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⚽ | Konami from "PES" is attacking "FIFA"! What will happen to e-sports soccer in the future?


Konami from "PES" is attacking "FIFA"! What will happen to e-sports soccer in the future?

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As you can see from the game title, "FIFA" is licensed by the governing body, the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA), and has an official feel.

The soccer game "Winning Eleven" is a completely new brand "eFootball ..." with free basic play. → Continue reading

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International Football Federation

International Football Federation(Kokusai Soccer Renmei, Federation International de Football Association,Buddha: Fédération Internationale de Football Association),FIFA(FIFA, Fifa, Pfeiffa[3],French pronunciation: [fifa],English pronunciation: [ˈFiːfə]) Isサ ッ カ ー(Association football)International FederationAndスイスIt is an independent corporation based on the law of.Headquartersスイス OfZurichIt is located in

As of 2018, all 211National FederationJoined[4], The largest international sports federation in the world[5].FIFA World Cup-FIFA Women's World CupIs the biggest mission.


Under the umbrella of FIFA, there are six continental sports federations:

National football associations are directly affiliated with both FIFA and the Federation of Continental Athletics.Therefore, a football association that is not allowed to join FIFA and is a member of the FIFA only cannot participate in FIFA tournaments (in which case only the FIFA-sponsored tournament can participate) and the match played by the football association. IsInternational A MatchIt is not officially recognized by FIFA as an international match such as.

Belong to UEFAThe United KingdomMainland 4 Associations (England,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,Wales,Northern IrelandThe associations) have been given privileged status due to the historical background of the formation of football as a sport and its accession to FIFA.For example, one seat of FIFA Vice-President (constant 7) is guaranteed to one of these four associations, and it is unlikely that all four mainland associations will fail in the board elections.In addition, regarding soccer rules and important matters, it is composed of FIFA and the four mainland British associations.International Football CouncilIs to be decided.

Formal name

  • French: Fédération Internationale de Football Association
  • English: International Federation of Association Football
  • Spanish: International Federation of Association Football
  • German: Internationaler Verband des Association Fußball



1904May 5,FranceThe capital ofParisso,France, Netherlands,スイス,デンマーク,ベルギー,スウェーデン,スペインSeven countries (Sweden and Spain couldn't actually attend the conference, and Denmark and France acted for them) gathered to hold a conference to establish a global football governing body.[5]..The organization name was decided to be "FIFA (abbreviation: FIFA)" in the three days until May 5 of the same year.Only 23 peopleFIFA CongressIs the secretary of the football committee of the French sports governing body USFSA (Union des Sociétés Françaises de Sports Athlétiques) (General Secretary of the Union of French Athletic Federations)Robert Guerlain(French) was elected as the first FIFA president.At this time Guerlain was 28 years old.The term was only two years, during which time the four mainland British associations (see below in the section on the history of regional association approval),Germany,オーストリア,イタリア,ハンガリーA total of eight national and regional associations joined in 8, the year after FIFA was founded.[6]..Second FIFA President outside EuropeDaniel Burley Woolfall(Englishman.England Football AssociationIn the era (also serving as chairman)South Africa 1909It was the first time to join.

The newborn FIFA had no execution or funding and was running in a room in a building in the center of Paris.[5].. The French who became the third president of FIFA in 1921Jules RimetIs also a French aideHenri DelaunayImmediately after taking office with the Secretary-GeneralSoccer alone world tournamentI worked hard to make it happen[7]..But at that time,World War ILater economic turmoil, intercontinental transportation was then by ship (from Europe to South America, two weeks by ship only one way), and the World ChampionshipsOlympics (Olympic Games)Each country was reluctant to hold a soccer-only world tournament becauseIn such a situationEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euBut,1924 Paris Olympics,1928 Amsterdam OlympicsAnd achieved the Olympic championship in a row.So, Lime et al. Said, "The strategy to tickle the pride of each country, especially Europe, because Uruguay's consecutive Olympic championship is a world tournament that only amateurs can play," and said, "Only amateurs.Olympics(At that time. Professional participation permission was 1984Los Angeles OlympicsFrom), professionalized countries cannot send excellent players.Regardless of amateur or professionalTournament to decide the true world championProceeds to each country many times[7]Finally, from July 1930th to July 7th, 13, the firstWorld Cup Uruguay Tournament(Hereinafter, the World Cup is described by the abbreviation of the World Cup)Soccer alone world tournamentWas realized.Eventually, the Uruguay World Cup attracted a total of 59 people (actual number of stadium visitors).[8], Earned more than 25 dollars (50 yen in Japanese yen at that time, which is 6,250 yen in 2016)[7]..Since then, FIFA has been freed from financial difficulties and FIFA headquartersスイス OfZurichMoved to, hired full-time staff and started running[5].

