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🏉 | [Olympic Games] Rugby South Africa National Team Departs from Kagoshima City to Tokyo for the first match


[Olympic Games] Rugby South Africa National Team Departs from Kagoshima City to Tokyo for the first match

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The movement will be divided into two groups, and the players and staff who did not hit the director's close contact will move by regular aircraft flight, and nine of the close contact will move by charter aircraft arranged by Kagoshima City. is.

The Tokyo Olympics men's sevens rugby South Africa national team has left for Tokyo after a preliminary training camp in Kagoshima City ... → Continue reading

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Charter flights

Charter flights(Charter bottle) is in service to meet a specific purposeTransportation, Borrow part or all of the transportation.FormallyExclusive transportationIt's called (Senzoku Yuso).


mainly,Travel agencyorAirlines Passenger planeForm to charter.RegularAir routeIt is done when there is no.Group travelOften done to meet customer demand, but depending on the travel agency, all or some of the surplus seats may be given to individual customers as usual.チケットIt may be sold as well.Some airlines dare to fly (regular) charter flights without obtaining route approval for the purpose of agile operation.Also,2010(HeiseiUp to 22 years)Haneda airportとGimpo AirportAll routes connecting the two were treated as "regular charter flights".In addition, it should be notedCargo aircraftChartercargoThere are also charter flights.

It is also used by the government to evacuate a large number of Japanese living overseas.[1].

In Japan, onceJapan Air Charter(JAL series)World Air Network(ANA series),Harlequin AirThere were times when airlines specializing in international charters, such as (JAS affiliates), existed, but all of them are short-lived.Currently,Fuji Dream AirlinesOperates regular flights and operates more than 64 domestic charter flights to and from 1000 airports nationwide annually.[2]However, other airlines operate some international charter flights, mainly major airlines.

The form that passengers rent out directly, not the companyAir taxiCalled.


1982(Showa57 years oldMinistry of TransportThe Civil Aviation Bureau has issued a notice recognizing three types of international air passenger charter rules: own-use charter, affinity charter and comprehensive travel charter.Of these, there was a provision that a single contractor must rent out all seats on an aircraft in order to clarify the distinction between own-use and affinity as regular flights.

Due to this regulation, there are many surplus seats depending on the flight aircraft, and charter flights cannot be established.2003(15)Liberal Democratic Party Land Transport Subcommittee, The recommendations were put together at a joint meeting of the Special Committee on Aviation Measures and the Subcommittee on Aviation Business Measures.In response to this recommendationMinistry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and TourismThe Civil Aviation Bureau will remove the single-aircraft requirement and allow for mixed use of own-use, affinity and comprehensive travel, as well as own-use and affinity by multiple aircraft.Deregulationannounced.


Most of the transportation of personnel is not called charter flights, but is treated as "chartered".cargoIn transportation, it is usually mixedTrack,コ ン テ ナIs called when one shipper occupies and uses.



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