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⚽ | Injured Sergio Ramos misses PSG opening round


Injured Sergio Ramos will miss PSG opening round

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PSG will face Strasbourg, to which Eiji Kawashima belongs, in Ligue 2 Round XNUMX, but Ramos's debut could be this match.

DF Sergio Ramos, who transferred from Real Madrid to PSG, will be delayed in his debut in the new world ... → Continue reading


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League Ann

League Ann(Ligue 1) by sponsorshipLeague Ann Uber EatsKnown as (Ligue 1 Uber Eats)FranceThe professionalサ ッ カ ーIt is a league.Organized by the League de Football Professional (LFP), contested by 20 clubsLeague DoThe club will be promoted and demoted with.

It was founded in 1932.Long time agoDivision XNUMX Baseball ChampionshipIt was called (Division 1), but it was renamed in the 2002-03 season.OverseasPrincipality of MonacoFromAS MonacoIs participating[1][2].

The most winsSaint-Etienne10 times.afterwardsMarseilleParis Saint-GermainTwice,Nantes(I.e.Twice,Lyon7 times and so on.The record for the most consecutive victories is Lyon's seven consecutive victories from the 2001-02 season to the 2007-08 season.


France Ligue XNUMXEngland OfPremier League,イタリア OfSerie A,スペイン OfLa Liga,Germany OfBundesligaと と も にEuropeHas formed the five major professional soccer leagues[3].

In Ligue 20 2 teams each twice, each otherHeadquartersPlay a match at (Home & awayMethod) Determine the ranking.After the end of the season, with the lower ranks of Ligue XNUMXLeague DoThe top two teams will be replaced automatically.Ligue 2's 18th place club and Ligue 3's XNUMXrd place club play a qualification match (Home & awayMethod) The winner is promoted (if the Ligue 18 XNUMXth place club wins, it will remain).

Like the English Premier League, Spain's La Liga, Italy's Serie A, Germany's BundesligaUEFA rankingAlthough it cannot be said that it is the top league in Europe because it has never won the first place in the ranking, it is a high-level league that always occupies the second place of these four leagues in the same ranking.As a trend in recent years, the 1-4 season at international competitionsUEFA Champions LeagueAS Monaco runner-up in the same seasonUEFA CupThen Marseille is the runner-up,Olympic LyonAlso for 2003 consecutive seasons from 04-3 seasonCLAlthough there are some activities of specific teams such as breaking into the best 8, it is difficult to advance to the top as a whole.Also, in the domestic league, while Olympique Lyonnais has built an era since 2000, there are many cases where big clubs with financial power can not demonstrate the power as before, and in the 2010-11 season the league Was a regular of AnneAS MonacoWas demoted or was in the second division until a few seasons ago in the 2011-12 seasonMontpellier HSCContinued a period of melee, where it was difficult to predict the ranking, such as winning the championship.After that, from the 2012-13 seasonParis Saint-Germain FCAchieved the eighth straight title.

For players currently playing in Ligue XNUMXFrance representative,Brazil national teamIn addition to the large number of representative players from each country, including France, one of the features is that there are a large number of black African players due to the historical background that France has followed.In the past, there are many young people who have high expectations for the future, and many African players have high potential. Netherlands OfEredivisieIt was positioned like the Toryumon League alongside.Michael essien(Olympic Lyon),Didier Drogba(Olympic marseille),Ronaldinho(Paris Saint-Germain FC),Eden Hazard(reel) Etc. have been studying in Ligue XNUMX and transferred to a strong club in another league.

But,Paris Saint-Germain FCSince the 2010s, when the management system of the company has changed drastically, the entry of representative players from each country into Ligue XNUMX has become conspicuous, and the image of the former Ligue XNUMX league is being dispelled.