2014 Brazil World CupThen, a large audience of 338 people was gathered for the tournament spectators (actual number of stadium visitors).[9]In 2014, FIFA revenue for the year 13 was £ 4,600 million (about ¥ 2,554 billion), and profit after deducting expenses from income was £ 9,100 million (about ¥ 173 billion).[10]Climbed to. Revenue for the four years (2014-4) up to the 2011 Brazil World Cup was 2014 billion yen (breakdown: World Cup broadcasting rights fee 7,075 billion yen, World Cup sponsorship fee 3,004 billion yen, tournament-related revenue 1,955 billion yen , Financial income, etc. income 1,397 billion yen)[11]Met.Thus, with huge amounts of money still being the largest source of income for the World Cup and related revenues, FIFA became the world's largest sports organization of FIFA 2018 as of 211.[5].

FIFA has increased its membership. As the 2016th member of the FIFA Congress on May 5, 13Football Federation of Kosovo (FFK), As the 211th memberGibraltar Football Association (GFA)Is approved[12], 2018 associations worldwide as of March 3, 13[4]..Not only sovereign independent countries, but regional membership (for example)Chugoku OfSpecial administrative districtIsHong KongMacauAndRepublic of China(Taiwan),The United Kingdom(Hereafter, abbreviated English)England,Northern Ireland,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,WalesAre separately members of FIFA) (see below in the section on the process of approval by the regional association).United Nations Member States193 countries[13]Surpass.Japan Football Association The1929Join.

Funding for the FIFA World Cup bid (until 2015, the World Cup venue vote was held by 24 FIFA directors of the FIFA Board of Directors (later the FIFA Council) (1 vote by the FIFA President at the time of the final vote). Voting[11]) And the exchange of money in the FIFA presidential election became a problem2015 FIFA corruption caseWas filed as. The then chairman, alleging fraudulent spending of CHF 2015 million in September 9Zepp BlatterThe investigation extended to[14].

after that,2015 FIFA corruption caseReceived on February 2016, 22016 FIFA Extraordinary General AssemblyThe 2016 edition of FIFA Statutes (FIFA Rules and FIFA Articles of Incorporation), which incorporates the 2016 FIFA reform proposal approved in, came into effect on April 4, the same year. Term limit for FIFA presidents and officers of FIFA (up to 27 terms and 3 years, previously unlimited[11]) And annual disclosure of personal compensation for FIFA presidents and officers (previously private)[10]), And with the aim of clearly separating "politics" and management functions, the organization was reorganized to clearly separate strategic and supervisory functions, executive functions, operational functions, and management functions (in the section on chairman and organization). (See below)[15].

On October 2016, 10, we unveiled a newly formulated medium- to long-term activity guideline called "Vision for the Future," and will spend more than $ 13 billion over the next 10 years.[16]Distribute to 211 member football associations[17](See below in the FIFA Forward Program section).Regarding women's soccer2026Set a goal to increase the number of players to 6,000 million by[16][17].

August 2020, 4,New Coronavirus Infection (COVID-19) OfPandemic (global epidemic)In support of all member associations (2020 associations as of June 6, 10), the working capital for two years, which was supposed to be distributed to all member associations in the 211-2019 period, will be fully provided within a few days. Announced that the full amount will be distributed to member associations.The total amount is about 20 million dollars (about 2 billion yen).Distributions from the FIFA Forward Program (Phase 1) will also be distributed immediately to all member associations in full ahead of schedule (initially split distributions, with a second distribution scheduled for July).This will provide each association with $ 5, which will be audited and reported in accordance with the FIFA Forward Program (Phase 161) rules.[18].

Background of approval by the regional association

Initially, FIFA was based on the principle of one country and one association (= 1 representative), but the following circumstances have led to the approval of regional associations. In 1, the year after FIFA was foundedEnglandUntil the participation of "The home of Football (FIFA official name)"[19]) ”And insisted on a marked difference in ability from countries other than Britain.British EmpireDid not participate in FIFA[5][20].

The advantage of soccer as a home country is that it was the first in the world to carry out the following activities.Modern soccer in 1863England Football Association(FA) andUKBorn by creating unified rules by 12 clubs, spread to the mainland of England,British Empire OfSailor・ Railway engineer ・SailorSpread all over the world by[20].

Furthermore, in 1882, the four mainland British associations created unified rules to hold international conventions.International Football CouncilWas organized.From the following year, 1883, four mainland British associations will participate.British Home ChampionshipThe world's first international soccer tournament, called the Home International Championship (initially the Home International Championship), will be held every year.In this way, the four mainland British associations have been working independently before the establishment of FIFA.The difference in ability with countries other than Britain is that even if an English amateur team that already had a professional league at that time went on an expedition to the Netherlands or France, the difference in ability would be enough to score double digits against the opponent team. Is that[5].

Therefore, it was argued that Britain does not need to play international matches with countries other than the four mainland British associations, and therefore does not need to participate in an organization like FIFA to play international matches with other countries.[5]..Originally, soccer aloneWorld championship(LaterFIFA World Cup) Was one of the purposes of FIFA, the home country of modern soccer that established the international rules of soccer, and the strongest country of soccer at that time, England, which both self and others admit.[5]Not comprehensively approved as the British Association, but individually approved by the four mainland British associations in order to join FIFA.As soon as the four mainland British associations decided to join FIFA, the following year, 4, the first football-only event.World championshipI decided to hold it.However, at that time, the transportation system was underdeveloped, and many countries had difficulty in forming national teams, including the burden of expenses.Robert GuerlainThe first FIFA president took responsibility and resigned[7].

