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🥋 | What are your past sibling medalists?Weightlifting Miyake brothers, wrestling Icho sisters, speed skating Takagi sisters

Photograph Hifumi Abe (left) holding a gold medal and his sister's poem = Nippon Budokan (photographed by Sho Horiuchi)

What are your sibling medalists in the past?Weightlifting Miyake brothers, wrestling Icho sisters, speed skating Takagi sisters

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Wrestling Kaori Icho and Chiharu are active sisters.

According to the Japanese Olympic Committee, Japanese sibling Olympic medalists of different genders will be Hifumi Abe throughout the summer and winter ... → Continue reading

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Kaori Icho(Ginkgo biloba,1984(Showa(59 years)May 6 -) isJapanGirlswrestlingplayer,Sports scientist.Bachelor of Science TheHealth and sports scienceBachelor(Chukyo Women's University-2007),Health and sports scienceHonorary Master(Chukyo Women's Universitygraduate School-2008).

Athens-Beijing-UK-Rio de Janeiro OlympicsGold medalist,Purple ribbonRecipients (2004, 2008, 2012, 2016)[1][2].The first female individual in human historyOlympic4 consecutive winsAchieved,2016ToNational Honor AwardWon[3][4]..別階級の女子レスリング選手であるA female wrestler of another classChiharu IchoAnd sister and medalist.AomoriHachinohe CityI'm from.Height 166 cm.


sister OfChiharu IchoIs also a female wrestlerAthens Olympics,Beijing OlympicsIn the women's 48 kg class silver medalist.BrotherBelongs as a wrestlerIntegrated security guaranteeCoach at (ALSOK)[5][6]..The nickname is "Kinsan Ginsan. "

Purple ribbonReceived awards in 2004, 2008, 2012 and 2016[1][2]..Aomori Prefectural Citizen's Honor Award / Hachinohe City Citizen's Honor Award for winning the gold medal at the Athens OlympicsLondon OlympicsAomori Prefectural Honor Award (2nd), Hachinohe Citizen's Special Honor Award, 60thKikuchi Hiroshi Award[7]Award.

Rio de Janeiro OlympicsBy winning a gold medal atNational Honor AwardAward was decided[8]In addition, Aomori Prefectural Honor Award (3rd time) and Hachinohe Citizen's Special Honor Award (2nd time)[9][10], 45thBest Dresser Award(Sports category)[11] Was awarded.

2016May 10, At the award ceremony of the National Honor AwardFurisodeIn IchokimonoFrom feelings for cultureNishijin textileA golden belt is presented as a souvenir[3][4].


Started wrestling at the Hachinohe club in Aomori prefecture due to the influence of my brother and sister.Choja Junior High SchoolWhile attending school, he won the national women's junior high school championship for the second time in a row and showed a big scale from early on.[12].AichiChukyo Women's University High School (laterShigakukan High School), Chukyo Women's University (later known as a strong school for women's wrestling)Togakukan University). 56 kg級時代はライバルのThe XNUMX kg class era is a rivalSaori YoshidaHowever, he became invincible after raising the rank to 63 kg.なお、中学時代はIn junior high schooljudoI was working on it, so when I was two years oldNational Junior High School Judo TournamentAlthough he participated in the 52 kg class, he could not advance to the final tournament with 1 win and 1 draw in the qualifying league.[13].

At the 2004 Athens Olympics, her sister Chiharu was a silver medal, but she said, "I will definitely win for Chiharu."gold medalAcquired. "It's a gold medal I got with Chiharu," he said.

2008 yearsBeijing OlympicsBut I won a gold medal[14], 2 consecutive victories[15]..My sister Chiharu won a silver medal and became a sister's simultaneous medal for two consecutive tournaments. 2月8日の記者会見で姉妹揃って現役引退することを表明したAt a press conference on August 18, all sisters announced that they would retire.[16] However, after returning to Japan, he withdrew his retirement statement (my sister Chiharu also withdrew her retirement on September 9 of the same year).After studying abroad in Canada for about a year and resting, he returned in 10. 1年には2009大会ぶりに出場した世界選手権で2010度目の優勝を果たしたIn 3, he won the world championship for the first time in three tournaments for the sixth time.[17].

2012 yearsLondon OlympicsBut as a Japanese player, he won a gold medalTadahiro NomuraThis is the second Japanese female athlete to win the Olympic Games in the same competition for the third time in a row.[18][Annotation 1].. Won the 2013 World Championship with a technical fall win in all games.新たに58 kg級で挑んだ2014年のXNUMX, a new challenge with the XNUMX kg classWorld championshipThen, in the final, he defeated Russia's Valeria Koblova 10-0 and won the technical fall in all games, winning the 12th world championship.[19].. August 2015World championshipIn the final, he defeated Finland's Petramarit Orri 10-0 and won the technical fall with no goals in all games, achieving the 13th world championship.これにより12月に行われる全日本選手権に出場さえすれば、規定によりAs a result, as long as you participate in the All Japan Championship in December, by regulationRio de Janeiro OlympicsI will be appointed as a representative[20][21], Won the 12th championship in the All Japan Championship[22].. 2016年のリオデジャネイロオリンピックでも決勝でロシアのRussia's final in the XNUMX Rio de Janeiro OlympicsValeria KoblovaAchieved the 3th consecutive Olympic title by winning 2-4 in a come-from-behind victory just before the end[23][24].

