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⛳ | Ayaka Furue ranked 4th in overseas majors!Jiyai Shin has been V multiple times for 8 consecutive years, Erika Hara has been in the top 10 for the first time in a while [Major last week ...

Photo Ayaka Furue, who finished 4th in the overseas majors held in France (Photo: Getty Images)

Ayaka Furue is 4th in overseas majors!Jiyai Shin has been V multiple times for 8 consecutive years, Erika Hara has been in the top 10 for the first time in a while [Major last week ...

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This week, from July 7th to August 29st, a new competition "ISPS Solder World Invitational" will be held at Galgorm Castle GC in Northern Ireland.

■ Domestic girls "Daito Kensetsu / Good Room Net Ladies" (July 7-22, Takino Country Club, Hokkaido, prize money ... → Continue reading

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Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland
Northern Ireland(English
Tuaisceart Éireann(Irish
Norlin Airlann(Ulster Scots
Regional slogan:God and my right
(French : God and my rights
Local song:Londonderry Air (virtually)
Northern Ireland location
Official terminologyEnglish,Irish,
Ulster Scots
Largest cityBelfast
United Kingdom KingElizabeth II
First Minister(English edition
Grand total13,843km2(N/A
Water area rateUnknown
Grand total(2020 1,908,250Man(N/A
The population density138 people/km2
total(2002 $332 billion (N/A
Per person19,603 dollar
InaugurationIrish Government Law (1920 )
currencyUK Pound (£) (GBP
Time zoneUTCGMT (UTC + 0) (STD: UTC + 1)
ISO-3166 1GB (GB-NIR)
ccTLD.ie, . Uk
International phone number353 48, 44 28
national flower : Shamrock
Patron saint : St. Patrick

Northern Ireland(Ireland, cameEnglish: Northern Ireland,Irish: Tuaisceart Éireann[1]Irish Pronunciation: [ˈT̪ˠuəʃcəɾˠt̪ˠˈeːɾʲən̪ˠ],Ulster Scots: Norlin Airlann) IsThe United KingdomIs part ofCountry, State, territory, region[2] [3] [4] [5] [6]..Northern IrelandIreland islandLocated in the northeastern part of the country, to the south and westRepublic of IrelandIt borders on the border. In 2011, the population was 1,810,863, accounting for about 30% of the Irish island population and about 3% of the UK population. Enacted in 1998Northern Irish lawWas founded byNorthern Ireland Parliament(Called Stormund after its location) is in charge of various authoritative policies, but in other areas.British GovernmentIs in charge.Northern Ireland is working with the Republic of Ireland in several areas[7].

Northern Ireland in 1920Irish Government LawIreland bysegmentationWhen it was done in 19216 counties in the northeastWas born as a decentralized government.Most of Northern Ireland's population were Unionists who wanted to stay in the United Kingdom.[8]..The majority of Northern Ireland's population is Protestant, descendants of British colonists.on the other hand,Southern Ireland(In 1922Free country of irelandThe majority and a significant minority of Northern Ireland want an independent Irish unityIrish nationalist(Nationalist) and Catholic[9] [10] [11] [12]..Today, the former generally consider themselves British, and the latter generally consider themselvesIrishI consider it to be Northern IrelandUlsterThose who claim their identity are a large minority of all backgrounds[13].

For the birth of Northern IrelandViolence on both sides of the defense and opposition to the divisionWas accompanied. The capital from 1920 to 22BelfastHas caused large-scale community violence, primarily by Protestant Unionists and Catholic nationalist civilians.[14].. More than 500 people died[15], More than 1 became refugees, most of whom were Catholics[16]..For the next few decades, the Unionist regime continued in Northern Ireland.[17]..Informal mutual separation by both communities[18]Was held, the First Minister of Northern IrelandDavid Trimble"A cold house for Catholics[19]The Unionist regime was accused of discrimination against Irish nationalist and Catholic minorities.[20].. In the late 1960s, a campaign to eliminate discrimination against Catholics and nationalists saw it as the front of the Republican.LoyalistOpposed by[21]..The republican and Loyalist paramilitary and military conflicts over 30 years have resulted in more than 3,500 lives and more than 50,000 injuries.Northern Ireland problemCaused[22] [23].. 1998 yearGood Friday Agreement(Good Friday Agreement) was a major step in the peace process, including disarmament of the quasi-army and normalization of security.Conflict between denominationsAnd quarantine remain a major social problem, and sporadic violence continues.[24].

