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⚽ | Sagan Tosu forward Rio Futada transfers to Austria FC Wacker Innsbruck U-23 for a limited time

Photo Sagan Tosu U-18 FW Rio Futada

Sagan Tosu forward Rio Futada transfers to Austria FC Wacker Innsbruck U-23 for a limited time

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It will be a European challenge in a new form of promotion from youth to the top and immediately transfer to rental.

On July 7, Sagan Tosu, forward Rio Futada, FC Wacker Inn in Austrian Bundesliga 27nd Division ... → Continue reading

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Transfer with time limit

Transfer with time limit(Kigentsuki Iseki) isサ ッ カ ーSuch asProfessionalIn sports, hold a contract with the club to which the athlete currently belongs and set a period for other clubs.TransferSystem to do. in Englishloan dealSay In Japanese media, the expression “rental transfer” is often used, but rental is a term used for lending for things such as movables and real estate, and in English, rental is not used for transfer targeting people. ..

Often timed transfers are often found in regular transfers (full transfers)Transfer feeInstead, the club to which the transfer is made pays a loan fee to the club from which the transfer is made, and the form in which the player's reward is paid off is common.


利 点

  • From the standpoint of the transferred team, they can replenish their strength while avoiding the risk of paying a high transfer fee. Clubs with particularly poor financial resources tend to use fixed-term transfers a lot.
  • From a player's standpoint, we can expect more opportunities to participate. Also, for both the transfer destination club and the players, the fixed transfer is a kind of "trial period", and there are many cases where the transfer to the fixed transfer destination club is recognized and the transfer is completed later. In addition, if it is assumed that the transfer will be completed in the future, there is a case where a contract is concluded that the transfer transfer can be changed to a complete transfer by paying the transfer transfer fee set at the time of transfer. ..
  • From the standpoint of the former club, the young players, who have difficulty giving a chance to participate, can gain experience in the match.
  • By transferring a foreign player who has surplus strength or does not fit the club for a limited time, it is possible to open up the foreign national quota and acquire a new foreign player.


  • Since the players maintain contracts with the clubs they are transferred from, they will not be a potential asset to the clubs to which they are transferred, even if the players are successful and make a name for themselves. Also, if the transfer source and the transfer destination are the same league, it may not be able to participate in the competition with the transfer source club because of the contract.
  • Even if you play an active role, depending on the intention of the transfer former club, as a general rule, you will return to the original club, so clubs that used a lot of strength reinforcement by time transfer will lose their strength after the time limit transfer period.
  • Since there is a risk of repeating rental transfers every year, there are few cases in which one club tends to be in a so-called “turning around” state for a long time.

Japan Football Association time-limited transfer system

Japan Football AssociationThen.J LeagueandJFL(Old JFLA fixed transfer system has been established for the professional soccer players to which he belongs.Transfer with time limitIs the official name set by the JFA,Rental transferThe term is also commonly used as a synonym.

In the case of a time-limited transfer, first, the transfer source club, the transfer destination club, and the athletes enter into a time-limited transfer contract based on the agreement. At this time, the transfer fee is stipulated as “according to the agreement between the transfer source club and the transfer destination club”, but it does not occur as a custom. Following this, the player signs a player contract with the club to which they are transferred,Terms and conditions of contractAs a general rule, the terms and conditions of the contract with the transferring club must be the same. In addition, the players will be included in the 25-frame contract A contract of the club to which they are transferred.

At the end of the time limit transfer period, athletes will automatically retransfer to the club they were transferred from. However, it is possible to extend the transfer with a deadline or change to a complete transfer by agreement of the three parties. When transferring to a full transfer, a transfer fee will be incurred if the transfer club intends to extend the contract, but in this case the age coefficient will be halved and the amount will be lower than a normal full transfer. Also, if the transfer club does not extend the contract, no transfer fee will be incurred.

There is no provision for cancellation of the contract during the transfer period with a deadline, and the cancellation will be decided by negotiation between the three parties in consideration of the circumstances of both clubs.

From the 2013 season, if you have a participation restriction contract such as "I can not compete in the game with the transferred club", it is obligatory to announce the conditions.