Affiliation club

2021-22 season

In order of final ranking in the previous year, the location in parentheses is the hometown location. △ is a club promoted from Ligue XNUMX.
☆ isUEFA Champions League 2021-22Participation, ◎UEFA Europa League 2021-22出場、□はUEFAヨーロッパカンファレンスリーグ 2021-22Participation

  1. Reel OSC(reel) ☆ (Group League)
  2. Paris Saint-Germain FC(Paris) ☆ (Group League)
  3. AS Monaco FC((I.e.)☆(予選3回戦)
  4. Olympic Lyon(Lyon) ◎ (Group League)
  5. Olympic marseille(Marseille) ◎ (Group League)
  6. Stade Rennais FC(Rennes)□(プレーオフ)
  7. RC Lance(Lance
  8. Montpellier HSC(Montpellier
  9. OGC Nice(Nice
  10. FC female(Female
  11. AS Saint-Etienne(Saint-Etienne
  12. FC Girondin Bordeaux(Bordeaux
  13. Angers SCO(Angers
  14. Stud lance(Lance
  15. RC Strasbourg(Strasbourg
  16. FC Lorient(Lorient
  17. Stade Brestois 29(Brest
  18. FC Nantes(Nantes
  19. Troyes AC(Troyes) △
  20. Clermont Foot(Clermont-Ferrand) △

Past winning clubs

SeasonWin[5][6][7]2 bit3 bit
SoshoStrasbourgRC Paris
RC ParisStrasbourg
MarseilleSoshoRC Paris
SetoMarseilleRC Paris
Stade de LanceStrasbourg
MarseillereelStade de Lance
Stade de LancereelMarseille
BordeauxreelStade de Lance
NicereelLe Havre
Stade de LanceSoshoBordeaux
reelStade de LanceBordeaux
Stade de LanceRC Lance
NiceRC Lance(I.e.
Saint-EtienneRC LanceStade de Lance
Stade de LanceNeem(I.e.
NiceNeemRC Paris
Stade de LanceNeemRC Paris
(I.e.RC ParisStade de Lance
Stade de LanceRC ParisNeem
(I.e.Stade de LanceSudan
Saint-Etienne(I.e.RC Lance
NantesRC LanceBastia
NantesBordeauxParis Saint-Germain
Paris Saint-GermainNantesBordeaux
MarseilleParis Saint-Germain(I.e.
Marseille(I.e.Paris Saint-Germain
(Note 1)Paris Saint-Germain(I.e.
Paris Saint-GermainMarseilleAuxerre
NantesLyonParis Saint-Germain
AuxerreParis Saint-Germain(I.e.
(I.e.Paris Saint-GermainNantes
RC LanceFemale(I.e.
(I.e.Paris Saint-GermainLyon
2001 02LyonRC LanceAuxerre
2002 03Lyon(I.e.Marseille
2003 04LyonParis Saint-Germain(I.e.
2004 05Lyonreel(I.e.
2005 06LyonBordeauxreel
2006 07LyonMarseilleToulouse
2007 08LyonBordeauxMarseille
2008 09BordeauxMarseilleLyon
2009 10MarseilleLyonAuxerre
2010 11reelMarseilleLyon
2011 12MontpellierParis Saint-Germainreel
2012 13Paris Saint-GermainMarseilleLyon
2013 14Paris Saint-Germain(I.e.reel
2014 15Paris Saint-GermainLyon(I.e.
2015 16Paris Saint-GermainLyon(I.e.
2016 17(I.e.Paris Saint-GermainNice
2017 18Paris Saint-Germain(I.e.Lyon
2018 19Paris Saint-GermainreelLyon
2019 20Paris Saint-GermainMarseilleRennes
2020 21reelParis Saint-Germain(I.e.

