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🥋 | Judo Funa Tonaki is a silver medal Tokyo Olympics Japanese medal No. 1

Photo: Funa Tonaki attacking Distria Krasnić (bottom) in Kosovo, the women's 48-kilometer final.Lost, but won the silver medal, the first Japanese medal = Nippon Budokan

Judo Funa Tonaki is a silver medal Tokyo Olympics Japanese medal No. 1

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Funa Tonaki (Park 24), whose parents are from Haebaru Town, Okinawa Prefecture, lost to Distria Krasnić (Kosovo) in the final and won the silver medal.

On the 24th, the Tokyo Olympics held the final of the Judo Women's 48kg class at the Nippon Budokan.Funa Tonaki, whose parents are from Haebaru Town, Okinawa Prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Born in Haebaru Town, Okinawa Prefecture

silver medal

silver medal(Gin medal) isSports,MusicIn competitions and competitions (contests) such as, in each division,Second gradeIt is an award given in honor of the individual or group who gave the above.Second prize medal(Nitosho medal),Silver medalAlso called.[1][2][3]

However, the firstModern olympicHit1896 Athens OlympicsThen, the winner was given a silver medal and the runner-up was given a bronze medal.

Second regular

uncrowned king

There are those who never get the best results such as the first prize and the championship, but still record the good results such as the second prize and the runner-up many times.

Refers to such a person who cannot win the first prize or victory only in the highly evaluated competitions, even though his or her usual ability and strength are evaluated more than the winner.Laurel WreathIn the field of sports, etc., in the sense that it is the most powerful person who has never suffered the "crown" given to the winner likeJapaneseso"uncrowned king(Mukan no Teiou) "[4][Note 1].. the sameKanji culture areaButChineseThen "The King of Mugen(Simplified characters : Uncrowned king)”[5][Note 2].EnglishThen "uncrowned king"[Note 3].

Second place in every year

Second place in every yearThere is also the expression (mannen nii), but unlike the "uncrowned emperor" who is called only when he is recognized as the most powerful person, this is called "the second most powerful person who cannot beat the most powerful person". There are implications, i.e.RidiculousIt is an expression to do.

Silver collector

Precious metalAccording to the social value ofFri-Silver-copperOnly "silver" in the ranking symbolized byコ レ ク シ ョ ンIn the sense of those who are doingSilver collector(Japanglish: Silver collector)[8]There is also the expression.The person called by this expression is not necessarily the most powerful person in the field, unlike the "Uncrowned Emperor", but he is completely content with the second place like the person called "Million Years Second Place". Absent.While having the ability to winTransportSome people are not blessed with it, while others are able to win the championship if they do their best, but at the heart of it, they expose their mental fragility.


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注 釈

  1. ^ The Japanese word "Uncrowned Emperor" has a very different meaning in other fields.[4].
  2. ^ The Chinese word "Muennoou" also has a very different meaning in other fields.[5].
  3. ^ The English word "uncrowned king" also has very different meanings in other fields.[6][7].


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