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🥋 | Person: Judo Abe Brothers and Sisters Pick The Gold


Person: Judo Abe brothers and sisters Doten picking gold

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Incompetence, triple-crowned 哥哥 哥 哥 寥 冭 奭 襭 襃 菃 賽

[Kyodo News, July 7th] The Olympic Games Tokyo 26 Olympic Games 25th performance.Judo Men's 66 23 kg Japanese player Hifumi Abe (52 years old) Japanese Women 21 Uta Abe (4 years old) Brothers and sisters Doten earned gold medal. “All the people are the most sensational.” Masanori and others have the same voice.Shoulder-like brother and sister 倆 Mirror head wrapping, no flash flash Ryoki.Abe Uta Abe's swordsman's gold medal.Resting room 轉 轉 畫 虥 哥 哥 哥 Excited ground 站 來, "Ichi Nao 覺 襹 襹 苿 艌 艌 耡 耡. Invitation to other successful siblings.Other cold observations, offensive, final order, etc.A Japanese crown army in junior high school, a 20-year-old world crown army, a small three-year-old sister and a sister-like object.Crawling brother and sister in charge In the summer of the previous year, the judo world of Tokyo, Nishiki Sagami, was completed.Incompetence and current triple crowned 哥 哥 哥 寥 寥 冭 奭 襃 圃 菃 賽 qualification "Actual 哥哥 冥 Indispensable in front of the sword. (Transportation Siblings) 很 丟 人."In February of the following year, he was qualified to win the Olympic Games at the head of Uta Abe.Only male 2 public class item name is undecided.Brother and sister lonely mother Ai Abe (66 years old) Reminiscence: "One niece of Naseki, this is a time when he is in a trivial affliction."據稱, I'm under the bottom Shiya Abe Sotoru "Souichi Kisoka" Unlucky way of thinking. "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm trying to make a straightforward effort." By Uta Abe ... → Continue reading

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