In the All Japan Championship in December 2018, participated in the 12 kg class and in the primary leagueRisako KawaiIt was a match between the Olympic champions, but in 1 they lost 2-2001.Saori YoshidaAfter losing to a Japanese player for the first time in 17 years, the record of consecutive wins stopped at 70, but in the final, he scored 1 points just before the end while leading 2-2, and won a come-from-behind victory 3-2. Contained[25][26].. In 2019Asian ChampionshipThen, in the semi-final, they lost to North Korea's Jong Myong-sook 4-7 and finished in 3rd place.[27]..In the All-Japan Selection Championship, he lost to Kawai 4-6 in the final.これにより、今大会で勝った川井とプレーオフでAs a result, in the playoffs with Kawai who won this tournamentWorld championshipIt was decided to fight for the representative[28]..In the playoffs, he lost 3-3 but lost 2 big points to Kawai and missed the position of the world championship representative.[29]..After that, Kawai won the world championship,2020 Tokyo OlympicsIcho was not able to participate in the 5th consecutive Olympic Games because he was appointed as the representative of[30].

August 2021, 8,Tokyo OlympicsPresented a bouquet at the wrestling women's freestyle 50 kg medal ceremony[31]..Also held on August 8thOpening ceremony of the Tokyo ParalympicsI acted as a bearer carrying the Japanese flag[32].

Consecutive win record

IchoSaori YoshidaHe has won consecutive victories in women's wrestling, and is known for his "undefeated myth." 2007年5月のMay XNUMXWrestling Asian ChampionshipExcept for the fact that he was undefeated due to a thigh injury in May 2003, he actually played the match and was defeated.Sara McMannSince then, he has won 2014 consecutive wins until the 172 World Championships.[33][34].. 2014年からは25戦連続無失点を記録していたSince XNUMX, he has recorded no goals in XNUMX consecutive races.[35].

At the Yarigin International Tournament Final in Russia on January 2016, 1,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu OfPrevdorji OlhonWith a big difference of 0-10Technical fallLosing, the record stopped with 189 consecutive victories[36].

2004 yearsAthens OlympicsThen won the 63 kg class.以来、2008年のSince XNUMXBeijing Olympics63 kg class, 2012London Olympics63 kg class,Rio de Janeiro OlympicsWon four consecutive championships in the 58 kg classModern olympic6th person in history[Annotation 2], Achieved the first individual event 4 consecutive victories among female athletes[37].


  • 2001
  • 2002
    • Japan Queen's Cup 63 kg class champion
    • World Cup 63 kg class champion
    • World Championship 63 kg class champion
    • All Japan Championship63 kg class champion
  • 2003
    • Japan Queen's Cup 63 kg class champion
    • World Championship 63 kg class champion
    • World Cup 63 kg class champion
    • All Japan Championship 63 kg class champion
  • 2004
    • Japan Queen's Cup 63 kg class champion
    • Athens Olympics 63 kg class champion
    • World Cup 63 kg class champion
    • All Japan Championship 63 kg class champion
  • 2005
    • Japan Queen's Cup 63 kg class champion
    • World Cup 63 kg class champion
    • Universiade 63 kg class champion
    • World Championship 63 kg class champion
    • All Japan Championship 63 kg class champion
  • 2006
    • Japan Queen's Cup 63 kg class champion
    • World Cup 63 kg class champion
    • Universiade 63 kg class champion
    • World Championship 63 kg class champion
  • 2007
    • Japan Queen's Cup 63 kg class champion
    • World Championship 63 kg class champion
  • 2008
  • 2010
    • World Championship 63 kg class champion
  • 2011
    • World Championship 63 kg class champion
  • 2012
  • 2013
    • World Championship 63 kg class champion
  • 2014
    • World Championship 58 kg class champion
  • 2015
    • Asian Championship 58 kg class champion
    • World Championship 58 kg class champion
  • 2016
  • 2018
    • All Japan Championship 57 kg class champion

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  1. ^ Saori Yoshida, who is in the 55 kg class, has also won the championship for the third time in a row, but Icho is the first woman to win the championship in the 3 kg class because the competition schedule was one day earlier.
  2. ^ Achievements up to that point were sailing fireflyweight and finweight (1948-1960), land discus throws.Al Oerter(1956-1968), land long jumpCarl Lewis(1984-1996), Sailing Laser-class / Fin-class (2000-2012), Swimming 200m Individual MedleyMichael phelps(2004-2016) 5 people.Both are competitions for records, and Icho is the first in martial arts competitions.After that, in 2021, wrestling at 120 kg classMijain Lopez(2008-2020) has achieved four consecutive victories.


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