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🎾 | Doi, Nishikori / Macraclan started with a white star.Daniel, Sugita, Hibino / Ninomiya lose the first round [Tokyo Olympics]

Photo Kei Nishikori and Ben McLachlan at the "Tokyo Olympics"

Doi, Nishikori / Macraclan started with a white star.Daniel, Sugita, Hibino / Ninomiya lose the first round [Tokyo Olympics]

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Nao Hibino (Japan / Brass) broke ahead of Nina Stojanovic (Serbia), who ranked 90th in the world, but then lost straight after 6 games in a row.

Tennis for the "Tokyo Olympics" (Tokyo, Japan / July 7-August 24 / hard court) that finally started today ... → Continue reading


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Hibi vegetable cord

Hibino Nao(Hibino,1994May 11 -) isJapanFemale professionalTennisplayer.AichiIchinomiyaI'm fromOkayama Gakugeikan High Schoolgraduate. Member of LuLuLun.WTATwo singles wins and two doubles wins on the tour. The highest ranking in the WTA ranking is 2th in singles and 2rd in doubles. Height 56 cm. Right-handed, double-handed backhand stroke.


The name "Nao" is the name of a professional tennis player who was active at the time.Naoko SawamatsuIt was named after me. Start playing tennis at the age of 10[1].

Junior age

When he entered junior high school, he emerged as a national-level player,Nagoya Keizai University Kozo Junior High SchoolWhile attending school in 2009National Junior High School Tennis ChampionshipsAchieves first and second runner-up at a national level tournament[2][3].

Decided to study tennis in the third year of junior high school[4].. Going to Australia and working hard at a local tennis academy[5]It was held in November 2011 immediately after returning to Japan[6], From the end of the same yearDavis Cup representative from JapanBy the directorKimiko DateHave been coaching Japan's top players, but will be taught at the Tennis Academy run by[4].

From 2012, I started to challenge the ITF professional circuit tournament at the bottom of the tour even though I was a junior age, and in the singles of the ITF 6 dollar tournament held in Tokyo and Mie in June of the same year.WTAAchieved two consecutive weeks of victory from No Rank without even points[7][8],Risa Ozaki,Makoto NinomiyaBecame one of the next generation's hottest players in the limelight[4].. He also won single and multiple wins at the $9 Kyoto tournament in September, where he played without seeds.[9]In NovemberAll Japan Tennis ChampionshipFirst appearance in.In the doubles where he participated in the tournament with Mio Yamamoto without seeding, he lost to the 1th seed & group of the tournament with a straight 6-1, 6,3-6 in the first round.[10]Also, in the singles which also participated in no seed, he won the first round and played in the second round against Kumiko Iijima, the 1th seed of the tournament. Although he brought in a full set close battle against Iijima who has a record of having advanced to the best 2 twice in the same competition, he lost a score of 16-2, 8-3, 6,6-3,5[11].


Hibino, who made a professional transition in April of this year, started the Pro Tour battle centered around the ITF circuit.[1].. August singlesTsukuba CityAfter winning a professional turn at the ITF circuit at the $2 tournament,[12][13], This year, it also performed well at the ITF$2 tournament and made it to the top four three times, and ended in 5th, which is up 3th from the previous year in the WTA singles year-end ranking.[14][15].

On the other hand, in doublesAyako OmaeI joined withGoyangIn addition to winning the $2 tournament[16]Wins second place at Gifu's $5 tournament[17], Year-end ranking finished at 700th, which is more than 327th higher than last year[18][19].

2015 WTA Tour First Win

2015 is AprilTashkent OpenAnd showed a good attack and advanced to the final. In the finalDonna BekicTo 6-2, 6-2 for the first time after turning professionalWTA TourDecorate the victory. After reaching the top 100 in the ranking after the competition, the ranking was renewed and the final ranking of the year was finished at 66th place.

2016 Rio Olympics participation

2016 is AprilASB ClassicEntered the top 8 and was ranked 58th in the world ranking after the tournament, renewing her personal best. Updated to 56th next week.Australian OpenPlayed in the Grand Slam main game for the first time. 5th seed in the first matchMaria SharapovaAnd lost 1-6, 3-6.

Rio de Janeiro OlympicsThe ranking of June 6th, which is the selection criteria of, was 6th, and although it did not reach the top 68 slightly, after that, the refusal came out and played in a rush. In the first roundIrina Camellia Beg6-4, 3-6, 6-3 were won and all the Japanese broke through the first match. The third seed in the second roundGarbine MugulsaIt was defeated by 1-6, 1-6.


