Yakisoba will be switched to aluminum vapor deposition film.
  • 2014(26)May 4 -Microwave product "Curry MessiReleased (Renewed as a hot water cooked product from August 2016).
  • 2016(28)10 -In the documentary film "Before the Earth is Broken" starring Leonardo DiCaprio, he was introduced as a representative of companies with high environmental impact (infamous) that burn down the trees that adjust CO2 by deforestation and destroy the ecosystem.
  • 2017(29)
    • May 9 -The name of "Instant Ramen Invention Memorial" in Ikeda, OsakaMomofuku Ando Memorial Hall Osaka Ikeda(Cup Noodles Museum Osaka Ikeda). At the same time, the name of Momofuku Ando Invention Memorial (Cup Noodle Museum) in YokohamaMomofuku Ando Memorial Museum Yokohama(Cup noodle museum Yokohama)[5].
    • May 10 -Started accepting reservations for "Otohiko", a fork that has a camouflage function of slurping noodles (sold only when the number of applications reaches 12 by December 15 of the same year). Positioned as the first "PRODUCT X"[6].
  • 2018(30)May 8 -60th anniversary of the release of chicken ramen.
  • 2018(30)May 10~2019(31)May 3 - Founder Momofuku Ando and wife NikoAs a modelThe protagonist, Manpei Tachibana and his wife, FukukoThe half life ofNHK serial TV novel"ManpukuIs broadcast. "Manpuku Food" modeled by NISSIN FOODSManpuku Ramen"When"Manpuku noodlesHas appeared.

Company history/commemorative magazine

Nissin Foods publishes the following four books.

  • Nissin Foods Company History(Nisshin Foods Co., Ltd. Corporate History Editing Room) May 1992, 5 pages.
  • Nissin Foods 40th Anniversary Magazine: Essancials of NISSIN(Nissin Foods, edited) August 1998, 8 pages.
  • 50 Year History of Nissin Foods(Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. History Compilation Project) Published in August 2008, 8 pages, DVD-ROM (91 sheet 231 cm).
  • Sixty Year History of Nissin Foods SAMURAI NOODLES(NISSIN FOODS HOLDINGS Edition) Published in August 2018, 8 volume (without page).


About sales office Nissin Foods HP Company Information See.

Production plant

Business formatFactory namesymbolAddress
Own factoryKanto FactoryAIbarakiToride cityShimizu 667
Shizuoka FactoryFShizuokaYaizu City17-2 Aikawa
Shiga FactoryOShigaRitto CityLower hook 140-1
Kansai FactoryS21-1 Shimo hook, Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture
Shimonoseki FactoryBYamaguchi ShimonosekiSatsukiKojima 1-1-12
Sapporo Nisshin Co., Ltd.THokkaidoChitoseKamicho 1042
East Japan Meisei Co., Ltd. Saitama Factory
(Akeboshi foodgroup)
RSaitamaHiki-gunArashiyama TownKawashima 2360
East Myojo Co., Ltd. Kobe Factory
* After April 2021, 4
HHyogoKobe CityHigashinada WardFukaehama Town34-2
Western Japan Meisei Co., Ltd.Kobe Factory
* Before March 2021, 3
Subcontract factoryLamy Pasta Industry Co., Ltd.PGunmaShibukawaNakamura 1166
Tottori Canned Food Co., Ltd.VTottoriSakaiminatoWatamachi 1460
Clever Co., Ltd.CLOsaka Takebuchi 2-95


  • Sapporo Nisshin Co., Ltd. (Manufacture and sale of instant bag noodles and cup noodles in Chitose City, Hokkaido)
  • Nisshin Kasei Co., Ltd. (Ritto City, Shiga Prefecture, manufacturing and sales of containers) *Adjacent to Shiga Factory
  • Nissin Enterprise Co., Ltd. (Osaka PrefectureSettsu, Transportation and warehousing)
  • Nisshin FD Food Co., Ltd. (Okayama PrefectureSetouchi City, Manufacture and sale of dried food)
  • Ami Japan Co., Ltd.(Hiroshima citySouth ward,SoupManufacturing and sales)
  • Kagawa Nissin Foods Co., Ltd. (KagawaMitoyo, Manufacture and sale of cup noodle materials)
  • Akeboshi foodLtd. (TokyoShibuya Ward, Manufacture and sale of cup noodles)

