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⚾ | Tsuyoshi Shinjo gives a T-shirt to his alma mater, "Enjoy baseball at Koshien rather than win or lose!"


Tsuyoshi Shinjo gives a T-shirt to his alma mater, "Enjoy baseball at Koshien rather than win or lose!"

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In the summer of 3rd year, Shinjo lost in the final of the Fukuoka tournament with Fukuoka University Ohori while achieving a hitting for the cycle, and did not participate in Koshien.

Tsuyoshi Shinjo (49), who was active in the Hanshin Tigers, Nippon-Ham Fighters and the US Major League Baseball, updated his Instagram on the 27th.National high ... → Continue reading

 West Japan Sports

West Japan Sports (West Sports) is the first sports newspaper published in Kyushu in 1955.
Lots of detailed information about Fukuoka Softbank Hawks that can only be read in "West Sports"!
In addition to professional baseball and high school baseball, J-League information of Kyushu teams such as Sagan Tosu, V. Farren Nagasaki, Avispa Fukuoka and news of basketball, rugby, HKT48, bicycle races, boat information etc. will be distributed as needed.

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Fukuoka tournament final

Cycle hits

Cycle hitsWhat is (Cycle Ada)?baseball-soft ballIn the record of the game, one batter in one gameSingle stroke,double,Three bases,Home runIt is a record that is established when you hit one or more of each of[1].

One round hit(Ichijunanda),Cycle hit Also called (cycle hits).

The cycle hit isJapanglishAnd in English hit for the cycle That.


Originally, "hits in the order of singles, doubles, triples, and home runs" was called hitting for the cycle.Nowadays, those recorded in that order are called "natural cycle hits", and those recorded in order from home runs are called "reverse cycle hits", which is distinguished from simple cycle hits that were established regardless of the order.[2][3].

Japanese professional baseballIn the world1948May 10ToFumio FujimuraWas first achieved, but this was later certified.It was because there was no concept of "hit for the cycle" in Japan at that time, 17 years later.1965May 7ToHankyu Braves OfDaryl SpencerWhen he achieved a hitting for the cycle, Spencer himself said to the reporter, "Why don't you ask yourself? This is a ridiculous record of a hitting for the cycle." It turned out that Fujimura was the first achiever in Japan.Also, Fujimura1950He recorded his second hitting for the cycle and became the first player to record multiple hits for the cycle (after that).Hiromi Matsunaga,Robert Rose,Kousuke FukudomeAlso recorded).

After that, the federation commendation will be given to those who have achieved hitting for the cycle, and the official name will remain as a record achiever as well as the record of milestones such as 150 home runs and 100 wins in total.

The most difficult thing to aim for this record isThree basesHowever, there are many cases where the record could not be achieved without hitting only the triple.Shoichi BusujimaHas achieved hitting for the cycle, including running home runs, which are even more difficult than triples.[4].

In addition, there are cases where hitting for the cycle can be achieved in effect, but the achievement was missed by advancing to the next base.Haruyasu NakajimaThe Giants vs. May 1940, 5, where no one had achieved it yetSenatorHe recorded home runs, doubles, and triples in the game, and if he got a single hit, he was about to become the first hitting for the cycle.[Annotation 1].Hideki MatsuiAlso recorded home runs, doubles, and triples in the Giants vs. Yakult game on May 2001, 5, and the rest was only singles, but the team allowed the lead, so he hit in the fifth at bat. Also did not stop at the first base and proceeded to the second base and made a double[Annotation 2]..As a result, neither of them achieved a hitting for the cycle, leaving a single hit.

In Japan, postseason (Climax series,play off,Japan series) Has not been achieved, except in official gamesAtsushi Furuta 1992 All-Star GameRound 2,Koshimoto Koji 2019 All-Star GameHe has achieved hitting for the cycle in the second round.alsoKishikawa KatsuyaRecorded a hitting for the cycle in the fall of 1989 against Sepa East and West.Also in the official game1986Is recorded inKanamura Yoshiaki The1982 OfJunior all-star gameBut I'm recording.

Japanese players achieved hitting for the cycle in Major League Baseball on June 2019, 6.Otani XiangpingIs only[5].

Successive achievements

Japanese professional baseball

Japanese professional baseballThen, 71 people have achieved 76 times in total.No player has achieved the Japan Series, Playoffs, or Climax Series.No existing team has achieved the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles.

Of the nameTaiziIs a natural hitting for the cycle.

