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🥋 | "I couldn't win daringly, but this is my judo" Judo, Naohisa Takato The first gold medal in Japan at this tournament


"I couldn't win daringly, but this is my judo." Judo, Naohisa Takato The first gold medal in Japan at this tournament

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This is the first gold medal in 3 years since Tadahiro Nomura, who won the Athens Olympics for the third time in a row.

Naohisa Takato won the first Japanese gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. Takato, who was a bronze medal at the Rio Olympics four years ago, suffers ... → Continue reading

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Athens Olympics

Athens Olympics

Tadahiro Nomura

Tadahiro Nomura(Nomura Tadahiro,1974May 12 -) isNaraFromJapan OfJudo,Gymnast,Medical doctor.Bachelor of Science The保健Physical educationMaster(Nara University of Educationgraduate School-1999),medical doctor(Hirosaki Universitygraduate School-2013).Nextend Co., Ltd. CEO.

Atlanta Olympic Judo CompetitionFrom (60 kg or less class)OlympicHas a track record of 3 consecutive victories[1]..My specialty isSeoi nage.


My grandfather is a judo master who opens a dojo "Toyotokukan Nomura Dojo" in his hometown of Nara.1984 Los Angeles OlympicsGold medalistShinji HosokawaFormer who raised a famous playerTenri High SchoolJudo club director Mototsugu Nomura, uncle1972 Munich OlympicsGold medalistToyokazu Nomura, My brother Tadahiro Nomura is also a coach of Toyokukan Nomura Dojo[2] The judo family.My mother was a swimmer and a torchbearer in Nara Prefecture at the Tokyo Olympics.

A variety of techniques, outstanding sharpness, speed, and natural defensive cans are called geniuses.It is said that he has genius skin because he does not study his opponent in advance and he concentrates before and after the game.As a player of the men's judo 60 kg or less classAtlanta OlympicsWon.Sydney OlympicsFirst two consecutive victories in judo lightweight class.Athens OlympicsAchieved the first three consecutive victories in Judo history and the first Asian to win all competitions.Furthermore, the gold medal at the Summer Olympics became the 3th memorial in total for Japanese people.

After winning the gold medal at the Athens OlympicsModern olympicWith a view to winning the 2th consecutive individual event with only 4 people in history,Beijing OlympicsAimed to participate in.But,2007 OfAll Japan Judo Championships by WeightRupture of the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee during practice immediately after winning the sixth victory in[3]..Although I attended the representative selection meeting in Japan while avoiding surgery,2008In April All Japan Selected Weight Championship SemifinalsDaisuke AsanoWas not selected as a representative because he was defeated by[4]..Immediately after this defeat, he underwent reconstruction surgery for the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee.[3].

In 2012, due to the loss of the second round of the Kodokan Cup2012 London OlympicsBecause I missed the participation inNTV seriesAppeared as an "athlete commentator" in the same Olympic Games broadcast at.From the perspective of an active athlete, I experienced coverage of sports such as judo.[5].

Surgery on the right shoulder in November 2013 and on the left knee in October 11[6] However, he will continue his active life with a view to returning to the 2015 All Japan Business Judo Individual Championship.[7].. In 2015, it was promoted to 4th dan on April 30th.Promotion at an unusual youth (40 years old) in the judo world[8][9] According to the Kodokan, "it is extremely rare for a first-class judo player who participates in an international competition to be promoted to the seventh dan."[9].

However, he announced his retirement on August 2015, 8.Local Kansai (Baycom Gymnasium) Also announced that the aforementioned All Japan Business Judo Individual Championship to be held on the 29th of the same month will be a "retirement match".[10]..In the same tournament, which was his first actual battle in two years, he won one in each of the first and second rounds, but in the third round he admired Tsubaki Ryu (ALSOK NiigataLosing one to the seed player)[11]..At the retirement press conference held in Osaka on the 31st of the same month, he cited "the limits of the body (due to the deterioration of the condition of both knees and right shoulders that had undergone the above-mentioned surgery)" as the reason for retirement, and as a future aspiration. "I would like to work to raise young players to the leading role, not myself. I would be happy if I could be involved in the Olympics in some way."[12].

