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🥋 | Wolf Semifinal, Hamada Goes to Final Judo ・ 29th

Photo Women's 78kg class semi-final Naori Hamada = Nippon Budokan who won one by joint technique against Germany's Ana Maria Wagner (bottom)

Wolf semi-final, Hamada to the final Judo, 29th

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In the women's 78 kg class, Naori Hamada (Self-Defense Forces), who participated for the first time, won the semi-final and advanced to the final by defeating Wagner (Germany) who won this year's world championship.

In the men's 100 kg class of judo, Wolf Aaron (Ryotokuji Daijo), who participated for the first time, and Liparteliani (Georgia) in the semi-finals ... → Continue reading

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First appearance

Naori Hamada

Naori Hamada(Still1990<2>May 9 -) isKagoshimaKirishimaFromJapanGirlsJudo.landSDF[3](As of April 2021SDF physical education schoolAffiliation[4], The class is1st class lieutenant[3]).Grip strength is 59 kg on the right and 64 kg on the left.The kumite is right-handed.Blood type is B type[Source required]..My specialty isGround fighting..My hobby is coffee time.


judo TheKokubun Nishi Elementary SchoolWhen I was 10 years oldGround Self-Defense Force Kokubu stationStarted at the Kokubun Nishi Judo Club in Japan[1][5].Kokubun Minami Junior High SchoolWhile attending school, he was a player who stayed at the prefectural tournament.[6]..For classmates in middle school2012 London OlympicsvolleyballWon a bronze medal inRisa Shinnabe [7], For one year juniorHiroshima Toyo Carp OfOsera earthWore[8].Kagoshima Minami High SchoolWhen I proceeded to, the director of the judo club trained me in a ground fight and made it my specialty.[5].. At the time of 3 yearsInter HighIn the 78 kg class finalAso High School3 yearsAkari OgataPlay against, but soon after the startUchi mataLost in 2nd place.Also, in the team competition, when you play against Aso High School in the semi-final, you will still be in Ogata.Ouchi GariLost in and stayed in 3th place[1]..He was dispatched by the All Japan Judo Federation to the Thuringia International Judo Tournament in Germany and finished fifth.[9]..When I was in the third year of Kagoshima Minami High SchoolGo Nagabuchi40th single"graduation"Has been involved in the lyrics of the song and has been broadcast on TV documentaries.[10].

Yamanashi Gakuin UniversityIf you go to, in the second yearAll Japan Junior3th place[1].. At the time of 4 yearsAll Japan Student Judo ChampionshipとGroup by weight2th place[1]..Also, the director of the judo clubNobutoshi YamabeRussian military martial arts at the recommendation ofSamboBegan to work on[5]..This was aimed at broadening the range of ground fighting[11]..While practicing sambo at the wrestling ground between judo lessons, he also participated in a training camp at Russia's top athlete training center "Sambo 70", just before graduation.Universiade・ Won the sambo competition qualifying tournament[12].

Entered the Self-Defense Forces Physical Education School in 2013[1].. Russian in JulyKazanHeld atUniversiadeParticipated in the Sambo competition and won the 80 kg class[13].

2014 Year of 8 MonthBusiness individual championshipIn the final, he is the second place in the world who has returned from injury for the first time in a year.Ryotokuji GakuenOgata of the staffYoko Shiho gatameDefeated and won[1]..Furthermore, in October, it was dispatched by the All Japan Business Judo Federation.Europe Open GrassgoBut I won the championship[1].. In MayKodokan CupThen in the semifinalsPacific Rim University2 yearsMami UmekiLost in Yoko Shiho gatame, but finished in 3rd place[1]..continue,ChibaNarita CityHeld at(English edition)Then, when you participate in the 80 kg class,PRIDEKingEmelianenko FedorWhile watching over[14]In the final, the same judo player Maria Oryashkova of Bulgaria decided with her strong skill and defeated 2-1 to win the championship.[15][16]..In addition, it is said that it was good to make use of judo ground fighting in Sambo.Also, by experiencing Sambo, the movement from standing to sleeping became smoother.[5][17].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen in the semi-finals of the Olympic championKeila HarrisonToKesa-gatameLost in but finished in 3rd place[18].