Northern Ireland's economy was the most industrialized in Ireland at the time of the split,Northern Ireland problemDeclined as a result of political and social turmoil[25]..Northern Ireland's economy has grown significantly since the late 1990s.The first growth was due to "peace dividends" and increased trade with the Republic of Ireland, followed by a significant increase in tourism, investment and business from around the world.Northern Ireland's unemployment rate peaked at 1986% in 17.2, but reached 2014% in the June-August period of 6, a decrease of 8 percentage points in one year.[26], Similar to the UK figure of 6.2%[27].

Cultural connections in Northern Ireland, the rest of Ireland, and the rest of Britain are complex, with Northern Ireland sharing both Irish and British culture.In many sports, the island of Ireland makes up one team, but in footballNorthern Ireland Soccer National TeamIs an exception.Northern IrelandCommonwealth GamesThen I will participate separatelyOlympicSo if you ’re from Northern IrelandThe United KingdomアイルランドYou can participate as a representative of either.


Established in 1920Irish Government LawByIreland islandWas divided into north and south, and autonomy was granted to each. Occurred after thatIrish War of IndependenceIs a peace treatyBritish love treatyBy the southern 26 prefectures based onFree country of irelandWas foundedUnited Kingdom of Great Britain and IrelandNorthern Ireland was also included within the jurisdiction of the Free State when it was more separated. But in the Irish Free State内 戦Has begun, and under the provisions of the Anglo-Irish Treaty, the Northern Ireland Assembly has announced its withdrawal from the Free State and will remain in the United Kingdom.

Since Ireland was annexed to Great Britain and the United Kingdom of Ireland in the 19th century, in Ireland (insisting on maintaining a coalition with Great Britain)NationalistThe conflict (claiming independence from Britain) continued. Since the days when the whole of Ireland was dominated by Britain, the Northern Ireland region has beenGreat BritainThe colonists were dominated by the colonists, and the unionists were strong. Also, many were not necessarily Irish or nationalists, and many thought that it would be advantageous to belong to the United Kingdom from an economic point of view.[28].. With this in mind, Northern Ireland remained under British rule.

In the late 1960s,The United States of America OfCivil rights movementWas affected by and was socially discriminated againstCatholicThe social movement that demands "one man, one vote" has become active,ProtestantThe Northern Irish government, which was the main body, suppressed this.The situation became tense, and serious divisions and conflicts arose.After that, until the early 1990sIRA ProvisionalBoth nationalists and unionists, includingPrivate soldierOrganizations and government authorities (British Army,) Continues to contend withBloody Sunday IncidentThousands of people were killed due to numerous armed crackdowns and terrorism.Northern Ireland conflictThe turmoil in society and the economy became extremely fierce.Northern Ireland ParliamentCouldn't handle this situation1972 May 3"1972 Northern Ireland Provisional Act (en: Northern Ireland (Temporary Provisions) Act 1972) ”, The parliament was suspended, and the next1973 May 7"The 1973 Northern Ireland Constitution (en: Northern Ireland Constitution Act 1973) ”Was officially abolished, the next1974 May 7"1974 Northern Ireland Act (XNUMX)en: Northern Ireland Act 1974) ”By the home country of EnglandPrivy CouncilHas come to be directly governed by.