By the way, MIKI HOUSE, which I have belonged to since 1999 after graduating from Tenri University[3] Has shown an attitude of supporting activities in response to the request of the person even after Nomura retires from active duty.[13]..Also, at a biweekly pace,Winking!』(TBS TVNational net program of production)ThursdayIn charge of the commentator of.201511Has experience of interviewing and appearing even during his active career.Sunday sports』(NHK general TV) Served as a "monthly caster".

Yearly record

  • 1974May 12,NaraKitakatsuragi-gunGoryo TownBorn in.
  • 1980, Started judo at Toyokukan Nomura Dojo, founded by his grandfather.
  • 1987,Tenri Junior High SchoolEnrolled in.Although I lost to the girls in the first game and got excited, I was the best in Nara prefecture because I weighed only about 30 kg.
  • 1990,Tenri High SchoolGo on to.
  • 1992, Won the Nara Prefectural Tournament.Inter HighThen he lost the qualifying, but won the second place in the All Japan Junior Weight Championship.
  • 1993,Tenri UniversityEnrolled in the martial arts course of the Faculty of Physical Education, Department of Physical Education.
  • 1996January,All Japan Selected Judo Weight ChampionshipWon.1996 Atlanta OlympicsSelected as a player.
  • In July 1996, as a representative of Japan in JudoAtlantaDeparture to.At that time, he was still an unknown player at that time, so the sports reporter who was interviewing other players at the airport did not know Nomura at all."in the way!"It is said that he was pushed away.[14]
  • August 1996, 7,At the Atlanta Olympicsgold medalAcquisition..For the first time as a Japanese, he appears in the photo in a pose of biting a gold medal.
  • In 1996, became an honorary citizen of Koryo Town.
  • 1997, 1996JOC Sports AwardReceived the Excellence Award.
  • In April 1997, entered the Department of Health and Physical Education, Nara University of Education.
  • In the same month of 1997, he won the All Japan Judo Weight Championship for the second time in a row.
  • August 1997, 10,World Judo ChampionshipWon.
  • 1998In April, won the All Japan Selected Judo Weight Championship for the third consecutive time.
  • 1999 XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Jigoro Kano CupInjured left knee ligament in semi-final and lost.With this injurymaster's thesisI left Judo for about half a year to write.
  • Spring 1999,Miki HouseJoined the company.
  • 2000On April 4, he won the All Japan Judo Weight Championship for the fourth time in two years.2000 Sydney OlympicsBecome a representative of.
  • August 2000, 9,Achieved two consecutive victories at the Sydney Olympics..The first feat in the history of lightweight judo.
  • October 2000, 10, as an emergency honorOne pair of silver cups (chrysanthemum)Award.
  • 2001, Received the 2000 JOC Sports Award Special Honor Award.
  • May 2001, formerモデルMarried to Yoko Sakai.
  • 2001 summer,San FranciscoStudy abroad.
  • 2002,Kodokan CupAlthough he returned at, he was eliminated.
  • 2003In April, he won the All Japan Judo Weight Championship for the first time in three years for the fifth time.Became a representative of the World Judo Championships.
  • Bronze medal at the World Judo Championships on September 2003, 9.
  • 2004On April 4, he won the All Japan Selected Judo Weight Championship for the second time in a row.4th victory in total.2004 Athens OlympicsBecome a representative of.
  • August 2004, 8,Achieved three consecutive victories at the Athens Olympics.For the first time in the history of judo, through all competitionsAsianThe first feat.JapaneseSummer olympicAchieved the 100th milestone of the gold medal.
  • In August 2004, he received the Nara Prefectural Governor's Award and the Nara Prefectural Assembly Award.
  • On September 2004, 9, the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology commendation and special commendation were awarded.
  • Received the Osaka Governor's Award and the Osaka Sports Award on September 2004, 9.
  • August 2004, 9,Tenri CityAwarded the first citizen honor award from.
  • August 2004, 11,Purple ribbonThe award.
  • August 2004, 11,Best Dresser AwardReceived the sports category.
  • August 2004, 12,Mainichi Sportsman AwardReceived an international award.
  • 2004th, April 12, 22Japan Sports AwardReceived the grand prize.
  • 2005XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,TV AsahiBig sports awards, Received the All Japan Business Judo Federation Achievement Award.
  • August 2005, 1,Asahi ShimbunAsahi Sports AwardAward.
  • Received the Kansai Sports Press Club Kansai Sports Award on January 2005, 1.
  • August 2005, 1,Yomiuri ShimbunReceived the Yomiuri Sports Award.
  • August 2005, 2,Japan Press ClubReceived the White Bear Sports Award.
  • March 2005, 3, in the sports worldAcademy awardsWas established with the aim ofLaureus World Sports AwardsNominated for World Comeback Award (WinnersAlessandro Zanardi).
  • On April 2005, 4, the "Gold Medal Tower" was erected as a monument to Nomura in Taketori Park, Koryo Town, Nara Prefecture.In addition, the town road from Umaminaka 3-chome to the town hall is named "Gold Medal Road" after Tadahiro Nomura was running until junior high school.
  • Received the Japan Nice Couple Award on April 2005, 4.
  • 2006On January 1th, he continued to be active as he did not participate in the games after the Athens Olympics and was attracting attention.2008 Beijing OlympicsDeclared to aim for a gold medal at.
  • On March 2006, 3, the first son was born.
  • 2007In May, the ligament of the right knee was torn.
  • 2008In April, he lost in the semi-finals of the All Japan Judo Weight Championship and was defeated from the Beijing Olympics Judo Japan National Team.Also,Doshisha UniversityBecame an advisor to the Faculty of Sport and Health Science.Surgery on the right knee.
  • 2008 year 9 month,Doshisha UniversityCollege of Sport and Health ScienceVisiting ProfessorInaugurated (~ March 2009).
  • 2009January,Hirosaki Universitygraduate SchoolGraduate School of MedicinePhDadmission.
  • In May 2009, he announced that he would continue to be active with the aim of participating in the London Olympics.
  • To participate in the London Olympics in 2010Morinaga ConfectionerySigned a support player contract with Weider (currently canceled).
  • In February 2010, he published his first book, "The Unbreakable Heart."Gakken PublishingPublished by.
  • 2010 year 11 month,Kodokan CupIn the second roundToru ShishimeI lost one.
  • In the summer of 2012, he appeared as an "athlete commentator" in the competition broadcast of the Nippon Television series at the London Olympics where he did not participate.
  • Winner of the Swiss Open in March 2013
  • Received a doctorate (medicine) degree from Hirosaki University on March 2013, 3.Doctoral dissertation "Effects of L-glutamine intake during training camp on muscle tissue and neutrophil function of judo athletes"
  • 2013 year 8 month,Business championship#3 in
  • In April 2015, promoted to 4th dan[9].
  • Announced retirement from active duty on August 2015, 8
  • On August 2015, 8, he participated in the All Japan Business Judo Individual Championship as the last match of his active life. In the third round, he lost one to Tsubaki Ryu.
  • August 2015, 8,The Ritz-Carlton OsakaRetired press conference at[12].


