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⚾ | [MLB] Darvish responds to a positive fastball with 6 runs in 5 innings and 4 consecutive losses for the first time in 4 years.

Photo With Padres Yu Darvish who started the game against the Rockies [Photo: AP]

[MLB] Darvish responds to a positive fastball with 6 runs in 5 innings and 4 consecutive losses for the first time in 4 years.

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With a total of 79 major wins alongside Hiroki Kuroda, he is aiming for his eighth win of the season at the next mound.

Kuroboshi continued, "I've been able to maintain mental stability more than in the past." ■ Rockies 5-3 Padres (1 day Japan time ... → Continue reading


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8rd win of this season

Hiroki Kuroda

Hiroki Kuroda(Hiroki Kuroda,1975May 2 -) isOsakaOsakaFormer originProfessional baseball player(pitcher). Right-handed and right-handed.Baseball commentator.

yuanMajor LeaguerSo, in the active eraNPB OfHiroshima Toyo Carpand,MLB OfLos Angeles Dodgers,New York YankeesActive in.実父のOf my fatherKuroda KazuhiroFormer professional baseball player (Outfielder).

For the first time as a Japanese pitcher, NPB / MLB starting pitcher victory (Starting pitchervictory) Achieved 200 official games with just the number[1].2018He is also the only Japanese pitcher to win from 40 NPB / MLB teams at the end of the season.[2]..また、広島時代に着用した背番号15は、現役を引退したIn addition, the uniform number XNUMX worn during the Hiroshima era retired from active duty.2017From the same teamPermanent numberIs treated as.Athens OlympicsBaseball bronze medalist.After retirementYoshimoto Creative Agency → Yoshimoto KogyoAnd management contract.


Before entering professional

yuanProfessional baseballAthletes' fatherKuroda KazuhiroWas directed byBoys leagueBelongs to Team All Suminoe[3].Uenomiya High SchoolGo on to[3]..A reserve pitcher in high school.同級生にはエースナンバーも付けたI also gave my classmates an ace numberKatsuhiro Nishiura(Former Nippon-Ham)So Tsutsui(Former Hanshin) and others.Uenomiya High SchoolからEastern capital OfSenshu UniversityGo to school[3]..チームでは1学年上のOne grade higher in the teamKanei KobayashiIn the fall of the third grade, contributed to the promotion to the Tohto University 2st division league with the two pillars of[3].. 1st division league total 15 games 6 wins 4 losses ERA 3.33[3].. 2 games in total, 19 wins and 8 losses, ERA 5[4].1996,ド ラ フ トIn second place in reverse nominationHiroshima Toyo CarpJoined.背番号Uniform number15(Jersey number15Is the third member of the Hiroshima team after retiringPermanent numberBecame).

First Hiroshima era

1997Will start in the 2nd army after the spring camp is over.Hiroshima Toyo Carp Yuu Driving RangeAlthough he pitched as a middle pitcher in the practice game at, he suffered 1 runs in 10 inning.当時の2軍監督であるThe XNUMXnd army director at that timeAnachiya SohachiEven if he kept being hit, he let him throw until he got 3 outs without taking turns.[5].. June 4 vsYomiuri GiantsBattle (Tokyo Dome) Achieved the feats of first pitching, first starting lineup, first victory, and first complete game.その後も同じく新人のAfter that, the newcomerToshikazu SawasakiAt the same time, he entered the starting rotation, and although the winning star did not grow and the loss preceded, he cleared the prescribed pitching times.

1998Finished the season with just one win.

1999ToSydneyMade inIntercontinental CupParticipated in Japan as a representative South KoreaWin the battle,TaiwanShutout victory in the battle.In the same year, he was named in Carp's starting pitcher Rote.

2000Has improved his performance as a result of pitching that was conscious of slowness and slowness, and won four consecutive complete games from the Giants game on September 9th to the end of the game.

2001 TheAll star gamesFirst appearance in.Marked the first double-digit 2 wins and became the team's winner.

2002Was out of the starting rotation, but achieved a double-digit victory for the second consecutive year.

2003Is the ace until thenShinji SasaokaBecame the first opening pitcher on behalf of.In the first half, he was in a bad condition and couldn't win, but he recovered from the second half and finally won 13 wins and achieved double-digit wins for three consecutive years, achieving his first pitching of more than 3 innings.Athens OlympicsAlso participated in the baseball Asian qualifying round.

2004Also serves as the opening pitcher for the second consecutive year. 2月6日のJune 20Yakult SwallowsBattle (Matsuyama Bocchan Stadium) Recorded the fastest speed of 157km / h.Athens OlympicsThen.Baseball representative from JapanHe was selected as a middle pitcher and won two wins, contributing to the bronze medal.

20054 month 15 dayYokohama Bay StarsIn battleDaisuke MiuraShutout relay with each other and draw with a score of 0-0.オールスターゲームにファン投票で選出され4年ぶりの出場を果たし、リーグElected by fan voting in the All-Star Game, played for the first time in XNUMX years, leagueMost winsWon the first title in.The annual salary reaches 2 million yen including the title fee.

