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⚽ | Former United Rafael has a grudge against Van Gaal ... Get angry at the remark "Get out"


Former United Rafael grudges Van Gaal ... angry at "get out" remarks

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During the Barcelona era, Rivaldo is said to have refused to play on the left side as requested by van Gaal and stubbornly insisted on a center forward.

Brazilian defender Rafael da Siuv, known to have played for Manchester United once ... → Continue reading


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Center forward

Center forward(British: centerforward,Rice: centerforward) IsSports Ofpositionone of. サ ッ カ ー,hockeyUsed in etc.


  1. Soccer positionone of.Play near the front or center of the teamforwardBy the way, the player who is originally expected to score the most in the forward.It used to refer to a player who plays at the forefront in the center of a forward consisting of five or three players.Nowadays there may be only one or two forwards, but it is still used in most formations.
    As a recent trend, in the system where 1 or 3 tops are adopted, the pattern of playing near the center while moving back and forth is increasing, and the meaning of simply the FW in the middle is strengthened.
  2. Field hockeyOne of the positions.A player who plays in the center of the front line among forwards.
  3. Ice hockeyThe old way of saying the center, which is one of the positions of. Left and right of the three forwardswingNot the one in the center.

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