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⚾ | [National High School Baseball Championship Oita Tournament Semifinal] Meiho defeats Fujikage

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[National High School Baseball Championship Oita Tournament Semifinal] Meiho defeats Fujikage

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The semi-final of the National High School Baseball Championship Oita Tournament was held on Friday, July 7, at the Betsudaikosan Stadium, where a match between Fujikage High School (boys) and Meiho High School (boys) was held, and Meiho won the match 23-0.

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Vs Meiho

Ozu Sports Park Hardball Baseball Field

Ozu Sports Park > Ozu Sports Park Hardball Baseball Field

Ozu Sports Park Hardball Baseball Field(Osso Gou Undo Koen Koushiki Yakyujo)OitaOita City OfOzu Sports ParkInBaseball field.

Naming rightsThe name given by the introduction (described later) is "Betsudai Kosan Stadium"(Betsudai Kosan Stadium), the traditional nickname is"Shin Oita Stadium"(Shin Oita Kyujo).The facility is owned by Oita Prefecture and is operated and managed by the Oita Prefectural Park Association.


Once oldOita Airport(In 1971KunishigashimaMoved to)apronIt was built in the same place1980It was completed in March and started operation in June.Next time1981,Professional baseballOf the official gameNight gameLighting equipment that can be used for the event was additionally installed.

Youth baseball,high school baseball,Adult baseballな どAmateur baseballIt is mainly used in official games.

Professional baseballHiroshima Toyo Carp,Nankai HawksEtc. held official games once every few years,1989Made inFukuoka Daiei HawksversusKintetsu BuffaloesAt the end of the war, we moved away from the official game, and every springOpen battleIt was only used in.But,2008May 5 OfSep-pa Exchange BattleFor the first time in 19 yearsYokohama Bay StarsBy sponsorshipFukuoka Softbank HawksWas played against.

With aging2011From October, repairs such as ground expansion and full-lighting of the scoreboard were carried out, and after curing the lawn, etc.2012May 6Resumed use[1]..Also, Oita prefectureBeppuHeadquartered in the real estate industryBetsudai KosanHowever, the naming right was acquired under the condition of 648 million yen a year for 3 years, and the name was changed from the same day.Betsudai Kosan StadiumBecame[2].. afterwards2015Renewal of naming rights period with a condition of 702 million yen per year for 3 years[3].2018The period was extended again to now2021It is a contract until the end of May[4].

2021Opened inKyushu Asia LeagueBelongs toOita B-RingsWill hold a sponsored game as a base[5], The schedule announced in February 2021 is the most held (2 games) among the stadiums used.[6].

Main episode

  • 2004May 73 daysTo the 33thUS-Japan University Baseball ChampionshipWas held (2nd: night game, 18:00 start, 3rd: day game, 11:00 start).At that time, the Japanese national team of the same yearMeiji University4 yearsYasuhiro Ichiba(From:Tokyo Yakult Swallows) Etc. are also listed.
  • 2005May 2, Open battleYomiuri GiantsversusTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesThe war was held.This match is Rakuten's first external match in the history of the team.Rakuten won the game 4-3, and the start of the new team was decorated with white stars.
  • 2008May 5, As mentioned above, the first round of the official professional baseball game between Yokohama BayStars and Fukuoka Softbank Hawks in 19 yearsOita BroadcastingIt was held as part of the 55th anniversary commemorative project.The game is from SoftbankRick GatomsonHowever, he was overwhelmed by hitting, such as hitting an out-of-field home run for the first time in the history of interleague play as a pitcher.The game was cold seven times due to rain, and Softbank won 7-6.