By the way, during the reorganization of the team, the annual salary presented by the team, which was in financial difficulty at that time, was 1 million yen, but Kuroda, who is particular about reaching the 9500 million yen mark as the face of the team, said, " I will pay 2 million yen, so can I say 500 million yen (at the press conference)? "[1]

2006Is a national competition WBC (World Baseball Classic), But he was injured when he was hit in the right hand in a practice match against the 2 team selection on February 24th.I am forced to decline participation. 12月5日にMay 31stFA rightGet. 6 wins and 5 losses until June, ERA,WHIPContinued stable pitching with 1.11 and on July 7nd, just before participating in the All-Star GameChunichiRecorded 8 consecutive victories without losing from the battle. 7月は4勝0敗、防御率0.84、WHIP0.78の活躍でIn July, XNUMX-XNUMX, ERA XNUMX, WHIP XNUMXMonthly MVPThe teammate'sKenta KuriharaAwarded with.Furthermore, in August, he won the monthly MVP consecutively with 8 wins and 4 losses, an ERA of 0 and a WHIP of 1.11.It was the first MVP award in the history of the team for two consecutive months.At that time, he said, "I am happy to leave a name in the history of Hiroshima Carp."However, in September, he hurt his right elbow and left for a long time. In the Chunichi match on October 0.86th, he returned to the pitch with relief and recorded his first professional save.This year, he won the title with the highest ERA with 2 wins, 9 losses, 10 save, WHIP16, and an ERA of 13. 6点台でのタイトル獲得はWinning the title in the 1-point range1992 OfMotoyuki AkahoriSinceSE LeagueThen.1989 OfMasaki SaitoIt was a great achievement since then.また、テンポの良い投球を評価されてAlso, the good-tempo pitching is highly evaluated.Speed-up awardAwarded.オフには監督のOff to the directorMarty BrownI went to the United States on the recommendation of the company and performed a cleaning operation on the right elbow joint (a light operation that enables pitching in a few months). With the acquisition of FA rights, the team will present the conditions of "10 years 15 billion yen + lifetime guarantee, leader's bill" on October 4.And on November 10th, it remains without exercising the FA right for 11 years 6 billion yen (basic annual salary 4 million yen + single year maximum 12 million yen volume included. Volume is added to the initial conditions) Expressed to do. He stated that he would not transfer to other teams in Japan in the future, and declared "Hiroshima for a lifetime" in Japan.なおこの契約は、2年の契約期間内で自由にThis contract is free within the contract period of 5000 years.Major LeagueI was able to challenge. I decided to stay without exercising the FA right, and at the press conference, "I wear the uniforms of other teams and throw the ball at the Hiroshima Municipal Stadium against Carp fans and Carp players. "I couldn't imagine it," he said. "It was Carp who made me a pitcher so far. I wasn't confident that I would throw the ball to the team."また、この年の選手会のベストエピソード賞に選ばれ、黒田の野球用具を担当するIn addition, he was selected for the Best Episode Award of the Players Association of the Year and is in charge of baseball equipment for Kuroda.SSKDecided to campaign Kuroda as a whole company.And it was highly evaluated that it impressed the citizens.Hiroshima cityAnnounced that it will award the "Hiroshima Citizen's Award" to Kuroda (fourth member of the team).

2007Also served as the opening pitcherRyohei HasegawaSince then, he has been the second pitcher of the team for the fifth consecutive year.またデーゲームは大の得意で、2月5日のAlso, I am very good at day games, June 6rdTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIn the match, he recorded 2003 consecutive victories in the day game from July 7, 6. 13月7日の東京ドームでのJuly 14th at Tokyo DomeYomiuri GiantsA total of 100 wins were achieved in the battle (By the way, the first professional victory was also a giant battle at Tokyo Dome).Participated in the All-Star Game for the fourth time in the second fan vote election.例年夏場を得意としていたが、この年の2月からはI was good at summer every year, but from August of this yearQuality startThe match continued to be unprotected, with 8 wins and 9 losses, an ERA of 2, and a WHIP of 3 in August and September. It was revealed that the FA right will be exercised on October 4.58. MLB球団は以前から黒田に目を付けており、特にThe MLB team has been paying attention to Kuroda for a long time, especiallyTexas RangersGeneral manager OfJohn DanielsWas making a statement that showed interest.Joe ArbonSteve HillardSigned an agent contract with the team manager on December 12stSuzuki KiyoakiMajor challengeReport that you have decided[6]..At the press conference, he said, "Thanks to Carp for being evaluated, this team is the only team to play back in Japan."

Dodger era

August 2007, 12,Los Angeles DodgersSigned a three-year contract with a total of $ 3530 millionAP communicationRevealed[7][8]..This marked the birth of Carp's first Japanese major leaguer.The uniform number is "18However, at the press conference, "08I wore.これはユニフォームが間に合わなかったためであり、同年にドジャースとマイナー契約したThis was because the uniform was not in time, and in the same year he signed a minor contract with the Dodgers.Robert bootheWas wearing the uniform number "08" first.ドジャースから当初提示された条件は4年契約だったが、「ワクワクする気持ちはほとんど湧いてこなかった。戦地に行くつもりでアメリカに行く。4年間もそんな苦しいことはできない。『苦しい時間』が短い方が自分は頑張れる。3年間できちんとした成績を残せれば、4年目に同等かそれ以上の契約を交わせるはずだ」として契約年数短縮を自ら申し出たThe Dodgers initially offered a four-year contract, but said, "I didn't feel very excited. I'm going to the United States with the intention of going to the battlefield. I can't do that for four years. The" painful time "is short. I can do my best. If I can achieve good results in XNUMX years, I should be able to sign a contract equal to or better than that in the XNUMXth year. "[9].