In the J League1994This system was introduced from. The first application was Verdi Kawasaki (currentlyTokyo Verdy) Was enrolled inShiro Kikuharaso,Urawa RedsWas transferred for a limited time with a one-year deadline. Since then, many athletes have been able to take advantage of the time-limited transfer, and it is now fully established as a means of transfer.

Cerezo OsakaFrom SpainMallorcaTransferred toYoshito Okubo,Kyoto Purple SangaFrom FranceLe MansTransferred toDaisuke Matsui,FC TokyoFrom ItalyCesenaTransferred toYuto NagatomoIn many cases, players who transfer to overseas clubs join the transfer for a limited time instead of a complete transfer in the first season of the transfer, and if they achieve good results, they will transfer to a complete transfer.

Training-type transfer with deadline

18-year-old players who are in a lower category than the club they belong to (eg J23 club players who belong to a J1 club or lower belong to the J2 club or lower) can be transferred for a limited period outside the transfer period. "Timed transfer" was introduced as a trial from the 2013 season.

Regarding the background of introducing this,Japan Football AssociationIt is,2016Top team youth training tournament restartedJ Satellite League"But2009Since it has been abolished in 2013, the number of opportunities for young athletes to practice is greatly reduced, so we are thinking of providing opportunities to participate in more official games and practicing. The trial was introduced in 2014, and after 2013, the decision was made based on the results of the trial introduction in XNUMX.[1].

In addition, at the beginning of the J3 league2014から2015Was organized for players who belong to clubs belonging to J2 or higher and who have few opportunities to participate in the top team.J League U-22Regarding ``, apart from the rules for transfer with a deadline, a method of randomly selecting players from each club for each match was adopted, and it was effectively a'double registration' of the club and U-22 to which it belongs. Cumulative warnings and exits from U-22s were not to be reflected in the clubs they belonged to. Also,2016Even for U-23 teams in each club unit who are allowed to participate from the above, apart from these time-limited transfers, do not delineate or divide the player registration clearly with the top team,Professional baseballSimilar to the above, a system is planned that allows one team to freely register top and U-23 players.Uniform numberCan be the same as the top U-23 or separate, but changes during the season are prohibited.


In the world football world, fixed-time transfers have been widely practiced before its introduction in Japan. Limited transfers have also been introduced in some other sports in Europe.

In Japan, in addition to the soccer mentioned above,Ice hockey,volleyball,rugbyHas introduced a time-limited transfer system.wrestlingIn some cases, the transfer may be limited by negotiations between groups.

Also currentlyBaseball agreementCannot be done according to regulationsProfessional baseballHowever, the introduction of a similar system in Japan is being considered. In Japan, some baseball teams used to be called “study baseball”,Voluntary retirementWhile the baseball team in Japan has the ownership rights of the playersMajor LeagueUnder the umbrellaMinor leagueThere was a player with a concept similar to a transfer with a deadline, but due to the revision of Article 1998, Paragraph 11 of the Baseball Agreement in November 68, overseas transfer using the voluntary retirement system was prohibited. In addition, in Japan, after transferring to another baseball team, there was a case of returning to the original baseball team in a short time (Seiji Kobayashi,Iriki SatoshiEtc.), was perceived as a de facto loan transfer. From 2012Training player OfIndependent LeagueA transfer with a term of "dispatch" to[2].

Of professional basketball in 2011bj leagueInGreat East Japan Earthquake3 teams that were suspended due toSendai-埼 玉-Tokyo) Was introduced urgently to rescue athletes and was established in 2013NBL, That NBL and bj league were integratedB LeagueHas been fully introduced in.

In American professional sports, playersUnionTradeoff withFree agentDue to the relationship with the system, a fixed-term transfer system has not been introduced.

Outside the sports industry, JapanMinistry of DefenseIt is reported that the company is considering the establishment of a "term self-defense officer" system that will transfer employees of private companies to the Ministry of Defense for a period of two to three years, while also serving as employee training for private companies (Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Defense, "Rental transfer system" from private sector to secure human resources (Yomiuri Shimbun) Than)).


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