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⚽ | "The day of farewell has come" Varane, the full text of the farewell message to Real


"The day of farewell has come" Varane, full farewell message to Real

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Real also earned the honor of sharing a locker room with the best players in the world.

France national team DF Rafael has virtually decided to move from Real Madrid to Manchester United ... → Continue reading


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Changing room

Changing room(Kouishitsu,British: changing roomWhat isCompany,Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular·Sports Facilities(gymnasium,Pool,Budokan,Arena,ス ポ ー ツ ジ ム) Etc.uniform,Work clothes,uniform, A room where you can change into sportswear and prepare for work or activities there, or store your luggage for changing clothes. About the changing roomlocker roomSometimes called. In addition,Bathroom,Public bathThe room where you take off and put on your clothesDressing roomIt's called (Datsukijo).


Pool orSpaな どAll nakedIt may be used not only in the place where it becomes, but also in changing clothes only, or as a luggage storage. In the changing roomWashroomAnd for storing clothesLockerMay be installed or ventilation equipment may be installed. In the case of sports-related facilities,Shower roomMay be adjacent.

Changing room at an educational institution

In the case of changing rooms at educational institutionsClassroomThere is a changing room for exclusive use.Dedicated to pre-school and extra curricular-school yearDepending on the circumstances, there are cases where men and women share the same room and cases where men and women have separate rooms.

Changing rooms in companies, etc.

The changing rooms in the company are mainly plain clothes for commuting and clothes for wearing at work (uniform,Work clothes) Is installed to change clothes. Men and women are separated, and it also has the role of storing belongings that are not necessary for work in the changing room.

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