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⚾ | "I've only seen it in manga" Yukiko Ueno, fans are surprised at the bat crushing "rigid ball"

Photo Softball Japan National Team Yukiko Ueno [Photo: AP]

"I've only seen it in manga" Yukiko Ueno, fans are surprised at the bat crushing "rigid ball"

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Ueno went up to the starting mound of the third game in the group league.

Polidori's bat breaks from the root with an in-course ball in the second inning ■ Japan-Canada (2th, 25st league ... → Continue reading


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Starting mound

Group league

Group leagueIs one of the tournament formats.Divide all teams (players) into several groups and each groupLeague matchI do. "Group League" is Japanese-made English and is generally used in English-speaking countries.Group stageNoPoolSay.


FIFA World Cup,OlympicIt is held at international competitions such as.It is also held when you want to increase the number of games in the domestic cup game.In addition, North American professional sports leagues, Nippon Professional Baseball, professional basketball, etc.conferenceIf you have a (2 league) system, you can think of each conference (league) as a group league.

Basically, the participating teams (players) are divided into multiple groups so that each group has the same number, and a round robin battle (Round robin) Is carried out.However, in rare cases, the number of teams (players) differs in some groups (Athens Olympic Women's SoccerWhen adopting a method other than brute force (such as) or when adopting a method other than brute force (2th World Baseball ClassicAnd so on).The combination of group leagueslotteryIn this case, all participating teams are divided into "pots" so that strong teams and teams in the same area do not concentrate in a specific group (because the lottery is done for each pot). , Teams in the same pot will not be in the same group)[1][2].

The teams (players) who are in the top of the group advance to the final tournament and compete for the championship.In most cases, the order of passing the group league will affect the combination of the final tournaments, but depending on the tournament, if the group league is held twice (1982 FIFA World CupSuch)[3], When conducting a lower tournament, when a few teams (players) with the highest grades are to pass the group league from the teams (players) who finished the group league in a specific order (1986 FIFA World CupSuch.In this case, in a group with many teams (players), comparisons are made in a state where there is no variation due to the difference in the number of games, such as excluding the competition results with the lower teams (players).In this case, there are cases where several teams (players) with lower grades play a deciding match to advance to the next round).

Tournament where group league is adopted




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  1. ^ For example, in the case of the FIFA World Cup, the host country andFIFA rankingThe pots are divided according to the region of the top country and the participating country, and the lottery is done in the order of group A → group H from each pot.However, the lottery may be irregular due to the two major principles of "1. Europe is up to two countries in the same group" and "2. Countries in the same area except Europe are not in the same group".
  2. ^ Also, in the case of international competitions, measures may be taken to prevent representatives with poor relations between nations from forming the same group (AFC Asian Cup 2007 OfSaudi ArabiaThailand,2014 FIFA World Cup/Europe Qualifying Ofロシアジ ョ ー ジ ジetc).
  3. ^ In this case, when the final ranking is decided by the ranking of the final league (1950 FIFA World Cup(Etc.), or when the 1st place is in the final and the 2nd place is in the 3rd place playoff (1978 FIFA World CupEtc.)

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