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⚽ | "Luxury worries" Hannover Muroya Sei's rival usage is the German media ...

Photo by Sei Muroya when he was enrolled in FC Tokyo Photo courtesy of Gettyimages

"Luxury worries" Hannover Muroya Sei's rival usage is the German media ...

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Sei Muroya, now 27, started in 2020 league games in the 21/27 season when he completely transferred from FC Tokyo to Hannover.

Hannover's Japan national team DF Muroya Sei, who has a history of being enrolled in FC Tokyo of the Meiji Yasuda Life J1 League, is on the right side ... → Continue reading

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27 match

FC Tokyo

FC Tokyo(FC Tokyo,FC Tokyo) IsJapan OfTokyoHometown[1],Japan Professional Soccer League(J League) Professional football club.


1999 Join the J League[1].home town TheTokyoIs[1]. Home stadiumChofu City OfAjinomoto Stadium (Tokyo Stadium)Is[1](Details about the home stadium are below). The practice area isKodaira OfFC Tokyo Kodaira Grand[1](Tokyo GasMusashinoen) (until 2001)Koto WardSarue OfFC Tokyo Fukagawa Grand[2].

Therefore, the local activities areMitaka Cityas well as the Fuchu-shiincluding[Note 1]. ), with Kodaira as the main23 central wardsHowever, especially Koto Ward where the above-mentioned practice base was locatedFukagawa,[3], Once held J League official gameEdogawa-ku-Kita-SetagayaIt is performed mainly.

The club name "FC Tokyo" was established from the perspective of becoming a "J club for Tokyo residents" that is simple, easy to understand and familiar to everyone.[1].

Mascot characterIsTokyo Dronpa][1], Mascot selection for the team's 10th anniversary,2009 Opening GameMore appeared.

Until 2000, there was no other J League club calling itself Tokyo, so it was called "Tokyo".2001 ToTokyo VerdySince (former V Kawasaki) changed its hometown to Tokyo, it has been written as "FC Tokyo" or "F Tokyo". In addition, the official information of the J League andSports promotion lotteryFor official publications with limited space (toto),F TokyoOften posted as[4][5](However, in the daily sports, "FC" is not included, but simply "Tokyo" is shown).

Name before professionalizationTokyo Gascome from"gasIt is because of these reasons that "" still remains as the original name for FC Tokyo.[Note 2]. For the nickname, this is taken from the uniform colorBlue-red corps[6][5]There is

Operating corporation

August 1998, 10,Tokyo GasFunded by 161 groups[10] Operating corporation "Tokyo Football Club Co., Ltd.Was established[1][2].

As for the operating company of FC Tokyo, the policy was to jointly invest as many companies and local governments as possible to be involved in Tokyo, and to be independent without being influenced by a specific company. 1997 Tokyo Gas Soccer ManagerMitsunori ToriharaAnd his bossJFLCouncil chairmanUehara EijiHas solidified its policy and has obtained the approval of the upper management of Tokyo Gas.[11].

From the above background, what is Tokyo Gas from the beginning?Parent subsidiaryRegardless of[12][13], Other major shareholders also hold only about 5%[14].

All of the past Presidents and Representative Directors are from Tokyo Gas, and many of the executives are from major shareholders.Seconded.

Director dispatched (current position in bold)


Continued to increase from 161 groups at the time of establishment to 2015 as of June 6.
There are many Tokyo Gas related companies,MunicipalitiesSince 1999Mitaka City[15],Fuchu-shi[16],Chofu City [17]Since 2002Kodaira[18],NishitokyoSince 2004Koganei-shi[19] Are listed, each for 100 million yenInvestment(Hold 20 shares[18])doing.Detail is"List of shareholdersSee

Detail is"Club sponsorSee

Management information

The club announced ``2016 VISION[20]”, has set a numerical target of 50 billion yen for operating revenue.

Profit and loss

年度incomeAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationMorecostexpensePersonnel expensesAdministrative expensesProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen
  • Personnel costs are included in the project cost.

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingMorecostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015

年度RevenueAdvertising feeAdmission feeAllocationUpbringingSalesMorecostPersonnel expensesmatchHomeUpbringingwomanSalesSaleProfitNet income
  • Amount of money: million yen

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2016 2017


年度Total assetsTotal debtNet worthCapital

Source: J-Club financial results list for each fiscal year. 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017

Amount of money: million yen



1935 Was formed inTokyo Gas Soccer ClubIs the predecessor[1],1991 ToJapan Soccer LeaguePromoted to Part 2[1].1992 からJapan Football LeagueJoin in[1].

1997 ToTokyo Gas Football Club], and announced participation in the J League.1998 From the next season onFC Tokyo』And converted into a professional club with Tokyo as a home town, and joined the J League since 1999.J League Division 2(J2) Participation decided[1].

1999 (J2)

In 1999, joined the J League as the first team based in Tokyo. The majority of players from the Tokyo Gas era who do not sign professional contracts[21]In a solid fight[22] Keep within 2nd place until mid-season. Section 27SendaiFW in battleAmaraoIs the first clubhat trickAchieved. However, due to the winning of the Nabisco Cup,[22]Amarao's injury missed[23]In the final stage, he lost four straight games and was pushed out of the J4 promotion area. In the final sectionOitaDodge to enter second place (1999 J2 final sectionreference),J League Division 1(J1) I was promoted.

J League Yamazaki Nabisco CupThen,Kobe,Ichihara,Yokohama FMDefeated J1 team to advance to the best four, MFYukihiko Sato New Hero AwardWas elected to[24].

2000-2010 (J1)


2000 Is the first club to enter J1 as a club with the name "Tokyo". 10 peopleEmployee playersIt has a small budget and strength compared to other J1 clubs.[12] In the opening round 5, he stood in the lead with 4 wins and 1 loss[22][23]The annual ranking is 7th. New GKYoichi ToiShow good grace[23]Hereafter2006 He left the J League record of 216 consecutive league games.[2].

FW in attackAmaraoWhen,(I.e.Joined with a fixed transfer fromTutMass production of the combination of[22][23].. Tut was the first club to score 2 points in the leagueJ League Best ElevenWas also chosen[23].. In addition, Tut is after the end of the seasonUrawaTransferred to.

Emperor's cupIs J2 in the first matchKofuLost to.


2001 A new headquarters with a capacity of 49,000Tokyo Stadium (now: Ajinomoto Stadium)Was completed and started to use[24] The number of spectators mobilized dramatically increased[23].. StadiumFlutterIn the opening game which became, it moved from Kawasaki City and changed its name.Tokyo Verdy 1969The first withTokyo DerbyNext up, former Japanese national team FWRubisu Wagner OfV goalControlled by[22].

Rubisu is April 4thNabisco CupKofuIn battlehat trickAlthough he played an active part in the beginning, such asAmaraoOpportunities for participation gradually decreased due to overlapping play styles[23]Just six months after joining the teamFukuokaComplete transfer to. However, at that time, I quickly acquired it just before the opening.BrazilianMFKellyFits the team and seizes the attack team as a command tower[22].. After that, he worked as the core of the attack for 4 years.

Emperor's cupIn the first matchYokohama FCIt defeated the J2 team in the first round for the second consecutive year. At the end of this match, he commanded for seven years since the Tokyo Gas era.Kiyoshi Okuma directed byRetired[22][23][24].


