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⛳ | Women's golf rises to the top on the second day, Katsu and Saiki Fujita follow

Jeon Mi-Jeong shoots a tee shot at No. 2 on the second day of the photo.Leading with a total of 10 under = Takino CC

Women's golf rises to the top on the second day, Katsu and Saiki Fujita follow

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A total of 1 people, up to one over, advanced to the final, and Maiko Wakabayashi, who won the championship last week, failed to qualify with one shot.

Daito Trust Construction Good Room Net Ladies Day 2 (23nd, Hokkaido Takino CC = 6578 yards, par 72) At the age of 38 ... → Continue reading

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Mai Wakabayashi

Mai Wakabayashi(Wakabayashi Maiko,1988May 6 -) isNiigataKamo CityNative girlProfessional golfer.YonexBelongs. Height 165 cm.Kaishi Gakuen High Schoolgraduate.


Main grades

Tour winner

JLPGA Tour (4)

No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
12008/10/12SANKYO Ladies Open-8 (70-70-68 = 208)3 strokesRepublic of Korea flag Lee Chihime
22012/4/15Nishijin ladies classic-7 (70-70-69 = 209)2 strokesJapanese flag Hiromi Mogi
32017/3/26AX Lady's Golf Tournament in MIYAZAKI-9 (68-73-66 = 207)1 strokesFlag of the People's Republic of China Morita Haruka
42021/7/18GMO Internet Ladies Samantha Thavasa Global Cup-15 (63-69-69 = 201)play offJapanese flag

Continuous nobogie

  • In July 2021, he achieved a continuous 7-hole nobogie tour record.The traditional record isApplication81 holes[4].

Postpartum victory

TV appearance


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