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🏀 | [Tokyo Olympic Men's Basketball Qualifying Round] Starting soon!Argentina vs Japan

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[Tokyo Olympic Men's Basketball Qualifying Round] Starting soon!Argentina vs Japan

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After this, from 8/1 13:40, the Tokyo Olympics Men's Basketball Qualifying R Argentina Men's vs Japan Men's Match will be held at Saitama Super Arena.

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113(One hundred and thirteen, Hyakuju)Natural number,AlsoIntegerAt112Next to114Is the number before.


  • 113 is the 30thç´  数Is. The previous one109,next127.
  • 9 thEuler prime numbersIs. The previous one97,next131.
  • 11 thSophie Germain primeIs. The previous one89,next131.
  • Prime number and next prime number127Is the sixth prime number whose interval (14) is larger than the previous number. 6つ前はThe previous one89-97(Interval is 8), next523-541(Interval is 18) (A002386-A000101)
  • 355/113 ThePiKnown as a good approximation of.355/113 = 3.141592920353…, π = 3.141592653589…, and the error is about 0.00000849%, which is the closest value to pi even if the irreducible fraction with a denominator of 4 digits or less is included.これはthis isZu ChongzhiIt is said that (Sochushi) discovered it.
    • Stephen Lucas in 2005

I found the formula.Since the left side is a small positive real number, Can be proved.

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