Main products

Current product


Bag of noodles

  • Chicken Ramen
  • Delivery one Ding
  • Nisshin Yakisoba
  • Nissin ramen shop
  • Nisshin La King -Pre-sale in Kanto, Koshinetsu, Shizuoka area from August 2012, 8. There are soy sauce, salt, miso, pork bones, dantan noodles, chilled Chinese soy sauce sauce, chilled Chinese soup sauce, and tsukemen (thick seafood sauce).
  • Nisshin no Donbei (bag noodle version)-Started selling from February 2012.

Cup noodle


  • Nissin SOUP Wonton
  • Nissin vermicelli soup
  • Nissin Oboro Dofu Soup
  • Body warm body series
  • Spice kitchen
  • Andos series
  • Delicious Hokkaido series
  • Otofu set series
  • Pure tofu series

Range cooked products

The brand name of range products is (Nichin).

  • Nissin GoFan(rice)
  • (pastaWorld unified brand. (In Japanese, it means "Nissin's Kitchen")
    • Nisshin Pasta Express
  • Cup noodle rice
  • Nissin's Donbei Kamameshi
  • Nisshin Yakisoba UFO Soba Meshi

Other current products

  • Curry Messi (cooked product in hot water. Until it was renewed in August 2016, it was a cooked range product)
  • Cumming Diet.Mail orderLimited

Common (current product)

Supplement (current product)

For some products such as "Gonbuto" and "Donbei", there are local versions such as "For East Japan" and "For West Japan". Yes, it is possible to identify. For the version of Donbei, seeDonbei #East-West Product DifferencesSee.

Products released in the past

Bag of noodles

Ramen system
  • Nisshin ramen (second ramen released in Japan after chicken ramen)
  • Nissin cold noodles
  • NissinWontonmen[7]
  • Nissin Raw Chinese-Nissin's first non-fried noodles, but the method was to make a separate soup in advance (same as raw ramen) without using the boiled noodle juice in the soup.It is sold as a "taste trio" and comes with three types of soup: powdered soup "taste base", liquid soup "taste extract", and flavor oil "taste oil".
  • Nisshin ramen family
  • Nissin Doraemon Ramen-Animation ``Doraemon] With the start, initially released cup noodles (described later), but later released as bag noodles.DoraemonImitatedKamabokoWas included.
  • Nissin-chilled Chinese
  • Salted one
  • Miso one
  • Dema Iccho miso ramen
  • Dema Ichome Umeshio Ramen
  • Futomen Misuke-CMToshiyuki Nishida.
  • Menkurabe-the first instant ramenWheat germA noodle product has a double-layered cross-section with the product made from The double-structured manufacturing method was inherited by the later "Noodle Master" series. CM isMatsuzaki Shigeru→Star st louis.
  • Kuoka (Kyushu Tonkotsu Ramen)
  • Mengurume-Appeared as a gourmet ramen.Shinsuke/RyusukeThe parody CM of the laundry detergent CM using water, lukewarm water and hot water became a hot topic.
  • Nissin Hotel Stick chicken / Soy sauce / - Atsushi WatanabeとMariko KagaIt is known for the gag CM of "What time is it now? Bang bungy!! "This time my turn Jean!!" and "What did you say? "Bo Bo Bird Clock" gift campaign was also held. All three products had a small "flavor" written after the name.
  • Menhuang-at that timeHouse foodof"Mrs. Yang(Madamyan)” and so on, it appeared as a luxury ramen for visitors,Akeboshi foodSold out after being defeated by "".
  • Nissin Gozen Hodon (Kiwako TaijiAppeared in CM)
  • Hakatatan Ramen- Makoto AyukawaAppeared in the commercial. The official name is "Hakatatan na udon mon.]. It was a product that competed with "Umaka-chan," a house food.
  • Ajirobe-soy sauce tonkotsu ramen
  • Ochazuke ramen
  • Suffering
  • Shikkake Ramen (Hokkatan Mon Ramen Hokkaido version)-Miso butter flavor only.
  • Chinese consomme ramen Ushishinoshi (beef consomme taste) / Gourmet seaweed (chicken consomme taste)Tsukitei HappoAppeared in the commercial.
  • Kyushu hot water ramen over hot water-Tonkotsu flavor. So-calledChicken RamenA product that is different from other soups. Perhaps because it was perceived as a halfway existence, it did not settle.
  • Momokin ramen-"La king of bags』The predecessor product. TV commercial at the timeMasaaki SatakeKintaro,Chiharu KawaiAppeared as Momotaro.
  • Kotte Rinko- ROLLY,Kamon Tatsuo,Shinji MakiAppeared in a commercial.
  • Chicken Namen-A sister product of chicken ramen.
  • Nisshin Kentaro- Hayami MokomichiAppeared in a commercial.
  • Nissin Noodle Expert-With the launch of "Nisshin Raoh (Fukuromenban)", sales ended in August 2012.
  • Grilled chicken
  • Nissin Chinese buckwheat noodles
  • Ramen at the Nisshin Line
  • Tsukemen Master
Udon and buckwheat noodles
  • Senkin Soba (1960)-a derivative of chicken ramen.
  • Nisshin countryside soba
  • Nissin Sukisoba
  • Soba Kiri- Katsura KamaruAppeared in a commercial.