Since then, FIFA has also approved regional associations with a certain degree of autonomy.Britain is an overseas territory in addition to the four mainland associationsモ ン ト セ ラ ト-British Virgin Islands-Cayman Islands-Turks and Caicos Islands-Bermuda-Anguilla-Gibraltar,デンマークIs an overseas territoryFaroe Islands, NetherlandsIs an overseas territoryCuracao-Aruba,イ ス ラ エ ルdomesticPalestine Autonomous Region,Chugoku TheHong KongMacao,The United States of AmericaIs an overseas territoryGuam-American Samoa-プ エ ル ト リ コ-United States Virgin IslandsThe United Kingdom is not the only regional association that is licensed by FIFA in this way.AlsoRepublic of China(Taiwan) IsChinese Taipei Football AssociationIt is a member as.


The President of FIFA is the highest position in the organization, representing FIFA andFIFA CongressIt oversees meetings of the FIFA Council and Emergency Committees, as well as other committees appointed by the FIFA President. Like the other members of the FIFA Council, the president has the right to vote, and the FIFA president will vote if the votes are the same.The president has the authority and responsibility to comply with the rules of FIFA.The term of office is four years.Re-election is also possible[21]But on February 2016, 22016 FIFA Extraordinary General AssemblyFIFA Statutes (FIFA Rules, FIFA Articles of Incorporation, enforced April 2016, 2016), which incorporates the 4 FIFA Reform Proposal approved by the 27 edition, limits the term of service to a maximum of 2016 terms and 3 years.[15]..Previously unlimited[11]..In addition, the 2016 edition of FIFA Statutes requires the disclosure of annual personal compensation for the FIFA President, members of the FIFA Council (formerly the FIFA Board of Directors), the General Secretary and the relevant Chairs of the three independent Standing Judiciary Committees. Was[15].. Rewards were private until 2015. In 2014, it was reported that 13 top FIFA executives were paid a total of $ 2,610 million (about 32 billion yen) (about XNUMX billion yen).2015 FIFA corruption caseAnd everyone has resigned from FIFA)[10]..DisclosureGianni InfantinoThe 2017 salary of the FIFA president (the next FIFA president after the resigned Burrata) is CHF 153 million (about 1 million yen).[22].

The FIFA president is elected by the presidential election once every four years. FIFA presidential candidates (hereinafter referred to as candidates) hold presidential electionsFIFA CongressUntil 4 months before (hereinafter, the presidential election general meeting) (= deadline for candidacy), after receiving recommendations from all FIFA member soccer associations (hereinafter, all member associations, all 2018 associations as of 211) Therefore, it is necessary to have each of these associations submit in writing to the secretariat that they recommend candidates.[15][23]..Only candidates who have completed the above procedures before the candidacy deadline will be surveyed by the Review Committee (players, FIFA insiders, FIFA officials, associations, etc. (Investigation of the existence of activities such as persons and the content of activities), accepting candidacy if there is no problem (hereinafter, candidates who have completed candidacy are described as presidential candidates)[15][24]..After the reception, at least one month before the presidential election general meeting, all member associations will be notified of the presidential candidate.After that, all member associations vote at the presidential election general meeting.Only one vote is cast per association, regardless of the strength, scale or influence of football.Only the representative of the association has the right to vote, and cannot vote by proxy or letter.Also, FIFA directors cannot represent the association during their term of office.The presidential electionSecret votingVoting or voting on ballotsElectronic votingYou can vote at.If the majority support voting on ballots, do so on ballots and member associations are called alphabetically in English.[15].. As of 2015, ballots are used to vote for the presidential election[25]..In the first vote, the one with the most votes with more than two-thirds of the votes will be the FIFA president.If the highest voter does not get more than two-thirds of the votes, if there are three or more candidates for chairman, the vote will be re-voted except for the lowest voter.If there are two presidential candidates, re-vote as is[15][26]..By re-voting, more than half of the votes cast will be FIFA president.If it does not exceed half, and if there are three or more presidential candidates remaining at this point, the vote will be re-voted except for the minimum number of votes.If there are two presidential candidates, re-vote as is.After that, repeat the same procedure until one person with the most votes exceeds half.[15].

Successive presidents

Page of successive FIFA presidents on the official FIFA website[27][28] Also for reference.