Note 1.1992. Marseille won the 93-XNUMX season,Match-fixing discoveredI was stripped of the title

Number of wins by club

As of the 2020-21 season
Club nameNumber of timesWinning year
Saint-Etienne10 times1959-57, 1963-64, 1966-67, 1967-68, 1968-69, 1969-70, 1973-74, 1974-75, 1975-76, 1980-81
Paris Saint-Germain09 times1985-86, 1993-94, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2017-18, 2018-19, 2019-20
Marseille09 times1936-37, 1947-48, 1970-71, 1971-72, 1988-89, 1989-90, 1990-91, 1991-92, 2009-10
Nantes08 times1964-65, 1965-66, 1972-73, 1976-77, 1979-80, 1982-83, 1994-95, 2000-01
(I.e.08 times1960-61, 1962-63, 1977-78, 1981-82, 1987-88, 1996-97, 1999-00, 2016-17
Lyon07 times2001-02, 2002-03, 2003-04, 2004-05, 2005-06, 2006-07, 2007-08
Stade de Lance06 times1948-49, 1952-53, 1954-55, 1957-58, 1959-60, 1961-62
Bordeaux06 times1949-50, 1983-84, 1984-85, 1986-87, 1998-99, 2008-09
Nice04 times1950-51, 1951-52, 1955-56, 1958-59
reel04 times1945-46, 1953-54, 2010-11, 2020-21
Seto02 times1933-34, 1938-39
Sosho02 times1934-35, 1937-38
Montpellier01 times2011 12
RC Lance01 times1997 98
Auxerre01 times1995 96
Strasbourg01 times1978 79
01 times1946 47
RC France01 times1935 36
01 times1932 33

Major achievements in international competitions

(Records are as of the end of the 2020-21 season)

Note 1. Lost the right to act as a champion due to the discovery of Marseille's match-fixing in the French national league.


Among the awards held annually by (UNFP), the best player, the best young player, the best goalkeeper, the best manager, the best team (best eleven), the best goal (selected by a vote from the general public) Will be awarded a prize.

Audience mobilization

The average number of spectators in the 2016/2017 season was 2, ranking second in the European League[8].

Main Japanese players

Seasonal tournament name

  • Ligue 1 Orange (2002–2008)
  • Ligue 1 Conforama (2017–2020)
  • Ligue 1 Uber Eats (2020 – Present)


注 釈


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外部 リンク

Kawashima Eiji

Eiji Kawashima(Eiji Kawashima,1983May 3 -) isSaitamaYono City(CurrentSaitamaChuo-ku) FromProfessional soccer player.League Ann-RC StrasbourgBelongs.Representation from Japan.. Position isGoalkeeper.

Club history

Before entering professional

As a boy, he learned the basics at the local Yono Hachiman Soccer Sports Boy Scouts.Aspiring to be a goalkeeper from that timeSergio GoycocheHad a longing for[2].Yono Nishi Junior High SchoolHe started his position as a keeper in earnest in the times.Selected for Saitama Prefecture,Germany NetherlandsHas experience of expedition to.afterwardsSaitama Prefectural Urawa Higashi High SchoolIn 3 yearsChampionship-National body-High school overallAnd participated in all three high school soccer national tournaments.

Excellent grades as a student, from the surroundingsUniversityI was advised to go on to higher education, but decided to go professional[3]..But localUrawa RedsThe selection will be rejected.Then another local clubOmiya ArdijaDecided to join.It was at that time that I decided to acquire Kawashima in the position of general manager of the strengthening department at Omiya.Norio Sasaki(laterJapan national soccer team(Director).

Omiya Ardija

After joining Omiyaイタリア-Serie A Ofパ ル マStudy abroad[4]..I was a GK coach at that timeHermes FulgoniUnder the guidance of[5], Participated in the "Vignora Tournament" in which young players participate.The team won the championship and Kawashima himself was elected the best goalkeeper.

On the other hand, in the top team, the rookie year2001 TheAtsushi ShiraiIs the guardian deity and has no chance to participate, after Shirai retired2002Although it will make its official debutTomoyasu Ando-Hiroki ArayaIt was ranked 3rd after, but it was the 3rd year since joining the team.2003When it became, I secured the position of a positive goalkeeper.