2002 , To the directorHiromi HaraTo promote attack soccer-oriented reinforcement[23], In the opening game,KashimaWin 4 points from[23].. However, he showed MVP class performance in this matchKobayashi ShigemitsuWas the starting point of offense and defense in a traffic accidentFumitake MiuraIs Section 2UrawaInjured in battle, both forced to leave for a long time[23].

Meanwhile, the players who joined the transfer this year have grown to regulars since May. DFRyo KajiAnd MFNaohiro IshikawaActivates the attack on the right side, DFTeruyuki MoiwaAlso new Brazilian CBJaneEstablished a solid defense in combination with[23].. In addition, the second year MFMasafumi MiyazawaAlso demonstrated his ability as a place kicker and seized the regular Volanti[23].. After the end of the seasonYukihiko Sato Yokohama FMHe left the company with a time-limited transfer to (complete transfer).

Also this yearHiroki Oji-Yuta BabaAchieved the top team promotion from the team's first academy[24][2], Belonging to FC Tokyo U-18Kure ShoginHowever, this is also the first two-class registered player to debut in the J League.[23], 1 years, 16 months and 8 days, the youngest record of J20 at that time, played J1 first appearance.


Team slogan:90 minutes attack soccer.

2003 Is the second year of the original system. DFKanazawaJoined and recorded the league's minimum goal. Both the 1st and 2nd stages are involved in the championship front[23], 4th place in the yearly ranking. It was the first match of the seasonMay 3 OfNabisco Cup・Yokohama FM Battle (Yokohama International Stadium) Was a high school student at FC Tokyo U-18Yohei KajiyamaMade their first appearance in the official game of the top team[24][23].. On the other hand,Emperor's cupFinally, the FW that has been popular as "KING OF TOKYO" since leading the JFL era.Amarao ShonanTransferred to.

Spain in Augustreal MadridHolds First International Friendly Match With Club[2].

In addition,Ryo Kaji-Teruyuki MoiwaParticipated as the first Japanese representative of a club member[2].


Team slogan:Attack, drama, attack soccer.

The third year of the original system. On behalf of Amarao[23]FWLucasEarned. Also, MFYasuyuki Konno SapporoFrom youth, from youthLee Tadung,Yohei Kajiyama,Kure ShoginIs promoted[24].

In August, we had a Spanish expedition,Deportivo La CoruñaThe annual preseason match of,(Galician versionWas invited to control this[24], Won a sailing vessel trophy.

8th place in the league.Nabisco CupNow, the Japanese national team and U-23 Japanese national team are lacking in multiple mainstays.[23]Advance to the final. I met the best members for the first time in the cup[23]In the finalUrawaDefending at the end of the PK match, winning the first victory and winning the first official title after joining the J League[2].


Team slogan:Get offensive. Get offensive.

Original system 4th year.KellyWas resigned, but did not make any major reinforcement in the sense of shifting to younger generations.

Immediately after the opening, I was not so goodIwataAfter that, he took the lead, but since then, he has a new team of 4-3-3 and a new MF.DaniloMisfire[23]As a result, they lost the team worst 6 times in a row and soon dropped out of the championship front. In May there was a time when the dismissal of Hara's director took on reality,Yokohama FMBattle (Nissan Stadium)soNaohiro IshikawaInjured was discharged (it took about 8 months to recover due to a complete rupture of the knee ligament)[23]Immediately afterLucasThere was also the end of the game due to unconsciousness of ambulance transportation[23].. In the final game, he won 12 games and was ranked 10th in the year. In the final section (right figure)C OsakaBlocked the victory of[23].. After the season, Hara retires as director. Also,Ryo Kaji G OsakaTransferred to.

In addition, this yearMay 7Before the Tokyo Derby game (Tokyo V match, FC Tokyo sponsored match), an injury case by FC Tokyo supporter occurred (about 200 supporters on the FC Tokyo side)ConcourseAt the time of provoking action towards the Tokyo V supporter at FC, one FC Tokyo supporter threw the lid of the ashtray that was installed in the hall to the crowd on the Tokyo V side, and the Tokyo V club staff, police officers, the general public InjuredCrime of injuryArrested). As the manager of this game, FC Tokyo was fined 1000 million yen from the J League.


Team slogan:Daring ~Trust, Courage, Challenge~

Brazilian who becomes the club's first foreign nationality managerGalloBecame the director. A team with a hastePass soccer mainly for holding balls (ball possession)I tried to switch to[23]Based on the defensive "thorough man mark" defense with 3 backs, the tactic to build an attack with a short pass is not very successful,May 4Section 8 of千葉In the first half of the game, the game was completely controlled, and by the 9th minute of the second half, 3 goals were scored and defeated. Compared to Brazil, there was less gradual movement, and we struggled to prevent an opponent attack in the J League, which has a lot of momentum and speed.

In addition, many injured people will not be able to collaborate on tactics,Nabisco CupThen it was defeated at the bottom of the qualifying league with 2 losses and 4 losses. In addition, Brazilian FW won at the request of GaloWashingtonHowever, it was misfired, such as being immediately discharged from the game that was thrown in.May 7 OfKashimaIf you lose 4 points in the battle (2-4),29 days OfHiroshimaBattle (0-2),May 8Preseason MatchFC SeoulBattle (0-3),12 days OfUrawaLost consecutive battles (0-4),May 8It was announced that the director will be dismissed during the first season of the club.

From 1995 to succeeding directorBig bear,originalHas long been a head coach and has been the director of FC Tokyo U-18 from this year.Kuramata ToshioWas appointed. I took command from the 18th match against Chiba and made modifications such as returning the formation to 4 backs and finished the league match in 13th place.

Kuramata retired at the end of the season (returned to U-18).May 12Nara was reappointed as director. Also this year onlyJane(ShonanTransfer to),Fumitake Miura(Retired),Masafumi Miyazawa(OitaTransfer to),Mitsuhiro Toda(ShimizuLeft).

2006 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamToYoichi ToiTeruyuki MoiwaWere selected for the first time as a club[24], MoiwaAustralian national teamParticipated in the battle. It became the club's first World Cup player.


Opening results
1997Riku Komazawa1 0Fukushima FC 2003Taste studio2 1oak
1998Riku Komazawa3 0Kokushi University2004Taste studio1 0Niigata
1999Nishigaoka2 0Tosu2005Taste studio4 0Niigata
2000Yokohama country1 0Yokohama FM2006Taste studio2 0Oita
2001East Star2v-1Tokyo V2007Taste studio2 4Hiroshima
2002East Star4 2Kashima

Team slogan:It's Our Time ~Blue Gale, Red Anger~

2007 Became the original system again,Costa Rica representativeFWPaulo Wanchope,IwataFrom former Japan national team MFTakashi Fukunishi, Brazilian DFEbaudWas won.