2008Is April 4San Diego PadresMade a major debut in the battle and won his first victory[10].. April 5Cincinnati RedsIn the 8th inning, 5 hits and 2 runs, and in the 9th inningTakashi SaitoWon with no hits and no runs, recording the first starter victory and save achievement in the same game in Japanese history[11].. 27thChicago CubsIn battleKousuke FukudomeAnd major first match[12].. 6月6日のカブス戦では9回4安打無失点11奪三振無四球の快投でメジャー初完封を記録In the game against the Cubs on June XNUMX, XNUMX innings, XNUMX hits, no runs, XNUMX strikeouts, and walks, recording the first major shutout.[13]..しかし19日に右肩腱炎でBut on the XNUMXth with right shoulder tendonitisDisability listenter[14].. April 7Houston AstrosReturn in battle[15]The 7thAtlanta BravesUntil the end of the 7th battlePerfect matchIn the 9th inning, he won a shutout victory with 1 hit and no runs, and in the end, only one runner was allowed in the 8th inning.[16]..It is not until the new pitcher continues the perfect game halfway eight times1984 OfOrel HershiserFor the first time since[17]And if you have achieved a perfect game,Sandy cofaxIt was the second person in the history of the Dodgers after, and the first feat of a Japanese major.[18]..前半戦は17試合の先発で5勝6敗、防御率3.43、WHIP1.20の成績で折り返し、後半戦初戦となった18日のIn the first half of the game, XNUMX games started with XNUMX wins and XNUMX losses, an ERA of XNUMX, and a WHIP of XNUMX.Arizona DiamondbacksAlthough he started the game, he got 2 goals twice and dropped out.[19]..その後も監督のAfter that, the directorJoe ToriHe repeatedly pitched in a bad condition, such as being told "Which is the real one?"[20], From August, he started in 8 games with 11 wins and 4 losses, an ERA of 2, and a WHIP of 2.56.In the season, he entered the league 1.03 with ERA, WHIP, and quality start.FIPThen record 9 in 3.59th place in the league.ポストシーズンではカブスとのWith the Cubs in the postseasonDivision seriesStarting in the 3rd round, he became a winning pitcher with 6 hits and no runs in 1/3 of the 6th inning.League championship seriesAdvance to[21].Philadelphia PhilliesIn the league championship series with, he started in the 3rd round and became the winning pitcher by pitching 6/0 in the 3th inning with 5 hits and 2 runs.[22]..この試合でIn this matchShane VictorinoThe pitching near the head of the player became a riot and was fined.[23]..チームは第5戦で敗退Team lost in Round XNUMX[24]..オフには翌年のNext year off2rd WBCRepresentation from JapanWas listed as the first candidate for, but declined[25].

2009 TheHideo Nomo,Daisuke MatsuzakaAs the third opening pitcher in Japanese history, he started the game against the Padres on April 3, and scored a white star with 4 hits and 6 run in 5/2 in the 3th inning.[26]..しかし直後に左脇腹を痛めて10日に故障者リスト入りするHowever, immediately after that, he hurt his left flank and entered the disabled list on the XNUMXth.[27].. 6月1日のダイヤモンドバックス戦で復帰しReturned in the Diamondbacks match on June XNUMXst[28]The 23thChicago White SoxWin the first victory after returning to the battle[29].. 28thSeattle MarinersIn battleIchiroAnd major first match[30].. April 7Milwaukee BrewersIn the game, he pitched for the first time in a major because of the pitching interval, but he threw 1/1 once and suffered 3 hits and 2 runs.[31]..In the first half of the game, he continued to pitch stably with WHIP 1.14, but suffered 3 wins and 5 losses and an ERA of 4.67. 8月16日のダイヤモンドバックス戦ではIn the match against Diamondbacks on August XNUMXthRusty LyallHit the ball on the head and enter the disabled list[32][33].. 9月6日のパドレス戦で復帰しReturned in the Padres match on September XNUMXth[34]In the end, the team did not reach the prescribed number of pitches, but in the second half of the game, it continued to pitch well with 5 wins and 2 losses, an ERA of 2.98, and WHIP 1.13, and the team won the district championship for the second consecutive year.[35]..ポストシーズンでは首痛でWith neck pain in the postseasonSt. Louis CardinalsWithDivision seriesIs unregistered[36], With the PhilliesLeague championship seriesHe started in the 3rd round, but dropped 1/1 with 3 runs.[37]..チームは前年に続き第5戦で敗退したThe team lost in Round XNUMX following the previous year[38].

