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⛳ | 35-year-old Saiki Fujita "wants to ride the boom" Resurrection One after another tour to V for the first time in 10 years

Photo Saiki Fujita goes straight to V for the first time in 10 years (Photo: Getty Images)

35-year-old Saiki Fujita "wants to ride the boom" to V for the first time in 10 years on a series of revival tours

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Veterans such as Momoko Ueda, Ritsuko Ryu, Erika Kikuchi, and Maiko Wakabayashi have all won the championship this year in order to stop the momentum of young people such as Mone Inami, Sakura Kobetsu, Yuna Nishimura, and Mimu Yamashita.

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Kikuchi Erika

Kikuchi Erika[1](Erika Kikuchi,1988May 7 -) isHokkaidoTomakomaiFromJapanGirlsProfessional golferIs.Affiliation is free. My sister Akisami Kikuchi, who is 3 years older than me, is also a professional golfer.[2].


At the age of 6, he started playing golf under the influence of his father, a teaching professional.[2].

June 2003 when I was in junior high schoolJapan Women's Amateur Golf ChampionshipBecome a semi-finalist[3]..Held in Hokkaido in July of the same yearJapan Women's Professional Golf Association(LPGA) Tour "Toyo Suisan Ladies HokkaidoFirst appeared as an amateur on the same tour[4].

After graduating from junior high school, he left Hokkaido and became a prestigious golfer.Tohoku High SchoolGo on to[1].. One grade higherChie Arimura,Erina HaraBut in the first gradeKido AiBut in the first gradeKaori OeWore[5].

Major achievements in high school were winning the "Tohoku Junior Golf Championship" (1 to 2004 years old for girls) in 3 when he was in the first grade and 2006 when he was in the third grade, and the 15 "National High School Golf Championship" ( Women's individual division) There is a championship etc.[6].
In 2007, after graduating from high school, he took the LPGA protest but failed, and entered the LPGA third qualifying tournament in the same year.[7].

In 2008, turned professional with the qualification of a third QT advancer[7]. "Yokohama Tire Golf Tournament PRGR Ladies CupWas the first appearance on the LPGA tour as a professional[8]..In the same year, he advanced to the LPGA final protest and passed the second challenge in 10th place Thailand.[9], LPGA 80th generation[1].

In 2012, he became his first seed in the 43rd place in the annual prize money ranking (prize money rank).[10].

Became a member of Onward Holdings from 2014[11].

February 2015KKT Cup Vantellin Ladies Open』And decorate the LPGA tour first victory in the form of not giving up the lead from the first day[7], 8th in prize money rank in the same year[10].. same yearInformation Professional Sports Award・ Received the Fresh Award[12].

February 2016Studio Alice Women's OpenMarked the tournament record of the tournament and won the LPGA tour for the second time.[13].

February 2017T-Point Ladies Golf Tournament3rd victory of LPGA Tour[14]..Stopped the consecutive wins of foreign players from the previous year at 8[Note 1].

In 2018, he will be ranked 7th, which is his highest prize money rank.[10].

In 2019, he was ranked 25th in prize money, and has been seeded for eight consecutive years until this year.[10]..Married to professional caddy Ryusaburo Niioka at the end of the year[15].

2021 Year of 6 MonthEarth Mondamine CupThen, I ran the lead for 3 days from the first day, and on the last day I got a score of 20 under with stable golf without collapsing and chased hard.Mao SaigoWon the 4th JLPGA Tour victory, which was the first victory in 4 years.[16]


Tour winner

JLPGA Tour (4)

No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
12015/4/19KKT Cup Vantellin Ladies Open-9 (68-70-69 = 207)5 strokesJapanese flag Mai Wakabayashi
Republic of Korea flag Lee Bomi
22016/4/10Studio Alice Women's Open-14 (69-63-70 = 202)4 strokesJapanese flag Suzuki Ai
Republic of Korea flag Love
32017/3/19T-Point Ladies Golf Tournament-14 (65-69-68 = 202)5 strokesJapanese flag Ayaka Watanabe
42021/6/27Earth Mondamine Cup-20 (65-69-66-68 = 268)2 strokesJapanese flag Mao Saigo


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  1. ^ October 2016 "NOBUTA GROUP Masters GC Ladies"Zenmei TeiFrom March 2017 to March 3, "Yokohama Tire Golf Tournament PRGR Ladies' Cup" Jeon Mi-Jeong was the champion of eight consecutive foreigners.


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