2015 FIFA corruption caseReceived on February 2016, 22016 FIFA Extraordinary General AssemblyFIFA Statutes (FIFA Rules and Articles of Incorporation, enforced April 2016, 2016) 4 edition incorporating the 27 FIFA reform proposal approved in[15]BySeparation of three powersBased on the above principle, we aimed to clearly separate "politics" and management functions, and carried out an organizational restructuring that clearly and finely separated strategic functions, supervisory functions, executive functions, operational functions, and management functions. FIFA's highest and legislative bodyFIFA Congress, Strategic and supervisory institutionsFIFA Council[29], FIFA executives, operators, governmentsSecretariat[30]Is placed.It also advises and supports the performance of duties by the FIFA Council and the Secretariat.Standing Committee[31]Four, which perform independent missions completely independently of FIFA, but always for the benefit of FIFA and in accordance with the FIFA Constitution and FIFA Rules.Independent committee[32]There is.Of the independent committeeAppeals Committee[33],Disciplinary Committee[34],Ethics Committee[35]Three are FIFA judiciaries and the other oneAudit and Compliance Committee[36]Is[15].

The following description is for FIFA Statutes 2016 Edition[15]based on.Also, the article "How FIFA Works" on the official FIFA website[21]See also.

FIFA Congress[37](Hereinafter, General Assembly) is the highest body of FIFA consisting of all FIFA member associations (hereinafter, all member associations, 2018 associations as of 211), and is the only legislative body of FIFA.Member associations have only one vote, regardless of size or strength of football.Only the representative of the association has the right to vote, and cannot vote by proxy or letter.Also, FIFA directors cannot represent the association during their term of office.The official languages ​​of the General Assembly are English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Arabic and Portuguese. Since the birth of FIFAWorld War IIt was held every year except for the interruption of time, but in 1932 the 21stスウェーデンcapitalStockholmIt was held once every two years from the general meeting.Second World WarIt remained held every two years after the interruption of the time, but due to more decisions on many issues, an extraordinary general meeting has been held every year since 2.Then, the annual regular general meeting was introduced from the 1 Paris general meeting. The FIFA Congress makes decisions regarding the FIFA Articles of Incorporation and how each rule is enforced and applied.If necessary, amend the articles of incorporation and each rule.In addition, we approve the annual report, decide to accept the consultation of the new member association, hold elections such as the FIFA presidential election and vote for the host country of the World Cup.[38].

FIFA World CupThe host country is decided from the beginning1974 World Cup-1978 World Cup-1982 World CupUntil the simultaneous host country of 3 tournaments is decidedFIFA CongressIt was decided by voting in1986 World CupAfter the host country was decided, it was changed to the method decided by the FIFA board vote of the FIFA board (later FIFA council).[39]..Then on December 2010, 122018 and 2022 World Cup Host Country VotingUntil then, it was decided by the vote of only 24 FIFA directors of the FIFA board (the chairman casts one vote only if the number is the same).[11], Acquisition work was easy (2015 FIFA corruption caseFrom reflection with), June 2018, 62026 World Cup VotingからFIFA CongressThe voting system has been changed again to all member associations except for the candidate countries (FIFA Statutes 2016 P28 28 Ordinary Congress agenda 2. s [15]).In addition, the conventional opaque World Cup invitation procedure will be clarified, and the examination process will be officially announced at each stage.[40].. November 2017, 11, 7 World Cup Bid Guide[41]Announced that the host countrycomplianceEvaluation of stadiums, facilities, consideration for human rights, costs and profits, and the weight of evaluations were 35% for stadiums, 13% for transportation, and 10% for ticket income, commercial income, and costs.[41]..Clearly prohibited activities to bid for the World Cup, prohibiting takeovers, inappropriate gifts, soccer promotion projects for the World Cup bid, and friendly matches.[41][15].. Candidates for the 2017 World Cup on November 11, 30カナダ-メキシコ-America(Jointly held by 3 countries)モロッコ(Holding independently) submits the holding proposal by the deadline for submitting the holding proposal (Bit Book) on March 2018, 3.カナダ-メキシコ-AmericaProposal for joint holding of the three countries[42]モロッコProposal for holding independently[43], Evaluation criteria for the invitation guide[41]Evaluation procedure[44]We evaluated both candidates and accepted both candidates because there was no problem. From April 2018, the FIFA Evaluation Task Force visited both candidates on-site, and received a hearing and Q & A session on the business plans of both candidates on May 4, and a presentation by the World Cup Bid Committee on May 5. Also, based on the above evaluation criteria and evaluation procedure, the 30 World Cup Candidate Country Evaluation Report was prepared and announced on June 31.[45]..In the report, the minimum condition is set to 2 points and the evaluation is made out of 5 points.Although both candidates crossed the pass line, the three countries co-sponsored 3 points and Morocco 4 points.[45]..In addition, the overall evaluation including holding costs, admission ticket sales, security, etc. was 3 points out of a maximum of 500 points on the co-sponsored side of the three countries, and 402.8 points on the Moroccan side.[45]..The tournament-related facilities and infrastructure were described by the three countries as "already operational level" and by the Morocco side as "most of the tournament-related facilities are new and require significant infrastructure development."[45]..In addition, the report stated that the tournament revenue is expected to be "3 billion dollars (about 143 billion yen)" for the three countries co-sponsored side and "1 billion dollars (about 5,662 billion yen)" for the Moroccan side.[45].2026 World Cup host country voteIt is,2018 Russia World CupJune 2018, 6, the day before the opening gameロシアcapitalMoscowIt will be held at the 68th FIFA Congress in.Voting procedure[46]According to this, 4 candidate countries and suspension of qualificationガーナFootball Association (On June 2018, 6, following the corruption case of Nyan Takki, the chairman of the association, the Ghanaian government ordered the association to dissolve on the same day. This is FIFA's prohibited "third-party intervention" and the association Was suspended[47]) Is excluded, and the remaining 206 associations will vote. Vote for "co-sponsored by three countries", "held independently in Morocco", or "re-invite activities in countries other than both candidates, assuming that there is no applicable country".2018May 6The 9th FIFA Moscow General Assembly, which began at 3 am (68 pm Japan time), was broadcast live on the official FIFA YouTube channel FIFA TV.[48]..Host country vote is the 13th agenda[49]So, the actual voting was done by electronic voting from 1:50 pm (7:50 pm on the same day Japan time) after the presentations of both candidates, and the three associations that were absent from the four candidate countries (Guam,プ エ ル ト リ コ,United States Virgin Islands), 3 abstaining associations (キ ュ ー バ,スロベニア,スペイン), Suspension of qualification as mentioned aboveガーナ11 associations voted, excluding a total of 200 associations[50], 3 votes (134% of valid votes) for "co-sponsored by 67 countries", 65 votes (33%) for "held in Morocco alone", 1 vote for "redo bid activities without applicable countries" ((I.e.), Co-sponsored by the three countries (Canada, Mexico, USA)[51]..The breakdown of the vote was also released on the official FIFA website on the same day.[50].. It was also confirmed that it will participate in 48 countries[51].