In the 1990s, the path to peace began to be sought, and in 1998 by unionist and nationalist parties, private armies and the British and Irish governments.Belfast AgreementWas formed, and the Irish government abandoned Northern Ireland's sovereignty as a result of a referendum.Based on this, the Northern Ireland Assembly, in which all political parties participate, has been revived.Due to this achievement, he is the leader of a moderate party.David TrimbleJohn HumeToNobel Peace PrizeHas been awarded.Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland are guaranteed free traffic and borderInterrogationWas abolished[29].

Following the subsidence of terrorism by radicalsCitigroup,FujitsuNew direct investment by foreign companies is occurring one after another, and economic growth is achieved.

2016 yearsNational referendum asking whether Britain should leave the European UnionWith the majority of secessionists in favor, the border issue with the South resurfaced.About the handling of bordersBritish ParliamentBut the discussion was not settled, and the countryEuropean UnionBrexit was postponed until 2020, avoiding a strict border revival.Northern Ireland remains in the EU Single Market after December 2020, 12, when the withdrawal transition period ends, and is treated differently from other UK regions.[30][31]..instead of,Great BritainBetweenIrish seaIn the UKcustoms clearanceThere is a de facto boundary that requires procedures such as[29].


Before the Troubles in the 1960s, on the mainlandPolitical partyIn relation toUlster Unionist Party Conservative partyInstead ofLiberal partyInstead of, eachStormont Parliament(The Parliament of Northern Ireland・ It controlled the old parliament). About the mainlandLabor PartyDid not have a strong cooperative relationship with. In addition, if you want to unify IrelandShin FeinWas active.

From the latter half of the 1960s to the 1990s, the so-called "unionist and nationalist private army organizations that started with religious discrimination repeated turmoil and terrorism.Northern Ireland problem1972 The Stormont Parliament was abolished and direct rule by the British government began. Political parties were also strongly influenced by this social turmoil. The Ulster Unionist Party broke off its ties with the Conservative Party by criticizing it. The Ulster Liberal Democratic Party has changed into the Liberal Democratic Party, but has lost support and is now settling in a sister party to the Union Party. The Social Democratic Labor Party was formed by some members of the dismissed Northern Ireland Labor Party.

In recent years, there have been moves by major British political parties to participate in Northern Ireland elections. The Conservative Party has been sending out candidates since the late 1980s, but with little support.LDPIs supporting the Union Party.

From Good Friday Agreement to the present

Currently1998 OfBelfast AgreementWas decided to be established by, but stopped functioning from 2002. Installed at the same timeNorthern Ireland Parliament(The Northern Ireland Assembly), but for the time being, it was forced to stop functioning due to conflicts among the parties.2003 In Northern Ireland's general election, hard-line Shin Fein and the Democratic-Unification Party gained more votes than moderates.2007 May 3In the same year, a self-governing function was established between Shin Fein and the DPJ.May 5Although the agreement was formed by resuming it more, the conflict over energy policy intensified and it stopped functioning again in January 2017. On January 1, 2020, Shin Fein and the Democratic Unification Party agreed to rebuild the autonomous government, and the parliament resumed on the following day, 1th.[32].

Major political parties in the Northern Ireland Parliament and their seats (2007 As of March), see "Northern Ireland Parliament #Current Parliament"reference.

British House of RepresentativesIn the general election, 646 out of 18 seats were allocated to Northern Ireland according to the population ratio.2017 British General ElectionThe current number of seats determined by the Democratic Unification Party is 10 seats, Shin Fein has 7 seats, independent is 1 seat, and the Social Democratic Labor Party and Ulster Unification Party have lost seats. Shin Fein's legislators have not taken part in parliament due to the belief that they refused to take an oath to the Queen and regard Unified Ireland as an orthodox government. As a result of the 2017 general election, no party has a majority (Hang parliament)for,Conservative PartyThe administration isExternal cooperationWe started talks. Shin Fein has also been criticized for fighting against the Democratic Unification Party, and the attention to both parties is growing rapidly.

Administrative division


It consists of the following 11 administrative districts.