Achievement dateplayerAffiliationOpponentStadiumRemarks
1948May 10Fushimura /Fumio FujimuraOsakaVenusKoshienFirst in NPB history.2 hits including 5 singles.
1949May 4Kane /Masayasu KanedaOsaka南海Korakuen
1950May 5Fushimura /Fumio FujimuraOsakaHiroshimaKoshienSecond time. Achieved multiple times for the first time in NPB history.
1950May 6Monsen /Masato MonzenOceanChunichiKorakuen
1952May 4Hikashitani /Natsuki HigashitaniHankyuEvery step(I.e.First in the Pacific League.
1952May 4Asahara /Naoto AsaharaTokyuKintetsu(I.e.
1952May 6Takita /Takita politicsDaieiTokyu(I.e.2 hits including 5 singles.
1952May 6Yamakawa /Takenori YamakawaHiroshimaNational railwayKorakuen
1953May 4Aota /Aota NoboruWestern pine巨人Korakuen
1953May 8Harata /Tokuzo HaradaNagoya巨人KorakuenIt is the first time in NPB history that an achieved player has lost a match.
1954May 7Oita /Hiroshi OshitaNishitetsuHankyuHeiwadai2 hits including 5 singles.
Achieved in the first extra time in NPB history.
Achieved with the first goodbye home run in NPB history.
1954May 7Kawakami /Tetsuji Kawakami巨人HiroshimaMaebashi
1955May 8I was /Tokuharu Iida南海Dragonfly(I.e.Achievement in overtime.
1957May 6Furushima /Shoichi BusujimaToeiKintetsuKomazawaHitting for the cycle including the first running home run in NPB history.
1957May 7Watanabe/Kiyoshi WatanabeHankyuKintetsuOsaka2 hits including 5 singles, achieved in overtime.
1957May 8Katsuraki /Takao Katsuragievery day南海OsakaAchieved at the youngest age in NPB history (20 years and 8 months).
1959May 6Owata /Akira OwadaHiroshimaOceanHiroshima2 hits including 5 singles.
1959May 7Machita /Machida YukihikoNational railwayChunichiChunichi
1960May 8Kofuchi /Taisuke KobuchiNishitetsuToeiHeiwadai
1961May 5Harimoto /Isao HarimotoToeiKintetsuKomazawa
1961May 7Konto /Kazuhiko KondoOceanHanshin(I.e.Achieved by a goodbye home run.
1962May 9Before /Maeda MasuhoChunichiOceanChunichi
1963May 4Oh/Sadaharu Oh巨人HanshinKorakuen
1965May 7Deviation /Daryl SpencerHankyuKintetsuSaikyogokuAchievement in overtime.
The first foreigner to achieve in NPB history.
Hitting for the cycle was recognized in Japan by Spencer's remarks after the match.
1968May 5Wata /Hiromi WadaNishitetsu南海Heiwadai
1971May 8Yamasaki /Hiroyuki YamazakiLotteToeiShogun
1973May 7Hirota /Sumio HirotaLotteNitakuShogun
1976May 4Tokutsu /Takahiro TokutsuLotteThe Pacific OceanSendaiAchieved with 2 hits including 5 triples for the first time in NPB history.
1976May 7Kinukasa /Kinugasa YoshioHiroshima巨人SapporoHitting for the cycle, starting with the first home run of the first batter in NPB history.
1976May 7Wakamatsu /Tsutomu WakamatsuYakultChunichiShogun
1978May 5Nakasaki /Keiichi NagasakiOceanHanshinYokohama
1979May 5Mayumi /Mayumi AkinobuHanshinChunichiNagoyaHitting for the cycle starting from the second first batter home run in NPB history.
1980May 7Hirano/Mitsuyasu HiranoKintetsuHankyuNishinomiya
1980May 7Omiya /Tatsuo OmiyaNippon Ham南海Osaka2 hits including 5 singles.
1981May 5Fukumoto /Fukumoto YutakaHankyuSeibuSeibu
1982May 10Matsunaka /Hiromi MatsunagaHankyu南海Nishinomiya2 hits including 5 singles.
1983May 4Yamamoto/Koji YamamotoHiroshimaHanshinKoshien
1985May 5Kurihashi /Shigeru KurihashiKintetsu南海Osaka
1985May 5Okamura /Takanori OkamuraSeibuLotteHeiwadai
1986May 7Kanemura /Kanamura YoshiakiKintetsuHankyuNishinomiyaShowa last cycle hit.