20104 month 9 dayFlorida MarlinsHe pitched for the first time in the game and recorded his first pitching victory for the third consecutive year with a good pitch of 8 hits and 5 run in the 1th inning.[39].. April 5Pittsburgh PiratesIn battleAkinori IwamuraIn the first major match, pitching 8 hits and 5 run in the 1th inning, the third win, which is 20 major wins in total[40]..In the first half of the game, he started in 17 games with 7 wins and 7 losses, an ERA of 3.87, and a WHIP of 1.37. 7月22日のJuly XNUMXNew York MetsIn battleTakanashi Takanari8th inning with 5 hits and no runs[41]..その後は好投するも打線の援護に恵まれない試合が続きAfter that, the match that was not blessed with the support of the batting line continued even though it was a good throw[42][43][44], Named a white star for the first time in 8 games against Brewers on August 25[45].. 30日のフィリーズ戦では8回1死までノーヒットノーランの快投を見せ、メジャー移籍後初の10勝目に到達In the Phillies game on the XNUMXth, he showed a no-hitter no-run good throw until one death in the XNUMXth inning, reaching the first XNUMXth win after a major transfer.[46]..後半戦は14試合の先発で防御率2.87、WHIP0.93と好調だったが、「勝ち負けは(自分では)どうすることもできないって、今年はつくづく感じている」と語るIn the second half of the game, he started in XNUMX games and had a good ERA of XNUMX and WHIP of XNUMX.[47]There are many games that are not blessed with the support of the batting line even though they throw as well[48], 4 wins and 6 losses, but 11 wins in the season, ERA 3.39, pitches 196 times 1/3, strikeouts 159, and recorded the best results in major categories.When off, the contract with the Dodgers ends and it becomes FA.ESPNIn the FA player rank list created byDerek JeterIt was highly evaluated that it was underestimated because there was little support and the number of wins did not increase, and it was noticed that multiple teams were aiming for acquisition.一部報道で古巣広島へ復帰の可能性も報じられ、日本の球団も獲得に動いたが、30月11日に15年1万ドルでドジャースと再契約Some reports reported the possibility of returning to Hiroshima, and the Japanese team also moved to acquire it, but re-contracted with the Dodgers for $ 1200 million a year on November XNUMX.[49]..その後記者会見では「ドジャースが必要としてくれるなら第一に考えたかった」と語りAfter that, at a press conference, he said, "I wanted to think first if the Dodgers needed it."[50]In his blog, he apologized for reporting his return to Hiroshima and reiterated that he was only thinking about Carp if he wanted to return to Japan.[51].

2011 OfSpring trainingThen.Great East Japan EarthquakeParticipate in donation activities[52]Donated $ 5 himself[53].. April 4San Francisco GiantsHe pitched for the first time in the game and pitched 7 hits and 6 runs in the 3th inning to win his first pitch for 4 consecutive years.[54].. 9日のパドレス戦では9回2死まで無失点の好投でメジャー通算30勝となる2勝目を挙げるIn the Padres game on the XNUMXth, he won the second victory, which is a total of XNUMX major wins with a good throw without any goals until XNUMX deaths in the XNUMXth inning.[55]..しかしその後は6月までの9敗中6試合でクオリティ・スタートを記録するなど好投しても打線の援護に恵まれない試合が続き、7月1日のHowever, after that, even if he made a good throw, he was not blessed with the support of the batting line, such as recording a quality start in XNUMX games out of XNUMX losses until June, and on July XNUMXst.Los Angeles AngelsAchieved 100 major starting pitchers in the game and scored a white star for the first time in 8 games[56]..In the first half of the game, 18 games were pitched with 6 wins and 10 losses, an ERA of 3.06, and WHIP 1.22, which was the highest record ever. Multiple baseball teams aiming to advance to the postseason are aiming to win Kuroda in the trade. Was widely reported, but remained after exercising the trade refusal right on July 7, before the trade deadline. 「プレーオフの魅力はあったし葛藤はあった。昨年契約した時ドジャースでやると決めたし、その原点に戻りました」とコメントする"The playoffs were appealing and there were conflicts. When I signed last year, I decided to do it with the Dodgers, and I'm back to that starting point."[57].. 8月26日のカージナルス戦で2年連続の二桁勝利となる10勝目を挙げThe XNUMXth win, the second consecutive double-digit win against the Cardinals on August XNUMX[58], August wins 8[59].. 9月11日のジャイアンツ戦では4回2/3を投げ3失点で、日本人選手ワースト記録となる16敗目を喫するIn the game against the Giants on September XNUMX, he threw XNUMX/XNUMX in the XNUMXth inning and scored XNUMX goals, suffering the XNUMXth loss, which is the worst record for Japanese players.[60].. 16日のパイレーツ戦ではメジャー通算40勝目となる自己最多の12勝目を挙げIn the Pirates Warfare on the XNUMXth, he scored his XNUMXth win, which is his XNUMXth win in total.[61], Reached the first 27 innings after a major transfer in the Diamondbacks match on the 200th[62]。後半戦も14試合の登板で7勝6敗、防御率3.09、WHIP1.20と安定した投球を続け、前年に引き続き得点援護率がリーグワースト2位を記録するなど打線の援護に恵まれず、シーズン通算では16敗を喫したものの13勝とリーグ9位の防御率3.07、161奪三振と主要3部門で2年連続キャリアハイを更新した。