  • Despite winning three gold medals in the Olympic judo competition, none of them were featured on the front page of the sports newspaper the next day in Japan.This was the 3kg class for boys who participated in Nomura, and it has been attracting a lot of attention since childhood.Ryoko Tani(Ryoko Tamura) This is because the women's 48kg class that participated was held on the same day three times, and an article about the valley was posted on the first page of each.According to Nomura, the sports newspaper the day after he won the gold medal and Tani won the silver medal at the Atlanta Olympics"Ryoko Tamura, a silver medal! Tadahiro Nomura, a gold medal"It is said that the heading was attached.However, he was on good terms with Tani, and at his retirement interview, he said, "(Tani) is a special person. I think she was amazing because she was under pressure from all the people in the match on the same day as herself. I'm glad I was able to play the match on the same day (with the valley). "[15].
  • Unusual in the Japanese sports world, which tends to be "practicing", a rest period is consciously set from immediately after winning the Atlanta Olympics until the injury to the anterior cruciate ligament of the right knee threatens to continue working (Details mentioned above). In order to make a peak every four years (where the Summer Olympics are held), the cycle of returning to competitive life after taking a break from training (practice) and resting the mind and body was repeated.However, after a series of injuries, he continued his competitive life while facing the injuries with the intention of "I want to do judo again."[16].
  • Kousuke Kitajima-Daisuke Ohata-Yuki OtaOr belong to the same MIKI HOUSE as myselfKen TerauchiIntimately interact with top athletes in competitions other than judo[17][18]..As a central figure in a network that transcends the boundaries of competition, he mentally supported junior athletes by sharing the worries and information of fighting in the world.[16]..By the way, at the 2015 All Japan Business Judo Individual Championship, which was Nomura's retirement match, the above four people watched from the audience seats at the venue.[17][18]..Immediately after Nomura's defeat in the third round was decided, Kitajima, who said, "A special existence (like a valley for Nomura)," handed the bouquet directly to Nomura, and there was one act in which Nomura cried unintentionally.[19].
  • Until the time when he missed the participation in the Beijing Olympics, "It's the same whether you win with the talent that is considered to be a'genius' or the end of your efforts."[20]"Even if I don't like practice and the practice time is shorter than other players, I'm trying to be stronger than anyone else."[21] With such nuances, he sometimes called himself a "genius (of judo)".At the retired press conference, in response to the question "Are you a" genius "again (I'll ask you)?" Based on this background, "When I looked back on my long life, I was weaker for a long time. Maybe he was talented, but I think the power of belief and the effort with thoughts that did not give up the long time until flowering is real. It is because I believed that I have now. "[19].