19890May 7Akiyama /Koji AkiyamaSeibuKintetsuFujiideraHeisei's first hitting for the cycle.
1989May 10Tamura /Fujio TamuraNippon HamDaieiHeiwadai
1990May 7Fushimoto /Hiroshi FujimotoDaieiNippon Ham浜 松
1990May 8Ikeyama /Takahiro IkeyamaYakultChunichiShogun
1991May 5Matsunaka /Hiromi MatsunagaOryxLotteKobeSecond time, the second person to achieve multiple times in NPB history.
1992May 7Go up /Jack howellYakultHiroshimaShogun
1994May 9Nakamura /Norihiro NakamuraKintetsuNippon HamFujiideraAchieved with the first triple.
1995May 5Rosu /Robert RoseYokohamaChunichiYokohama
1997May 4Rosu /Robert RoseYokohamaYakultYokohamaSecond time, the second person to achieve multiple times in NPB history.
1997May 8Tatsunami /Kazuyoshi TachinamiChunichiHanshinNagoya Dome
1997May 9Hirosawa /Katsumi Hirosawa巨人ChunichiTokyo Dome
1999May 4Kanemoto /Tomonori KanemotoHiroshimaChunichiHiroshima
1999May 6West/Toshihisa Hitoshi巨人HiroshimaHiroshima
1999May 6Rosu /Robert RoseYokohamaHiroshimaToyamaThe third time, the first achievement of the third time in the history of NPB.
2000May 6Matsui /Matsui KazuoSeibuKintetsuSeibu Dome
2002May 7Rotorikesu /Boy RodriguezYokohamaHiroshimaHakodate
2002May 9Ihata /Hirokazu InabaChunichiYokohamaNagoya Dome
2003May 5Otesu ​​/Jose OrtizOryxSeibuSeibu DomeAchievement in overtime.
2003May 6Fukutome /Kousuke FukudomeChunichiHiroshimaNagoya Dome
2003May 7Inaha /Atsunori InabaYakultYokohamaAndAchievement in 5 times is the fastest inning record.
RainfallCold gameThis is the first time in NPB history.
2003/7/1Muramatsu /Muramatsu AritoDaieiKintetsuOsaka Dome
2003May 7Hiyama /Shinjiro HiyamaHanshinChunichiKoshien
2004404 daysHosawa/Toru HosokawaSeibuNippon HamSapporo Dome
2004May 4Ochiyoa /Alex OchoaChunichi巨人Tokyo DomeAchievement in overtime.
Achieved with NPB and MLB (only in history).
The first reverse natural cycle hit in NPB history.
2007May 9Sloppy /Julio ZlaterLotteRakutenFulsta Miyagi
2008May 9Spanish mackerel /Ogasawara Michidai巨人HiroshimaKyocera Dome
2014May 9Rosario /Rainel RosarioHiroshima巨人NaganoHitting for the cycle starting from the second first batter home run in NPB history.
The second person to achieve a reverse natural cycle hit in NPB history.
2016May 7Oshima /Yohei OshimaChunichiHiroshimaMazda StadiumHitting for the cycle starting from the second first batter home run in NPB history.
Achieved after being driven into all at-bats with 2 strikes.
2016May 7Fukutome /Kousuke FukudomeHanshinChunichiKoshienAchieved in multiple teams for the second time, the oldest record in history (2 years and 39 months).
The fourth multiple achievement in NPB history.
2018421 daysYanakita /Yuki YanagitaSoftbankNippon HamSapporo Dome2 hits including 5 singles.
20187And again /9 daysTetsuto YamadaYakult巨人Shizuoka
20187Kuwahara /20 daysMasashi KuwaharaDeNAHanshinYokohamaHitting for the cycle starting from the second first batter home run in NPB history.
20188Hirata /16 daysRyosuke HirataChunichiDeNANagoya DomeHitting for the cycle starting from the second first batter home run in NPB history.
2 hits including 5 doubles.
20194Umeno /9 daysRyutaro UmenoHanshinDeNAKoshienThe last hitting for the cycle in Heisei.
20218Maki /25 daysShugo MakiDeNAHanshinKyocera DomeAchieved by Reiwa's first and first newcomer in the regular season[6].
2021May 9Yasutaka ShiomiYakult巨人Tokyo Dome