The FIFA Council is FIFA's strategic and supervisory body.Of players (men and women soccer, futsal, beach soccer)statusAnd transfers, dealing with these issues, especially with regard to club practice encouragement and national team protection, will be resolved in the form of special rules from time to time. The members of the FIFA Council are a total of 1 members, including one FIFA president, eight FIFA vice presidents, and a total of 8 members elected by each of the six continental federations (regional federations).Each continental federation must elect at least one woman to be a member of the FIFA Council.All members have a term of four years and can be reappointed, but the maximum is three terms and twelve years (even if the terms are not continuous, the total is up to three terms and twelve years).[52].. Before 2015, the former FIFA Board of Directors had an unlimited term, and the World Cup host country was decided only by the Board of Directors.[11].

The Secretariat is the executive body, governing body and administrative body of FIFA under the supervision of the FIFA Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council).Secretary-General[53]Under, the competition and all related matters will be conducted in accordance with the decisions and instructions of the Council, and all commercial contracts will be negotiated, enforced and fulfilled in accordance with the policies and procedures of the Council.It also provides administrative support for the Standing Committee.In particular, we will provide administrative support for the awarding of soccer development incentives (described later in the FIFA Soccer Development Project section).To the extent set by the council, it manages FIFA's operations and day-to-day operations with a budget set by the Finance Committee.In addition, we will do other administrative matters necessary for efficient operation for FIFA organizations requested and approved by the council.However, as mentioned earlier, the secretariat is under the supervision of the council, and the council can take over the authority of the secretariat if necessary.

Standing Committee

There are nine Standing Committees that advise and support the performance of the FIFA Council and Secretariat's duties.

  1. Development committee[54] — Handle the FIFA Football Development Project (discussed below), determine appropriate support strategies for associations and continental federations, and regularly check support strategies and implementation status.
  2. FIFA Tournament Organizing Committee[55] — In addition to advising and assisting the Council on all matters of the FIFA Games, it oversees the Games Organizing Committee of the FIFA Games host country.
  3. Finance Committee[56]
  4. Soccer stakeholder committee[57]
  5. Governance Committee
  6. Judging Committee[58]
  7. Medical committee[59]
  8. Membership Committee[60]
  9. Player Status Committee[61]
  10. Referee Committee[62]

Independent committee

There are four independent committees that advise and support the performance of the FIFA Council and Secretariat's duties. The mission is completely independent of FIFA, but always for the benefit of FIFA and in accordance with the FIFA Constitution and FIFA Rules.Three of the independent committees are the FIFA judiciary, the Disciplinary Commission, the Appeals Commission, and the Ethics Commission.

