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⛳ | Dustin Johnson and Satoshi Kodaira fall out of qualifying and lead Adam Hudwin and others

Photo Dustin Johnson failed to qualify (Photo: Getty Images)

Dustin Johnson and Satoshi Kodaira fall out of qualifying and lead Adam Hudwin and others

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Dustin Johnson (USA) is in 96th place in Total Even Par, and Satoshi Kodaira, who is aiming to secure seed rights, is out of qualifying in 7th place with a total of 145 overs.

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Satoshi Kodaira

Satoshi Kodaira(Kodaira,1989May 9 -) isJapanThe boyProfessional golferIs.Affiliation.


TokyoMitaka CityBackground[1]..父親がゴルフのレッスンプロだったことから10歳で自身もゴルフを始めるSince his father was a golf lesson professional, he started playing golf at the age of XNUMX.[2].Mitaka City No. XNUMX Junior High School[3]ThroughKomaba Gakuen High SchoolEnrolled in.

In high school, he was active in the golf club and won the Kanto High School Golf Championship Tokyo Tournament for the third consecutive year.[1]To stand out by winning the championship.

In 2008Nihon UniversityGo on to school. In 2009, he was selected as an amateur golf representative from Japan and was selected as a four-country team championship (Japan, Japan.Australia,カナダ,New ZealandCompetitive battle, atMontrealCanadian flag カナダ]) Participated in 3rd place[4]..また、学生日本一を決める2009年In XNUMX, the number one student in Japan will be decided.Asahi Cup Competition Japan Student Golf ChampionshipThen I won.

In 2010, the Eisenhower Trophy World Amateur Golf Team Championship (アルゼンチン) As a representative of Japan[5]..その年の秋にはIn the fall of that year2010 Asian Games(People's Republic of China-Guangzhou) Elected to represent Japan[3]..このアジア競技大会日本代表メンバーには男子のThe members of the Japanese national team for this Asian Games are boysHideki Matsuyama, Women'sMamiko HigaNatsuka HoriWore[3].. Also in 2010JGTO Challenge TournamentAs an amateur, he won the Hatoyama Country Club GMA Challenge Tournament in August, overtaking tour pros.[6]..チャレンジツアーでのアマチュア優勝は前身のグローイングツアーを含めてもAmateur championships on the Challenge Tour include the predecessor Growing TourShingo KatayamaIt was also the second grandeur since then[7]..このような好成績を収めたにもかかわらず、日本大学では監督と馬が合わず、レギュラーになれなかったため、2010年限りで中途退学するDespite such good results, Nihon University dropped out of school only in XNUMX because the director and horse did not match and could not become regular.[8].. 2011年度のXNUMXJapan Golf Tour OrganizationParticipated in a qualifying tournament to qualify for an official competition, finished 42nd and turned professional[9].

Two years after becoming a pro (2, 2011), the tour did not win, but in 2012Japan Golf Tour ChampionshipXu Sin Ho(SK Ho,South Korea),(English edition(Kingdom of Thailand) To win the first victory as a professional player[2][10].

Since his first victory, he has won one victory every year, especially in 1.Japan OpenThen.Yuta IkedaI went around in the final group on the final day and got the crown at the end of the close battle[11].

March 2017, of the same professional golferMiho KogaMarry[12].

2018 years,MastersFirst appearance in, qualifying breakthrough (28th place Thailand).翌週のNext weekRBC HeritageThe fifth Japanese player to win the playoffs withPGA TourBecame a tournament winner[13]..The victory in the 15th game is the fastest Japanese record, surpassing the 26th game achieved by Hideki Matsuyama. PGAツアー大会優勝資格で出場したゴルフ日本シリーズでは石川遼らとのプレーオフ1ホール目でパーを決め優勝したIn the Golf Nippon Series, which was qualified to win the PGA Tour tournament, he won the par with Ryo Ishikawa and others in the first hole of the playoffs.[14].

Professional championship (9)

PGA Tour Winner (1)

No.DateTournamentWinning scoreUnder parDifference from second place2 bit
115AprRBC Heritage73-63-70-66 = 272−12PlayoffRepublic of Korea flag

PGA Tour Playoffs Record (1–0)

12018RBC HeritageRepublic of Korea flag3rd hole, birdie win

Japan Tour Winner (7)

No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
123 JuneJapan Golf Tour Championship–14 (70-64-70-70 = 274)1 strokeKingdom of Thailand flag , Republic of Korea flag Xu Sin Ho
23 AugustDunlop Srixon Fukushima Open–16 (72-68-64-68 = 272)2 strokesJapanese flag Inamori Yuki, Japanese flag Hiroshi Iwata,
Japanese flag Ryosuke Kinoshita, Japanese flag ,
Japanese flag
318 OctoberJapan Open Golf Championship–13 (71-62-70-72 = 275)1 strokeJapanese flag Yuta Ikeda
423 OctoberBridgestone Open–14 (75-66-62-67 = 270)1 strokeRepublic of Korea flag
51 OctoberTop Cup Tokai Classic–14 (67-68-70-69 = 274)1 strokeJapanese flag Takamitsu Tokimatsu
6November 12 2017Sumitomo Mitsui VISA Pacific Masters–18 (63-72-70-65 = 270)3 strokesJapanese flag Miyazato Yusaku
72 Dec 2018Golf Japan Series JT Cup-8 (66-74-68-64 = 272)PlayoffJapanese flag Ryo Ishikawa, Republic of Korea flag Yellow

Japan Tour Playoffs Record (1–0)

12018Golf Japan Series JT CupJapanese flag Ryo Ishikawa, Republic of Korea flag YellowThe first hole is 1 on.Ishikawa, Huang Parpat did not enter.小平パーで優勝Winner of Kodaira Par

AbemaTV Tour Winner (1)

  • 2012 PGA JGTO challenge Cup II in Boso

Competition results

Major championship

US OpenT46
Open championshipCUTCUT
PGA ChampionshipT48

  Did not participate

CUT = half way cut
"T" = Rank Thailand

World Golf Championship

Mexico championship54
Match play championshipT59
Bridgestone Invitation ChampionshipT65T47
HSBC Champions71
  Did not participate


In fact, he is a "Hanshin fan of the professional golfer world" known to those in the know.[Source required]


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