By team

Both include the predecessor team.

RankingBaseball teamNumber of times
8Nippon Ham5
Non-existent teams / collateral teams

All star games

Achievement dateplayerAffiliationOpponentStadiumRemarks
1992May 7Furuta /Atsushi Furuta(Yakult)AllAllChiba Marine StadiumRound 2
2019May 7Chikamoto /Koshimoto Koji(Hanshin)AllAllHanshin Koshien StadiumRound 2
Hitting for the cycle starting from the first batter home run.Reiwa's first and newcomer's first hitting for the cycle, including the regular season.

Major League

In the major leagues, 294 people have achieved a total of 332 times.

In the existing teamMiami MarlinsOnly have never achieved hitting for the cycle.


Of the nameTaiziIs a natural hitting for the cycle.

Achievement dateplayerAffiliationRemarks
1882May 5Fuori /(English editionBuffalo bisons
1883May 7Without /(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics
1883May 9Leprosy /(English editionCincinnati Reds
1883May 9Leprosy /John RileyCincinnati RedsSecond time, twice a season
1884May 6Oruuku /Jim O'RourkeBuffalo bisons
1885May 6is/Dave OrrNew York Metropolitans
1885May 6Depression /(English editionDetroit Urbanes
1885May 6Rakin /(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics
1885May 9Makueri /(English editionDetroit Urbanes
1886May 5Tanratsufu /Fred DunlapSt. Louis Maroons
1886808 daysSea urchin /Pete BrowningLouisville Kernels
1886May 8Deaf /(English editionDetroit Urbanes
1886May 9Makukaa /(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics
1887May 4I'm in /Tip O'NealSt. Louis Cardinals
1887May 5Kiyaroru /(English editionPittsburgh Pirates
1887May 5I'm in /Tip O'NealSt. Louis CardinalsSecond time, twice a season
1887May 8is/Dave OrrNew York MetropolitansSecond time
1887May 8Makufui /Bid McPheeCincinnati Reds
1888May 5Sutohi /Harry StoveyPhiladelphia Athletics
1888May 6Demon /(English editionKansas City Cowboys
1888May 7Rian /(English editionChicago Cubs
1888May 8What /(English editionNew York Giants
1889May 6Sea urchin /Pete BrowningLouisville KernelsSecond time
1889808 daysKurasuko /Jack GlasscockIndianapolis Foods
1889May 8Tochieru /(English editionCleveland Spiders
18906028 daysWhat /Mike TiananNew York GiantsSecond time
1890705 daysTaiku /(English editionToledo Maumees
1890May 7Tehisu /(English editionBrooklyn Gladiators
1890May 7powder/Roger ConnorNew York Giants
1890801 daysHansu /(English editionBrooklyn Dodgers
1890806 daysLeprosy /John RileyCincinnati RedsSecond time
1890May 8Uiha /(English editionLouisville Kernels1 game 6 hits
1891May 7Rian /Jimmy RyanChicago CubsSecond time
1891May 9Tarurin Furu /Abner DalrympleMilwaukee Brewers
1894May 4Kurosu /(English editionPhiladelphia Phillies
1894May 6Hatsusama /(English editionWashington Senators
1894May 8Tonfuson /Sam ThompsonPhiladelphia Phillies
1894May 9Harotsuto /(English editionCincinnati Reds
1895May 8Tauto /(English editionSt. Louis Cardinals
1895May 9Kataraito /(English editionWashington Senators
1896509 daysRonku /(English editionBoston Braves
1896May 5Shiyosu /(English editionWashington Senators
1901May 7Tehisu /Harry davisPhiladelphia Athletics
1901May 7Kuraku /Fred ClarkPittsburgh Pirates
1901May 7Rajiyo /Nap LajoyPhiladelphia Athletics
1903May 5Kuraku /Fred ClarkPittsburgh PiratesSecond time
1903May 6Furiman /(English editionBoston Red Sox
1903May 7Tote /(English editionBoston Red Sox
1903May 9Furatsutori /(English editionCleveland Indians
19040May 6Kuri /(English editionBoston Braves
1904May 10Well /(English editionNew York Giants
1907May 4When /(English editionBoston Braves
1908May 10About /(English editionWashington Senators
19100May 7Wilson /(English editionPittsburgh Pirates
19100May 8Well /(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics
1910May 10Korinsu /(English editionBoston Braves
1911May 7Heeka /Frank bakerPhiladelphia Athletics
1911May 8Mitsuchieru /(English editionCincinnati Reds
1912609 daysSuhiika /Tris speakerBoston Red Sox
1912May 6Meiya tomorrow /(English editionNew York Giants
1912May 7Tanieru /(English editionNew York Yankees
1912May 8Wakuna /Honas WagnerPittsburgh Pirates
1914May 5Reno Tsukusu /(English editionPittsburgh Labels
1915May 7black/(English editionCincinnati Reds
1918May 6Hiisukooto /(English editionSt. Louis CardinalsAchieved with first triple and first home run
1920May 8Shisura /George SislerSt. Louis Browns
1920May 9Hiichi /(English editionDetroit Tigers
1920May 9Hansu /(English editionNew York Giants
1921May 5Miyusuru /Bob MuzelNew York Yankees
1921May 6Hankurofuto /Dave BancroftNew York Giants
1921May 8Shisura /George SislerSt. Louis BrownsSecond time
1921May 8Roha and Son /(English editionPittsburgh Pirates
1922May 4Yankus /Ross YoungsNew York Giants
1922May 5Shiyonsuton /(English editionBrooklyn Dodgers