Yankees era

2012March 1New York YankeesSigned a $ 1500 million one-year contract with[63]..The uniform number is "18", the same as in the Dodgers era. 4月13日のエンゼルス戦で移籍後初勝利を挙げるFirst victory after transfer in the Angels match on April XNUMX[64].. 24thTexas RangersIn battleWith DarvishIn the 6th inning, 2/3 was reduced to 5 hits and 2 runs, but he suffered a third loss. Achieved a total of 3 NPB / MLB wins against the Braves on June 6. He finished the first half with 13 wins and 150 losses, an ERA of 17, and a WHIP of 8 in 7 games. 3.50月1.26日のJuly 7thToronto Blue JaysIn battle,Hideo Nomo,Oka TomokazuAchieved 3 major wins in total, the third in Japanese history[65]..The game was a shutout victory on record because it was cold in the rain seven times. 7日の23rdSeattle MarinersIn the war, I transferred to the Yankees on this day's tradeIchiroHe started in the 7th inning with 3 hits, 1 run and 9 strikeouts, making him the second Japanese player in history since Hideo Nomo to win his 2th victory for the third consecutive year.[66].. 8月14日のレンジャーズ戦では、日本人選手単独2位のメジャー通算52勝目となるシーズン2度目の完封勝利を挙げ、監督のIn the Rangers game on August XNUMX, the Japanese player won the second shutout victory of the season, which is the XNUMXnd major win in total, and the managerJoe GirardiWas praised as "the best pitching content of the pitchers this season"[67].. April 9Tampa Bay RaysIn the game, he scored his 14th win, the most since he transferred to major league baseball, and reached 2 pitches for the second consecutive year.[68]..レギュラーシーズン最終戦となった10月4日のOctober XNUMXth, the final round of the regular seasonBoston Red SoxIn battleDaisuke MatsuzakaIn the 7th inning, 7 hits and 2 runs, he scored his 16th victory, which was his career high after entering the pro, and the team also decided to win the district.[69][70]..In addition, the ERA of 3.32 is the top of the Yankees starting lineup.219 innings pitched 2/3 is 4th in the league.The winning percentage of .593 was a major personal best.ポストシーズンではIn the postseasonBaltimore OriolesWithDivision seriesStarting in the 3rd round, he contributed to the team's victory by pitching 8 hits and 1 runs in 3/5 of the 2th inning, which is the longest Japanese player in the postseason.[71][72].Detroit TigersWithLeague championship seriesThen, he pitched in the starting lineup in the middle of the 3rd, did not run until the 5th inning, 7 hits and 2 runs in 3/5 in the 3th inning, and showed a good throw of 11 strikeouts, which is the most Japanese player in the postseason, but he suffered a black star.[73], The team lost in Round 4[74].. 11月20日に1500万ドルの1年契約で再契約したRenewed on November XNUMXth with a $ XNUMX million one-year contract[75].

20136 month 7 daySeattle MarinersAchieved a total of 2000 strikeouts for NPB and MLB in battle[76].. 19日のロサンゼルス・ドジャース戦では、6回2/3を8安打2失点の投球で7勝目を挙げ、ナショナル・リーグ全球団からの勝利を達成したIn the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers on the XNUMXth, he scored his seventh win by pitching XNUMX/XNUMX in the XNUMXth inning with XNUMX hits and XNUMX runs, achieving a victory from the entire National League team.[77]..In the first half of the game, he started in 19 games with 8 wins and 6 losses, a league second place ERA of 2, and a WHIP of 2.65.All star gamesThe name was also mentioned as the final candidate for the substitute player, but the selection was missed.[78].. 7月25日のレンジャーズ戦で7回6安打無失点の好投で10勝目を挙げ、日本人選手最多記録となる4年連続二桁勝利を達成In the Rangers game on July XNUMX, he scored his XNUMXth win with a good throw of XNUMX hits and no runs in the XNUMXth inning, and achieved a double-digit win for XNUMX consecutive years, which is the most record for Japanese players.[79].. 8月11日のエンゼルス戦で11勝目を挙げXNUMXth win against the Angels on August XNUMXth[80], In the Red Sox game on the 17th, after the major transfer, he suffered the 11th loss with 8 hits of his worst, but became the top of the ERA league[81]..しかしその後は制球を乱しHowever, after that, the ball control was disturbed.[82]In the second half of the game, he started 13 games with an ERA of 4.25 and a WHIP of 1.32, and even when he got off with the right to win the pitcher, he failed to save three times.[83], The victory and defeat of the second half ended in 3 wins and 7 losses, and the team also missed the postseason advance. 10月31日にFAとなり、12月7日に年俸1600万ドル+出来高の1年契約で再契約It became FA on October XNUMX, and re-contracted on December XNUMX with an annual salary of $ XNUMX million + a one-year contract for volume.[84][85].