Nagoya Grampus Eight

With OmiyaLaterInundated with offers due to his success in World Youth.2004From the transfer stories that came into the scene, he dared to play an active role as a representative of Japan at that time.Masatake NarasakiIs enrolledNagoya Grampus EightTransferred to.However, Narasaki's stronghold, which was in the mature stage at that time, was tough, and in the official game, the days of being content with it continued, and as a resultAthens OlympicsI was removed from the representative members of.

After the transfer, there were limited opportunities to participate in cup games, but2006ToSef VergoossenIn Nagoya, which has made a new start under the new director2005He started in place of Narasaki, who was injured at the end of the season.Even after Narasaki returned, he continued to fight fiercely.As a result, 10 league games this seasonJ League CupParticipated in 4 games.However, I couldn't take the position of regular goalkeeper from Narasaki.

Kawasaki Frontale

2006After the end of the season2007Club's first in the seasonAFC Champions LeagueAhead of participationKawasaki FrontaleReceived a love call from Kawasaki, the highest amount in Kawasaki club history at that time, 1 million yenTransfer feeCompletely transferred.Takashi AizawaAnd high school graduate second yearRikihiro SugiyamaFrom the opening, he achieved full participation in all games as a regular goalkeeper.afterwards,2008When it becomes, AizawaCerezo OsakaTransferred to for a limited time and replacedShinya Yoshihara Tokyo Verdy 1969Although he returned from, he achieved full participation in all games for the second consecutive year.2009Also played in all games for 3 consecutive years2010He continued to play 112 games in a row until he transferred to.

Riluse SK

2010May 7,ベルギー-Jupiler LeagueJust promoted to (1st copy)Riluse SKCompletely transferred to a 2 year contract[6].. In SeptemberSai Country Sports Achievement AwardAward.

Although he was appointed as a goalkeeper from the opening round in Lierse, the team was not blessed with victory and was always in the midst of a residual battle such as suffering a large number of goals in each game, but in the final sectionClub bruggeHe was selected as the team MVP of Lierse's supporters for his ability to keep the score to zero in the battle and to contribute to the remaining part of Lierse's first year of promotion due to the reversal.[7][8].

2011May 8, League Section 4Germanal bale shotIn the war, some Germinal supporters told Kawashima "Kawashima, Fukushima!" In the same year.May 3Occurred inFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentKawashima, who was furious with this, protested against the opponent's supporters and the referee, causing a riot that the game was temporarily suspended.[9][10]..In response, Lierse protested against the Belgian Football Association.[11], Germinal who caused the uproar posted an apology in Japanese on the official website[12], In September, Germinal Chairman Fanopen apologized directly to Kawashima[13].

May 10He was appointed captain of Lierse. In the 2011-12 season, he participated in all 36 league cup games, and the number of goals conceded, which was the worst in the previous season, was dramatically reduced, contributing to the second consecutive year of defense.[14]Was elected as Team MVP for 2 consecutive seasons[15].

Standard Liège

2012May 7, 4th in Jupiler League (12th in Lierse)Standard LiègeSigned a three-year contract with the club and announced a full transfer to the club[16].. In the 2012-13 season, he participated in all league games in the first year of his transfer.

The 2014-15 season was out of regular from the middle of the season. On May 2015, 5, it was announced that he would leave Standard Liège.[17].

Dundee United

After leaving Standard Liège in June 2015, the transfer destination has not been decided and the Belgian team[18]And Italy 2nd DivisionNovara Calcio[19],Shinji OkazakiOf England to whichLester City FC[20]I participated in the practice of such teams, but it did not lead to a contract, and I remained independent.In addition, he was excluded from the Japanese national team, who had been elected for many years because he was independent.[21].. It was reported that in October it was possible to return to the old nest of Standard Liège.[22]But on November 11rd in ScotlandDundee United FCAnnounced that they have agreed to join[23]Officially joined on December 12th[24]..Since the team to which he belongs has been decided, he returned to the national team in 2016.Expected as a savior for teams in danger of being demoted[25], Section 22Dundee FC(I.e. (Dundee Derbyから (Michał SzromnikContinued to play on behalf of, but could not reduce the number of runs[26], Decided to be demoted on May 2016, 5[27].