1922May 6Shiyaaku /Ray SharkChicago White Sox
1922May 7Miyusuru /Bob MuzelNew York YankeesSecond time
1923May 7Toreina /Pie trainerPittsburgh Pirates
1924May 4Shieiko Fuson /(English editionSt. Louis Browns
1924May 8Kosurin /Goose GoslinWashington Senators
1925604 daysKaira /Kiki CuylerPittsburgh Pirates
1925May 6Kiyari /Max CareyPittsburgh Pirates
1925May 7I'm sorry /(English editionBoston Red Sox
1926May 9Fuosakiru /(English editionDetroit Tigers
1927May 7Hotomuri /Jim BottomleySt. Louis Cardinals
1927May 8Uiri Amusu /Cy WilliamsPhiladelphia Phillies
1928May 5Teri /Bill TerryNew York Giants
1928May 7Miyusuru /Bob MuzelNew York YankeesSecond time
1929May 5Otsuto /Mel OttoNew York Giants
1929May 5Meriro /(English editionSt. Louis Browns
1929May 9Kuronin /Joe CroninWashington Senators
1930May 5Rinto Storom /Freddy LindstromNew York Giants
1930May 6Wilson /Hack WilsonChicago Cubs
1930May 8Heifui /Chick HafeySt. Louis Cardinals
1931May 5Haman /Babe HermanBrooklyn Dodgers
1931May 7About /Chuck KleinPhiladelphia Phillies
1931May 7Haman /Babe HermanBrooklyn DodgersSecond time, twice a season
1932May 6Seri /Tony RazeliNew York Yankees
1932May 7Kakurein /Mickey cachranePhiladelphia Athletics
1933505 daysWell /(English editionSt. Louis Cardinals
1933May 5About /Chuck KleinPhiladelphia PhilliesSecond time
1933May 6Uon /Archie VaughanPittsburgh Pirates
1933802 daysKakurein /Mickey cachranePhiladelphia AthleticsSecond time
1933806 daysHikinsu /(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics
1933May 8Fuotsukusu /Jimmy FoxPhiladelphia Athletics
1933May 8Ariheru /Earl AverillCleveland Indians
1933May 9Haman /Babe HermanChicago CubsSecond time
1934May 6Give me /(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics
1934May 6Keeritsu /Lou GehrigNew York Yankees
1934May 8Soruta tomorrow /(English editionBoston Red Sox
1935May 6Metoi Tsuku /Joe MedwickSt. Louis Cardinals
1936May 5Resuri /(English editionNew York Giants
1937May 4Uoka /(English editionDetroit TigersAchieved with reverse natural starting from home runs
1937May 7Teimashio /Joe DiMaggioNew York Yankees
1937May 8Keeritsu /Lou GehrigNew York YankeesSecond time
1938May 7Hey /(English editionCleveland Indians
1939505 daysChiyatsu Fuman /(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics
1939May 5Keerinshiya /Charlie GehringerDetroit Tigers
1939May 7Uon /Archie VaughanPittsburgh PiratesSecond time
1940608 daysKurafuto /(English editionCincinnati Reds
1940May 6Taninku /(English editionNew York Giants
1940May 7Mice/Johnny MizeSt. Louis Cardinals
1940May 7Rosa /(English editionNew York Yankees
1940May 8Kuronin /Joe CroninBoston Red SoxSecond time
1940May 9Koton /Joe GordonNew York Yankees
1941May 7Matsuki Iin /(English editionSt. Louis Browns
1943May 7Karuha Ason /(English editionBoston Red Sox
1944May 5Toa /Bobby DoerrBoston Red Sox
1944May 7Shiyonson /(English editionBoston Red Sox
1944May 9Uoka /(English editionBrooklyn Dodgers
1945May 7Eriotsuto /Bob ElliottPittsburgh Pirates
1945May 8Monkey /(English editionPittsburgh Pirates
1946May 5Hanon /Mickey VernonWashington Senators
1946May 7Uiri Amusu /Ted WilliamsBoston Red Sox
1947May 5Toa /Bobby DoerrBoston Red SoxSecond time
1947May 9Wow /(English editionDetroit Tigers
1948May 5Teimashio /Joe DiMaggioNew York YankeesSecond time
1948May 7Uesutoreiku /(English editionPittsburgh Pirates
1948May 8Rohinson /Jackie robinsonBrooklyn Dodgers
1949May 6Uesutoreiku /Wally West LakePittsburgh PiratesSecond time
1949May 6Hotsushi /Gil HodgesBrooklyn Dodgers
1949May 7Miyu Shiaru /Stan MusicalSt. Louis Cardinals
1950602 daysKeru /George KellDetroit Tigers
1950May 6Kana /Ralph KinerPittsburgh Pirates
1950May 6Smoori /(English editionChicago Cubs
1950May 8Uaro /(English editionPhiladelphia Athletics
1950May 9Eha tomorrow /(English editionDetroit Tigers
1951May 6decrease/(English editionPittsburgh Pirates
1952May 6Tohi /Larry DobbyCleveland Indians
1954May 7Miyura /Don MuellerNew York Giants
1957702 daysUorusu /Lee WallsChicago Cubs
1957May 7Mantle /Mickey mantleNew York Yankees
1959May 5Rohinson /Frank robinsonCincinnati Reds
1960May 7Rohinson /Brooks RobinsonBaltimore Orioles
1960May 8Howaito /(English editionSt. Louis Cardinals
1961May 9Fictionary /Ken BoyerSt. Louis Cardinals
1962May 7Kurinton /(English editionBoston Red Sox
1963May 6Karison /(English editionPhiladelphia Phillies
1963May 8Hitsukuman /(English editionNew York Mets
1964May 5Kinku /(English editionWashington Senators
1964May 6Fictionary /Ken BoyerSt. Louis CardinalsSecond time
1964May 7Sister /Willie StargelPittsburgh Pirates
1964May 7Furekoshi /Jim FregosiLos Angeles Angels
1965May 5Yasutore Musuki /Karl YastremskyBoston Red Sox
1966May 7Uiri Amusu /Billy WilliamsChicago Cubs
1966May 8Hantori /(English editionChicago Cubs