2014Recorded his worst 4 goals against the Angels on April 25, etc.[86]Until May, he will have an earned run average of 5 and a WHIP of 4.56. 1.32月初旬にはIn early JulyCC Sabacia,Masahiro TanakaBy entering the disabled list, he became the only pitcher to keep the starting rotation from the opening, and in the first half of the game, he returned with 19 wins and 6 losses, an ERA of 6, and a WHIP of 4.10 in 1.21 games. 7月25日のブルージェイズ戦で日本人史上2人目のメジャー通算200先発に到達Reached XNUMX starting pitchers in total for the second major player in Japanese history against the Blue Jays on July XNUMX[87].. 30日のレンジャーズ戦では黒田と入れ替わりで広島に所属していたIn the Rangers game on the XNUMXth, he replaced Kuroda and belonged to Hiroshima.Colby LewisThrow each other but enjoy the black star[88],QSThe number of defeats in achievement was 30, which is the largest number of active players.[89].. September 8thSediment disaster in Hiroshima cityAnnounced that it has sent donations to the victims of[90].. 28thDetroit TigersIn the game, Japanese players have reached the prescribed number of pitches for the fifth consecutive year since Hideo Nomo.[91].. 9月3日のレッドソックス戦では前年の自らの記録を更新する5年連続二桁勝利に到達In the Red Sox match on September XNUMX, he reached a double-digit victory for the fifth consecutive year, breaking his own record the previous year.[92].. 14日のオリオールズ戦ではNPB/MLB通算3000投球回に到達Reached XNUMX NPB / MLB pitches in total against Orioles on the XNUMXth[93]..シーズン最終登板となった25日のオリオールズ戦では、完投すれば自身3年連続200投球回達成という状況の中、8回2失点と好投するが、9回にIn the game against Orioles on the XNUMXth, which was the final pitch of the season, he pitched well with XNUMX runs in XNUMX innings in the situation that he achieved XNUMX innings for XNUMX consecutive years if he completed the game, but in XNUMX innings.David RobertsonAllows a tie and misses the winning star[94]..この試合ではシーズンを通しての黒田の好投と貢献度を見てきた監督のIn this game, the director who has seen Kuroda's good throw and contribution throughout the seasonJoe GirardiIt was also proposed to go up to the mound nine times and get off the board while being sent off by the fans.Derek JeterBecause it was the last home game of active duty, he refused, "Because today is not my day."[95]..チームは2年連続でポストシーズン出場を逃したが、後半戦は13試合の先発で5勝3敗、防御率3.16、WHIP1.03の成績を残し、チームの先発投手で唯一開幕から先発ローテーションを守ったThe team missed the post-season appearance for the second consecutive year, but in the second half of the game, it was the only starting pitcher of the team to keep the starting rotation from the opening with XNUMX wins and XNUMX losses, a defense rate of XNUMX and a WHIP of XNUMX. Ta[96]..First Japanese MLBAll 30 teams winCarried over (winning 29 teams other than the Detroit Tigers) [97]..シーズン終了後After the seasonFABecame [98].. 11勝は田中の13勝に次ぐチーム2位、奪三振数はチームトップの146だったが、ヤンキースはFA選手に対して1年契約を提示するクオリファイング・オファーを申請せずXNUMX wins were second in the team after Tanaka's XNUMX wins, and the number of strikes was XNUMX, the top of the team, but Yankees did not apply for a qualifying offer to offer a one-year contract to FA players.[99]After that, it was reported that the Dodgers of the old nest offered an offer.[100]It was also reported that Padres also offered a $ 1800 million offer.[101].

Second Hiroshima era

The team announced that it had signed a contract with Hiroshima, the old nest, on December 2014, 12.[102].. With a one-year contract, the annual salary is estimated to be 1 million yen (plus volume), and the uniform number was worn until 4.15Has been decided[103]..上記の海外での高額オファーを断って日本国内の古巣・広島カープに復帰するというニュースは、日本球界関係者のみならず大リーグ関係者にも大きな反響があったThe news of refusing the above-mentioned high-priced overseas offer and returning to the old nest of Hiroshima Carp in Japan had a great response not only to those involved in the Japanese baseball world but also to those involved in the major leagues.[104].

2015Was entrusted with the adjustment method by the team, so the spring camp joined from the Okinawa secondary camp from February 2th.合流前日(17月2日)に広島市内で行われた復帰記者会見では、「年齢的な部分を考えても残りの野球人生は長くないと思っていますし、いつ最後の登板になっても良いという気持ちでやっています。16球1球にどれだけの気持ちを込めて投げられるかと考えた時に、カープのユニフォームを着て投げて最後の1球になった方が、後悔が無いと思い復帰を決断しました」と語ったAt the return press conference held in Hiroshima City on the day before the merger (February 1th), "I don't think the rest of my baseball life will be long considering my age, and when will I be the last to climb? I'm doing it with the feeling that it's good. When I thought about how much feeling I could throw in each ball, I thought that it would be better to wear a carp uniform and throw it as the last ball without regrets. I decided to return to my mind. "[105].. March 3th against Yakult (Mazda Stadium), He made his first official appearance in the official game, and won his first victory after returning with 7 hits and no runs in the 5th inning.また、この試合の4回に復帰後初安打(記録は二塁打)を放ったIn addition, he hit his first hit (recorded second base) after returning to the fourth inning of this game.[106].. 5月3日、右腓骨筋腱周囲炎により出場登録を抹消されるOn May XNUMXrd, registration was canceled due to peribularis muscle tendonitis.[107].. Although it was the 40-year-old season, he ended up with 11 wins and 8 losses and a 7 ERA in 2.55th place in the league.September 9, the same year,1st WBSC Premier 12Was selected as a candidate for the Japanese national team[108]Announced on October 10th that he will decline the representative member because the condition is not perfect.[109]..翌年の去就が注目されていたが12月8日に現役続行の意思を固め、12月17日にはマツダスタジアム内の球団事務所で契約更改に臨み、推定約6億円プラス出来高で契約更改したThe next year's departure was attracting attention, but on December XNUMXth, he decided to continue working, and on December XNUMXth, he faced a contract renewal at the baseball team office in Mazda Stadium, and the contract renewal was estimated at about XNUMX million yen plus trading volume. did[110]..この金額はThis amount isOrix Buffaloes OfChihiro KanekoBecame the highest annual salary in the Japanese sphere[111]..日本選手の歴代最高は2004年、2005年のThe highest ever Japanese players have been in XNUMX and XNUMXKazuhiro Sasaki(Yokohama) 6 million yen, 5000 million yen is Hideki Matsui in 6 (巨人) 6 million yen, followed by Shinnosuke Abe (giant) in 1000, the third in history[111]..なお、広島の選手が球界最高年俸となるのはIn addition, it is the highest annual salary in the ball world for Hiroshima players1985 OfKoji YamamotoSince (8500 million yen at that time)[112].