2015 Year of 4 MonthBy selected weightThen, in the final, I will be a 4th year junior in high schoolMitsui Sumitomo Insurance OfRika TakayamaAlthough he won the championship by defeatingWorld championshipWas not selected as a representative[19].. In MayGrand Slam TyumenThen in the semifinals in the NetherlandsGuusje SteenhuisDespite losing in coaching 2, the former world champion of the Netherlands in the bronze medal matchMarhinde VerkerkWas broken by Yoko Shiho gatame[1]..Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance in the final of the individual business championshipShiori YoshimuraDefeated in the inner thigh and won the second straight victory[1].National bodyIn the adult girls sectionSaitamaI participated as a member, but in the finalIwateTo Ayumi SugawaraNorth-southLost in and stayed in 2th place[20].. Takayama in the final at the Kodokan Cup in NovemberTate Shiho gataHe won the championship by winning all one with his strong grounding skills such as defeating with[21].. ContinueGrand Prix QingdaoLet's play Harrison in the quarterfinalsArmWhen I proceeded to the final by finishing with, the former world champion FranceAudrey TcheumeoTheOkuri eri jime[22]A kind of horizontal squeezing[23]Break withIJF World Judo TourFirst victory[24][25].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen, in the quarterfinals, it started early in Steenhuis, the Netherlands.Deashi haraiIf you lose in Slovenia, even in the repechageAnamari VelenšekToArm triangleLost in 7rd place[26].

In the semi-finals by weight selected in April 2016Komatsu OfRuika SatoLost to 3rd place[27].. In August, he defeated Yoshimura in Yoko Shiho gatame in the final, following the previous year, and won the championship for the third time in a row.[1].. In the Kodokan Cup in November, he lost to Yoshimura in the second round.[28].

2017 Year of 2 MonthEurope Open OberwaldThen, in the final, he defeated South Korea's Park Yu-jin in Yoko Shiho gatame, and won all the games by winning one in a ground fight.[29]. At this time,European Judo FederationThe sleeping technique was highly evaluated by[30].. By weight in April, when Umeki got a waza-ari in the finalUshiro-KesaLost in 2th place[31].. In MayAsian ChampionshipThen, in the final, he defeated China's Ma Jenjao with one hand, and won the championship by winning all one in a ground fight.In the team competition, only the first match was played, but after winning with skill, the team also won the championship.[32][33][34].. In MayBusiness groupThen, in the Mitsui Sumitomo Maritime Battle, over 78 kgNami InamoriThethrow in judoHowever, the team came in second with 2 wins and 1 loss, including losing to Sato in Osotogari in the Komatsu match.[1].. In the individual business championship in August, he defeated Yoshimura in the final with Yoko Shiho gatame and won the championship for the fourth time in a row.[35].. In MayGrand Prix ZagrebThen, in the final, France's Sama-Awa Kamala started, and as soon as it started, the opponent's arm was stretched.ArmBroke with[36][37]Including, he won the championship by winning all one with his strong ground fighting technique.[38][39].. In the final at the Kodokan Cup in NovemberTaisei High School3 yearsRinoko WadaWhen he played against him, he won the championship for the second time with a single win in this tournament, even though he was preempted with waza-ari.[40].. In MayGrand Slam TokyoThen, in the second round, the UK, which is number one in the world rankingNatalie PowellDefeated Yoko Shiho gatame and Cumeo in the semi-finals with Yoko Shiho gatame.When you play against Stain Heiss in the final,TenancyImmediately after taking the waza-ari, I won all the ones with my strong grounding technique such as breaking with a collar squeezingGrand slamHe won the tournament for the first time.As a result, in the international tournament that participated in 2017, all 15 races will be won by ground fighting.[41][42].

2018 Year of 2 MonthGrand slam parisThen in the semi-final to the local Cumeothrow in judoEven though he lost in the 3rd place playoff, UmekiKata ha jimeDefeated in 3rd place[43][44].. By weight in April, he won the first two races, but lost to Takayama in the final and finished second, but due to the results of international competitions, etc.World championshipElected as a representative[45][46].. In MayBusiness groupThen, in the Mitsui Sumitomo Marine Battle, he defeated Takayama in Yoko Shiho gatame, but in the Komatsu Battle, he was over 78 kg.Wakaharu TomitaIt was 1 win, 1 loss and 1 minute, such as losing in a skill[47].. In MayGrand Prix ZagrebThen in the quarterfinals in FranceMadeleine MalongaToOuchi GariDespite losing in Brazil, Brazil's world champion in the repechageMayra AguiarDefeated with one-handed squeeze, but became Cumeo in the 3rd place playoffKouchi GariI lost in and finished in 5th place.However, by defeating Agial this time, all five old and new world champions (Ferkelk, Harrison, Chumeo, Agial, Umeki) who have battle experience will be killed with their strong ground fighting.[48][49].. In MayWorld championshipThen, in the semi-final, he defeated former world champion Ferkelk with Ouchi Gari, and in the final, he defeated Stain Heiss, who ranked first in the world, with a foul victory after a battle of 1 minutes and 9 seconds. Became a world champion on his birthday.As a result, it became the best in the world in both judo and sambo competitions.After the match, he commented as follows. "I was able to win the final firmly in the competition. I've been practicing standing skills more than ever, so I'm glad I was able to show it. It was a good birthday. The world in two competitions (with Sambo) I was aiming for one, so I'm happy. "[50][51][52].. In MayGrand Slam OsakaThen in the semi-final to UmekiKosoto GariLost in, but Germany's 3rd place playoffLuise MalzahnWas broken by Yoko Shiho gatame.By staying in 3rd place in this tournamentWorld championshipI didn't get a job offer[53].. In MayWorld MastersThen, although he lost to Sato in the semi-final, he defeated Stain Heiss in the bronze medal match and finished in 3rd place.[54][55].