FC female

2016 year 8 month,League Ann OfFC femaleTransfer to was announced[28]..However, it was announced on the club's official website that "Kawashima will serve as the 3rd GK", and it was reported that the starting lineup was not guaranteed to be in a difficult situation.[29]..As it is far from the actual battle, the starting lineup of the Japanese national teamShusaku NishikawaWas robbed by the directorVahid Haril Hosic"Whether he will play is another matter, but I'm looking forward to it because he is one of the experienced players."[30]..January 2017, 1, the new yearCoup de France OfRC LanceHe made his first appearance after transferring in the match, but the team lost 0-2. April 4, Section 18Paris Saint-GermainHe made his league debut in the match. May 5, Section 14Toulouse FCIn the war, he stopped PK and was selected as the best eleven by a leading French newspaper.Eventually, it was the 3-2016 season when he joined as the 17rd GK, but he became the team's 1st GK and regained his position as a regular goalkeeper.[31].

Done on September 2018, 1OGC NiceIn the battle, he stopped the penalty shootout and stopped the penalty shootout for three consecutive times since his debut.This was Ligue 3's first record in the last decade[32]..Although he participated as a starting lineup throughout the season, the team was sluggish and was demoted to the second division.Withdrawal due to contract expiration after the end of the season[33].


He had been independent for a long time after the World Cup, but on August 2018, 8, he signed a one-year contract.RC StrasbourgAnnounced to join[34]..To the teamBelgium representative OfMatz Sels,FranceU-21 representativeBingourou KamaraBecame a position as the 3rd GK because he belongs to. On March 2019, 3, he did not participate throughout the tournament, and although he could not enter the bench in the final, the team was the first in 30 years.Coup de la LeagueBecame the first club title for Kawashima[35].. May 5th, the final sectionFC NantesPlayed for the first time after transferring in the war[36].. Signed a new two-year contract with Strasbourg in July[37].

August 2020, 8, positive GK Cels seriously injured Achilles tendon rupture, 23nd GK KamalaNew coronavirusI have also shown a positive reaction in the test[38], Ligue XNUMX opening seasonFC LorientPlayed starting lineup in the battle[39]..It was a bench start for a while after Kamala's return, but Section 11Montpellier HSCSelected as a starting lineup for the first time in 9 games in the game, Section 30RC LanceHe started in 20 games in a row until the match.Section 37 due to Cels' absence due to coronavirus infectionOGC NiceFrom the game, he returned to the starting lineup and contributed to the team's survival without losing two games.In the end, he played in the top 2 games of the team's goalkeeper, and achieved stable results with 24 clean seats and 8 goals.[40].

Representative career

2002,AFC Youth ChampionshipTo participate inU-19 Japan National TeamElected to, active as an immovable regular.Especially in the semifinalsEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn battlePK battleHe showed an activity such as stopping two at.2003Made in februaryFIFA World Youth ChampionshipBut,EnglandBattle,EgyptHe made a number of good saves in the battle and contributed to the team's advance to the top eight.

2006May 2ToNorihiro Yamagishi,Akihiro HayashiConvened for the first time at the full representative candidate training camp withMay 3ToペルーEntered the bench after the war,AFC Asian Cup 2007But I was selected as a member.2008May 2,East Asian Football Championship·versusnorth koreaMade a full national team debut in the war[1]..However, he is a teammate of Kawasaki (at that time).Chung TaiyoIt was his debut that he could score a goal. In 2008Kawaguchi NoukatsuNarasaki came to be placed as a guardian deity due to the slump in.Also, mainly when Kawaguchi and Narasaki are absentRyuta TsuzukiWas appointed, so I was not blessed with the starting lineup opportunity as a representative at this time.

