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⛳ | <Breaking News> Rakuten Super Ladies in Birdie Battle Hinako Shibuno's start hole is a par

Photo Hinako Shibuno wants to keep up with the development of each other (Photo: Sho Suzuki)

<Breaking News> The start hole of Hinako Shibuno, the Rakuten Super Ladies in the birdie battle, is a par.

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In addition, Ai Suzuki, Erika Hara, Miyu Shinkai, and Minami Katsu are in total of 7 under and 6th place in Thailand.

<Rakuten Super Ladies Day 2 ◇ 30th ◇ Tokyu Grand Oak Golf Club (Hyogo) ◇ 6568 yards… → Continue reading

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Erika Hara

Erika Hara[1](Hello Erika,1999May 2 -) isKanagawa横 浜 市Native Japanese girlProfessional golferIs. AffiliationNippon Express.


Shonan Gakuin High Schoolgraduate[1]..From 2015 to 2020 while attending the same high schoolShoji OzakiStudied under[2][3].

In 2016, he won the “Kanagawa Ama” (junior girls 15-17 years old) championship as a major achievement during amateur age.[4],same year"Resort Trust Ladies』In 16th place, low amateur acquisition etc.[5].

In 2017 after graduating from high schoolJapan Women's Professional Golf Association(LPGA) Entered final protest and failed in 27th place with less than 2 strokes[6].. Make a professional declaration in the same year[7],Japan Women's Open Golf ChampionshipWe will enter the final qualifying and win the final race in 14th place Thailand[8].. (23rd place in this match[9]

In the same year, in the LPGA Third Qualifying Tournament, he was unable to advance to the final in 50th place in Area A[10].

In 2018, started as a TP single-year registered player with 117th place in QT ranking[11].. First professional win of the lower tour in the step-up tour "Lassing Ninnia/RKB Ladies" in March of the same year[12], Won the tour "Japan Medical and Women's Open" in June[13].. "1st reranking[14]By being ranked 28th, he was qualified for the LPGA Tour midfield battle.[15].. Completed the LPGA final protest for the second time in the same year and passed 2th place Thailand[16], LPGA 90th generation[1].. "2st reranking[17]Was qualified for the final game of the LPGA Tour by being ranked 16th in[18]Finally achieves his first seed with 38th place in annual prize ranking (prize rank)[19].

December 12, the same yearLPGA Rookie Match Kaga Electronic CupWins[20]Receives "Fighting Award" at the LPGA Awards announced on December 12th[21].

Nippon Express since 2019[22].. In June of the same year at "Resort Trust Ladies"Bae Sung WooWin the LPGA Tour's first victory by winning the 2-hole playoff with[23].. Eventually, he became the highest prize rank of 14th himself, and became a seed for the second consecutive year.[19].. In December of the same year, Japan Golf Tournament Promotion Association (GTPA) "Rookie of the Year"Shibuno Hinako,Kawamoto Yui,Inemi MoningWon with[24].

September 2020, 10, ``Japan Women's Open Golf ChampionshipFirst official competition victory[25][26]..And the final round of this season, "LPGA Tour Championship』, Recorded the second official match (third tour win) with a complete victory for four days without giving up the lead from the first day to the end.[27].

Main grades

Tour winner

JLPGA Tour (3)

No.DateTournamentScoreDifference from second place2nd place (Thailand)
12019/6/2Resort Trust Ladies[Note 1]-14 (66-70-66 = 202)play offRepublic of Korea flag Bae Sung Woo
22020/10/4Japan Women's Open Golf Championship[Note 2]-16 (68-70-66-68 = 272)4 strokesJapanese flag Cherry blossom
32020/11/29LPGA Tour Championship-10 (67-68-71-72 = 204)2 strokesJapanese flag Ayaka Furue


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