1968May 5Furekoshi /Jim FregosiCalifornia AngelsSecond time.Achieved with reverse natural.
1970507 daysHaaka /Wes ParkerLos Angeles Dodgers
1970May 5Karu /Rod KarooMinnesota Twins
1970May 7Hooton /(English editionCleveland Indians
1970May 7Eishi /Tommy AgeeNew York Mets
1970May 7heart/(English editionSan Francisco Giants
1971May 7Hatetsu /(English editionKansas City Royals
1972May 4Kinkuman /Dave KingmanSan Francisco Giants
1972802 daysLet's go /Caesar SedenoHouston Astros
1972May 8Well /(English editionNew York Yankees
1972May 9Tooha /Caesar TovarMinnesota Twins
1973May 6Street/Joe ToriSt. Louis Cardinals
1974May 6Shisuku /(English editionPittsburgh Pirates
1975May 5Prowl /Lou BlockSt. Louis Cardinals
1976May 4Fuori /(English editionMontreal Expos
1976604 daysYes /Larry HisleMinnesota Twins
1976May 6Furitsufusu /(English editionNew York Mets
1976May 7Hosutotsuki /Lyman BostockMinnesota Twins
1976May 8Let's go /Caesar SedenoHouston AstrosSecond time
1976May 9Hikan /(English editionMilwaukee Brewers
1977May 6Watson /Bob WatsonHouston Astros
1977May 8Meieri /John mayberryKansas City Royals
1977May 9Furohama /(English editionChicago White Sox
1978May 4Soonton /Andre ThorntonCleveland Indians
1978May 7Yes /(English editionMontreal Expos
1978May 7Katsueshi /(English editionMinnesota Twins
1979May 5Furetsuto /George BrettKansas City Royals
1979May 8Fuoto /DunfordCalifornia Angels
1979May 9Watson /Bob WatsonBoston Red SoxSecond time
1979May 9Howaito /Frank whiteKansas City Royals
19800May 4Tehesusu /(English editionChicago Cubs
19800May 5Rin /Fred LynnBoston Red Sox
19800May 6Even good /Mike EaslerPittsburgh Pirates
19800May 9Uoto /(English editionMinnesota Twins
1980May 10Muu /(English editionMilwaukee Brewers
1982May 8Howaito /Frank whiteKansas City RoyalsSecond time
1984506 daysLipken /Cal RipkenBaltimore Orioles
1984May 5Fuisuku /Carlton FiskChicago White Sox
1984May 6Maki /Willie McGeeSt. Louis Cardinals
1984May 6Ehansu /Dwight EvansBoston Red Sox
1985May 6Rena and /(English editionSan Francisco Giants
1985704 daysHellKeith HernandezNew York Mets
1985May 7Makuto up /(English editionTexas Rangers
1985May 9Toman /Rich GedmanBoston Red Sox
1986May 5Furitsufusu /(English editionAuckland Athletics
1986May 8Butt /Kirby packetMinnesota Twins
1987May 4Toson /Andre DawsonChicago Cubs
1987May 5Maruto Nato /(English editionSan Francisco Giants
1987May 8Reinsu /Tim RainsMontreal Expos
1987May 9Cheeks /(English editionAtlanta Braves
1988May 6Yoonto /Robin YountMilwaukee Brewers
1988May 7Yes /Chris SpireSan Francisco GiantsSecond time
1988May 9Kuriin Ueru /Mike GreenwellBoston Red Sox
1989May 4Kuruuha /Kelly GruberToronto Blue Jays
1989May 6Tehisu /Eric DavisCincinnati Reds
1989May 8Makurei Norusu /Kevin McReynoldsNew York Mets
1989May 8Riitasu /(English editionPittsburgh Pirates
1990May 7Furetsuto /George BrettKansas City RoyalsSecond time
1991May 4Tonfuson /Robby ThompsonSan Francisco Giants
1991May 5Morita /Paul MoriterMilwaukee Brewers
1991May 6Uinfu Ito /Dave WinfieldCalifornia Angels
1991May 9Rank Fuoto /Ray LankfordSt. Louis Cardinals
1992May 8Let's go /(English editionHouston Astros
1993May 5Give me /Mark GraceChicago Cubs
1993May 6Hiyuna /Jay BuhnerSeattle Mariners
1993May 7Furaman /Travis FrymanDetroit Tigers
1994May 4Kuha /Scott CooperBoston Red Sox
1995May 6Howaito /Rondell WhiteMontreal Expos
1995May 8Shiefuri chair /Gregg JefferiesPhiladelphia Phillies
1995May 9How to increase /Tony FernandezNew York Yankees
1996May 5Meifuri /John MabrySt. Louis Cardinals
1996May 6Goodwill /(English editionBoston Red Sox
1996May 7Ochiyoa /Alex OchoaNew York MetsAchieved in Japan in 2004 (achieved in both countries only in history)
1997May 6Rotorikesu /Alex RodriguezSeattle Mariners
1997May 9Oruto /John OrludoNew York Mets
1998May 5Furowasu /Mike BlowersAuckland Athletics
1998May 6Hishietsuto /Dante BichetColorado Rockies
1998May 7Helles /Neifi PerezColorado Rockies
1999May 5Kento /Jeff KentSan Francisco Giants
1999May 6Herton /Todd HeltonColorado Rockies
1999May 7Shinkuruton /(English editionChicago White Sox
2000May 4Goodwill /Jose ValentinChicago White Sox
2000May 5Kentoru /Jason KendallPittsburgh Pirates
2000May 6Ranshin /Mike LansingColorado RockiesFastest in history (achieved in 4 times)
2000May 6Chiya Hesu /Eric ChavezAuckland Athletics
2000May 7Konsasu /Louis GonzalezArizona Diamondbacks
2001608 daysGood sushi /Damion EasleyDetroit Tigers
2001May 6Oruto /John OrludoSeattle MarinersSecond time
2001May 7Hakuueru /Jeff BagwellHouston Astros
2001May 8Furai /(English editionToronto Blue Jays
2001May 9Tehata /Miguel TehadaAuckland Athletics
2002May 4Hishio /Craig VisioHouston Astros
2002May 9Korufuran /(English editionArizona Diamondbacks
2003May 6Ukaason /Brad WilkersonMontreal Expos