  1. Disciplinary Committee — Consists of a chairman, vice chairman, and the required number of members, of which the chairman and vice chairman need to undergo legal training. FIFA Disciplinary Rules[63]According to this, sanctions can be imposed on affiliated associations, clubs, FIFA officers, players, match agents, and player agents.The decision is made by three or more members, but in special cases the chairperson can make the decision alone.The General Assembly and the Council retain the disciplinary power of suspension and dismissal of members of the Disciplinary Commission.
  2. Appeals Committee — Consists of a chairman, vice chairman, and the required number of members, of which the chairman and vice chairman need to undergo legal training. Process appeals against Disciplinary Commission decisions in accordance with FIFA Disciplinary Code.The decision is made by three or more members, but in special cases the chairperson can make the decision alone.The Appeals Commission's decision is final for FIFA and is binding on all relevant parties.But even after thatSports arbitration courtIt is possible to appeal to (CAS).
  3. Ethics Committee — Mainly the FIFA Code of Ethics[64]Investigate infringement. Since 2012Research room[65]Examination room[66]It is composed of two.
  4. Audit and Compliance Committee — Ensure the integrity and credibility of financial accounting and review external auditor reports at the request of the FIFA Council.It is made up of 3-7 members who are knowledgeable and experienced in financial, regulatory and legal issues.All members must not belong to any other FIFA institution.You must not be involved in decisions that affect the operation of FIFA.The term of office is 4 years and can be re-elected, but the maximum is 3 terms and 12 years.The chairman, vice chairman, audit and committee members must meet the independent standards set by the FIFA Governance Regulations.Within this committee, the Compensation Subcommittee is responsible for defining the individual annual compensation of the FIFA President, Vice President and Council members, and the Secretary-General.For more information on the Independent Committee, see FIFA Statutes 2016 Edition.[15] See Articles 36, 37 and 50.

FIFA ranking

ARepresentativeRanking of (the strongest representative of the country with no age restrictions)FIFA rankingHas been announced.The system has been revised three times so far, and the subjective element has been completely eliminated.International A Match(Representative AOne anotherThe ranking is fair as it is based only on the results of the official international match.Foreign players can also belongClub teamUnlike the national team, which is a team of only players of the same nationality, the FIFA rankings are a "guideline" for the strength of football in that country.2018 FIFA World CupLater announced on August 2018, 8 (no announcement on July 16, 7)[67]This is the fourth change (4 method) from the FIFA ranking of[68], The old 2006 method of A match for the past 4 years will be removed, and the annual average point calculation will be removed, and the method will be changed to the addition method.[69].

In each continental qualifying round of the FIFA World Cup, preliminary qualifying rounds may be held to avoid competitions with extremely large differences in ability, which may be used for sorting (for example,2006 FIFA World Cup Asian QualifyingThe top 25 Asian teams in the FIFA rankings are exempt from the first qualifying round),AFC Asian CupIt is used for the qualifying grouping of each continental championship sponsored by each regional federation and the combination of group leagues of this tournament (teams with high rankings are seeds etc.).

In addition,FIFA World CupAlso in this tournament, it will be used to determine the seed country for the group league.2006 German GamesUntil now, the seed country was decided based on the FIFA ranking from the past to the present and the results of the past World Cup main tournament (in the German tournament, based on the FIFA ranking of the past three years and the results of the past two World Cup main tournaments. Calculation[70])But,2010 South AfricaThen, the seed country was decided only by the FIFA ranking before the group league lottery (FIFA ranking in October 2009).In the subsequent World Cup, the seed country is decided only by the FIFA ranking in October before the group league lottery in December of the previous year of this tournament.

In this way, the importance of FIFA rankings is increasing year by year.

For girls, just like boysFIFA Women RankingThis is also the ranking of the women's A national team in each country, and the women'sInternational A MatchIt is calculated only by the result of.It is announced four times a year, and all games since the first international match of the women's national team officially recognized by FIFA (France Women's National Team vs. Netherlands Women's National Team: April 4, 1971) are counted (for boys, the last four years). There are some differences from boys, such as (only for boys).

List of competitions

In 2006, the names of the world championships except the "FIFA Confederations Cup" were unified to "FIFA World Cup".

National team



Club team


Clean stadium

For FIFA-sponsored competitions, commercial restriction areas (CRA) will be set up in and around the stadium to protect the rights of the FIFA brand and official sponsors, and competitions (and their spectators and relationships) by non-FIFA and official sponsors. Person) was targeted for marketingAmbush marketingEliminate[71], Restricting commercial activity within CRA[72].

Specifically, advertisements in CRA (of the facility)Naming rights(Including) and temporary sales facilities held at the time of the competition, except for those of official sponsors, are to be excluded in principle (placed in a "clean state"), and outdoor advertising is basically excluded in CRA. Masked or temporarily removed.In particular, regarding naming rights, it is often referred to as "temporarily official name at all competitions", but the correct name is "not a name reminiscent of companies other than official sponsors at all competitions". If it is an official sponsor of the tournament, the naming rights name may be retained as it is.For exampleEAFF E-1 Soccer Championship 2017Became the venue for the men's final roundAjinomoto StadiumIt is,AjinomotoWas the official sponsor of the tournament, so the naming rights name "Ajinomoto Stadium" was used as it was instead of the official name "Tokyo Stadium" (on the other hand, it was the venue for the women's final round of the same tournament.Fukuda Electronic ArenaWas used as the official name "Chiba City Soga Stadium").

In addition, this rule of FIFA states that commercial activities by local companies (bars, restaurants, convenience stores, etc.) within CRA should not be restricted (business and signboards can be posted as usual). ..


Official FIFA Sponsor

FIFA Soccer Development Project

FIFA forward program

The following description is an article on the FIFA Forward Soccer Development Program on the official FIFA website.[73]And FIFA Forward Soccer Development Program Rules[74]Based on the description of.

