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⛳ | <Breaking News> Evian Day 2 Starts Ayaka Furue, 3rd on the first day, tees off at 3:54 pm

Ayaka Furue, who plays the battle for the top spot, will play well in the second round (Photo: Getty Images)

<Breaking news> Evian's second day starts Ayaka Furue, who is third on the first day, tees off at 2:3 pm

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Amateur Tsubasa Kajitani (3rd year of Takigawa Daini High School), who started the first day in 11 under 3th place Thailand, will tee off at 4:18 pm.

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Kajitani Tsubasa

Kajitani Tsubasa(Tsubasa Kajitani,2003May 9 -) is a Japanese womanamateurI am a golfer.


OkayamaGeneral corporationI'm from. Started playing golf at the age of 7 (at the time of admission)[1].

3 when in the third grade of elementary schoolGolf digest・ In the Little Junior Division of the Japan Junior Cup, he is the only one to score an under par and win the championship.[2].. Also in the same year,The United States of America-San DiegoIn the 2012 Callaway Golf World Junior Golf Championships held at 7-8 years old, he won the big victory with 2 strokes behind the 14nd place.[3].

2014 (5th grade of elementary school) at the national elementary school golf tournament[4]And 2015 (6th grade of elementary school)[5]Has won the championship for the second consecutive year.

2016 years,Sanyo Gakuen Junior High SchoolEnrolled in.In the first year of junior high school, won the IMGA World Junior Golf Championships 1-11 year old girls[6].. See also 2016Japan Women's Open Golf ChampionshipParticipated in 13 years and 17 daysKumiko KanedaRenewed the youngest participation record held by[7]..Won the 2 National Junior High School Golf Championship in the second year of junior high school[8].

Prestigious high school golf in 2019Takigawa Daini High SchoolGo on to school.25th in this yearJapan Junior Golf ChampionshipIn the women's 15-17 year old division, she won the championship by recording a score of 1 under in the first year of high school[9]..The 52ndJapan Women's Open Golf ChampionshipFinished in 6 under 9th place and won a low amateur[10].

2020 isGlobal pandemic of new coronavirus infectionsDue to the influence of the above, activities were restricted such as the cancellation of all major competitions in Japan and overseas, and in April 2021The United States of AmericaCross over toMasters TournamentKnown for the course held inAugusta National Golf ClubHeld at(English editionParticipation in, the last day(English editionWon the first tournament championship as a Japanese player by winning the playoffs with (USA)[11].


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