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🥋 | <Wrestling> Yui Susaki (Waseda Univ.) Will be the flag bearer of the opening ceremony ... The 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo


<Wrestling> Yui Susaki (Waseda Univ.) Will serve as the flag bearer of the opening ceremony ... The 32nd Olympic Games in Tokyo

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Wrestling will be held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba from August 8st (Sun) to 1th (Sat).

The opening ceremony of the 32nd Summer Olympic Games Tokyo was held on July 7 at the National Stadium in Tokyo with no spectators, 23 ... → Continue reading

 Japan Wrestling Association

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Makuhari Messe

Makuhari New City > Makuhari Messe

Makuhari Messe(Makuhari Messe,British : Makuhari messe) IsChibaChibaMihama OfMakuhari New CityJapan's largest located inConvention center.International Exhibition Center2 buildings 11 holes,International conference hall, One of the leading Asian regions with Makuhari Event HallInternational trade fairVenue andMICEFacility.The official name of the international exhibition hall isChiba Japan Convention Center International Exhibition Center[Ordinance 1].

JapanDomestic excellentbuilding32nd and 40th as worksBCS Award(Building Industry Association Award), IAITA Quarter Nario Award, 5th Chiba Prefecture Architectural Culture Award, etc.[2]..The operation managerMakuhari Messe Co., Ltd.[PR 1].


Aging and transportation convenience were unfavorableTokyo International Trade FairAlternative to (closed)Makuhari New CityAs part of development1989 (XNUMX)May 10Chiba Prefecture Japan Convention Center International Exhibition Center (Makuharimesse International Exhibition Center) was completed at 1-XNUMX Nakase, Mihama-ku, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture.[3]..In the same month, the 28th "Tokyo Motor ShowWas held at the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center, and 15 countries, the highest in history, participated.About 192 million people visited[4].

Various since thenInternational trade fair,International conference,Events,concertEtc., the international trade fair venue representing Japan andMICEIt is functioning as a facility.In particular, the use of music and anime events has increased,2016 In (28), it achieved a record high of 2100 holes per year.As a result, the occupancy rate in 2016 will be about 70% -80%.[5].

It consists of four buildings: International Exhibition Hall 1-8 Hall, International Exhibition Hall 9-11 Hall (North Hall), International Convention Hall, and Makuhari Event Hall.The design isTakamatsu Palace Memorial World Cultural Award,Pritzker PrizeEtc. have been awardedFumihiko Maki..Structural designToshihiko KimuraAnd Structural Design Group Co., Ltd.Construction isSuper general contractorIt is carried out by general construction companies including 5 companies.The operating company1986 (61)May 4Was established in2005 (17)May 7In addition, the company name was changed from "Nippon Convention Center Co., Ltd." to "Makuhari Messe Co., Ltd."

What is Makuhari Messe's Messe?Germanof"Trade fairPoint to the meaning of " trade fair Derived from.

In the Makuhari Messe common area, there is a place where you can shoot for commercial use,TV dramaIt is used as a location for[6][Annotation 1].


Total site area 217,151.47m2It is an all-weather integrated building equipped with air conditioning and heating facilities throughout the building.It consists of four buildings: International Exhibition Hall 1-8 Hall, Event Hall, International Conference Hall, and International Exhibition Hall 9-11 Hall (North Hall).

The International Exhibition Hall 1-8 Hall, Event Hall, and International Conference Hall received the 32nd BCS Prize (Building Industry Association Award) and the IAITA Quarternario Award.The North Hall has won the 40th BCS Prize and the 5th Chiba Prefecture Architectural Culture Award "Landscape-friendly Buildings" category.

International Exhibition Center

An exhibition facility consisting of 1-8 halls.

With a movable partition, it can be divided into 8 pillar-free spaces.Each exhibition hall has an entrance with a width of 12m from north to south.

  • design:Maki General Planning Office, Toshihiko Kimura Structural Design Office + Structural Design Group (SDG)
  • Structure: 4 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground (RC structure, S structure)
  • Building area: 88,940m2
  • Exhibition area: 54,000m2
    • 1 to 8 holes: 6,750m2× 8
  • Ceiling height: maximum 28m / minimum 12m

International Exhibition Center North Hall

An exhibition facility consisting of 9-11 halls.It was added in the second phase of construction.1997 May 10carry out.

9,000m for heavy display with movable partition2Exhibition hall and 4,500m2Can be divided into two exhibition halls.

  • Design: Maki General Planning Office, Structural Design Group (SDG)
  • Structure: 2 floors above ground (S structure, SRC structure, RC structure)
  • Building area: 30,572m2
  • Exhibition area: 18,000m2
    • 9 holes: 9,000m2
    • 10 holes and 11 holes: 4,500m each2
  • Ceiling height: maximum 35m / minimum 15m

International conference hall

  • Structure: 4 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground (RC structure, S structure)
  • Building area: 6,846m2
  • Total floor area: 16,700m2
  • Convention Hall: 1,390m2(Can be divided into two on the movable wall surface)
  • International Conference Room: 635m2
    • Medium meeting room: 6 rooms
    • Small meeting room: 8 rooms
    • Reception room: 2 rooms

Makuhari Event Hall

  • Structure: 3 floors above ground, 1 floor below ground (RC structure, S structure)
  • Building area: 9,357m2
  • Total floor area 15,522m2
  • Arena area: 3,098m2(5t / m2)
  • Fixed seats: 3,948 seats (including box seats)
  • Movable seats: 912 seats
  • Temporary seats: Approximately 3000 seats (meeting type)

* When using indoor sports

  • Indoor Athletics: 160m track, 60m straight track
  • Basketball court: 3 sides
  • Tennis court: 3 sides
  • Volleyball court: 3 sides
  • Handball court: 1 side


Major events

The number of events held in the Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Center, International Convention Center, and Makuhari Event Hall in one year is about 1, and the number of visitors is about 841 million (FY709).[7]).