Achievements of professional baseball

Hiroshima Toyo Carp

Central League official match

Open battle

  • March 1985, 3 Hiroshima Toyo Carp 24-11 Hanshin Tigers
  • March 1987, 3 Hiroshima Toyo Carp 15-6 Yokohama Ocean Whales Audience: 4
  • March 1989, 3 Hiroshima Toyo Carp 21-4 Chunichi Dragons Audience: 7
  • March 1990, 3 Hiroshima Toyo Carp 21-3 Chunichi Dragons Audience: 11
  • March 1993, 3 Hiroshima Toyo Carp 14-6 Chunichi Dragons Audience: 5
  • 1994May 3 Hiroshima Toyo Carp-Chunichi Dragons
  • 1996May 3 Hiroshima Toyo Carp 2-5 Hanshin Tigers

Yokohama DeNA Baystars

Central League official match

  • 2008May 5 Yokohama BayStars 2-6 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Audience: 13,226

Yomiuri Giants

Open battle

  • March 1984, 3 Yomiuri Giants 9-2 Hanshin Tigers Audience: 3
  • March 1986, 3 Yomiuri Giants 7-2 Lotte Orions
  • March 1987, 3 Yomiuri Giants 6-3 Hankyu Braves Audience: 1
  • March 1988, 3 Yomiuri Giants 3-7 Hankyu Braves Audience: 2
  • March 1989, 3 Yomiuri Giants 3-0 Yokohama Ocean Whales Audience: 10
  • March 1990, 3 Yomiuri Giants 12-3 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks Audience: 3 people
  • 1996May 3 Yomiuri Giants --Fukuoka Daiei Hawks
  • 2003May 3 Yomiuri Giants 2-5 Chunichi Dragons
  • 2005February 2, Yomiuri Giants 26-3 Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles Audience: 13,700 people

Eastern League Official Match

  • May 1987, 5 Yomiuri Giants 5-8 Seibu Lions
  • May 1993, 5 Yomiuri Giants 5-4 Seibu Lions
  • May 2000, 5 Yomiuri Giants 6-3 Yakult Swallows
  • May 2004, 5 Yomiuri Giants 4-4 Seibu Lions

Eastern Western Interleague Play

  • September 2016, 9 Yomiuri Giants 4-2 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks Audience: 5 people

Hanshin Tigers

Open battle

Osaka Kintetsu Buffaloes

Pacific League official match

Fukuoka Softbank Hawks

Pacific League official match

  • 1985May 7 Nankai Hawks 2-1 Lotte Orions Audience: 5,500 people
  • 1985May 7 Nankai Hawks 2-7 Lotte Orions Audience: 7,000
  • 1989May 8 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 0-1 Kintetsu Buffaloes Audience: 12,000
  • 1989May 8 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 1-5 Kintetsu Buffaloes Audience: 12,000

Open battle

  • 2014March 3 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 16-10 Yomiuri Giants Audience: 0 people
  • 2018May 3 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 7-8 Yomiuri Giants Audience: 9,641[7]

Western League official match

  • May 2001, 5 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 19-10 Surpass Kobe
  • May 2001, 5 Fukuoka Daiei Hawks 20-4 Surpass Kobe
  • June 2011, 6 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 4-7 Hiroshima Toyo Carp Audience: 0
  • September 2012, 9 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 1-7 Orix Buffaloes Audience: 1
  • June 2017, 6 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks --Chunichi Dragons (Cancelled)
  • April 2019, 4 Fukuoka Softbank Hawks 21-2 Orix Buffaloes Audience: 6 people

Orix Blue Wave

Open battle

Equipment outline

  • Both wings: 100m, Mid-size: 122m
(Before renovation, both wings: 91m, mid-sized: 120m)
  • Infield: Sat, Outfield: Natural turf (Tifton)
  • Lighting equipment: 6 units (8 levels of illuminance)
  • Scoreboard: Freeboard with full color LED
(Before the repair, the score display is an electric type (white light bulb), and the others are panel type)
  • Capacity: 15,500 (back of net: separate chair with backrest, XNUMXst and XNUMXrd base side: bench, outfield: lawn)


  • Oita Bus-Oita trafficBus (joint operation), from "Oita Bus Headquarters No. XNUMX Bus Stop" stop, get off at "Osu Sports Park Mae" stop


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