  • 1992 --All Japan Junior 2nd
  • 1994 --France Junior International Champion
  • 1994-All Japan Student Weight Championship
  • 1994-World Junior 2nd
  • 1995 --Germany International Champion
  • 1995- Kodokan Cup All Japan Judo Weight Championship3 bit
  • 1996 --Hungary International 3rd place
  • 1996-Czech International Champion
  • 1996- All Japan Selected Judo Weight ChampionshipWin
  • 1996- Atlanta OlympicsWin
    Final: vs Giobinatso (Seoi nage4 minutes 33 seconds)
    Semifinal: vs Narmanda (Uchi mata3 minutes 6 seconds)
    Round 4: vs Melilla (Seoi nage 4 minutes 21 seconds)
    Round 3: vs Ozhegin (dominant)
    Round 2: vs Gichieresu (throw in judo38 seconds)
  • 1996- Jigoro Kano CupWin
  • 1997 --Russia International Champion
  • 1997-All Japan Judo Weight Championship
  • 1997-ParisWorld Judo ChampionshipWin
    Final: vs Rewaji Shibiri (Seoi nage)
    Semifinal: vs Themeon (Seoi Nage)
    Round 4: vs Doma (dominant)
    Round 3: vs Saltanov (Uchi mata)
    Round 2: vs Pouro (Seoi Nage)
  • 1998 --All Japan Selected Judo Weight Championship 2nd, Kano Jigoro Cup 3rd
  • 1998-World Cup team victory
  • 1999 --Kodokan Cup victory
  • 2000 - France International Judo TournamentWin
  • 2000-All Japan Judo Weight Championship
  • 2000- Sydney OlympicsWin
    Final: vsJung Bukyung(Sumi otoshi14 seconds)
    Semifinals: vs Pouro (dominant)
    Round 4: vs Matsuzef (throw in judo31 seconds)
    Round 3: vs Grekowski (Shoulder bag2 minutes 15 seconds)
    Round 2: vs Samurai (Ippon seoi1 minutes 38 seconds)
    He declared that he would win with all the different techniques and executed it.
  • 2002 --Kodokan Cup 5th
  • 2003 --Poland International 5th
  • 2003-All Japan Judo Weight Championship
  • 2003-Osaka World Judo Championships 3rd place
  • 2004 --French International Judo Tournament Winner
  • 2004-All Japan Judo Weight Championship
  • 2004- Athens OlympicsWin
    Final: vs Khergiani (dominant)
    Semifinals: vs Tsaganbatal (Ouchi Gari23 seconds)
    Round 4: vs Alvarsin (Uchi mata sushi14 seconds)
    Round 3: vs Gussenberg (Seoi nage53 seconds)
    Round 2: vs Lara (Seoi nage 2 minutes 46 seconds)
  • 2006 --Czech international championship
  • 2007 --Germany International 3rd
  • 2007-All Japan Judo Weight Championship
  • 2008 --Germany International 2rd
  • 2010 --World Cup Ulaanbaatar 2nd


TV program

Only regular appearance programs after retiring from competition life are listed.

Copyrighted material

  • "Effects of L-glutamine intake on muscle fatigue and neutrophil functions during a judo training camp" March 2013, 3 Hirosaki University.A No. 22 Doctor of Medicine


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