2019 Year of 2 MonthGrand Slam DusseldorfThen, in the first match, Russia lost to Antana Schmerewa in just 10 seconds of Osotogari.[56].. By weight in April in the semi-finalsKomatsu OfMao IzumiYoko Shiho gatame, Sato in the finalOuchi GariDefeated with the skill of Waza-ari and won the championship for the first time in 4 years.World championshipElected as a representative[57][58].. In MayGrand Slam BakuThen, although he lost to Maronga in the quarter-final with Ouchi Gari, when he defeated Agiar with one hand in the repechage, he fouled Stain Heiss in the third place playoff.[59][60].. In MayGrand Prix MontrealThen, if you win in a ground fight until the semi-final, in the final, RussiaAlexandra BabinzewaI won the championship by winning all of them, such as defeating[61][62].. In SeptemberTokyoHeld atWorld championshipThen in the semi-finals of SloveniaKlara ApotekarI won all the games and proceeded to the final, but when I missed the chance to do a ground fight immediately after Maronga took the waza-ari, I lost to Osoto gaeshi and stayed in 2nd place.[63][64].. 2 days laterWorld organizationWas not originally scheduled to participate in, but over 78 kgKagayaki ShineとSarah AsahinaHowever, because he was in poor physical condition, he was hurriedly requested to participate on the day of the event.One rank higher in the semi-final against BrazilMaria Suelen AlthemanIn the situation where he was brought to the national team when he lost in the final match against France, he defeated Maronga in all directions and contributed greatly to the team's victory.[65][66][67].Grand Slam OsakaThen, in the quarter-finals, he defeated Tate Shiho gata and Izumi in the semi-finals, but in the final, he took the lead from Umeki with Kosoto Gake, but lost in the corner and finished second.[68].

2020 Year of 2 MonthGrand Slam DusseldorfThen in the finalMayra AguiarWon the championship with an all-one win, such as defeating Yoko Shiho gatame[69][70][71]..In this final, at the same time as the start of the game, Agial was drawn into a ground fight, and for two minutes, he continued to attack without standing up, and the image was shown.International Judo FederationIntroduced as a model for advanced ground fighters[72][73]..Opened after thatAll Japan Judo FederationUnanimously at the Strengthening CommitteeTokyo OlympicsThe representative has been unofficially decided. If more than two-thirds of the strengthening committee members judge that the difference in performance with the second-placed athlete is clear, the Tokyo Olympics representative will be unofficially decided.[74][75][76]..Hamada, who was appointed as the representative, said, "I'm glad I was chosen because I was aiming for the Olympics. I'm looking forward to it because it's a tournament I've always wanted to attend. There are many things I have to do (by the actual performance)."[77].. In May, All Japan Judo Federation met with the Managing Board and the Strengthening Committee.New coronavirusAt the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year due to the influence of the above, we confirmed the policy of maintaining the rights of the representative unofficial players decided in February.The unofficial player has already undergone a fierce selection of representatives, and the main reason is that the resumption of the international tournament is still unclear and re-selection is not easy.[78]..On the other hand, the strengthening committee chairJun Kanno"The most decisive factor is that the on-site coach and coach have the confidence to fight with the current unofficial players."[79]..After that, with the approval of all directors and auditors of All Japan Judo Federation, it was officially decided to maintain the representative unofficial players.[80].

2021 Year of 1 MonthWorld MastersIn the semi-finals, he defeated Steenhuis with Ouchi Gari, but in the finals he was defeated by Maronga's waza-ari and finished second.[81][82].. In MayGrand Slam AntalyaThen, in the final, he won the championship by defeating Poland's Beata Pact with a skill.[83].

XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayNippon BudokanHeld atTokyo OlympicsThen, in the first match, European champion Beata Pact of Poland was squeezed from the corner to the side (Shibarok) for 2 minutes and 32 seconds, and in the quarterfinals, Babinzewa of the Russian Olympic Committee was thrown from the tongue 2 minutes 38 seconds One technique (8 seconds from the beginning of sleep to "come"), in the semi-finals of 2021 World Champion GermanyAnna-Maria WagnerWas defeated in 1 minute 23 seconds (5 seconds).2019 World Champion in the finalMadeleine MalongaWon a gold medal with the perfect content of 1 minute 09 seconds one in the North-south position and four games all one win including two games with the old and new world champions.[84][85]..In a post-match interview, Hamada said: "During the match, I had the same feelings as in other competitions, but when I got the gold medal, I felt special." I think I was able to put it out. "[86].. Both his first Olympic appearance at 30 years and 10 months and his gold medal were the oldest records in the history of Japanese judo.[87].. Tokyo Olympics held two days laterGender mixed team competitionHe was also registered as a player and won a silver medal as a member of the Japanese team, but the women's heavyweight class is over 78 kg, which is one class higher than Hamada.Kagayaki ShineDid not have a chance to participate because he participated in all games[88]..The men's 4g class representative who won the gold medal on the same day for the content that all four games of the Tokyo Olympics won one in a ground fight and the total game time was only 7 minutes 42 secondsWolf Aaron"Mr. Hamada's ground fighting is too strong, that's bad, maybe if I'm drawn into a ground fight, I'll be overturned and suppressed, and if I get into a ground fight, it's already Naori (victory) time."[89], Beijing and Rio de Janeiro Olympic bronze medalist women's 52kg classMisato Nakamura"The speed of getting into a ground fight is perfect, and even if you know only Hamada's ground fighting, you can't take countermeasures.[90]It is evaluated as.In addition, the London Olympics women's 57 kg class gold medalist who used to use ground fighting as a weapon during his active careerKaoru Matsumoto"I never won even if I tried many times (in a ground fighting randori), there is no player who is lined up side by side in a ground fight."[91]Has revealed.Minister of DefenseNobuo KishiCommented immediately after the match, "It was an overwhelming restraint and a wonderful match!"[92]On October 8stFirst-class award and first-class defense merit badgeWas awarded[93].. On September 9stSDF physical education schoolSaitama Prefecture whereAsakaReceived the Citizen's Physical Education Award Special Award from Saitama Prefecture, where you liveWako cityReceived the Citizen's Honor Award from[94][95].

Judo style

Called "ground fighters," "ground fighters," "queen of ground fights," etc.[96][97][98],powerfulGround fightingBoasts a high single win rate.Unleashed from the right groupUchi mata,Ouchi mowing,Ogai MowingIn addition to the big skill aiming at such points,Overhead throw in judo,Sumi gaeshi,Sumi otoshi,Seoi-nageAssemble the game by interweaving the standing skills aimed at the transition to the ground fighting.And once you get into a sleeping position, you can take one with high accuracy by accumulating extremely quick and precise sleeping techniques.The moment you go to sleepJoint technique,StranglerThere are times when he shows a haste to take one very much, but rather the true value of Hamada's ground fighting is the so-called "turtleWith your right hand, grab the opponent's back belt and turn it over while sneaking underneath.Band recovery (pull-in back), And at that time, master the right elbow joint of the opponent who stretchedArmsOrSuppressIt is one that followed the procedure by.If there is a gap in the opponent's right arm, from the beginningArmsTurn over while masteringArmsI also use a lot of returns.In a normal judo match, the opponent is "turtleIn many cases, he gives up the attack and waits for the referee to "wait", but in the case of Hamada, it is characteristic that he often takes one from here.Therefore, the opponent tries to get up immediately or escape from the field, but he does not allow them at all, continues the onslaught of ground fighting relentlessly, and it is often said from the media that he will surely finish with one.AntlionBe described as[99].

Such a style is Hamada's original, which incorporates the technique of Sambo, which won the world championship, in addition to being faithful to the basics of traditional ground fighting.[100]..About this style, a mixed martial artist known as a master of ground fightingShinya Aoki"She's strength is between sleeping and standing, and she's really good at taking so-called'giwa'. In the rule of judo, she's too subdivided so that ordinary people can't understand it. It ’s okay. ”[101]..In addition, judo officials have pointed out that it is not easy to learn, "The sharp sense of smell and the method of attracting the other party, which cannot be easily imitated, have been sharpened."[102].

As a longing judoka, although he has no acquaintance, he was also known to the world as a sleeping technician.Katsuhiko KashiwazakiIs listed.When I was in high school, I was greatly influenced by the video of the 1981 World Championships in Kashiwazaki, and I learned that style by repeatedly watching and studying.From this, he says, "I couldn't do my own judo style without Mr. Kashiwazaki."Kashiwazaki himself was also fascinated by Hamada's ground fighting, a college student who happened to see him at the match venue. I was impressed.He also described Hamada's current ground fighting as "the best in the world."[103].

It is also known for its martial arts-like behavior that does not change its expression on tatami mats regardless of whether it wins or loses the game.

World ranking transition

  • Yearly transition of world rankings


Recent rankings are "player information" and "World ranking list"See.


(Source[1], JudoInside.com).

Sambo (80 kg class)

  • 2013-Universiade victory
  • 2014-World Championship championship



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