The total number of visitors since it opened in 1989 is about 1 million (as of the end of March 6808).

The major events (more than 10 visitors) that are held every year or every few years are listed below.

First heldEvent nameReference for the number of visitorsRemarks
1999-Tokyo Auto Salon

Japan Race Queen AwardAward Ceremony (2011-)

Approximately 33 people (2019 days in 3)[8])World's Three Great Custom Car Shows[9]
1991-CEATECApproximately 16 people (2018 days in 4)[10])International Exhibition of IT Technology and Electronics[11]
1997-Tokyo Game ShowApproximately 30 people (2018 days in 3)[12])World's Three Great Game Shows[13]
2000-JAPAN drugstore showApproximately 13 people (2018 days in 4)[14])Japan Chain Drug Store Association(JACDS) sponsorship
2001-SUMMER SONICApproximately 16 people (2013 days in 3)[15])Sponsored by Creativeman Productions
2003-COUNTDOWN JAPANApproximately 19 people (2017 days in 2)New Year's Rock J-Pop Festival
2009-Wonder Festival(Winter / Summer)Approximately 10 people (2018 days in 2)[16])World's largestGarage kit[17]
2012-Nico Nico ChokaigiApproximately 16 people (8 days in 2019)Ltd.DwangoSponsorship[18]

Other events


Music program

The main music programs are listed below.

Live event achievements

Typical live events are listed below.

Past live performance


AKB48And it is the venue for the big handshake event to commemorate the release of the theater version of the AKB48 group.[PR 8].


The main international competitions are listed below.

International conference

The results of major international conferences are listed below.[37][38].

YearsMonthMeeting name
198911IFHP (International Housing and Planning Association) Chiba International Conference
19938World Federation for Mental Health 1993 World Congress
199510World Energy Council16th Regular Convention
19963The 24th Annual Meeting of the International Society of Blood Transfusion
9International Studies Association Japan International Political Society Joint International Conference
19979Asia-Europe ConferenceEconomic Ministerial Meeting (ASEM)
19988The 9th International Parasite Society (ICOPA-9)
9The 11th World Radiological Technologist Association (ISRRT)
19997The 11th International Conference of Female Engineers and Scientists (ICWES-11)
20003The 1st Codex Biotechnology Applied Foods Special Subcommittee (CODEX)
79th World Congress on Academic Education (ICME-9)
2001679th Annual Meeting of the International Association for Dental Research (IADR)
20021012th ACI World Congress and Pacific Regional Subcommittee General Assembly
20035Earth and Planetary Science-related Society 2003 Joint Conference
20041134th International Federation of Air Traffic Control Engineers (IFATSEA) General Assembly
20054WTO / NAMA Informal Ministerial Meeting
514th International World Wide Web Conference (WWW2005)
20069The 10th International Society for Inborn Errors of Metabolism (ICIEM)
20083G204th Ministerial Dialogue (Glen Eagles Dialogue)
4MDRT Experience 2008
5The 13th International Neuroblastoma Society (ANR Congress 2008)
2010825th International Carbohydrate Symposium (ICS2010)
9ICSLP 2010 (Interspeech 2010)
10International Conference hosted by the 5th Project Management Society (ProMAC 2010)
20111Second Meeting of the Intergovernmental Negotiations Committee (INC) to enact a treaty on mercury
7ASEAN + 3(4th Biomass Energy Forum)
201210The 26th Annual Meeting of the Asian Public Universities (AAOU 2012)
20135International Heavy Ion Beam Symposium 2013
6The 40th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology
712th Asia Pacific Physics Conference
833rd International Puzzle Conference
915th International Conference on Ion Sources
2014550th Anniversary International Research Conference of the Japan Society for Cultural Anthropology (IUAES 2014 with JASCA)
799th International Kiwanis Annual Meeting
20158XNUMXth International Central and Eastern Europe Research Council Makuhari World Congress
2016319th East Asian Nursing Researcher Forum (19thEAFONS)
7The 13th International Society of Urethral Stones / The 26th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Urethral Stones
116th Asia Forge Meeting
1157th Battery Discussion Meeting
2017122nd Asia-South Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC2017)
32017 IEEE Region 10 Meet
4Gastech Japan 2017
4Japan Geoscience Union (JpGU)-AGU Joint Meeting 2017
740th Annual Meeting of the Japanese Neuroscience Congress
12Asia-Oceania International Anti-Doping Seminar


Public transport


Transit Bus

  • Keisei Bus
    • "New city center Makuhari line (Makuhari 01 (Makuharihongo 01) system"
  • Chiba beach transportation
    • "Baytown Line"
      • Shinkenmigawa Station / Kaihin Makuhari Station
    • "Marine Stadium Line / Baytown North Circulation Line"
      • Inage Station, Keisei Inage Station, Inage Kaigan Station, Kemigawahama Station

Highway bus, night bus, limousine bus



Parking Lot

  • Makuhari Messe parking lot
    • Paid parking available, 5,500 ordinary cars, 120 large cars, 50 motorcycles
    • The intersection at the end of the exit has lanes divided by direction.
  • Makuhari New City Parking Lot

Neighboring facilities


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