2010May 5 OfFIFA World Cup South Africa TournamentPrevious test match vs.EnglandBattle (1-2[Note 1]), Although I lostFrank LampardHe showed great success in making good saves against strong opponents, such as blocking the penalty shootout, and won the position of a regular goalkeeper in this tournament in place of Narasaki.In this tournamentGroup leagueParticipated in all 3 games.At that time, the previous reputation was low due to the total loss of the test match, but in the first matchカ メ ル ー ンAt (1-0)Keisuke HondaIf you defend the final point and win without any goals, you will continue NetherlandsAlthough he lost in the battle (0-1),Wesley SneijderSuppressed one goal by the super goal ofデンマークHe won the match (3-1) and advanced to the final tournament for the first time in the World Cup held overseas.2 goals in the group league (including DenmarkYong Dahl ThomasonIt contributed to the breakthrough of the group league by playing an active part (due to the spilled ball when playing in front of the opponent by preventing the penalty shootout).In the first round of the final tournamentパラグアイIn the game, he was involved in overtime and kept no goals for 120 minutes, but it was a penalty shootout with 0-0, and in the penalty shootout all five were decided and lost. 2011Held inAsian CupHowever, although it is appointed as a regular goalkeeper, the second round of the group league(I.e.In the battle, he was sent off with a mysterious decision, and in the quarterfinalsQatar national teamEven in the battle, the result was in jeopardy, such as 2 goals.But in the semifinals South KoreaIn the penalty shootout of the battle, stop two shots of the opponent and in the finalAustraliaIn the game, he made many good saves and kept the score to zero, and contributed to the victory of the Japanese national team for the first time in two tournaments by being selected for the Man of the Match.

Held in October 20142014 FIFA World CupThen, I participated in the match with the uniform number "1" for the first time in the history of the Japanese national team.[41].. Although he participated in all games in two consecutive tournaments, the team lost in the group league without winning a single victory.

Held on June 2016, 6ブルガリアHe participated in the match as a representative of Japan for the first time in about a year, and although he scored two goals, he showed an activity to stop the penalty shootout just before the end of the match.[42].

2018 year 5 month,2018 FIFA World CupHe was selected as a member of the World Cup and became the third World Cup representative.Group league first matchコロンビアIn battle,KinteroI couldn't stop the low trajectory FK and I got a goal[43][44].. Round 2セネガルIn the battle, the ball is in SenegalSadio manetPunching where there is, making a mistake that the ball hits the mane and finishes as it is[44]Became the subject of criticism[45]..A copyHigashiguchi Noriaki,Kosuke NakamuraThere was also a voice pushing[46] However, the Japanese national team coachAkira NishinoTrusts veteran Kawashima in Round 3ポーランドIn the battle, he participated with the captain markKamil GrosickiShows a big save that stops with one right hand on the goal line with the decisive heading shot of[47].. Of the first round of the final tournamentベルギーIn the war, while showing a few good defenses[44],VertonghenThere is also a view that the heading decided on is caused by a position mistake[48]After a fierce battle, he scored a goal in the additional time in the second half and was defeated 2-3, finishing in the best 16. 3 World Cup games in 11 tournamentsYuto Nagatomo,Makoto HasebeAlong with, it became the most participation of Japanese[49]..It was criticized for losing points due to mistakes, but according to sports data analysis "Opta", it ranked third in the GK save rate ranking of the Russian World Cup until July 7 (during the World Cup). Rank in[50].

2019 year 6 month,Tokyo OlympicsConsisting of generationsCopa America 2019Was selected as a member of[51]..The first match is of the Tokyo Olympics generationKeisuke OsakoIs selected as a starting lineup, but in the second roundEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euParticipated in starting lineup in the battle,Edinson cabaniActive in the national team match for the first time in a year, such as showing a big save one-on-one with[52].. Round 3エクアドルIn the match, the team was eliminated from the group league even though they defended the goal mouse.


