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🥋 | [Tokyo Olympics] France is gold, Japan is silver archery Furukawa is copper in the judo mixed team


[Tokyo Olympics] Judo mixed team, France is gold, Japan is silver archery Furukawa is copper

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Axel Clerget, who followed, also stole one of the corners in overtime, and France won the second straight victory.

On the 31st of the Tokyo Olympics, a new mixed group of judo was the Nippon Budokan, and France became the first champion.Japan… → Continue reading


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Sumi otoshi

Sumi otoshi(Sumiotoshi) isjudo OfThrowing techniqueOne of 16 techniques.Kodokan, the official name of the International Judo Federation.aliasAir throw(Kuukinage). IJF abbreviationSOT.


The technique of stepping on the opponent (where the opponent stepped in) and throwing it into the corner.Hisafune MifuneIt was a technique that I came up with when I was 39 years old when the XNUMXth dan was the XNUMXth dan.Air throwWas called,Jigoro KanoThe instructor named it "Sumiotoshi".At the age of 47 in the XNUMXth dan, the firstAll Japan Judo ChampionshipSo, I played against Kaichiro Samura 7th Dan (at that time) in Kansai, took one in Sumi Otoshi, and completed it in XNUMX years from the idea of ​​Sumi Otoshi.

A technique that destroys the opponent with a very quick and skillful movement and throws it without touching the opponent except for the hand holding the judo garment.Throw the opponent diagonally backward.

Besides these two names, because it resembles the action of watering in a bucket.Bucket throwIt was once called (bucket nage), but Kyuzo Mifune XNUMX-dan left the words, "It's a little terrible."


In addition, for air throwing, it is called "Mifune style air throwing" which is a corner.Uki otoshiThere are two types of "Ishiguro style air throwing" which is a kind of.

Practical example

Sydney OlympicsIn the men's 60 kg or less class finalTadahiro Nomura Jung Bukyung( South Korea), The corner is decided in 14 seconds from the start.

This is a little forcible because Nomura is in a disadvantageous positionUchi mataAnd ChungUchi mata sushiI tried to fight back, but Nomura's techniqueKuzushiAlthough it was in the form that Chung was thrown as it was with strong momentum, Sumi Otoshi was adopted as the decisive factor.

Aikido corner drop

AikidoThere is also a technique called corner dropping.The technique is slightly different from the judo technique because the expected interval is different.In most cases, the corner of Aikido is thrown diagonally behind the opponent.AikikaiBesides, it is closely related to judoAikido competitionIn particular, it is enacted as one of the "XNUMX basic forms of randori".

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2 consecutive wins


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