  1. Belfast
  2. A's And North Down
  3. Antrim and Newtown Abbey
  4. Lisburn and Castleley
  5. Newry Morn and Down
  6. Armor City Bunbridge and Craigavon
  7. Mid and East Antrim
  8. Causeway Coast and Glance
  9. Mid Ulster
  10. Delhi City and Stravan
  11. Farmana and Ommer

Other than BelfastLondonderry,armor,LisburnIs listed as a major city. Registered as a World Heritage SiteGiants CausewayAnd there are many tourist destinations including Causeway Coast.


Northern Ireland has the smallest economy of the four regions of England. The main industries were shipbuilding, rope and fiber manufacturing, but the ratio of service industry is gradually increasing. Although it has experienced stagnation for many years due to the Northern Ireland conflict, it has been regaining calm since the Heisei Era, with the unemployment rate improving due to the booming economy of both Britain and Ireland.

Per capitaGDP(GDP) is 2005 as of 19,603EuroAnd northwestEnglandRural andWalesMore than[33].. The unemployment rate, which had reached 1986% in 17.2, decreased to 2001% in 4.5[34]..Workers are characterized by working longer hours than in other UK regions and having less gender differences in income.[35].



Northern Ireland religion
Roman Catholic Church
No religionOr no answer
* May not add to 100% due to rounding
** Church of Ireland, Presbyterian Church in Ireland and others

A 2001 survey found that 45.5% of Northern Ireland's inhabitants were Protestant. In thisPresbyterian,Anglican Church of Ireland,MethodistEtc. are included. By contrast, Catholics accounted for 40.3%. Other 13.9% do not have a specific sect or religion[36].

Sense of belonging

According to other surveys, 38% of residents specify themselves as a unionist, as well as 24% say they are nationalists and 35% say they don't fit either.[37].. Fifty-nine percent said they would endorse the long-term view of British rule over Northern Ireland, with 59 percent supporting the formation of a unified Ireland.[38].. There are layers whose attitude is unclearNorthern Ireland Alliance PartyIs also supported by the fact that it receives a certain level of support. In recent elections, 54% voted for Protestant parties, 42% voted for Catholic parties, and the remaining 4% voted for other parties.

Republic of Ireland Nationality

All residents born before 2005CitizenshipWas automatically given. This is due to the provisions of the Republic of Ireland Nationality Act enacted in 2001 following the Belfast Agreement. The Belfast Agreement states that both Britain and Ireland grant all residents of Northern Ireland the right to be Irish or British. Even now, this applies to the majority of the population.



Due to its historical background, Northern Ireland has a culture of both British and Irish origin. The language isEnglishOthersIrishUlster Scots (enIs recognized as an official language. In the Republic of Ireland, many people have acquired Irish knowledge through the Irish revival movement, but in Northern Ireland, the revival movement is scarce. 2011%, and only 11% at the level of reading and writing. Ulster-Scottish is only 3.7% less literate and literate. Currently reflecting the increase in Chinese immigrantsChineseIs the second native language group.


As one of the symbols of this areaFlaxThere are flowers.

There is nothing special about the meal,[39]That breakfast is famous.bacon,Fried egg,Soda breadorPotato breadConsists of.


As a thriving sportサ ッ カ ー,Rugby unionAmong Catholics,Gaelic Games(Gaelic footballHarling) Is also very popular.Soccer Northern Ireland National TeamSo farFIFA World Cup3 times,UEFA European ChampionshipA well-known player who played once in the 1s and 60sGeorge BestIs from Northern Ireland. It is an international tournament for soccer boysMilk cupIs also being held.Rugby Ireland National TeamIs a joint team with Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and is one of the world's most powerful teams.

GolfThen,Laurie McIlroyIn 2011US OpenStarting withMajor championshipIn addition to controlling four times,Graham McDowellIs the 2010 US Open,Darren ClarkIn 2011British OpenHave won each.snookerThen, he has produced two world champions, (1972, 1982) and (1985).Motor sportsThen,John Watson(The highest overall ranking is1982 No. 3) andEddie Irvine(Also1999 2nd place)F1I am giving birth to a driver.


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