な ど

Cup noodle

  • -First product for children.Matsuda Foods (now snack company)of"Baby star cup ramen] Was released in a form to counter.Doraemon,Monster,AraleCharacters such as were used.bananaWith chips.
  • / /-"Miso Hachichin" wasThe first liquid (raw) miso soup used in cup noodle historyWas. "Menhacchin" CM was initiallyMasao KomatsuEvery time Komatsu mistakes for "Men Patchon", the woman next door slaps her face.In the second halfMizushima ShinjiInstead of Mizushima's work "Baseball mad poetry"ofSuwon CourageCo-starred with.
  • / /-Tonkotsu base. Wakame is a man"Wakame!!"Female"Men's Kokuku!!!"The CM that shouts was a topic.
  • / - Dump matsumoto"Majidaez!!" commercial made famous. However, both were discontinued within half a year.
  • /
  • /
  • - Kiuchi AkikoThe circusAerial swingAppeared in the commercial while doing. By the way, this CM has "Letter from Canada] (Original singerHirao Masaaki&Hatanaka Yoko) Was used.
  • Large Plate-Released as a derivative of Seafood Noodle.
  • -Especially when "Mabo Men" is released, the old lady who answered the quiz (Hisako Hara) Has become famous for its surreal commercials that are erased with incorrect answers.
  • / / /
  • -Developed for microwave cooking, but didn't hit because it was expensive.
  • /
  • -Raw type cupped tempura sobaIt is the soba version of "Gonbuto".Later, the name was changed to "Soba Kiri (cup noodle)" but it was short-lived.
  • JAPAN - イタリアWind vertical cup udon.
  • (Gomen)- Andy PufferThe commercial that screamed "Gomen go" became a hot topic.
  • (Shingoumen)
  • (1995,Chanko potRamen containing)- Arsind(at that timeKashima Antlers), a CM in which Sekitori-style shouts, "Mechan Komai-ne!"
  • (1997)-Initially, only super-sized cup fried noodles were sold, but later, large-sized cup ramen was also released. However, it is a competitive productAce cockof"Super cupSeries", andMaru-chanAlthough it was not possible to beat the "series" of the series and it was discontinued in about two years, especially the cup yakisoba of the series was used in the "Nissin Deca King Ultra Large Sour 2 Sauce Yakisoba" that will appear in later years. It became a shape.
  • Nissin's Yaki Ramen
  • Masked ninja red shadow ramen
  • Nissin ethnic noodles
  • Nisshin Kentaro
  • Nissin wheat noodle craftsmen (non-fried cup noodles, the origin of today's "Nissin noodle craftsmen")
  • Super voile
  • -Released January 2006, 1.
  • Nissin Noodle Master-With the non-fry cup noodles of Lao King, the sale was discontinued ahead of the bag noodle master.
  • Nissin luxury noodles
  • Edo Soba / Kyoto Udon
  • Aegean
  • Namie Yakisoba -Tohoku reconstruction support product.FukushimaFutabaNamie TownIntroduced the local gourmet "Namie Yakisoba". A part of the sales was used to support the town revitalization activities of Namie Yakimen Taikoku. Released in October 2011.
  • First love touch
  • Big China-4 kinds of Tonkotsu Ramen, Char siu Men, Happo Noodles, and Seafood Wantan Noodles. In the CMJackie ChanHas appeared. There are dance and ninja editions. When you eat pork shumenFork pots!(Two pieces of char siu!)