2016In the Giants match (Mazda Stadium) on April 4, he threw 2 balls and recorded a four-hit shutout victory. 120代での完封勝利は史上4人目、40歳以上では8人目の快挙であったThe complete victory in the 41s was the 4th person in history, and the XNUMXth person over XNUMX years old.[113].. 7月23日の阪神戦(マツダスタジアム)では7回を投げ5安打無失点で、NPB/MLB通算200勝(NPB:121勝、MLB:79勝)を達成したIn the match against Hanshin (Mazda Stadium) on July XNUMX, he threw XNUMX times and achieved XNUMX wins in total for NPB / MLB (NPB: XNUMX wins, MLB: XNUMX wins) with XNUMX hits and no runs.[114][115].. NPB・MLB通算200勝はXNUMX wins in total for NPB / MLBHideo NomoSecond person after[116]So, achieving 200 wins as a college graduateMurayama Minoru46 years since then[117]..そして、広島生え抜きの200勝達成は1992年のAnd the achievement of XNUMX wins in Hiroshima was in XNUMX.Kitabeppu studiesIt will be the second person since then[118].. 6月29日のヤクルト戦(マツダスタジアム)で勝利した後の記事で、NPB/MLB通算199勝の内198勝が先発勝利(先発登板時の勝利)であることが紹介されたIn an article after winning the game against Yakult (Mazda Stadium) on June XNUMX, it was introduced that XNUMX of the XNUMX NPB / MLB wins were the starting pitchers (winning at the starting pitcher).[119]..Therefore, the starting victory in the game against Yakult (Mazda Stadium) on August 8th is the 20st NPB / MLB total victory along with Hideo Noshige, and at the same time, the NPB / MLB total 201 victory is achieved only by the starting victory for the first time in history.また、大卒投手としてもNPB通算、NPB/MLB通算問わず史上初めて先発勝利のみでの200勝を達成したIn addition, as a college graduate pitcher, he achieved 200 wins with only starting pitchers for the first time in history regardless of NPB total or NPB / MLB total.[120]. On September 8,Takahiro Arai, Rio Olympic gold medalistRie KantoAlso decided to receive the Hiroshima Prefectural Honor Award[121].. 9月10日の巨人戦(東京ドーム)でNPB/MLB通算202勝目をあげたことでBy winning the XNUMXnd NPB / MLB total at the Giant Battle (Tokyo Dome) on September XNUMXth.Hideo NomoNPB / MLB total 201 wins, NPB / MLB total number of innings followed by NPB / MLB total number of stars[122]。広島が優勝マジックを1として迎えた9月10日、東京ドームでの2位巨人との直接対決に先発し、6回6安打3失点で9勝目を挙げた。この試合に勝利した広島は25年ぶり7度目のリーグ優勝を決め、黒田はTakashi Ogatadirected by,Takahiro AraiWas raised with[123].. With the victory against Yakult (Mazda Stadium) on October 10, he achieved a double-digit victory for seven consecutive years since 1 when he belonged to Dodgers. At NPB, he achieved the third feat in history, a double-digit victory for the second consecutive year in his 2010s. 7リーグ制以降ではAfter 2 league systemKimiyasu KudoThis is the second feat since then and the first right-handed pitcher.[124][125].

Retirement announcement

Announced to retire from active duty this season on October 2016, 10[126]..広島市内のホテルで記者会見を行ったWe held a press conference at a hotel in Hiroshima city[127]..当日、日本シリーズへの練習をする前に、マツダスタジアムの右翼付近に集まった選手に対し引退の旨を表明したOn the day, before practicing for the Japan series, he announced that he would retire to the players who gathered near the right wing of Mazda Stadium.[128]..The results until the announcement of retirement are 203 wins, 184 losses and 1 save in Japan and the United States. October 2016, 10Japan seriesRound 3 (Sapporo Dome) Was the final pitch, throwing 5/2 in the 3th inning, 85 balls, 4 hits, 1 strikeout and 1 run.最後の打者はThe last batterOtani Xiangpingwas.オフの11月4日には引退記者会見が開かれ、球団は背番号「15」を永久欠番にすると発表したA retirement press conference was held on November XNUMXth off, and the team announced that the uniform number "XNUMX" will be permanently absent.[129]..翌5日の優勝パレード・優勝報告会がユニフォーム姿での最後の場となり、報告会での引退セレモニー後に改めてナインから背番号と同じ15回胴上げされ、最後はマウンド手前で涙を流し蹲ったThe next day, the XNUMXth championship parade and championship debriefing session was the last place to wear uniforms, and after the retirement ceremony at the debriefing session, Nine raised her body XNUMX times, the same as her uniform number, and finally shed tears in front of the mound.[130].. Free contract announced on December 12nd[131].. Since 2017, he has lived in the United States, so he will be active as a baseball commentator when he returns to Japan.Nippon TV-Hiroshima TV-TBS TV-J SPORTSAppeared as a guest commentator.

Characteristics as a player

2014 pitch data[132]
Pitch typeAllocation
Average ball speed
mph (km / h)
Horizontal movement
Vertical movement
sinker37.492.1 (148.2)-8.4%5.6
slider20.883.6 (134.5)1.43.0
Split28.287 (140)-4.8%1.4
Four seam8.991.9 (147.8)-4.0%9.4
curve4.177.2 (124.2)4.6-2.6%
Cut ball0.790 (144.8)-1.6%7.2

Three Quarter[133]From the average ball speed of 91.9mph (about 147.9km / h) in the major eraFastball(sinker, Four seams) and an average ball speed of 86.7mph (about 139.5km / h)fork(Splitter), Average ball speed of 83.8mph (about 134.9km / h)sliderRarely with an orthodox right armcurve,Cut ballAlso interwoven[134][135]..中でもスライダーとフォークはメジャーでも高い評価を獲得しAmong them, sliders and forks have won high praise even in majors.[136]Especially for folk in the major eraDan HarenDescribed as "the best splitter in service" along with the splitter[137]..The fastest fastball is 157km / h measured when I was in Hiroshima before the major transfer.[138]..広島復帰後はAfter returning to HiroshimaCut ballWas increasing the pitching rate of[139].