2003May 6Hansu /Eric ByrnesAuckland Athletics
2003May 8Hafuna /Travis HafnerCleveland Indians
2003May 9Kereero /Bradymir GuerreroMontreal Expos
2004May 4Moora /(English editionMilwaukee Brewers
2004May 5Uoto /(English editionPittsburgh PiratesAchieved by the first parent and child in history
2004May 6decrease/David BellPhiladelphia PhilliesAchieved with grandfather and grandson for the first time in history
2004May 7Harento /Eric ValentNew York Mets
2004May 8Teshieira /Mark TesheiraTexas Rangers
2004May 8Tahanon /(English editionAnaheim Angels
2005406 daysUkaason /Brad WilkersonWashington NationalsSecond time
2005May 4Kurushirane Tsuku /Mark GurzillaneckSt. Louis Cardinals
2005May 8Yeah /Randy WinnSan Francisco Giants
2006May 6Reise /Jose ReyesNew York Mets
2006May 7Slowly /Luke ScottHouston AstrosAchieved with the first major home run.Achieved with reverse natural.
2006May 8Keyen /Carlos GuillénDetroit Tigers
2006May 9Masu Yusu /Gary Matthews Jr.Texas Rangers
2006May 9Fukinsu /Chone FigginsLos Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2007May 5Ruisu /Fred LewisSan Francisco GiantsAchieved with first major triple and first home run
2007604 daysEris /Mark EllisAuckland AthleticsAchieved by extension
2007May 6Hafu /Aubrey HuffBaltimore Orioles
2008May 5Rice vinegar /Carlos GomezMinnesota TwinsAchieved with reverse natural.
2008May 8Kotsuei /Mark KotsayAtlanta Braves
2008May 8Kuusuman /Christian GuzmanWashington Nationals
2008May 9Toriyu /Stephen DrewArizona Diamondbacks
2008/9/1Hell /Adrian BertreSeattle Mariners
20090May 4Pigeon /Orlando HudsonLos Angeles Dodgers
20090May 4Kinsura /Ian KinslerTexas RangersAchieved at the same time with 119 hits per game for the first time in 1 years
20090May 4Kuheru /Jason KubelMinnesota Twins
20090May 5Hard /Michael CuddyerMinnesota Twins
20090802 daysKafurera /Merkey cabreraNew York Yankees
20090May 8Toro Itsuki /Troy TurowitzkyColorado Rockies
20090May 8Hiei /Felix PieBaltimore Orioles
2009May 10Atsushi Futon /BJ UptonTampa Bay Rays
2010May 5Keruto /(English editionMilwaukee Brewers
2010May 7Morina /Benji MolinaTexas RangersHome run
2010May 7Shiyonson /Kelly JohnsonArizona Diamondbacks
2010May 7Konsasu /Carlos GonzalezColorado RockiesAchieved by a goodbye home run
2011May 9Kotsutasu /George KottarasMilwaukee Brewers1 hits in 4 game for the first time in major
2011May 9Santoharu /Pablo SandovalSan Francisco Giants
2012May 4Hair Ton /Scott HairstonNew York Mets
2012May 6Leech /Aaron HillArizona Diamondbacks
2012May 6Leech /Aaron HillArizona DiamondbacksSecond time, twice a season
2012May 8Hell /Adrian BertreTexas RangersSecond time
2013May 5To catch /Mike TroutLos Angeles Angels of Anaheim
2013May 7Hansu /Brandon BarnesHouston Astros
2013May 9Riosu /Alex RiosTexas Rangers
2014May 8Hard /Michael CuddyerColorado RockiesAchieved in both the second and third leagues
2015May 6Hot /Brock HoltBoston Red Sox
2015May 7Chiyu /Shin-Soo ChooTexas RangersFirst player from Asia / Korea
2015May 8Hell /Adrian BertreTexas RangersAchieved with 3 consecutive hits for the third time
2015May 8Kenfu /Matt KempSan Diego PadresAchievement for the first time for yourself and the team
2016May 6Furiman /Freddie FreemanAtlanta Braves
2016May 7Tehisu /Rajai DavisCleveland IndiansAchieved with reverse natural.
2016May 9Shieiso /John JaesoPittsburgh Pirates
2017May 4Maiya tomorrow /Will MyersSan Diego Padres
2017May 4Tana /Tray turnerWashington Nationals
2017May 4Rice vinegar /Carlos GomezTexas RangersSecond time
2017May 6That /Nolan ArenadoColorado RockiesAchieved by a goodbye home run[8]
2017May 7Herinshiya /Kodi BellingerLos Angeles Dodgers
2017May 8Ronkoria /Evan LongoriaTampa Bay Rays
2017May 9Abure /Jose AbreuChicago White Sox
2018May 8Hetsu /Mookie BettsBoston Red Sox
2018May 8Erich /Christian YelichMilwaukee Brewers
2018May 9Erich /Christian YelichMilwaukee BrewersSecond time, twice a season
2018May 9Kumon /Charlie BlackmonColorado RockiesAchievement in the 162nd game
2018May 10Hot /Brock HoltBoston Red SoxSecond, first postseason achievement
2019May 4Look /Jorge PolancoMinnesota Twins
2019May 6Otani /Otani XiangpingLos Angeles AngelsFirst achievement as a Japanese player
2019May 6Haus /Jake BauersCleveland IndiansAchieved for the second consecutive day following Shohei Ohtani, for the first time in 2 years
2019May 7Tana /Tray turnerWashington NationalsSecond time
2019May 8Hiya / Jonathan BeerBaltimore Orioles
2019May 9Hishio / Cavan VIZIOToronto Blue JaysAchieved for the second time in history
2021May 6Tana /Tray turnerWashington NationalsSecond time
2021May 7Kuronenwasu /Jake CronenworthSan Diego PadresAchieved in the first game of the second half
2021May 8Furiman /Freddie FreemanAtlanta BravesSecond time
2021May 9Rosario /エディ・ロサリオAtlanta Braves