The FIFA Forward Soccer Development Program (hereinafter referred to as the FIFA Forward Program) is May 2016, 5.メキシコcapitalMexico City66th inFIFA CongressThis is a step-up financial support program for all FIFA member football associations and all six regional federations, as decided in. Increase from $ 6 million to $ 4 million in one cycle in four years.Each football association can spend $ 1 a year on football projects such as the development of facilities such as pitches and the development of women's football.Each association also receives $ 160 annually.Increase each regional federation from $ 500 million to $ 75 million in a four-year cycle.In addition, a special allowance of up to $ 50 million will be provided to associations that require travel expenses for women's soccer and world championships for each age group.Both men and women will be refunded $ 4 million annually to the regional convention organizers by age group.

In addition, hire a general secretary (JFA is the managing director), hire technical committee members, men's and women's leagues, men's and women's youth leagues, women's soccer promotion and publicity activities, grassroots soccer promotion and development strategies, referee promotion Associations that meet all 10 criteria such as development strategy (at least two emphasize women's soccer) have an additional $ 2 a year, an additional $ 10 a year, and a maximum of $ 5 a year. Can be obtained.

FIFA is also strengthening its supervisory function in order for each association and each regional federation to properly manage these funds.

  • Establish a two- to four-year development committee-approved development strategy and contract one goal for each association.
  • All bespoke projects should be linked to contracts and undertake over $ 30 for development committee approval.
  • FIFA admins monitor the progress of the project.
  • Perform financial audits independent of each association in the forward program fund management of each association.
  • Tightened development regulations, including stronger oversight and strict compliance.
  • At least 50 percent of independent FIFA development committees oversee forward programs
  • Publication of an independent audit of the Forward Program Membership Association's annual finances.

Main examples

As mentioned earlier, the following is an example of a financial support program for all FIFA member associations (all 2016 associations as of 2018) that started in 211.

  • Peruvian Football Federation — FIFA provides financial support for the “Minors Plan,” a player training plan for all of Peru that started in March 2016.In the same year, development centers were established in 3 regions (a total of 20 development center coaches), and in 165, five more regions had U-2017 and U-5 coaches and managers.Players from each region are selected (out of about 14 players in 16), the best players are selected in the development center (2016 in 1), and finally U-5,000 and U-2016. Participated in the national regional team championship (more than 1000 in 14).In addition, more than 16 scouts are scattered all over Peru to find excellent players. As of 2016, 700 players from the Development Center are playing in 240 professional clubs.Tournament matches will be broadcast on free channels every Saturday[75].
  • Iceland Football Association — 2016, U-18Iceland national team20 dollars (about 2,000 yen),Iceland Women's B Representative$ 15 (about 8,000 yen), in October 1,718Iceland Women's National Teamに30万ドル(約3,388万7,010円)をFIFAが支援した。その後も、アイスランド女子代表に総額90万ドル(約1億138万500円)以上FIFAが支援したおかげで、同代表は2016年末に中国で行われた女子代表の大会出場や2018年1月合宿など以前はできなかった強化日程を消化することができ、2019 FIFA Women's World CupPlayed for the first time[76].
  • Japan Football Association (JFA)Takamado Palace JFA U-18 Soccer Premier LeagueFIFA Supports Travel Expenses for Participating Teams[77].

FIFA Goal Project

The following description is an article explaining the FIFA goal project on the official FIFA website.[78]Based on the description of. The FIFA Goal Project, implemented from 1999 to 2015, is a subsidy program of the Federation of International Football Associations (FIFA) for infrastructure development, organizational structure, education (leaders, referees, sports medicine, etc.), youth development, etc.Its ultimate goal is to be a prestigious football association.Zepp BlatterProposed by the 8th President of FIFA on July 1999, 7Los AngelesHeld atFIFA extraordinary general meetingIt was ratified by. The FIFA Goal Bureau selects the target associations for the goal project from all football associations and provides subsidies tailored to those associations. The FIFA Goal Bureau consists of six members selected from the FIFA Technical Committee.

Depending on the priority of each football association, goal projects will support in the following areas:

  • Infrastructure — Construction and renovation of soccer fields, establishment of centers for practice and classes, construction of office buildings of the Football Association, etc.
  • Management — Establishing an organizational structure for national and regional organizations and staff.
  • Education — Management methods, coaching, sports medicine, referees, etc.
  • Youth Soccer — Training young players, training excellent players, soccer schools, etc.
  • Goal Project Other areas based on the needs of the target association

Development offices have been set up around the world to strengthen cooperation with the target associations.The development office has highly qualified FIFA experts in charge of development.Each development office is entrusted with the development of approximately 15-20 football associations in close proximity to the office.Each development office is close to each football association, which allows for a more detailed analysis of the association's needs and facilitates project supervision and management.

For example, in order to receive a grant from the project for infrastructure development, the target association had to have the right to use the land of the facility for 25 years. It is possible to subsidize up to US $ 1 (about 40 million yen) for one project, and after the completion of one project, for the purpose of extension etc., if the application for the second phase project is approved, the subsidy of US $ 4,000 will be received again. Was done.