However, the movement of Wanchope did not return sharply at all, and with EbaudTeruyuki MoiwaBoth center backs were sluggish due to injury[23], The axis of offense and defense was not decided, and it stumbled from the opening[4].. Was J21999 から2006 Until 8 seasons (1997 seasons including 1998 and 10 in the former JFL era) in a row, he won the opening game,HiroshimaThe record for the opening game streak also stopped (table on the right). Onechope left the team during the season. Furthermore, as a representative of U-22Yohei Kajiyama,Masahiko Inami,Sora HirayamaOf three people as full representativesYasuyuki Konno, But Kajiyama, who had been a good starter, left the group in September due to an injury in the representative game. Annual results finished in 9th place. In addition, Section 12Yokohama FMAchieved 1 J100 wins in the battle[2].

Hara retires as director for only one year.


Team slogan:Moving Football-Ball, body, mind of the person watching-

2008 ,U-17 Japan National TeamFormer directorFukuhiro JoBecame the director.

Yoichi Toi,Takashi Fukunishi(bothTokyo VTransfer to), MFYuta Baba(千葉What),Norio Suzuki(KobeWhat),Masahiko Inami(KashimaTo), FWLucas(G OsakaTo each other[24].. Meanwhile, MFNaoyoshi Hanyu, FWCabole, DFYuto Nagatomo(Specially designated last year) etc. Shirofuku puts "" in his tactics,2006 I challenged to possession soccer again[23].

It moves away from white stars in the summer, but Section 30KashimaIn the game, Nagatomo, Kabole and others scored a good victory[23], Continued the fight at the position where there was a possibility of winning until the end of the season.

Last sectionThen J2 was defeated by Chiba, who lost 11 points in the final 4 minutes against Chiba (as a result, Chiba remained and Tokyo V was demoted).

The league record annual results have risen to 6th place.Emperor's cupButTokyo GasOf the era1997 It has since advanced to the best four.


Team slogan:Moving Football-Move the heart of the viewer-

The second year of the castle fortune system.FukuokaからNakamura Hokuto,MitoからTaishi HiramatsuWas won. The opening game is sluggish, but MFYasuyuki KonnoTo CB[23],Bruno QuadrosLet's combine with, and again for voluntaryYohei KajiyamaAnd high school rookieYonemoto TakujiThe defense is stable from the time of fixing. Furthermore,Naohiro IshikawaThe ranking of the league match also increased due to the great success of 24 points in 15 games,ACLAlthough he missed the entry, he finished fifth. Also,Yuto NagatomoIshikawa was elected to J League Best Eleven[24].. It is the first time for two people to win the prize. Also, GKShuichi GondaSet a record for the number of league games closed each year.

Nabisco CupIs the final(I.e.Win and win. Yonemoto, who scored the first goal in this match, won the New Hero Award and MVP. From this year, the mascotTokyo Dronpa』Appears[24][2].


Team slogan:Moving Football -One Heart-

The second year of the castle fortune system.2002 ENEOS, who was the sponsor of the uniform, withdrew, and the reinforcement budget was narrowed[25],Satoru AsariRetired[24],Ryuhito Fujiyama SapporoTransferred to.Teruyuki MoiwaTo the outside of the force, did not negotiate in contract negotiationsBruno QuadrosLeft the group,Hideki Sahara Transfer with time limitWith the expiration of the period,(I.e.Returned to. In the center back where many members leftOitaからMorishige Masato,Jeonju UniversityからKim Young GunAlso,NiigataTo MFToshihiro MatsushitaThe brazilianABC FCTo FWRicardinoDespite being transferred for a limited time, the number of registered players was J1's minimum of 26, and the average age of the players was J1's second youth.

Just before the start of the season,Yonemoto Takuji Anterior cruciate ligament-MeniscusDamage.Yohei KajiyamaAlso suffered from condition adjustment after left ankle surgery[23], The beginning of the season was a tough player composition lacking both regular volanches from the previous year. The opening game won the first time in four years, but (4-1 vs.Yokohama FM・Tastes), and before the J1 suspension period, there were many games where both goals were scored and there were few goals scored.

In addition,2010 FIFA World Cup Japan National TeamToYasuyuki Konno,Yuto NagatomoWas elected[24].. Nagatomo is after the World Cupイタリア-CesenaHe left the company with a time-limited transfer. FW during World Cup periodMasashi OguroAcquired. There is also a score of DaikokuSuruga Bank ChampionshipAlthough he succeeded in winning the title following the previous year, he was dismissed from Shirofuku in September, while still unable to increase his points.

To succeedKiyoshi OkumaWas appointed, but in the final section京都To the final roundKobeAfter being replaced by, the annual ranking became 16th, and J2 demotion was decided.

2011 (J2)

Team slogan:TOKYO SPIRIT[Note 3] ~all to win~

Okuma system second year.Shingo Akamine(I was transferred to rentalSendaiComplete transfer to),Kim Young Gun(OmiyaComplete transfer to),RicardinoEtc. left the group. On the other hand, FWRobert CetherAnd suffered from thin layersThe year beforeBased on the experience ofTatsuya TanizawaA player with J2 experience was added to each position.

In February, a play under the theme of “town with FC Tokyo”Chofu City Sengawa TheaterHe was newly appointed as a special judge from FC Tokyo.Kenji AkuneWith the representative directorRyuhito FujiyamaExtension Department coach attended[26].

In 4 monthTohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquakeas well as the Nagano Prefecture Northern EarthquakeTo support the reconstruction ofCharity match with Masaru Matsumoto FCHold[Note 4]. Also,MiyagiFromYasuyuki KonnoBecame one of the founders,Meeting of J players with Tohoku SoulWas established.AkitaFromShimoda KoheiAlso participated in this and worked toward the reconstruction of football in the Tohoku region.

FW was the key man to win the early stages of the leagueSora Hirayama[27] Is leaving for a long time,Noriyuki Tateishi“The number of breakdowns has risen beyond the imagination to the worst.[28]I was in a situation like that, and in the beginning I had 7 goals in 4 races and 2 wins, but I suffered,Tanabe grass people,Hideto TakahashiSelection ofNaoyoshi HanyuPut on the bottom of the top[29] With the adoption of the 4-2-3-1 line (right), the soil gradually began to show its strength. further,2007 FW that was enrolled untilLucasReinforce them. Section 18 (Game 12[Note 5]) After completing[23], Keep the higher rank. November 11TottoriHe won the battle and decided to return to J1 in one year. No. 1 on the next 20 daysTosuLost and won the J2 championship.

Emperor's cupIs the final京都Of the predecessorTokyo Gas Soccer ClubThe first J2 team to win the Emperor's Cup after the foundation of the club, includingAFC Champions LeagueAcquired the participation right of (ACL). Okuma retires from the coach after the final match.



Team slogan:COA Football[Note 6]

Before the directorMachidaDirector'sRanco PopovichIs appointed.

Yasuyuki Konno G OsakaWhat,Tatsuya Suzuki TokushimaWhile completely transferred toYokohama FMからChima Watanabe,Hasegawa Arya Jasur,IwataからKenichi Kaga,ShimizuからKosuke Ota,Tokyo VからHiroki KonoThe team was prepared for the first battle in J2 and ACL for the first time in two years, including the return of players who had transferred for a limited time.[29].. Due to the success of Watanabe and Hasegawa, ACL topped the group league and advanced to the top 16 (right). During the suspension periodTatsuya TanizawaWill leave, but new membersNemanja VucechevicFilled the hole. The league match was 10th, the Nabisco Cup was the best four, and the Emperor's Cup was eliminated in the second round.


