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🏊 | Mahina Maeda loses 3rd round Surfing 26th

Photo Surfing Women's Round 3 Mahina Maeda = Tsurigasaki Coast Surfing Beach Attacking the Waves

Mahina Maeda loses 3rd round Surfing 26th

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For boys, a pair of Kanoa Igarashi (Kinoshita Group) will play against Waida (Indonesia).

In the 3rd round of surfing, 4 groups of Mahina Maeda will be ranked 6th in the professional championship tour (CT) annually ... → Continue reading

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Kinoshita Group

Kinoshita Group Co., Ltd.(Kinoshita group)TokyoShinjuku wardA holding company headquartered in.House makerKinoshita Komuten Co., Ltd. is under the umbrella.


  • 1956March 3-Company founded.
  • 1987December 12-Company established.
  • April 2002-was the main bank at the timeAsahi BankAfter waiving the bad debts thatCerberus Capital ManagementAcquired 35% of the shares and entered the management.
  • 2004
    • Transferred the profitable business to Kinoshita Komuten Home Sales, and Kinoshita Komuten changed the company name.Primulachange to.
    • Kinoshita Komuten Home SalesNaoya Kinoshita(Although it has the same surname, it has no relationship with the founding family)Real Estate InvestmentuseApartmentReal estate agent focusing on salesMC CorporationWas acquired.
    • October 10-Kinoshita Komuten Home SalesKinoshita Construction Store (2nd generation)Company name changed to.
    • October-Primula from Tokyo District CourtSpecial clearingDe facto following the decision to start the procedurebankruptcy.
  • 2006April 4-Kinoshita Holdings (Holding company) Established.[2]
  • 2007October 10-MC CorporationKinoshita ManagementCompany name changed to.
  • 2008
    • March 3-Established a local subsidiary in Brazil.
    • April 4-Kinoshita Construction Co., Ltd. (1nd generation) merged with Kinoshita Holdings
    • September 9-Kinoshita ManagementLeocAcquired Life Commune from.
  • 2009January 1-Established a local subsidiary in Pakistan.
  • 2011February 2-Kinoshita Life (formerly Life Commune) changed its name to Kinoshita Nursing Care.
  • 2012September 6-Kinoshita ManagementFM Inter Wave90% of the sharesTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Acquired from and made a subsidiary.
  • 2012October 10-Kinoshita Komuten (4nd generation)Kinoshita Holdings Co., Ltd. (2nd generation)Changed the trade name to and became a holding company, and started the construction contract business.Kinoshita Construction Co., Ltd. (3rd generation)In addition, the real estate brokerage business and the urban condominium planning and sales business were separated into Kinoshita Real Estate Co., Ltd.At the same time, the rental business of Kinoshita Management was separated into Kinoshita Rental Co., Ltd.
  • 2016July 7-Kinoshita Holdings (1nd generation)Kinoshita Group Holdings Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.
  • 2018January 1-Group is the main sponsor of the All Japan Table Tennis ChampionshipsTomokazu HarimotoBut of the players belonging to the groupJun MizutaniDefeats and wins the youngest victory in history.
  • 2018February 2-Men and women will participate in the newly established T-League (table tennis).
  • 2018February 2-Ayumu Hirano, a group player, wins the silver medal for the second consecutive tournament at the 14rd Olympic Winter Games (Pyeongchang Olympics) and the Snowboard Men's Halfpipe Competition.
  • 2018July 7-Kinoshita Group HoldingsKinoshita Group Co., Ltd. (first generation)Changed the trade name to.
  • 2018July 7-Animation production companyFukushima Gainax Co., Ltd.Acquired 100% of the shares of the company and made it a subsidiary of the group (official announcement was on August 8, the same year).
  • 2018December 12-Kinoshita Management merged with Kinoshita Group (first generation)Kinoshita Group Co., Ltd. (2nd generation)Changed the trade name to.
  • 2019May 5-Announced new entry into BS digital broadcasting (results were rejected).

Kinoshita Corporation


  • Kanto regionIs the main business area, and we are designing and constructing custom-built houses.Initially, the business area was limited to the Kanto region, but now it has expanded into Miyagi and expanded its commercial area.
  • Wooden frame construction method,2x4 construction methodBusiness development with housing as the main product.In addition, instead of subcontracting construction, we directly manage the design and construction.
  • From the 1980s to the early 1990s, he was developing a developer business for condominiums named "View Parade".
  • Main bank in April 2002Asahi BankAbout 500 billion yen of non-performing loans held byCerberus Capital ManagementRe-evaluated and purchasedDebt waiverHowever, the management was rebuilt under the umbrella of Cerberus, but it failed. In 2004Sorting and collection mechanismTransferred the profitable divisions such as custom-built homes to the group company Kinoshita Komuten Home Sales under the corporate revitalization scheme of the company, and was acquired by MC Corporation.As a legal personality, Kinoshita Komuten housing sales → Kinoshita Komuten (2nd generation) → Kinoshita Holdings (2nd generation) → Kinoshita Group Holdings changed to the present.Formerly unprofitable department remained: Kinoshita Komuten resolved to dissolve in September of the same year after changing the company name to Primula, and was specially liquidated in November of the same year.
  • From 2008,Brazil,PakistanAtApartmentWe also have a sales business.