  • North grilled corn miso butter ramen
  • Northern Skin Jagabacon Shitoton Butter Ramen
  • Nissin Spa King mushroom and bacon soy sauce
  • Nissin Spa King Japanese style salmon
  • Nisshin Spa King Carbonara
  • Nissin Spa King Basilico style
  • Nisshin Spa King Peperoncino
  • Nissin Spa King Vongole Basilico
  • Nissin Spa King Tuna Mayonnaise
  • Nisshin Spa King Salsa Napolitan
  • Nissin Spa King roasted cod roe
  • Nissin Spa King Bologna-style meat sauce
  • Nissin Spa Ome
  • Nisshin Spa King Soy Sauce Butter-fried Tarako
  • Nisshin Spa King ripe tomato meat sauce
  • Nissin Spa King Mushroom Soy Sauce Butter
  • Nissin Spa King Soy Sauce Butter Brown Tarako
  • Nissin Spa King Mushroom Soy Sauce Mayonnaise
  • Nissin Spa King Tuna Arabiata
  • Nissin Spa King cabbage, anchovy sauce and peperoncino
  • Nissin Spa King Aojiso Mentaiko
  • Nissin Spa King Cheese Sauce
  • Nisshin Spa King Soy Sauce Butter Tarako
  • Nissin Spa King Spicy Soy Sauce
  • Nissin Spa King Creamy Cheese
  • Nissin Spa Japanese style plum that you can mix with Omentaiko
  • Nissin Spa King Japanese creamy cheese
  • Nisshin Spa King Peperoncino fragrant with basil
  • Nissin Spa King Mustard Takana Mentaiko
  • Nissin Spa King eggplant and bacon pomodoro
  • Nissin Spa King Japanese style sauce of 3 kinds of mushrooms
  • Nissin Spa King Japanese style hot pepper
  • Nissin Spa King Chorizo ​​Peperoncino
  • Nissin Spa King Tuna & Mayo
  • Nisshin BIG Spa King
  • Nissin MEN'S Spa King
  • Nisshin Spa King Range Type
  • Nisshin UFO large sauce sauce with fried noodles
  • UFO wasabi mayonnaise
  • UFO spicy curry
  • Cup noodle seafood yakisoba
  • Noodle master seafood chilled Chinese
  • Earth noodle travelogue
  • Nissin Japan noodle travelogue
  • Cheese fondue noodles
  • Beef demiglace noodles
  • Buchiuma
  • Good luck
  • Wheat noodle craftsman
  • Buttomen
  • Coarse mustard yakisoba
  • Scent
  • Chinese buckwheat in the dressing room
  • Curry grilled pork noodles
  • Nisshin Curry Museum
  • Nuou
  • A hidden new store
  • Special dish of ingredients
  • Yokai watch Soy sauce ramen-released December 2014, 12[8] Later, renewal release on September 2015, 9[9].

な ど


manufactured food
Cup hood
  • Ands cup potage
  • And stable potage
  • Ands cup soup
  • Hokkaido onion soup

At one time,SnacksHave been manufactured and sold. The confectionery department is nowNisshin CiscoIs under contract.

  • Corn chips (snack, late 1980s)
  • Video Pal (Snack, late 1980s.rental videoAlthough it appeared as a snack to accompany, it did not sell at all and was discontinued. )
  • Magazine (snack, late 1980s, sister product of VideoPal)
  • Super mustard
  • Nissin cereal snack
  • popcorn
  • Nissin for sprinkles
  • Fruit pump
  • Caruce
  • Nissin Food Meat Bun
  • Nissin Foods Anman
  • Nissin Food Curry Bun
  • Nissin fruit dessert apricot tofu
  • Nissin Fruit Dessert Fruit Parlor

