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⚽ | Kiryu Daiichi, Director Goichi Tano # 4 “The biggest goal of this season is to participate in the championship and promote to the premier league…

Photo Director Kiryu Daiichi and Goichi Tano

Kiryu Daiichi, Director Goichi Tano # 4 "The biggest goal of this season is to participate in the championship and promote to the premier league ...

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--- There are many players who are Musashi Suzuki, Yamato Wakatsuki (loan transfer to FC Sion), and professional players, but are there any changes in the teaching method?

Kiryu Daiichi has risen to a strong school in Gunma prefecture in more than 2005 years since his first appearance at Inter-High in 10.Takamadomiya currently participating in the war ... → Continue reading

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Yamato Wakatsuki

Yamato Wakatsuki(Wakatsuki Yamato,2002May 1 -) isGunmaGreen cityFromsoccer player.Swiss Super League-FC sionBelongs.The position isForward (FW).


ク ラ ブ

After working at Liberty Omama SC and Maebashi SC Junior Youth,Kiryu Daiichi High SchoolGo on to school.In high school, he was unknown until the first grade, but in the second grade he gained regularity and emerged.[2]2019January,2020fromShonan BellmareAt the same timeSpecially designated playerApproved by[3].. same yearMay 4,Levan cup・GS Section 3Hokkaido Consadole SapporoParticipated in the middle of the game and made his official debut.

On January 2020, 1, it was decided to be in Shonan, but announced that it is in negotiations with overseas clubs after signing a contract with the club.[4].. Aug. 1,Swiss Super League OfFC sionToTransfer with time limitWas announced[5].. March 7, Section 2FC LuzernHe made his European debut in the middle of the war.[6]


2018January,U-17 Japan National TeamWas first convened inInternational Youth Soccer in NiigataParticipated in[7].. April 2019,FIFA U-17 World CupWas convened by the members of. October 10th, the opening round NetherlandsIn the battle, he contributed to the victory by scoring two goals.[8]

Affiliation club

Youth career
Professional career

Individual grade

Domestic competition individual performance
年度ク ラ ブUniform numberleagueLeague matchLeague cupOpen cupTotal period
JapanLeague matchLeague cupEmperor's cupTotal period
スイスLeague matchSwiss cupOpen cupTotal period
2019 20シ オ ン15Super league1000-10
スイスSuper league1000-10
Participation history

Representative history


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外部 リンク

FC sion

Football club sion (Football Club Sion) IsスイスSouth,ValaisThe capital ofシ オ ンBased inサ ッ カ ーClub team.


FC Sion was founded in 1909 by club captain Robert Giliard and played his first match in the same year. Charles Amon becomes president in 1919[1].

In 2008Al AhliCaused trouble when earning fromInternational Football Federation(FIFA) has been sentenced to two bans on the acquisition of players in the transfer market[2]..However, in the summer of 2011 during the ban period, FC Sion interpreted that the acquisition ban period had already ended and acquired 6 players, and in the league matchUEFA Europa LeagueWas appointed in the game. Scotland's UEFA Europa League final playoffs for the 2011-12 seasonCeltic FCAnd decided to advance to the group league by winning a total of 2-3 in 1 games[3]..In the group league combination lottery, SpainAtletico Madrid,ItalianUdinese Calcio,FrenchStud RennesIt became the same group as[4], Celtic FC pointed out that they had appointed unqualified players in the final playoffs, and on September 9, the UEFA Disciplinary Commission decided to defeat FC Sion 2-2 in both games. rice field[5][6].. FIFA notifies the Swiss Football Federation to dispose of FC Sion[2]In July of the same year, there was a possibility of boycotting one league match with the meaning of protesting the disposition.[2]..It was also possible that FC Sion would return to the group league after allowing Celtic FC to participate in the group league.[7][8], FC Sion's chances of returning to the group league are eliminated by a ruling issued by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) on December 12.[9], On February 2012, 2, the Swiss Civil Court of Vaud also ruled that UEFA's allegations were accepted.[10].. On December 2011, 12, the Swiss Football Association stripped 30 points, which is equivalent to the number of games (12 games) in which unqualified players participated, and the points temporarily dropped to -36.[11]..Originally, the season was planned to end in 53rd place with 3 points, but due to the deprivation of points, the points eventually dropped to 17, and it was the lowest.[12] As the season ended with, it was decided to go to the promotion / demotion playoffs (eventually remaining).


