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🥋 | "Dangerous! This is no good" The commentary is angry at the relentless facial attack on Shoichiro Mukai, a mixed gender group of judo.


"Dangerous! This is no good." The commentary was angry at the relentless facial attack on Shoichiro Mukai, a mixed gender group of judo.

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In the semi-finals, Shoichiro Mukai (ALSOK), the third person to win two consecutive victories, was relentlessly targeted near his face by Igolnikov, and Takamasa Anai (2), the director of the Tenri University Judo Club, said, "Dangerous!

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Takamasa Anai

Takamasa Anai(Anai Takamasa,1984 May 8 -) isOitaOita CityBackground[1] OfJudo..Obtained XNUMXth dan.My specialty isUchi mata,throw in judo[2][3]..Sister'sSayaka AnaiIs also a judoka and participated in the 2008 world group judo together.[4].. 2014,Tenri UniversityBecame the director of the judo club[5].


At the age of 5 at the local Shueikan DojojudoStarted[3].Kenichi YamanakaUnder the guidance of (1965 Rio de Janeiro World Judo Championships runner-up), he won the national junior high school judo tournament individual competition 78 kg class, and won the championship in Nara prefecture.Tenri High SchoolGo on to school.Since he was in his first year of high school, he has been active in the ace class as a regular in team competitions, and when he was in his second year of high school.Inter HighWon the 100 kg class in individual competition[3]..After graduating from Tenri High School, he went on to Tenri University and won numerous student titles and domestic titles.Currently a staff member of Tenri University[3].

Because the class was 100 kg classYasuo Inoue,Suzuki KeijiThe wall was thick and I couldn't break it easily.Therefore, for a long timeWorld Judo Championship,OlympicCouldn't be the representative of[3].2009 In 2 monthFrance International Judo Tournament[6],German International Judo Tournament[7]April 4th after winningAll Japan Judo Championships by WeightWon the 100 kg class and won the title of representative of the first World Judo Championships[8].May 4 OfAll Japan Judo ChampionshipThen, in the quarterfinals, I won one against Keiji Suzuki[9], In the finalYasuyuki MuritaDefeated in the judgment and achieved the first victory[10]..Although it was said that the gold medal was certain at the world championship, which was his first appearance, he was disappointed in the semi-final and ended up with a bronze medal.[3].

At the World Championships held in Tokyo in September 2010, he won one in the first and second rounds and won the third round with guidance 9, and in the final quarter-final he won one in Ogaikari.Cuban powerhouse in the following semi-finalsOladis DespineEven though he was deprived of his effectiveness by throwing back, he counterattacked and regained guidance 2 and lined up at the point.GSAfter rushing into, I won one in the inner thigh.Dutch in the finalHenk GrolI attacked and took the guidance 2 and won the superiority, achieved the victory and became the world champion[11].. In mayGrand Slam TokyoBut I won the championship[12].

At the World Championships held in Paris in August 2011, he aimed to win the championship for the second time in a row, but lost one in the third round and failed to win a medal.[13].

By weight in May 2012, he won the championship with an all-one win.London OlympicsElected as a representative[14].. April 8London Olympic judo competitionParticipated in the men's 6 kg class on the 100th day.A gold medal was expected as a Japanese ace, but although he defeated local British James Austin in the first round with guidance 3, he was downgraded in the second round.Lukas KuruparekToYoko Shiho gatameI lost one and lost[15][16].

Notification of withdrawal of strengthened players in NovemberAll Japan Judo FederationI submitted it to and decided to retire from the front line.However, there is a possibility of participating in the qualifying for the All Japan Championship.[17].

Since April 2013, he has been appointed as Deputy Director of the Judo Club of Tenri University.Nara University of EducationGo on to graduate school[18].

In the quarterfinals at the All Japan Championship, which was the last match of active dutyAsahi Kasei OfMomose YuInstruction 3[19], In the semi-finals, the runner-up of the previous yearJRA OfRyuta IshiiStart in just 14 secondsTaiotoshiIppon wins[20], New in the finalNihon University OfHisayoshi HarasawaDefeat in Guidance 2[21], Won the second victory in this tournament for the first time in four years[21][22].

In August 2013, he was elected as a member of the athlete committee newly established by All Japan Judo Federation for the purpose of reflecting the opinions of athletes in organizational management.[23].

Appointed director of Tenri University Judo Club on April 2014, 4[5], In August of the same yearTokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games Organizing CommitteeWas selected as a member of the athlete committee established by[24].

After that, he often serves as a live commentary and commentator on the TV broadcast of the judo tournament.

World ranking

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Major championship tournaments




Competitive results with leading players

Match record
CitizenshipPlayer nameMessage
Dutch flagHenk Grol2 wins
Uzbekistan flagMaxim Rakov2 wins 1 losses
Mongolia flagNaidangiin Tubusinbayar2 wins
Republic of Korea flagHwang Hee-tae1 wins 3 losses
Israeli flagAriel Ze'evi4 wins
Czech flagLukas Kuruparek3 wins 1 losses

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  • World Judo Championships champion Takamasa Anai's training guidance (2015, T & H)[25]




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