な ど

Region limited/limited period/tie-up products


  • Shiodome Ramen - Nippon TVsystem"Zoom in!! SUPER] Cup noodles jointly developed with.2004"Shiodome"2006"Shiodome salty taste" is released.2009"Shiodome Ramen Tate-type (Shiodome, Shiodome Shinmen)" was released.
  • Is it JAL? - Japan AirlinesCo-developed with1992May 6More of the company's long-distance routesExecutive classIt started offering at. Since the noodles are cooked and served in a machine with low atmospheric pressure, the noodles are devised so that they return even at a lower boiling point than ordinary cup noodles. The main product of the series is "UdonIn addition to "", there are also "Soba squid" and "Ramen squid".
  • Northern fried noodles - Hokkaido Nippon-Ham FightersTie-up product with. Grilled and canned soy sauce flavor and sauce flavor with wiener (wiener isNippon Ham2 kinds of product used). Released in March 2010.
  • I have yakisoba. -Regular sales ended once in March 2009. same yearMay 4Since then, it has been renewed into an open price product, and the mass of ingredients and noodles has been reduced accordingly.


  • (Released on March 2010, 3)-In commemoration of the founder Momofuku Ando's 1th anniversary, it was released in a limited quantity. The noodles are 100 cm long, the longest in the history of cup noodles. Two types of chicken broth salt ramen and duck broth soba were released.
  • K-ON!! Summer festival ♪ Street-style yakisoba That yakisoba taste that wheat wanted to eat (May 2011-June 5 limited release)-With the movie version "K-ON!!"Tie-upProduct.LawsonCo-developed with Lawson's exclusive cup yakisoba.
  • Aikatsu! Sushi noodle miso vegetable ramen (on sale December 2014, 12)[10])-A tie-up product with the game, manga, and anime "Aikatsu!" Limited release at XNUMX-Eleven.
Hokkaido region
Tohoku region
Chubu region
Kyushu region
  • Pork bone lock Yokaroumon (on sale April 2007, 4)- Pork bone pistonsRelease and tie-up of their major debut song "Yokaroumon".Ni*ka rice crackerThe CD was released at the same time as this product in a package with a swine face and a pig nose.

Space food

Space foodThe development efforts are conducted by the founder, Momofuku Ando.Wherever humans go, they have to eat in any environment. It's the same when going to space.It started from the thought.

Space food ramen "Space Lamb"

Launched in late July 2005space shuttle"DiscoveryTo the mission (STS-114) usingSpace food ramen"Space rum (Space Ram)” was installed.Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency It was developed in collaboration with (JAXA), and it is an epoch-making thing that you can enjoy ramen even in a special environment inside the spacecraft (reference).

The features are as follows.

  • The taste is cup noodle base-regular (soy sauce)宇宙 飛行 士Soichi NoguchiAll four types of curry, miso, and tonkotsu are available upon request.
  • Hot water can be returned at 70 degrees -Noodles that can be returned with hot water of 70 degrees Celsius, which is the maximum water temperature that can be supplied within the space shuttle.
  • Shatter-proof -Under microgravity, it is strictly forbidden that small pieces of food containing liquid granules such as soup are scattered in a spacecraft with precision equipment and switches exposed. Bite-sized to maintain its shapeChunky noodlesAdopted. Three servings are included in a special synthetic resin pack for one serving. The amount is almost the same as Cup Noodle Mini, which is about half the regular size. In this way, although it is impossible to eat "sushi" only with noodles, the taste and texture are almost the same as cup noodles, and Noguchi, who actually ate in space, said he was very satisfied.

"Space" CF

2005May 11The more aired "Cup Noodle"NO BORDER"The 7th title in the series CF"Space versionIn, there is a scene where an astronaut eats massive noodles floating in the air, but this is actuallyInternational Space Station It was taken at the Russian residence module in (ISS)[11].

This CF shooting was done by JAXA andRussian Federation Space AgencyIt was realized after a preparation period of about two years with the full cooperation of the above. Year 2May 10Was launched intoSoyuzrocketThe shooting equipment and specially made cup noodles were mounted on and sent to the ISS.

In actual shooting, it is unprecedented as a CF shooting of a company, such as issuing a shooting instruction using "real-time downlink" that can communicate for up to 10 minutes continuously between the ground control center and the ISS International cooperation took place.