Domestic title

  • Swiss Super League:Once
    • 1991-92, 1996-97
  • Swiss cup:Once
    • 1964-65, 1973-74, 1979-80, 1981-82, 1985-86, 1990-91, 1994-95, 1995-96, 1996-97, 2005-06
      2008-09, 2010-11, 2014-15
  • :Once
    • 1986

International title


Past results

  • 1957-58: Swiss Nazional Riga B 7 bit
  • 1958-59: Swiss Nazional Riga B 4th
  • 1959-60: Swiss Nazional Riga B 9th
  • 1960-61: Swiss Nazional Riga B 6th
  • 1961-62: Swiss Nazional Riga B 2th Promotion
  • 1962-63: Swiss Nazional Riga A 12 bit
  • 1963-64: Swiss Nazional Riga A 10th
  • 1964-65: Swiss Nazional Riga A 9th
  • 1965-66: Swiss Nazional Riga A 8th
  • 1966-67: Swiss Nazional Riga A 6th
  • 1967-68: Swiss Nazional Riga A 9th
  • 1968-69: Swiss Nazional Riga A 13th Relegation
  • 1969-70: Swiss Nazional Riga B 1th Promotion
  • 1970-71: Swiss Nazional Riga A 12th
  • 1971-72: Swiss Nazional Riga A 7th
  • 1972-73: Swiss Nazional Riga A 3th

  • 1973-74: Swiss Nazional Riga A 10th
  • 1974-75: Swiss Nazional Riga A 5th
  • 1975-76: Swiss Nazional Riga A 9th
  • 1976-77: Swiss Nazional Riga A 9th
  • 1977-78: Swiss Nazional Riga A 6th
  • 1978-79: Swiss Nazional Riga A 8th
  • 1979-80: Swiss Nazional Riga A 5th
  • 1980-81: Swiss Nazional Riga A 8th
  • 1981-82: Swiss Nazional Riga A 6th
  • 1982-83: Swiss Nazional Riga A 7th
  • 1983-84: Swiss Nazional Riga A 3th
  • 1984-85: Swiss Nazional Riga A 5th
  • 1985-86: Swiss Nazional Riga A 8th
  • 1986-87: Swiss Nazional Riga A 3th
  • 1987-88: Swiss Nazional Riga A 9th
  • 1988-89: Swiss Nazional Riga A 3th

  • 1989-90: Swiss Nazional Riga A 8th
  • 1990-91: Swiss Nazional Riga A 2th
  • 1991-92: Swiss Nazional Riga A 1th
  • 1992-93: Swiss Nazional Riga A 6th
  • 1993-94: Swiss Nazional Riga A 3th
  • 1994-95: Swiss Nazional Riga A 6th
  • 1995-96: Swiss Nazional Riga A 2th
  • 1996-97: Swiss Nazional Riga A 1th
  • 1997-98: Swiss Nazional Riga A 5th
  • 1998-99: Swiss Nazional Riga A 9th Relegation
  • 1999-00: Swiss Nazional Riga B 2th Promotion
  • 2000-01: Swiss Nazional Riga A 7th
  • 2001-02: Swiss Nazional Riga A 8th Relegation
  • 2002-03: Swiss Nazional Riga B 5th

SeasonDivisionSwiss cup
2003 04Challenge league32131184733706 bit
2004 05Challenge league34191146333683 bit
2005 06Challenge league3422666124722 bitWin
2006 07Super league36179105742603 bit
2007 08Super league361110154851437 bitBest 16
2008 09Super league36910174460378 bitWin
2009 10Super league36149136357515 bitEliminated the second round
2010 11Super league36159124736544 bitWin
2011 12Super league34158114035179 bitEliminated the semi-finals
2012 13Super league36139144054486 bitEliminated the semi-finals
2013 14Super league36127173845438 bitEliminated the second round
2014 15Super league36129154748457 bitWin
2015 16Super league36148145249505 bitEliminated the semi-finals
2016 17Super league36156156055514 bitsecond place
2017 18Super league36119165356426 bitEliminated the second round
2018 19Super league36127175055438 bitLost the quarterfinals
2019 20Super league36109174055398 bitEliminated the semi-finals