Kawashima is 185 cm, which is an average height for a goalkeeper, but his brother and sister are also tall, with his brother 183 cm and his sister 173 cm.[53].

Was enrolled in Kawasaki20106UntilJ League Players AssociationHe was Vice Chairman (the youngest inauguration record as of July 2010).

2011Insecticide makerHuma killer OfpollenServed as a CM character for the countermeasure product "Aller Shut Pollen Nose Block".

2013ToJAL cardServes as a CM character for.

2014On September 9th, with a general woman on a blogmarriageAnnounced that[54].

The first boy was born on December 2015, 12. June 3, 2020,InstagramReported the birth of a second child girl[55].

Language ability

Every day as a preliminary preparation before transferring to an overseas clubEnglish-Italian-PortugueseI was studying.20107 of the monthRiluse SKAt a press conference at the clubhouseDutchHe greeted him in English and answered English questions in English, saying that he could communicate in English, so there was no problem.

According to Kawasaki interpreter Kazuya Nakayama, Portuguese is spoken.InterpreterIt is a level where you can talk without going through[56].Kensuke Nagai Standard LiègeAt the press conference when joiningInterpreterServed.In an interview with Hodo Station, he said he could speak English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese at a daily conversation level and was studying Dutch and French.[57].

Regarding the importance of language, he said, "It is difficult for the keeper to speak. I have to give instructions to the DF. I have to be able to assert myself."[58].

Play style and evaluation

We are good at blocking PK.In the 2010 international friendly match, which was the key to grabbing the Japanese national team's goalkeeperEnglandIn battleFrank LampardPK and2010 FIFA World Cup OfデンマークIn battleYong Dahl ThomasonPK stop (spilled ball has been decided),2011 Asian CupSemifinals South KoreaThere are two consecutive stops in the penalty shootout. In 2, the British broadcasting station "Sky SportsKawashima is ranked 34th in the ranking of PK prevention rate for goalkeepers who play in the five major European leagues produced by[59].. Friendly match on November 2017, 11BrazilThere were two matches during the matchNeymarThe PK blocking rate for the past year and a half from June 1 to November 2016 was "6%".[60]..Also, it was held on January 2018, 1.League AnnSection 23OGC NiceIn battle,Mario BalottelliI stopped the penalty shootout.Although the spilled ball was decided, it was treated as a PK stop, and according to "" which distributes various data on sports, "It was the first goalkeeper who blocked the first three PKs in Ligue 10 (French league) for more than 3 years. It became. "[61].

In April 2020, was selected as one of the 4 best Japanese national teams in the 21st century by the British media.[62].

Affiliation club

Youth career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
ベルギーLeague matchLeague cupBelgium CupTotal period
2010 11Lierse1Jupiller230-20250
2011 12300-60360
2012 13Liege300-00300
2013 14270-10280
2014 15110-10120
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euLeague matchS. League CupScottish cupTotal period
2015 16Dandy1Premier160-10170
FranceLeague matchF. League CupFrench cupTotal period
2016 17Female16League Ann50001060
2017 182900010300
2018 19Strasbourg10000010
2019 2000000000
2020 21240-00240
Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euPremier1600010170
FranceLeague Ann5900020610
Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchTotal period
FranceLeague matchTotal period
2016 17FC Metz II16120120
2017 181010
2018 19Strasbourg II5050
2019 207070
Other matches
  • 2011
    • Belgian League / Europa League Playoffs (5 games)
  • 2012
    • Belgian League / Europa League Playoffs (6 games)
  • 2013
    • Belgian League Championship Playoffs (10 games)
  • 2014
    • Belgian League Championship Playoffs (10 games)
International competition individual results
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberParticipationscore
2013 14Liege130
2014 1530

Other international official games


ク ラ ブ



Representation from Japan


Representative history

Participation meet

Number of matches

Representation from JapanInternational A Match



Image character



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