Team slogan:COA Football-Aiming for Further Evolution-[Note 6]

Second year of Popovich system.Naoyoshi Hanyu,Yohei KajiyamaEven though they leave the team with a fixed transfer,OmiyaからTogo SatoruWith a complete transfer,England2 part-SouthamptonからLee TadungIs acquired by transfer with a deadline. Lee returned to his former club in the middle of the season,Tanabe grass peopleFormed a business allianceSpain 2st-SabadellTransfer to the deadline.

In the league game, he lost 3 points from Round 4 and fell to 12th place, but became a source of points.Chima WatanabeThe highest score in the history of the club in J1 is recorded for the whole year. With three consecutive victories from Section 8 and four consecutive victories from Section 3, they both moved up to 24th place.ACL for the next yearHe didn't reach the 3rd place or higher to get the right to play, and he lost the 33th place in the prize money due to the defeat in the Round 7 Kashiwa, and finished the season in 8th place.

Nabisco CupMissed the final tournament advancement,Emperor's cupThen in the semifinalsPK battleEnd ofHiroshimaLost to 3rd place.

Director Popovich retires only after this year due to contract expiration[30].. FWLucasRetired from active duty.

In addition, this yearTokyo Inviting the Olympic and Paralympic Games to be held in 2020Succeeded. FC Tokyo holds a bid PR event, etc.[31] The clubs are supporting this activity[Note 7][33],2016 event invitation activityFrom the beginning[34][35] Became a fruitful form.


Team slogan:Bello e Aggressivo! -Beyond the limits to the top-

New directorAC CesenaFormer directorMassimo FiccadentiIs appointed.

Nemanja VucechevicLeft the group,Hasegawa Arya JasurIs C Osaka,Nakamura HokutoHave completely transferred to Omiya. FWEdu, MFYoshinori Muto(Specially designated from the year before last)Yohei Kajiyama,Naoyoshi HanyuReturned from the transfer with a deadline.

Although it was difficult to win in the early stages of the league game, Fikkadenti's tactics permeated in the middle of the game and the game performance was stable. Defensively2003 Since then, he has scored five consecutive goals (J5 rounds 1 to 16) in a row, and his league game total goals have improved significantly from 20 in the previous year to 47. On the attacking side, Muto, who turned to FW, showed an activity of scoring 33 points in the league newcomer's highest score record Thailand. 13 unmatched club records (J14 rounds 1 to 13, right)[36]For the time being, he emerged to 5th place (J1 Section 18, Section 21 to Section 22), but after losing undefeated record in Section 27, he stalled, and finally finished the season in 9th place. It was

The Nabisco Cup lost to the group league, and the Emperor's Cup ended in the best 16. Lucas, who retired last year, won the Merit Player Award.


Team slogan:Bello e Aggressivo!-All for victory-

Second year of the Fikkadenti organization.Edu,Hitoshi Shioda,Chima WatanabeLeft the group,Ryoichi Maeda,Tatsuya EnomotoAcquired.Yu Maruyama,Hayashi Yohei,Kento HashimotoReturned from the deadline.

FW Maeda's fit was delayed in the 1st stage, but he scored 10 points in the first half of the game, mainly due to his defense from the previous year.Yoshinori MutoHard work of the kickerKosuke OtaHe scored a lot in the set play centered on, and had a good fight with two consecutive wins. As a ranking for each stage of the two-stage system, we ranked second highest on record.

Muto is in Germany after the 1st stageMainzTransferred toNathan Barnes,SandasaTwo FWs joined.

Maeda who demodulated the 2nd stage became the axis of the FW, and two new foreigners started to serve as their partners, but the hole of Muto leaving team could not be filled, and from the final stage Section 2Togo SatoruServed as FW (right). Further positive GKShuichi GondaWas the last to leave Section 5 due to overtraining syndromeBrada AbramovWas urgently reinforced and served as a positive GK from Section 10. It became impossible to increase the points as much as the 1st stage, and at the beginning of the final round, he was ranked 3rd annually, but because he drew the Tosu battle of the same section, he won the same section.G OsakaIt changed to 4th place in the year. Although he recorded the highest number of points and the highest annual ranking in Thailand,ChampionshipWas missed. After that, G OsakaUrawa OfEmperor's cupIn the carry with the advance to the finalNext year ACL Playoffs (PO)Get the right to participate[Note 8].

Both Nabisco Cup and Emperor's Cup finished at the best 8. Fikkadenti retired at the end of the same year.


Team slogan:Challenge the Top -Top Battle-

He replaced Fikkadentti as a conductor from 2008 to mid 2010Fukuhiro JoIs reappointed.Brada Abramov,Kosuke OtaLeft the group.Shuichi Gonda SV hornTransferred to rental.ShonanからYota Akimoto,TosuからKouta Mizunuma,KofuからTakuma Abe,Meiji UniversityからMuroya Naru(Specially designated player last year)[Note 9],IwataからYuichi Komano,China·Beijing GuoanからHa Dae SungJoined (Komano and Ha moved to Fukuoka and Nagoya after the 1st stage respectively).

Also on February 2th,2015 seasonDocumentary movie "BAILE TOKYO" closely related to[38]. The theme song isRIP SLYME"Baile TOKYO"[39].

From this yearFC Tokyo U-23Is launchedJ3 leagueEntered the.

It will be the official match of the same yearAFC Champions League 2016In the playoffsChonburi FCUpdated the club's highest score record against[40] A big win with 9-0. It was the second time in four years that I won the ACL title[41]. In the main battleJeonbuk Hyundai(Korea),Jiangsu Suning(China),Bins onPlay against (Vietnam). The group league breakthrough was entangled until the final section, but the same sectionRyoichi MaedaHe won the game with 2 goals and decided to advance to the final tournament. In the first round of the final tournamentShanghai PortPlay against (China). Mizunuma scored two goals to win the first match at home (1-2), but awayShanghai GymnasiumIn the second match, he scored a goal (2-0) just before the end of the match and lost 1 win and 1 loss.Away goalIt was defeated by the difference.

In the league game, injured people continued to struggle from the early stages to the members. In addition, due to the ACL playoff participation and the shortening of off and camping periods, physical condition and stamina are lacking. In the 1st stage, while struggling with the balance of offense and defense, return to solid defense[42] It gradually surfaced and finished in 9th place. However, in the 2nd stage, while losing the game, there was a lot of games that scored a goal just before the end of the game and lost the game in reverse. The successor is coach and former Fukuoka directorYoshiyuki ShinodaIs promoted to director. After assuming Shinoda, he recovered his sense of stability with 8 wins, 2 losses and 2 minutes, and finished the league match in 9th place annually.


Team slogan:TOKYO GRIT-All power-

Shinoda system second year.Tatsuya EnomotoRetired (later assumed the position of coach of the extension department),Yuichi Komano,Sora Hirayama,Hideto TakahashiLeft the group.

NagoyaからKensuke Nagai,TosuからAkihiro Hayashi,(I.e.からYoshito Okubo,FC SeoulからYojiro TakahagiAcquired. In JanuaryKosuke OtaReturned to the team after two years of complete transfer. Further in MarchHiroshimaFrom the previous year's top scorerPeter UtakaTheTransfer with time limitI made a big reinforcement that is unprecedented in the club history.[43].