3 of the monthMalaysia OpenIn the tour the third final advance, in the finalAshley BertieIt was defeated by 3-6, 2-6 and became the runner-up. Of AprilMonterrey OpenThen I won the doubles team.

2017 US OpenThen in the first roundCatherine BellisDefeated 6-3, 4-6, 7-5 to win their first Grand Slam victory in the singles.


In the first round at the US OpenGarbine MugulsaLost to.コロナウイルスの影響で、9月開催となったDue to the influence of coronavirus, it was held in SeptemberBNL Italy InternationalHowever, although it was defeated in the first round, the holding time was also changed.Strasbourg InternationalThen, while commenting in an interview that "I'm not good at clay court," in the first round, the national championSloan Stevens, Zalina Dilas in the second round, French Open champion in the third roundElena Ostapenkoを破る活躍を見せ、準決勝まで進んでエレーナ・リバキナに3–6, 4–6で敗れた。9月末開催の全仏オープンのシングルズでは、好調を維持して 6–4, 6–0 でマルタ・コスチュクを下して一回戦を勝利し、全仏の本戦初勝利とするも、二回戦ではオンス・ジャバーに 6–7, 4–6で敗れた。


In 2021, the Wimbledon Women's Singles advanced to the second round, but lost to Alexandra Sasnovich (Belarus) and did not advance to the third round.[20]..Post-Wimbledon examination revealed that he had a pain in his left ankle,2020 Tokyo OlympicsLost to Stojanovic (Serbia) 3-6, 3-6 in the women's singles[21]..Also, in women's doublesMakoto NinomiyaPaired with, but lost to Australia's Bertie, Sanders[22].

WTA tour final advance results

Singles: 5 times (2 wins and 3 losses)

Competition grade
Grand slam (0-0)
WTA Finals (0-0)
Premier Mandatory (0-0)
Premier 5 (0-0)
WTA Elite Trophy (0-0)
Premier (0-0)
International (2-3)
ResultNo.Final dayConventionSurfaceOpponentScore
Win1.2015/10/3Uzbekistan flag Tashkentハ ー ドCroatian flag Donna Bekic6 – 2, 6 – 2
second place1.2016/10/1Uzbekistan flag Tashkentハ ー ドCzech flag Christina Priscova3–6, 6–2, 3–6
second place2.2017/3/5Malaysia flag Kuala Lumpurハ ー ドAustralian flag Ashley Bertie3 – 6, 2 – 6
second place3.2017/7/30Flag of the People's Republic of China Nanchangハ ー ドFlag of the People's Republic of China Army3 – 6, 2 – 6
Win2.2019/9/15Japanese flag Hiroshimaハ ー ドJapanese flag Misaki Doi6-3, 6-2

Doubles: Once (4 wins and 2 loss)

ResultNo.Final dayConventionSurfacepartnerOpponentScore
Win1.2017/4/9Mexican flag モ ン テ レ イハ ー ドPolish flagFlag of Slovenia
Ukrainian flag
6–2, 7–6 (4)
second place1.2017/9/30Uzbekistan flag Tashkentハ ー ドGeorgia (country) flagHungarian flag Timea Babosh
Czech flag Andrea Flavachikova
5 – 7, 4 – 6
second place2.2018/2/4Taiwan flag Taipeiハ ー ドGeorgia (country) flagFlag of the People's Republic of China
Flag of the People's Republic of China
6–7 (4), 6–7 (5)
Win2.2019/9/15Japanese flag Hiroshimaハ ー ドJapanese flag Misaki DoiUnited States flag Christina McHale
Russian flag
3–6, 6–4, [10–4]

4 large tournament singles results

Abbreviation explanation

W=Win, F=Second Place, SF=Best 4, QF=Best 8, #R=#Round, RR=Round Robin, Q#=Qualifier #Round, LQ=Qualifier, A=No Tournament, P = postponement
WG = Davis Cup World Group, Z# = Davis Cup Regional Zone, PO = Davis Cup Playoffs, G = Olympic Gold Medal, S = Olympic Silver Medal, SF-B = Olympic Bronze Medal, NMS = Demoted from Masters Series, NH = Not Held.

Convention20152016201720182019Total results
Australian OpenA1R1R1RLQ0-3
French OpenA1R1RLQLQ0-2


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