The cup noodle used for this shooting is a special one with the logo of the cup noodle etc. printed on the pack for CF shooting based on the above "Space Lamb", and it is allowed to be installed in Soyuz and brought to the ISS. It has passed strict standards such as.

State-of-the-art space food

In March 2010, the world's first space food as the latest space food.chirashi sushi"Space/Flyer", space foodDream PorkShabu"Space Butashab"Boys' FestivalSpace food forKashiwa mochi"Space KashiwaDeveloped. Like Space Ram, this was developed at the request of Astronaut Noguchi, provided to JAXA, and brought to the ISS. In addition, these space foods are 2010May 3Was also exhibited at an event held in Tokyo and Osaka[12].

Response to disaster

  • In the distribution warehouses, 100 million cup noodles designated as "use only during emergency disasters" have been prepared as running stock, and the practice is still ongoing (the products are always replaced for storage as inventory). .. Founder who was very enthusiastic about social welfare activitiesAndo BaifuIt means that.
  • Great Hanshin-Awaji EarthquakeAt that time, a large number of cup noodles, a truck loaded with disposable chopsticks, and a water heater combination "Cup noodles" were dispatched to the disaster-affected areas and supplied to the victims and evacuees. We received a letter of appreciation for our cooperation in the relief efforts.
  • 2007May 7,Niigata Chuetsu-oki EarthquakeAnnounced that it will send 1 meals of cup noodles to the disaster area. Also,Great Hanshin Earthquake,Niigata Chuetsu EarthquakeBut workedKitchen carTwo "Chicken Ramen" were dispatched to the field urgently.
  • 2011May 3Occurred inGreat East Japan EarthquakeIn addition to providing "cup noodles" and 100 million cup noodle meals to the disaster-stricken area as emergency relief supplies, 7 "Chicken Ramen" with hot water supply function were dispatched to the site. Also,Ministry of AgricultureReceived the request ofCorporationJapan Instant Food Industry AssociationProvided 134,400 food products such as "Donbei" as relief supplies to[13].

Disturbances/problems in NISSIN FOODS

Ra King of 2010

After announcing the end of production of "La Wang" in August 2010 in August 7 and conducting a large-scale event called "La Wang Oiyu Ceremony", it was a month after the end of production on August 8nd. The new "Lao" was released before it was released, but many consumers and others criticized the method that was released immediately after the end of production of the old product without information on the development and the new product with the same name being announced. One after another[14].

Furthermore, on September 9 of the same year, at the summit of the new "La King"Male talentIt was revealed that the TV commercial, which was designed to eat the new "La King", interfered with the climbing of general climbers during the shooting, and decided to refrain from broadcasting this CM (see below).

Problems surrounding commercial filming

2010May 9Was scheduled to be broadcast fromNisshin La King Oftv setCM(TeruhideCast)Mt. YarigatakeIt was reported that a lot of climbers were stopped on a steep mountain road due to troubles at the summit.[15][16].. Also, the shootinghelicopteruse. When shootingMinistry of the EnvironmentChubu Regional Environment OfficeFrom the Matsumoto Natural Environment Office to an advertising agencyDentsuAnd Aoi promotion of the production company (currentlyAOI Pro.) Had been requested in advance not to bother the climber and to consider the surrounding environment and not to fly the helicopter, but did not inform Nissin Foods.

After this problem was discovered,Matsumoto Natural Environment OfficeDemands reports from three companies, issues "very regrettable" documents, and manages the local national forestChubu Forest Management BureauChushin Forestry Administration also instructed three companies in September and requested submission of apology[17].. As a result, the self-restraint of this CM and changes to new contents were announced.[18].

After refraining from broadcastingTokyo Sky TreeChange toChabudai, Actors, etc. that were shot with the same concept were broadcast[19].

Problems with Cup Noodle CM in the 2010s

Problems with commercials using Mari Yaguchi

2016 year 4 month,Mari YaguchiBroadcast a CM of Cup Noodle Rich with It was a story of Mari Yaguchi's affair, and the broadcast was canceled due to flooding of criticism, and the company apologized.[20].