In the summer transfer informationLippi Veroso,Jang Hyun Soo,Jakit WakupiromEarned. Burns moved to Hiroshima after the contract expired on June 6. And Kono is Tosu, Abe isUlsan Hyundai FCComplete transfer to NakajimaPortimonense SCWas transferred to a limited time. On November 11st, youthKuboHirakawa ReiSigned a professional contract.

Although he was steadily gaining points at the beginning of the season, he had 14 games not won from the Shimizu S-Pulse match in Section 6 and 22 games not won from the Vissel Kobe match in Section 4.YBC Levin CupThen stalled at the end of the group league. Although he proceeded to the knockout stage by winning the playoff against Hiroshima, Kawasaki received a total score of 1-1 on one line and lost.Emperor's cupBut in the second roundNaganoWas defeated and the cup game was early defeat.

On September 9, coach Shinoda retired due to poor performance and coachTakayoshi YasumaWas promoted to serve as interim coach until the end of the season. After the change of director, the result was 1 win 4 losses 4 minutes, and the team was sluggish. Especially after the 27th round, there was no victory and the team could not be rebuilt, and the season ended at 1th, which is the lowest ever after returning to J13.

In addition, Takayuki Tateishi retired from GM this year (later assumed the post of CEO of the Belgian league Sint-Troyden VV).


Team slogan:Aiming to be a strong and loved team

Kenta HasegawaIs the new director.KobeからKotaro OmoriIs acquired by full transfer.YokohamaからTakamasa Togashi,oakからDiego OliveiraJoined as a transfer with a deadline. Also,Chuo UniversityからTeruichi Yajima, From U-18Taichi HaraShinoda AitoIs a new member.

Even though the opening match was a draw, they lost two games in a row with Vegalta Sendai and Jubilo Iwata. From the match against Shonan Bellmare in Section 2, a new force, Diego Oliveira, began to fit into the team, and Kenta Hasegawa's ``fast break'' tactic was established, and continued to earn points steadily until the match against Vissel Kobe in Section 4. Was there.

However, in the summer transfer market, acquisition of new strength failed. The player formation has been fixed since he only got a rinse from Ventforet Kofu with a fixed transfer.

Furthermore, as the tactics began to be studied by the opponent, the attacking team silenced and gradually began to fall in rank, eventually finishing in 6th place.

After the season ended, Yohei Kajiyama announced his retirement.


Team slogan:Aiming to be a strongly loved team[44]

Diego Oliveira switched to full transfer,TosuからRyosuke Tagawa,NiigataからIkumi Miyazaki,YamagataからGo KodamaEarned,Yokohama FM OfKubo,Fukuoka OfYou InsReturned from the transfer with a deadline. Also, paying attention to expanding the number of foreign national players,GremioからJael,Gwangju FCからNa Sanho,Bangkok UnitedからNattaut,VotuborangenseからArtur SilvaAnd many helpers are acquired. Newcomers from Higashi Fukuoka High SchoolNakamura Takumi, Of Chuo UniversityTsuyoshi WatanabeWas won.

Tanabe grass peopleIn Fukuoka,OkuboIs Tosu,Ryoichi Maeda Gifu,Yonemoto Takuji NagoyaComplete transfer to each. Rinse and Takamasa Togashi left the group after the rental period expired[45].

In the first half, Kenei Kubo was appointed and made a big break. Both the tactics and the members have been the same since last year, but due to Kubo's success, 12 races were undefeated (9 wins and 3 minutes) and the start dash was successful. When he won the undefeated confrontation with Hiroshima in Section 8 and took the lead, he continued to lead the lead in the first half.

But in the summer transfer market, Kuboreal MadridTransferred toJang Hyun Soo Al Hilal,Kosuke OtaHowever, Nagoya and several major players leaked.Ajinomoto Stadium Rugby World Cup 2019It was also the venue for the match, and from the 24th round it was 8 away away.[Note 10] There was a hard schedule.

However, unlike last season when it suddenly stalled in the summer, there was no major collapse such as overcoming the eight consecutive games with 8 wins 4 minutes 2 losses, and kept the lead until Section 2. But I've been getting betterKashimaAfter being caught up by Yokohama FM, Kashima once took the lead in Section 28. After returning to the top position in verse 31 but returning to home taste studio from verse 32Shonan,UrawaAnd Yokohama FM, who won consecutive wins, took the lead. Especially in the Urawa match, the two tops of Diego Oliveira and Kensuke Nagai were all injured, and they were injured. The final section is a direct confrontation with Yokohama FM. Nagai, who dislocated from the right shoulder of the previous section, made a forcible move while he needed to win more than four points to win the championship, but lost 2-4 and did not reach the league title. However, the results of 0 wins, 3 draws, 19 losses, 7 points and 8nd place in the league match both set a new record in club history.[46].


Team slogan:Aiming to be a strongly loved team

In 2020New coronavirusDue to the influence of Section 1 (February 2 vs.Shimizu S-Pulse) Was performed, and there was a blank period of about 4 months.Section 2 (July 7 vs.)Kashiwa Reysol) Wins 0-1 but Section 3 (July 7 vs.(I.e. ・ 35rdTama River Classico) Lost 0-4.After that, he was forced to overcrowd more than the non-participating teams to participate in ACL, but the midfield game was stable and the league ranking ended with 17 wins, 11 losses and 6 draws, which was relatively high.

YBC Levin CupWill appear from the prime stage to participate in ACL, and the first match will remain strong in the league matchNagoya GrampusIn the game in heavy rain, he dropped to 3-0, and in the second round, he defeated Kawasaki Frontale, who was the leader of the league and was the champion of the previous year, and advanced to the final.The final match, which was originally scheduled for November 2, was affected by the large number of people infected with the new coronavirus at the opponent Kashiwa Reysol.The following 21It was postponed to January 1, and the team was forced to have a tough schedule due to the balance with ACL, which was held intensively in late November.National StadiumIn the final match held in Japan, he won 1-2 and became the third J-League Cup champion for the first time in 11 years.

Meanwhile, in ACL, in the first round of the final tournament on December 12thBeijing GuoanHe lost 0-1 against the opponent and stopped at the best 2012 again after the 2016 and 16 tournaments.


Team slogan:Aiming to be a strongly loved team(Although not officially announced, at the time of the home gameStarting elevenSimilar words are written on the electric bulletin board of the announcement)

(Updated from time to time: As of September 9) Most of the mainstay remained this season, but Kiwara Miyazaki transferred to Fagiano Okayama for rental, and Takahiro Yanagi completely transferred to Consadole Sapporo (rented to Vegalta Sendai last season).Meanwhile, Nobuyuki Abe was acquired from AC Nagano Parceiro, and Bruno Uvini was acquired from Al Ihaded.Junya Suzuki was acquired from Blaublitz Akita in June due to the withdrawal from injuries such as Nakamura.Also on September 13th for the first time in 6 yearsYuto NagatomoHas been officially announced to return.