Main examples

North Korea Football Association(2001-2013) Received a total of 6 million US dollars (about 200 million yen) 2 times
Kim Il Sung StadiumReplacing artificial turf, repairing the association's building and training camp for North Korean national team players,Pyongyang International Football SchoolConstruction and repair costs[79]
Japan Football Association (JFA)(2009) Received US $ 40 (approx. 4,000 million yen)
J VillageJFA Medical Center established in Japan (remaining maintenance cost of about 3 million yen and operating and maintenance costs will be borne by JFA)[80][81]
Philippine Football Federation (PFF)(2014-2016) Received US $ 50 (approx. 5,348 million yen)
San Lazaro RacecourseIt was set up in a park withPFF National Training CenterArtificial turf pitch[82][83]

As of December 2007, 12, 7 FIFA member associations were subsidized and 106 of the 295 approved projects were in progress.At this point, the planning stage was 121.

FIFA Master (FIFA Graduate School)

Established in 2000, "SportsInternational about organization theory, history / philosophy, and lawMaster"スイスRegarding sports studies operated by FIFA in partnership with the sports education institution CIES (The International Center for Sports Studies) ingraduate SchoolIt is a course of. In 10 monthsThe United Kingdom-イタリア・ Established for the purpose of training human resources who can play an active role in a wide range of sports by visiting three universities in Switzerland.[84].

To enroll, first high school graduation certificate, university graduation / transcript, English proficiency certificate (TOEFL(Minimum 600 PBT / 250 CBT / 100 IBT points) or Cambridge Certificate of ProficiencyIELTS(One of the minimum level 7.5 in the «Academic Test»)),GMAT, Answer 5 questions (short essay) such as sports and aspirations, and submit necessary documents such as about 300 characters in English by around January 1nd.Successful applicants who have passed the document screening will be further narrowed down by telephone interviews, etc., and the final successful applicants (capacity: about 22 people, consideration will be given to gather from all over the world) will be decided in mid-April.Tuition fee 4 for final passersSwiss francIf you pay the full amount (¥ 1 million converted to ¥ 110 per franc), the admission procedure will be completed.It starts in September every year. 275-December Humanities of SportsHumanities) In EnglandLester OfDe Montfor UniversityThen, in January-March of the following year, Management (business administration) was conducted in Italy.Milan OfBocconi UniversitySo, in April-July, the Sport Law of SwitzerlandNeuchatel OfUniversity of NeuchatelIt is a flow of studying at and graduating in mid-July.In addition, a graduation thesis announcement (7-7 people per group) working in a group called "Final Project" in late July (presentation), One group takes 1 minutes, FIFA,IOC,UEFA,ACE, University professors and other participants ask questions, and at subsequent meetings, grades are evaluated based on the content of the treatise and the outcome of the presentation.[85]..It is not just a graduation thesis announcement, but the graduation thesis has led to the realization of various activities. To FIFACSRThere is a departmentイ ス ラ エ ルEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euChildren's soccer camp exchanges have been realized.

Triggered by the announcement of the thesis of a group of five countries including Japanese on July 2011, 7[85], March 2012, 3, FIFAInternational A Match DayIndicated intention to pay compensation for injured players, clubs, and affiliated associations of the national team players (introduction of international A match day participation national team player insurance)[86], At the FIFA Congress on May 5, the same year, decided to introduce representative player insurance for International A Match Day after September of the same year.[87], UEFA announced on March 2012, 3 that it will introduce a national player insurance system (injury insurance for players belonging to all European clubs regardless of nationality).[88].

Graduates from FIFA, UEFA, IOC,A, National Football Associations,CASSports institutions such as sports TV stations, sports marketing companies, national soccer leagues andFC BarcelonaActive in soccer clubs such as[89].

Also, many of the graduates are from SwitzerlandLausanneThe International Sports House (Maison du Sport International, abbreviated as MSI), where more than 20 international sports federations, organizations and sports-related companies in Japan gather to determine the rules of sports around the world.[90]Working in[91]..Graduates can also leverage the FIFA Masters network built around the world for their business through the FIFA Master Alumni Association (FMA).[92].

As the name implies, FMA holds FIFA Master Alumni Associations in its countries and cities once every two years to coincide with international sports competitions (previously).World Cup South Africa TournamentHeld in 2012)London OlympicsHeld in London to coincide with[93][94].

July 2013, 7, 19-2012 2013th graduation ceremony was heldTsuneyasu MiyamotoStudents from 24 countries have graduated[95]..As of July 2013, 7, a total of about nine Japanese have graduated from FIFA Masters.There are two graduates of former professional soccer players, a former Japanese professional soccer player and a formerRepresentation from JapanTsuneyasu Miyamoto is the first[96].. July 2017, 7, 14-2016 2017th graduation ceremony was heldAmi OtakiAnd two Japanese women, general Japanese women, graduated from FIFA Master[97]..Otaki is a former Japanese female soccer player and formerJapan Women's National TeamIt was his first graduation from FIFA Master, but he returned to active duty in August 2017 immediately afterwards.[98].


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