Main business

  • Design, construction and sales of custom-built homes
  • Design, construction and sales of condominiums
  • Construction contract

Housing development

group Enterprise


  • Kinoshita Corporation
  • Kinoshita Komuten Home-Custom Housing Business
  • Kinoshita Construction Store Remodeling-Remodeling work, extension / renovation, remodeling
  • Kinoshita Real Estate-Urban condominium planning and sales, real estate brokerage
  • Kinoshita Rental-Rental Business
  • Kinoshita Community-Cleaning, facility maintenance, condominium management association
  • Kinoshita Antibacterial Service-Bactericidal and antibacterial construction of buildings, playground equipment and their ancillary equipment
  • Kinoshita Disinfection Clean Center-Safety inspection, repair, cleaning, maintenance, management of buildings, playground equipment and their ancillary equipment, as well as pest control, quarantine control, sterilization, antibacterial, deodorant, deodorant, mold, insect control, etc. Construction

Medical / welfare / education

  • Kinoshita's long-term care- Nursing care service provider
  • Kinoshita Childcare-Operating a licensed / certified / certified nursery school
  • Kinoshita Welfare Academy-Education Business
  • Kinoshita Mirai Gakuen-The purpose is to establish a private vocational school and provide school education in accordance with the Fundamental Law of Education, School Education Law, and Beauty Law.
  • Kinoshita Pharmacy-Pharmacy Management
  • Kinoshita Career Support-Worker dispatch business and paid employment placement business
  • Koseikai-Medical corporation.Operation of Elderly Care Health Facility Versante
  • Wakokai-Medical corporation corporation.Operation of Kawasaki Rinko Hospital, Long-Term Care Health Facility "Wakoen"
  • Shofukai-Social welfare corporation.Operation of special nursing home for the elderly "Hana Mizuki"
  • Charity Association-Childcare business, medical business, health and hygiene awareness activities, long-term care business
  • Beijing Kinoshita Medical Technology Co., Ltd. (China) -Consulting business related to elderly business
  • JAPAN VIETNAM HUMAN RESOURCES JOINT STOCK COMPANY --Worker dispatch business and paid employment placement business
  • New Corona Testing Center-Clinical testing outsourcing and sample receiving agency


  • Kinoshita Table Tennis Club-Management of sports-related business, management of athletes
  • KSM-Athlete management, mediation and sponsorship contracts and consulting
  • Kinoshita Skating Academy-Fostering Figure Skaters

Entertainment / Others

  • Keno Films - moviesProduction / distribution business (split off from Kinoshita Management, for worksLatter sectionreference)
  • kino cinéma - Movie theater-Amusement facility- restaurantOperation (Latter sectionSee also)
  • Kino Music-Music software production
  • Kino Books --Book publishing business
  • Kinoshita's Kitchen-Food lunch business, catered food, lunch box manufacturing and sales, and related service industry
  • Blurred cow music club --Management business such as entertainers
  • KRE-Operation of power generation system using new energy
  • Gaina(Studio Gaina) --Animation production.Old: Fukushima Gainax. Joined the company in July 2018
  • Fukushima Gaina-Animation Museum "Fukushima Sakura YougakushaOperation, event business, etc.Established by separating and transferring the business from Gaina
  • Noz-Operating a beauty salon
  • HATS UNLIMITED --Music software production
  • --Acquisition and management of secondary license rights for intellectual property rights centered on character lifestyle brands
  • Heroes --Planning, operation and production of comic magazines and character contents
  • Mobo Moga-Event planning, clothing planning and sales, and food and beverage business
  • Haiku-Management industry such as entertainers and agents

TV commercial

Cultural support project

Formerly a corporation: Acquired Kinoshita Komuten Home SalesNaoya KinoshitaIs a movie lover, and since 2006, mainly produced by ToeiJapanese movies OfProduction CommitteeInvesting inGaga-FM Inter Wave(Gaga shares were all sold in November 2014), a cultural support project that provides financial support such as sponsoring sports competitions and participating in a TV animation production committee (Mecenat) Is being actively promoted and plays a part in the entertainment business.

As mentioned above in August 2018, the animation production companyGaina Co., Ltd.Was made a subsidiary and expressed its stance of being deeply involved in animation production.[3].

Sports business

Kinoshita Group Athletes

Table tennis

Opened in October 2018Japan OfTable tennisIs a leagueT League, Many players participate in the "T Premier League" of the first division for both boys and girls.

For detailsKinoshita Meister TokyoandKinoshita Avier KanagawaSee.



Figure skating

ノ ノ ー ボ ー


Obstacle equestrian



Sponsored sports competition

Naming rights

Movie business

Movie theater management

2018Of the group companies established in OctoberKino cinéma Co., Ltd.But,2019In YokohamaMinatomirai areaAnd in TokyoTachikawa StationClose,2020In FukuokaTenjin areaToMini theater(3 screens for each)[4][5][6].

Production / distribution work

Television Animation

Offer program


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