The first match is against Urawa (Saki star).The results so far are "28 races, 12 wins, 6 draws, 10 losses, 42 points." He won four consecutive home wins from March to early April, but then stalled and lost five consecutive league games from mid-April to early May.However, verse 3 (May 4 vs.oak), Achieved a goalless victory in the first league match of the season with 0-4, and stopped the losing streak.After that, he also won Gamba Osaka, but in the away game against Shimizu in Section 16, it was an unstable battle such as losing for the first time in 08 years since 13. From June 6th to July 19th, he won 7 consecutive games, and from July 11st, he lost 4 games in a row.After that, he drew to Gamba Osaka and defeated Sendai and Kobe, and the away battle ended with 7 races, 21 wins, 5 draws and 2 losses.

The Levin Cup group stage passed the lead and was undefeated. With the match against Tokushima in Section 4 on April 28, the 4 Levin Cup group stage breakthrough is confirmed.[47], The group stage first place was confirmed in the match against Kobe in the 5th section on May 5, and many youth players were on the bench probably because the 5th section of the GS was a dead rubber match. The playoff stage on June 6th and 6th fought Shonan.In the first round, he lost 5-13 but in the second round away, he won 1-0 and broke through with TOTAL 1-2. We have decided to advance to the prime stage (quarterfinal), which will be held in September for the third consecutive year.Prime stage quarterfinalsSapporoPlay against.Round 1 suffered a come-from-behind defeat, but Round 2Lemon SHe won the home game held in Tokyo 2-0 and decided to advance to the semi-finals.OpponentNagoya Grampus.

In the first round, Ogawa, Bangnagande and Suzuki were injured, and Nagatomo missed as a representative and lost 1-1.

Made on August 6Emperor's cupRound 2 is in Kita-ku, TokyoAjinomoto Field NishigaokaPerformed atJuntendo UniversityI played against.In the 90th minute of the first and second half, I couldn't settle and entered the extra time.PKPointed by and reversed.He was unable to score points and was eliminated in the second round.

The second leg of the Levin Cup semi-final on October 10th is in Chofu, Tokyo.Ajinomoto StadiumPerformed atNagoya GrampusI played against.The match was 2-1 and the victory was a total of 1-2 in the first and second rounds, resulting in a come-from-behind defeat.


Affiliated player

International competition elected players

Home stadium

As mentioned above, the base is Ajinomoto Stadium (Chofu City), but in the past23 central wards OfNational Stadium Kasumigaoka Athletics Stadium,National Nishigaoka Soccer Field[56],Edogawa Athletic Stadium,Komazawa Olympic Park General Athletic Field Athletic FieldBut we are holding home games[Note 11].

2019 TheRugby World CupAs a result, during the period when Ajinomoto Stadium can not be used, it was 8 consecutive away games from August to November.[58][59]. In the Levan Cup, the group stage has two matches because it cannot be used on weekdays due to the remodeling of Ajista.Chichibunomiya Rugby Field, 1 game leftSaitama City Omiya Park Soccer FieldSponsored at (NACK5 Stadium Omiya)[58].

Also outside TokyoKagoshima Prefectural Kamoike Athletics Stadium(2000 ),Kagawa Prefectural Marugame Stadium(20002001 ),Ishikawa Prefecture West Green Park Athletic Field(2000 years),Nagano Prefecture Matsumotodaira Wide Area Park Stadium(2006 .2011 Will hold a charity match)Kumagaya Sports Park Athletic Field(2011) held a home game.

New stadium concept

For the National Stadium,After the renovation to the new stadium,2020 Tokyo Olympics and ParalympicsAs part of the use after the tournament, a plan to relocate the base from Ajista after being renovated exclusively for the ball game was reported.[60] However, it is close to the New National, saying that there is a possibility that the usage fee may become expensive even if it is based here.Yoyogi park OfAthletic fieldAnd soccer/hockey field[61] It was also found that a number of private businesses are proposing to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government a plan to renovate the construction of a soccer stadium that can accommodate approximately 4 people.[62] It is reported.

Visitor record

BYR color wheel.svgIn this itemColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

The club will announce “2012 VISION” in 2015[63] And in the “2016 VISION” announced in 2020[20], The goal is to mobilize an average of 1 people per game.

年度Total number1 match
Number of matches
Venue00000000Average number of visitors per game / Total number of visitors00000000J League
West 10, Jiang 5
Piece 3
[Note 11]
[1][Note 11]
Country 10, piece 2[Note 11]
1 duck, 1 whole
Stone 1
[2][Note 11]
2001334,69822,313East 13, country 1
Circle 1
[Note 12]
2002332,59722,173East 12, country 3
2003373,97824,932Taste 14, country 1
2004381,57525,438Taste 13, country 2
[7][8][Note 13]
Taste 15, country 2
2006409,63424,096Taste 14, country 2
Pine 1
2007429,93425,290Taste 16, country 1
2008437,17625,716Taste 15, country 2
[14][Note 14]
Taste 14, country 3
Piece 1, bear 1
[15][Note 15]
Taste 16, country 1
[16][Note 16]
2013426,24625,073Taste 14, country 3
2014428,18425,187Taste 16, country 1
2015489,33628,784Taste 17
[20][Note 17]
[23][Note 18]

* In FY2020, the number of spectators decreased not only for our team but also for all J-League teams due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

Location of FC Tokyo
Location of match venues outside Tokyo
  • Total number of visitors
    • 2001 0February 9:0Reached 50-J1 2nd No.0Section 7 vsUrawa Red Diamonds (National Kasumigaoka Athletic Stadium)
    • 2003 0706th: Reached 100 million-J1 1st Round 11 vs.Vegalta Sendai (Ajinomoto Stadium)
    • October 2005, 10: Reached 15 million-J200 Round 1 vsSanfrecce Hiroshima FC (Ajinomoto Stadium)
    • 2008 0March 3: Reached 30 million-J300 No.0Section 3 vsKyoto Sanga FC (Ajinomoto Stadium)
    • 2010 0July 7: Reach 17 million-J400 Round 1 vsVISSEL KOBE (Ajinomoto Stadium)
    • 2012/1201st: 500 million people-J1 Round 34 vs Vegalta Sendai (Ajinomoto Stadium)
    • 2015 0May 5: 10 million people reached-J600 1st Round 1 vs.Kashima Antlers (Ajinomoto Stadium)[65]
    • 2017 0July 7: 13 million people reached-J700 1st Round 1 vs Kashima Antlers (Ajinomoto Stadium)[66]
    • 2019 0May 7: 14 million people reached-J800 1st Round 1 vs.Kawasaki Frontale (Ajinomoto Stadium)[67]

Number of Matches by Match Venue Hosted by Cup Match (J League Cup ACL)