Naomi Osaka's White Wash Problem in Anime CM

Published on the internet in January 2019, ``NewPrince of TennisAnd then belongKei Nishikoriと大 坂 な お みIn an anime commercial of cup noodles that was drawn, there was a voice from inside and outside regarding the description of Osaka, and it was apologized that it was discontinued as a white wash. [21].


Joint development with Japan Consumers' Co-operative Federation

Japan Consumers' Cooperative FederationCo-developed with "Galamen Ramen", "Yakisoba of Coop", "Coop Noodle" and "Ramen Restaurant of Coop" series, and supplies them to co-ops all over the country.[24].

  • "Chicken ramen" is almost the same as chicken ramen (however, as a raw material for noodlesYamano potatoThe product had a slightly different texture because it did not contain powder). The packaging is similar in color to chicken ramen, and like chicken ramen, it uses egg pocket noodles. However, sales will end with shipments in the middle of October 2009.
  • "Cope no Yakisoba" is almost the same as the bag-type Nissin Yakisoba. The packaging is very similar, including coloring, the Yakisoba logo, and the photos of the cooking examples on the surface are almost the same.[24].
  • "Coop noodles" are almost the same products as cup noodles. However, egg white and egg shell calcium are kneaded into noodles, and the paper-based eco cup is used. In addition to soy sauce flavor, curry flavor and seafood, there is also a tonkotsu that cup noodles do not have. The product logo is very similar to that of Cup Noodle.[24].
  • "Coop Ramen Shop" is almost the same product as "Nissin Ramen Shop". However, egg white and egg shell calcium are kneaded into the noodles, and organic soybeans are used for the soy sauce raw soy sauce of Asahikawa soy sauce flavor. We use "non-genetically modified soybeans", "Hakodate Shio flavor" cuts the salt content per meal by 1%, and does not use any beef-derived ingredients in all products. It has become a thing. Usually sold only as a 7 meal pack[24].

Relationship between wheat selling price and product price

In January 2008, we raised the price of cup noodles and bag noodles for the first time in 1 years (several tens of yen per cup noodle) due to the soaring prices of raw materials. Meanwhile, from April 17輸入wheatWhen the government's delivery price drops, President Shin Nakagawa says that "improving the added value of existing products" and "introducing new products to increase the amount of noodles" will "return the price drop of wheat to consumers" and will forgo the price cut of existing products And stated the following reasons[25].

  • Even if the selling price of wheat decreases, price reduction only returns tens of dollars per piece.
  • The wheat selling price after the April 2009 price cut is 4% higher than in 2006.
  • The core brand of existing products cannot be general-purpose products.
  • To meet the demand for consumers who want to save money by enhancing the lineup of low-priced products with several items such as soup noodles, sauce yakisoba, and Daimoriya, where the actual sales price of cup noodles is around 100 yen.PB productsIt has completed the state in which it can oppose.

CM performer


Current. Headquarters HP CM NOW on AIR But you can watch. However, there may be cases where the program is not currently broadcast even during the performance contract.





Past CM performers

Listed by product.


Noodle master

☆ also appeared in "Soup Master"

Ramen shop

Chicken Ramen


Nisshin Yakisoba

Delivery one Ding

* Appears in the "Dosanko" commercial only in the Hokkaido area

La King


☆ also appeared in the "Gan soba" CM

Spa King

Nissin noodle craftsman

Thick noodles

Guta (GooTa)

Tongarashi noodles


Curry mesh/cup mesh series

Cup Noodles


*Including products that are already sold out.

Ramen system
Udon and buckwheat noodles
Yakisoba type

Corporate CM

Campaign CM

Offer program

TaiziWhat is described inProvided by one companyprogram(Crown sponsor programIncluding).

tv set

The programs listed here are typical ones. other than thisMidnight programOr irregularSpecial program(Sports broadcastEtc.) are often provided. ★ mark has subtitles.

Nippon TVseries
TV Asahiseries
Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.series
  • Currently none
Fuji Television Network, Incseries
Each station


Many others

Formerly provided programs

★ shows the program itself.

TBS system
Fuji TV
TV Asahi
TV Tokyo
BS digital
TV and others

And many others

Event sponsorship

Taizi TheCrown tournament.

Official sponsor


な ど


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