European performance

1965 66UEFA Cup Winners Cup1 RoundTurkish flag Galatasaray5-11-26-3Symbol keep vote.svg
2 RoundEast German flag Magdeburg2-21-83-10Symbol delete vote.svg
1973 74UEFA Cup1 RoundItalian flag Lazio3-10-33-4Symbol delete vote.svg
1974 75UEFA Cup Winners Cup1 RoundSwedish flag Malmo FF1-00-11-1
(4-5 p)
Symbol delete vote.svg
1980 81UEFA Cup Winners Cup1 RoundNorway flag Haugesund1-10-21-3Symbol delete vote.svg
1982 83UEFA Cup Winners CupPreliminary qualifyingScottish flag Aberdeen1-40-71-11Symbol delete vote.svg
1984 85UEFA Cup1 RoundSpanish flag Atletico Madrid1-03-24-2Symbol keep vote.svg
2 RoundYugoslavia flag Jerjeznichal Saraevo1-11-22-3Symbol delete vote.svg
1986 87UEFA Cup Winners Cup1 RoundScottish flag Aberdeen3-01-24-2Symbol keep vote.svg
2 RoundPolish flag Katowice3-02-25-2Symbol keep vote.svg
quaterfinalsEast German flag0-00-20-2Symbol delete vote.svg
1987 88UEFA Cup1 RoundYugoslavia flag Velež Mostal3-00-53-5Symbol delete vote.svg
1989 90UEFA Cup1 RoundGreek flag Iraklis Thessaloniki2-00-12-1Symbol keep vote.svg
2 RoundEast German flag Chemnitz2-11-43-5Symbol delete vote.svg
1991 92UEFA Cup Winners Cup1 RoundIceland flag Valur Reykjavik1-11-02-1Symbol keep vote.svg
2 RoundDutch flag Feyenoord0-00-00-0
(3–5 p)
Symbol delete vote.svg
1992 93UEFA Champions League1 RoundUkrainian flag Tavriya Simferopol4-13-17-2Symbol keep vote.svg
2 RoundPortugal flag Porto2-20-42-6Symbol delete vote.svg
1994 95UEFA Cup1 RoundCyprus flag Apollon Limassol2-33-15-4
Symbol keep vote.svg
2 RoundFrench flag Marseille2-01-33–3 (a)Symbol keep vote.svg
3 RoundFrench flag Nantes2-20-42-6Symbol delete vote.svg
1995 96UEFA Cup Winners CupPreliminary qualifyingMoldova flag3-20-03-2Symbol keep vote.svg
1 RoundGreek flag AEK Athens2-20-22-4Symbol delete vote.svg
1996 97UEFA Cup Winners CupPreliminary qualifyingLithuanian flag4-20-04-2Symbol keep vote.svg
1 RoundUkrainian flag2-04-06-0Symbol keep vote.svg
2 RoundEngland flag Liverpool1-23-64-8Symbol delete vote.svg
1997 98UEFA Champions LeagueSecond qualifying roundLuxembourg flag Jeunesse Esch4-01-05-0Symbol keep vote.svg
Second qualifying roundTurkish flag Galatasaray1-41-42-8Symbol delete vote.svg
UEFA Cup1 RoundRussian flag Spartak Moscow0-11-51-6Symbol delete vote.svg
2006 07UEFA CupSecond qualifying roundAustrian flag REIT1-00-01-0Symbol keep vote.svg
1 RoundGerman flag Bayer Leverkusen0-01-31-3Symbol delete vote.svg
2007 08UEFA CupSecond qualifying roundAustrian flag REIT3-01-14-1Symbol keep vote.svg
1 RoundTurkish flag Galatasaray3-21-54-7Symbol delete vote.svg
2009 10UEFA Europa Leagueplay offTurkish flag Fenerbahce0-22-22-4Symbol delete vote.svg
2011 12UEFA Europa Leagueplay offScottish flag Celtic0-30-30-6Symbol delete vote.svg
2015 16UEFA Europa LeagueGroup BRussian flag Rubin Kazan2-12-02 bitSymbol keep vote.svg
England flag Liverpool0-01-1
French flag Girondins Bordeaux1-10-1
Round 32Portugal flag Braga1 22 23 4Symbol delete vote.svg
2017 18UEFA Europa LeagueSecond qualifying roundLithuanian flag Suduva Mariyanpole1 10 31 4Symbol delete vote.svg

Current member

As of July 2020[13]

Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
1GKEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
6MFカ メ ル ー ン
7MFイタリアLuca Clemenza
15FWJapanYamato Wakatsuki
No.PosPlayer name
26MFコ ー ト ワ ワ ー ルSerey Dié
99FWFranceGuillaume Hoarau

Loan transfer


Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
4DFスイス (U-23 Juventus)
No.PosPlayer name
15FWJapanYamato Wakatsuki (Shonan Bellmare)

Note: The nationality notation of the players isFIFA's national qualification rulesbased on.

No.PosPlayer name
No.PosPlayer name

Successive directors

Successive players






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