年度J League CupACLRemarks
1999Nishigaoka 2, Edogawa 1
2000Edogawa 1(League Cup) Seed from the second round
2001Tokyo Su 2
2002Tokyo Su 2, Kunitachi 1
Komazawa 1
(League Cup) Tokyos = including final T1
2003Ajinomoto 1, Kunitachi 1
Komazawa 2
(League Cup) Ami Sta = Final T1 only
2004Ajinomoto 3, Kunitachi 2(League Cup) Ami Star and National = 1 final T each included[Note 19]
2005Taste Star 3
2006Ajinomoto 2, Kunitachi 3
2007Ajinomoto 2, Kunitachi 2(League Cup) Ami Sta = including final T1
2008Ajinomoto 3, Kunitachi 1
Matsumoto 1
2009Ajinomoto 3, Kunitachi 1
Komazawa 1
(League Cup) Ami Sta = Including final T2[Note 19]
2010Ajinomoto 2, Kunitachi 1
Komazawa 1
(League Cup) Ami Sta = Including final T1
2012Taste Star 2Tokyo[Note 20] 1, national 2(League Cup) Seed in the final T for ACL participation
2013Ajinomoto 1, Kunitachi 1
Komazawa 1
2014Taste Star 3
2015Taste Star 4(League Cup) Ami Sta = Including final T1
2016Taste Star 2Tokyo[Note 20]5(ACL) Includes Playoff 1.
(League Cup) Exemption from League Cup qualifying for ACL playoff victory[Note 21].
2017Taste Star 4Non-participationIncludes (League Cup) Prime Stage (Final Tournament) 1.
2018Taste Star 3
2019Chichibunomiya2,NACK (Omiya)2(League Cup) AjistaRugby World Cup 2019Due to facility renovation work accompanying the event
Changed the sponsored game to Chichibu Memorial Rugby Stadium and NACK5 Stadium Omiya, of which NACK includes Prime S1.

Age structure


年度Average age
(J League average)
Age distribution
19 ~
23 ~
30 ~
40 ~
50 ~
200432.5(34.7 years old)12.06.823.934.215.47.7
200531.7(35.4 years old)9.59.724.735.016.64.5
200635.1(35.9 years old)5.63.623.
200734.0(36.5 years old)5.89.522.035.321.16.4
200837.5(37.4 years old)5.84.713.233.430.112.9
200938.1(37.3 years old)6.14.313.832.926.816.1
201038.8(38.2 years old)3.88.311.229.628.718.3
201137.6(38.6 years old)
201237.2(39.0 years old)11.17.512.923.726.918.0
201339.8(39.5 years old)6.73.511.025.531.714.86.7
201443.1(40.4 years old)
201542.2(41.1 years old)
201640.2(41.6 years old)
201742.1(41.7 years old)
201842.1(41.9 years old)


Domestic title

International title


By individual

J League

Best eleven
Excellent Player Award (excluding Best Eleven)
Excellent rookie award
Fair Play Individual Award
J2 Most Exciting Player
Monthly MVP
  • 2013/9 Hasegawa Arya Jasur
  • March 2015 Yoshinori Muto
  • April 2018 Diego Oliveira
  • April 2019 Diego Oliveira
Monthly Excellent Director Award

J League Cup

Other awards


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)Blue x redtag"Red"
FP (2nd)whiteNavy bluewhite
GK (1st)Yellow x navyyellowyellow
GK (2nd)Pink x blackpinkpink
GK (3rd)Black x redblackblack
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd
GK 3rd

Team color

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
2019-2018 is written on the right side of the clavicle
clavicleTokyo Gas
Breast in 2020 (for ACL)
Upper backMitsubishi Corporation
2017-2010-2011 sleeves
2012-2016 lower back
Lower backTokyo Gas Life Bal
2019-2009 is back
2010-2018 is chest
Also posted on the chest for the ACL qualifying round in 2012
Front of pantsTokyo Gas
Back of pantsNone--

The history of uniform supply

Successive uniforms

FP 1st
1999 - 2000
2001 - 2002
2003 - 2004
2005 - 2006
2008 - 2009
2010 - 2011
2013 - 2014
2021 -
FP 2nd
1999 - 2000
2002 - 2003
2004 - 2005
2006 - 2007
2008 - 2009
2010 - 2011
2013 - 2014
2021 -
FP Other
Fan Acuña Cup
ACL 1st
ACL 2nd
Mine Finance Cup
ACL 1st
ACL 2nd
German expedition
20 anniversary
ACL 1st
ACL 2nd
2021 3rd

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

chestLeft clavicleRight clavicleUpper backLower backsleeveFront of pantsBack of pants
1999am / pmBefore banEnesta-TEPCOBefore banBefore banadidas
2002ENEOSam / pm
2011TEPCO /
-[Note 23]
2012LIFEVAL[Note 24] /
[Note 25]
Mitsubishi CorporationENEOS
2020XFLAG /
  • Other teams in the J-League have the sponsor above the uniform number and the player name below, but FC Tokyo has the opposite (player name above the uniform number and sponsor below) in 2009-2016.[Note 26].
  • Although it is a title acquisition team, there is no star indicating the title acquisition[Note 27].

FC Tokyo U-23

FC Tokyo U-23(FC Tokyo Under Twenty Three, abbreviation: F East 23) is from 2016 to 2019J3 leagueA soccer team (U-3 team) consisting of players under 23 who belong to FC Tokyo who participated in (J23).

Overview (FC Tokyo U-23)

When the second team's participation in J2015 is proposed in the J League in September 9, FC Tokyo expressed their desire to participate first[71].

On December 12, the same year, at the J League Board of Directors2016 seasonIt was announced that "U-1 team" of J2 J23 club participates in J3[72], Club announced that it will participate as one of the teams participating in the first year[73].. Use a uniform that has a different design from the top team.

Positioned as a team between the top and youth[74] Aiming to strengthen and train athletes under the age of 23 and raise the bottom of each age of the academy[73].. Therefore, in order to contribute to the improvement of the top team's performance and the number of players in the second team, the practice is to combine the top and second practice jointly.[75], Took the form of selecting players before the match[76][77].. Therefore, in terms of collaboration, it tends to be behind other teams.[78].. In addition, by limiting the number of players under the age of 23 in the top team to the limit[77]Type 2 registered playerPromote utilization of[76].. For sub-organizations,Jumping gradeBy generalizing, it is possible to shift from formation by grade to formation according to ability.[79].

Biography (U-23)

The first year coach of the top team coachTakayoshi YasumaAma was full-time coach of the top team in July with the change of the coach of the top team, and was acting as FC Tokyo U-7 coach.Nakamura TadashiWas changed to (Nakamura was appointed as the top team coach at the same time). Section 28NaganoIn battleKuboSets J League youngest appearance record[80] U-18 brings a virtuous cycle that promotes growth not only for athletes promoted to U-23 but also for lower class[81],Club Youth Championship of the same yearas well as the J Youth CupDominated.
Nakamura system second year. Of the opening roundCatale ToyamaIn battleGo Hatano,Suzuki Kijo,Masayuki YamadaMade a professional debut. Kenei Kubo is Section 5C large 23The J League youngest score record was updated in the battle[82].. Also this season, youth players are in the J3 leaguePremier LeagueIn parallel, if youth players are participating in J3, raise the bottom while using various players,Takamado Palace JFA U-18 Soccer LeagueAchieved the first victory at EAST[83].
Instead of Nakamura, Ama becomes the director again.
Ama transferred to the top team coachFagiano OkayamaDirector'sToru NagasawaBecame the new director. The ranking will fall to the record low of 16th place,Taichi HaraBecame the top scorer with 19 points.
Nagasawa was scheduled to continue to lead the J3 league,Epidemic of new coronavirus infectionThe start of the event was delayed due to the impact of the competition, and other sports were suspended as well, making it difficult to secure the three stadiums that were planned to be used as home stadiums.[Note 28]Offered to withdraw from the J League and was approved by the J League Board of Directors on June 2020, 6[85].

