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🥋 | <Wrestling> 2021 Tokyo Olympics Wrestling Competition Starts ... Kenichiro Fumita (Miki House) Breaks Through First Match


<Wrestling> 2021 Tokyo Olympics wrestling competition begins ... Kenichiro Fumita (MIKI HOUSE) breaks through the first match

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Men's Greco-Roman 60kg class Kenichiro Fumita (MIKI HOUSE) participated in the first game of the same class and defeated Abdelkalim Felgat (Algeria), who was second in the Africa / Oceania qualifying, in a technical fall and advanced to the second round.

The 2021 Tokyo Olympic Wrestling Competition will begin on August 8st at Makuhari Messe in Chiba.Men's Greco-Roman 1 ... → Continue reading

 Japan Wrestling Association

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Sanki Shoko

Sanki Trading Co., Ltd.(MIKI SHOKO Co., Ltd.)Osaka Wakabayashi TownHeadquartered inBaby clothes-Children's wearThe manufacturer.


Founder and current presidentKoichi KimuraBut,1971Established "Sanki Sangyo", a manufacturer and wholesaler of baby and children's clothing in Osaka (Showa 46). afterwards,1978Reorganized in (53), changed to the current company name, and taken from Sanki brand "MIKI HOUSE"(Miki House) of children's clothingSPAWe will expand our power with and open many stores overseas.

Mainly focusing on children's clothingClothesThe main business is, but the group companies (10 companies) have started the baby comprehensive production business, and others.Publication-Education-Eating outIt also does business.

2006(18)Tokio Marine CapitalBecame the largest shareholder of the company, which underwrote a capital increase of 40 billion yen to a third party and holds approximately 60% of the issued shares.2010With the aim of (22), the company aims to go public, butSubprime shockThe public offering has been postponed due to the subsequent effects.

2013May 4,The United Kingdom-UKA long-established luxury department store in the centerHarrodsFirst store opened as a Japanese apparel company[1].

Apparel Division

The Apparel Division is the core division of the Miki House Group. There are five brands to develop.

  • Miki House
  • Miki House First
  • Miki House Collection
  • Miki House Double B
  • Miki House Hot Biscuits

It is sold in nine countries outside Japan, including about 180 directly managed stores in Japan. In addition to baby and children's clothing, we handle a wide range of products including shoes, toys, and sundries.

Miki House Sports Club

Owning a sports team and sponsoring competitions by a company will contribute to improving the image of the company, but Miki House (Sanki Shoko) also operates a sports club, and as of 2019, there are 13 competitions. 34 people belong to it.Affiliated players are the status of MIKI HOUSE employees (excluding junior SC affiliated players).Apart from this MIKI HOUSE sports clubAdult baseballAs a team "Miki House Baseball Club'[2]Owns.In addition, Kimura, the president, is under the corporate name of "MIKI HOUSE HK Service".Horse ownerAlso active as (Crown nameIs "Shachou", and the game clothes are red, blue sleeves, and yellow star powder).

Active player (2019)

Retired player


The CM that reflected the smiles of children on the street corners of the world became the company's representative image strategy. EspeciallyFranceFilmed in, a boy sings a French lullaby, Fais dodo, and is applauded by his family, including a commercial such as "Father loves you, but that's it", 39 babies In the voice ofLudwig van Beethovenof"Symphony No. 94th movement "Song of delight』"[3]And many other commercials are being broadcast.

HoweverYoungerDue to the influence of, there are few sponsor programs (described later)TV commercialaboutSpot CMIt's just a little bit flowing. In addition,GinzaMitsukoshiIn the street vision installed at the entrance of, the commercial was broadcast daily.

Sponsored programs (including programs provided in the past)


Mostly provided on special programs.

Program provided by one company・The provided reading was "Miki House, a child's dream."

Program jointly provided by each company


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  1. ^ "Miki House" = Japanese apparel first store opened in Harrods, England(Jiji Press 2013/4/22 23:26)
  2. ^ Dissolved once in 2008 and switched to support for another adult baseball club team.Miki House Baseball ClubI was supporting as.After that, in 2018, he relaunched the baseball club to take over the team.
  3. ^ "MIKI HOUSE "It's all for you" (60 sec)". Miki House OfficialUAF YouTubeChannelMIKI SHOKO Co., Ltd. 2020/1/11Browse.


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