By team

(Only existing teams are counted, including predecessor teams)


RankingBaseball teamNumber of times
1San Francisco Giants25
2Pittsburgh Pirates24
3Boston Red Sox22
4St. Louis Cardinals19
5Auckland Athletics17
6New York Yankees15
7Minnesota Twins14
8Chicago Cubs11
Washington Nationals
10Cincinnati Reds10
Detroit Tigers
Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Dodgers
Baltimore Orioles
15New York Mets9
Milwaukee Brewers
Cleveland Indians
Atlanta Braves
18Philadelphia Phillies8
Houston Astros
Colorado Rockies
Los Angeles Angels
23Kansas City Royals6
Chicago White Sox
25Seattle Mariners4
Arizona Diamondbacks
27Toronto Blue Jays3
San Diego Padres
29Tampa Bay Rays2
30Miami Marlins0

Korean professional baseball

Korean professional baseballThen 26 people have achieved 28 times in total.

Of the nameTaiziIs a natural hitting for the cycle.

Achievement dateplayerAffiliationOpponentStadiumRemarks
1982May 6Otesoku /(Korean versionSamusun /三星Hiyonde /SammiKutoku
1987May 8Ikanton /(Korean versionHanhua /BinggraeTou-san /OBSilkworm room
1987May 8Chiyonkon /(Korean versionRotsute /LotteHiyonde /Blue treasureIncheon
1990May 8Kansokuchiyon /(Korean versionHanhua /BinggraeHiyonde /The Pacific OceanDaejeon
1992May 8Hakuhiyonsoku /(Korean versionTou-san /OBRotsute /LotteSilkworm room
1994May 4Soyonhin /Seo Yong BinEji /LGRotsute /LotteSilkworm room
1996May 4Kimunkuku /(Korean versionRotsute /LotteHanhua /HanwhaSoil and grain
1996May 8Yanshiyu ni well /Yang Joon-hyukSamusun /三星Hiyonde /modernDaegu
2001May 5Marutei Nesuma ni /(English edition,Korean versionSamusun /三星Kia /HeteDaeguFirst non-Korean player
2001May 7Chiyonshi Yunho /(Korean versionHiyonde /modernSamusun /三星Suwon
2003May 4Yanshiyu ni well /Yang Joon-hyukSamusun /三星Hiyonde /modernDaeguSecond time
2004May 9Shinshiyonkiru /Shin Jong-gilHanhua /HanwhaTou-san /DoosanDaejeonAchieved the youngest
2008May 6Anchiyon /Ahn Chi-yongEji /LGSamusun /三星Daegu
2009May 4Ishiyonuku /Lee Jong WookTou-san /DoosanEji /LGSilkworm room
2013May 7Ihiyon Kiyu /Kei LeeEji /LGKiumu /NexenMokdongAchieved the oldest
2014May 5Oshie Uon /Oh Jae-wonTou-san /DoosanHanhua /HanwhaSilkworm room
2015May 4Temusu /Eric ThamesEnushi /NCKia /KiaGwangju
2015May 8Temusu /Eric ThamesEnushi /NCKiumu /NexenMokdongSecond time, twice a season
2016May 4Kimushi Yuchiyan /Kim Joo-chanKia /KiaKiumu /NexenGwangju
2016May 6Hakukon /Park Kun WooTou-san /DoosanKia /KiaGwangju
2016May 8Chie Hiyon /Choi Hyoung WooSamusun /三星Siblings /KTSuwon
20170/May 4There /Seo Geon ChangKiumu /NexenTou-san /DoosanSilkworm room
2017May 6Chiyonshinho /Jung Jin HoTou-san /DoosanSamusun /三星Silkworm roomAchievement in 5 times is the fastest inning record
2017May 8Hanatei Narosiya /Roger BernadinaKia /KiaSiblings /KTGwangju
2018May 5Rohasume Shiyuni /Mel Rojas Jr.Siblings /KTSamusun /三星Daegu
2020May 5Kim Hae Sook /(Korean versionKiumu /KiwoomSiblings /KTGao Chi
2020May 10Oyunsoku /(Korean versionRotte /LotteHanfa /HanwhaSoil and grainIt is the first time in history to include a full-base home run
2021May 4Yanwiji /Yang Eui-jiSamusun /三星EnushiNCDaegu

By team

RankingBaseball teamNumber of times
Non-existent teams / collateral teams
Sanbi-Blue Treasure-Pacific-modern1

Taiwan professional baseball

In TaiwanCPBL10 people,TMLTwo people have achieved it 2 times in total.

Of the nameTaiziIs a natural hitting for the cycle.

Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL)

Achievement dateplayerAffiliationOpponentRemarks
1993May 5(Chinese versionFull flavorTime signalFirst non-Taiwanese player
1994May 3(Chinese versionSanshoUnification
1996May 4(Chinese versionUnification兄弟
1997May 3(Chinese versionSansho兄弟First Taiwanese player
2006May 7(Chinese versionCITICKonoAchieved by running home runs
2009May 5Chung Cheng-yuLa NewKonoAchievement in overtime
2009May 9Zhang TaishanKono兄弟
2012May 5Lin Yi-chuanKono兄弟
2015May 7Wang Seng WeiCITIC BrothersYoshidai
2015May 8Chin-Lung HuYoshidaiLamigo

By team

RankingBaseball teamNumber of times
1Fubon Guardians-Kono Bears-Kono Bulls-Yoshidai-Fubon3
2Uni-President Lions-Uni-President Lions-Unification1
Brother-CITIC Brothers
Daiichi Kongo -La New -Lamigo-Rakuten
Non-existent teams / collateral teams
1/Full flavor1
0/Time signal0
Naruwan Taiyo-Seitai Taiyo-Seitai-Dmedia T-Rex

Taiwan Major League (TML)

Achievement dateplayerAffiliationOpponentRemarks
2001May 6(Chinese versionChiayi-TainanTaipei sun
2002May 6Chiayi-TainanTaipei sun[1]

National High School Baseball Tournament

Selected High School Baseball Tournament

Selected High School Baseball TournamentThen one person has achieved it.

Held yearConventionplayerAffiliationOpponentRemarks
197951 timesKitano /Toshifumi KitanoMinoshimaNanshoOnly in the history of the tournament
Achieved in the final

National High School Baseball Championship

National High School Baseball ChampionshipThen one person has achieved it.

Held yearConventionplayerAffiliationOpponentRemarks
194931 timesSukiyama /Shinjiro SugiyamaSafeMoriokaFirst in the history of the tournament
197557 timesTamakawa /Hisashi TamagawaTosaKatsuraAchieved with reverse natural
199173 timesSawamura /Sawamura DoriOsaka ToinAkitaAchieved in overtime
199880 timesFushimoto /Toshiya FujimotoMeitoku GijukuYokohama
200486 timesHayashi/Yuya HayashiKomadai TomakomaiYokohama
2019101 timesNice /Shotaro SugitaTsurugaKokugakuin Kugayama

Main record

Japanese professional baseball

  • Most Recorder- Robert Rose(横浜)3回(1995年5月2日中日戦、1997年4月29日ヤクルト戦、1999年6月30日広島戦)
  • Fastest hitting for the cycle- Atsunori Inaba(Yakult) (Achieved in 2003 attacks against Yokohama on July 7, 1)
  • Achieved by multiple people on the same day-once
  • Oldest Recorder- Kousuke Fukudome(Hanshin) (Achieved at 2016 years and 7 months in the China-Japan match on July 30, 39)

Major League

Korean professional baseball

  • Yang Joon-hyukAchieved twice for the first time in history (August 2, 1996, April 8, 23).Eric Thamesは2015年4月9日、8月11日と史上初めて1シーズンで2回達成。2020年5月30日、(Korean version(Kiwoom Heroes) Is the 24th and 26th achievement in history.


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