Grades (U-23)

年度AffiliationRankingmatchPointsWinPullnegativescoreGoalGoalsdirected by
2016J310 bit303699123231+1Japanese flag Takayoshi Yasuma / Japanese flag Nakamura Tadashi
201711 bit3243127133647.Japanese flag Nakamura Tadashi
201814 bit3236106163845-7Japanese flag Takayoshi Yasuma
201916 bit343699164352-9Japanese flag Toru Nagasawa


Host home game venue (U-23)

U-23 Team Meets J3 Capacity CriteriaAjinomoto Field Nishigaoka(Kita, About 7,300 people), and club officeKoto Ward OfYumenoshima Stadium(Capacity of about 4,800 people)Komazawa Olympic Park General Athletic Field Athletic FieldHeld with a capacity of about 20,000.

年度Taste fi westDream islandKomazawaTaste studioMore
201912110J Studio2
Raw Eye Forest1

Successive uniforms (U-23)

FP 1st
FP 2nd

Uniform Sponsor Itinerary (U-23)

年度chestclavicleUpper backLower backsleevePantssupplier


Inter-competition exchange



tv set

Mainly on TV relayDAZN,Tokyo Metropolitan Television(TOKYO MX) is held (previously, TOKYO MX also produced in-house matches for home and away games that are held outside Tokyo.Japan Broadcasting Corporation(May be broadcast on the same day as NHK).

From January 2018, at TOKYO MX ``FC TOKYO COLORSIs being broadcast. 2020ch as of October 10[Note 29] On Saturday morning from 7:00 to 7:30, the main broadcast will be broadcast on the same day from 11:00 to 11:30 on 092ch.

J.com Tokyoso"FC Tokyo VIVA ParadiseIs being broadcast. Updated twice a month (repeated broadcast for 2 days), so there will be a time lag, but information about players and games is being broadcast. The program itself is a longevity program that has been broadcast nearly 15 times.


Community FM stationChofu FM[Note 30] But,Ajinomoto StadiumThe held match is being relayed. In the final game of J1999 in 2TOKYO FMBut there were times when the game was broadcast live.

TOKYO FM will broadcast "" from April 2011. Also, Chofu FM,FM West Tokyo,Rainbow Town FMAlso, there is a FC Tokyo support corner in the program.

Newspapers and others

Tokyo Chunichi SportsPublishes information about the club, which is titled "365 days FC Tokyo" on paper almost every day. Previously, in addition to that, we established a 365-day FC Tokyo Mobile mobile site with a pay registration system to transmit information.

Since 2014, the club's official quarterly magazine ``FCTOKYO MAGAZINE BR TOKYOIs published.



Official Fan Book
Book titleInfomationRelease dateNumber of pagesISBN
FC Tokyo Fan Book 2000Mainichi Shimbun2000/4
ISBN 4620791458
(ISBN-13 978-4620791456)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20012001/4
ISBN 4620791768
(ISBN-13 978-4620791760)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20022002/2
ISBN 4620792004
(ISBN-13 978-4620792002)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20032003/3
ISBN 4620792225
(ISBN-13 978-4620792224)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20042004/3
ISBN 462079239X
(ISBN-13 978-4620792392)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20052005/2
ISBN 4620792535
(ISBN-13 978-4620792538)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20062006/2
ISBN 4620792721
(ISBN-13 978-4620792729)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20072007/2
ISBN 4620792926
(ISBN-13 978-4620792927)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20082008/3
ISBN 4620793132
(ISBN-13 978-4620793139)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20092009/3
ISBN 4620793361
(ISBN-13 978-4620793368)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 2010Asahi Shimbun Publishing2010/3
ISBN 4021902139
(ISBN-13 978-4021902130)
FC Tokyo Fan Book 20112011/3
ISBN 4021902163
(ISBN-13 978-4021902161)
FC Tokyo Official Fan Book 2012From One2012/3
FC Tokyo Official Fan Book 20132013/2
FC Tokyo Official Fan Book 20142014/2
FC Tokyo Official Fan Book 20152015/2
FC Tokyo Official Fan Book 20162016/2
FC Tokyo Official Fan Book 20172017/2
Other books
Book titleInfomationRelease dateNumber of pagesISBN
Aim for the goal! Attack soccer
Tactical and practice menu to score points[87]
Ikeda Shoten2001/6
ISBN 4262162400
(ISBN-13 978-4262162409)


Season review
titleRelease dateDurationASIN
Track to FC Tokyo J-1 [VHS]October 2000th, 4
40 minutes
Tokyo 2000 (Millennium)October 2000th, 4
130 minutes
FC Tokyo 2000-2002 Season Review (Limited production)
FC Tokyo 2002 Season ReviewOctober 2003th, 8
103 minutes
FC Tokyo 2003 Season ReviewOctober 2004th, 4
110 minutes
FC Tokyo Season Review 2004October 2005th, 3
110 minutes
FC Tokyo 2005 Season ReviewOctober 2006th, 3
110 minutes
FC Tokyo 2006 Season Review2007/608 days
99 minutes
FC Tokyo 2007 Season Review2008/509 days
94 minutes
FC Tokyo 2008 Season Review2009/508 days
90 minutes
FC Tokyo Season Review 2009October 2010th, 3
120 minutes
FC Tokyo 2010 Season ReviewOctober 2011th, 3
129 minutes
FC Tokyo 2011 Season ReviewOctober 2012th, 3
132 minutes
FC Tokyo 2012 Season ReviewOctober 2013th, 3
103 minutes
FC Tokyo 2013 Season ReviewOctober 2014th, 3
144 minutes
FC Tokyo 2014 Season Review2015/408 days
145 minutes
FC Tokyo 2015 Season ReviewOctober 2016th, 3
138 minutes
FC Tokyo 2016 Season ReviewOctober 2017th, 3
159 minutes
Other DVDs
titleDistributorRelease dateDurationNational bibliographic number / ASIN
2004 J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup Omnibus
First victory! Track to FC Tokyo Cup Winners!
NikkatsuOctober 2005th, 1
105 minutes
FC Tokyo Stars 1999-2008NikkatsuOctober 2009th, 7
118 minutes
J League Official DVD 2009 J League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup
Track to FC Tokyo Cup Winners "TOKYO AT THE TOP"
Data StadiumOctober 2010th, 1
56 minutes
J League Official DVD Our National (Road to National)
2009 J-League Yamazaki Nabisco Cup The path of fierce battle!
Data StadiumOctober 2010th, 1
50 minutes
Player training program for the next generation
FC Tokyo U-15 Musashino team practice
T & H2008
195 minutes
National bibliographic number:21698016


2013 May 1, It was discovered that the accounting manager of the operating company Tokyo Football Club Co., Ltd. (Tokyo FC) privately diverted approximately 2005 million yen in company expenses during the eight years from 2012 to 8. On the same day, Tokyo FC will become the accounting manager.Disciplinary dismissaldid. Regarding the loss amount, the manager in charge of the accounting repayed the full amount, and the representative director of Tokyo FC took responsibility and announced that 20% of the compensation will be voluntarily returned for 3 months.[88].


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注 釈

  1. ^ The Tokyo stadium was constructed as part of the use of the site of the Kanto village, which spans the three cities of Mitaka, Fuchu, and Chofu.
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