The pitching style has changed before and after the major transfer, and before the major transferFour seamHowever, from a few years before moving to the Dodgers, "Two seamsSet the height with a fork, with the system inside and the slider system outside.打者が狙っている球を投げ、打たせて取ることが理想」という理想図を描き、移籍後はフォーシームをほとんど投げずツーシーム系主体の投球となったI drew an ideal figure that "it is ideal to throw the ball that the batter is aiming for and let it hit and take it", and after the transfer, it became a two-seam-based pitch with almost no four-seam.[140]..そのため広島時代に投げていた最速150km/hを越えることもあるTherefore, it may exceed the maximum speed of XNUMXkm / h thrown in the Hiroshima era.shootA fastball that sinks into the knees of a right-handed battersinker(Grip is two seams)[9]..その他、スライダーに関しても2008年のシーズン序盤に痛打を浴びる事が多かったために握りを変えたというIn addition, he said that he changed his grip on the slider because he was often hit hard in the early part of the XNUMX season.[141].

In the Hiroshima era (before the major transfer), the number of complete games ranked first in the league was six times a year, so "Mr. complete pitchWhile having the nickname of[142], The number of shutouts is about once a year. He recorded 1 complete games in 11 years, but only 74 complete games.黒田自身も完投にこだわりを持っていたが、メジャーでプレーするようになってからは「いくら14試合を完封しても、次の登板でノックアウトを喫してしまってはチームにとって意味がない。それよりも1回、7回を連続してきっちり投げた方がチームへの貢献度が高くなる。この場所で完投にこだわることは自己満足に過ぎない」と思うようになったというKuroda himself was particular about complete games, but since he started playing major games, he said, "No matter how much one game is shut out, it doesn't make sense for the team to knock out on the next pitch. The more you throw 7 times in a row, the more you contribute to the team. It's just self-satisfaction to stick to the complete game in this place. "[9].

Highly rated by alumniTakashi EgawaIn his own book, "His straight when he's in good shape can't be hit in the middle," July 2006, 7.Chunichi DragonsBattle (Nagoya Dome), When the shutout victory was won, the director of ChunichiHiromitsu Ochiai"Today's (3 hits shutout) Kuroda can't hit even when I'm active, so my player can't hit it," he praised.[143].

The fielding was highly evaluated and recorded 2008 assists in 35.[134].. In 1999KoshienIn the game against Hanshin Tigers, he had a successful bases loaded safety bunt in the final, but he was not good at hitting and set a record of no hits in a row, so when he continued to hit 2010 at bats from the opening in 39. Has been written by a local newspaper as "No matter how bad the pitcher is"[144].

While receiving high praise as mentioned above, it is famous for not being blessed with the support of the batting line in a good throwing game.[145]As I mentioned earlier, during the Dodgers era, he was not blessed with support even though he made good pitches every year, and he was sympathized by director Joe Torre.ESPNIt was pointed out that "it is underestimated because there is little support and the number of wins did not increase", and in the Hiroshima era in 2006, it was the lowest in the support rate even though it was the best defense rate.[146]..ヤンキース時代も他のローテーションピッチャーと比べて好投した試合での援護が著しく少なく、メディアから「黒田は弁護士を雇ってチームメイトを無援護で訴えるべきだ」と書かれたこともあったEven during the Yankees era, there was significantly less support in games that were well-thrown compared to other rotation pitchers, and the media once wrote that "Kuroda should hire a lawyer and sue his teammates unsupported."[147].


  • ParentsgunHe made a large donation to cancer research and awareness activities, and was introduced to the media in Los Angeles.父がFather isLung cancerOne of the reasons why I went to Hiroshima where I was hospitalized and postponed the major challenge by one year was that I had a strong desire to support my father's fight against illness.[136][9].
  • Uenomiya was a reserve pitcher for three years when he was in high school.Especially in the summer of the third year of high schoolKatsuhiro Nishiura(Former Nippon-Ham Fighters), he was regarded as the third pitcher following Shintaka Mizoshita.[148]
  • At the end of the 2006 season in Hiroshima era, in the midst of information on FA transfer being crowded with sports newspapers, fans moved and completed it.Hiroshima City StadiumIt is a huge banner that suddenly appeared in the outfield seat.It has a message from many fans, and in large letters, "We've been fighting together Until now and in the future ... Until the day when you shine into the future If you shed tears, I'll be your tears Carp's ace Hiroki KurodaIt was written.Furthermore, at the final pitching game of the season, a full fan held a red placard with Kuroda's uniform number 15 and dyed the stadium red, and later said, "That fan's feelings were great."This series of episodes was released in July of the following year, "For Whom-Hiroki Kuroda Story-" (manga:Motoki Yoshihara, Draft cooperation / coverage:Kei Totsuka) As cartoonized,Young animal(Hakusensha) Was published.
  • Clayton KershawIn the Dodgers era, they were both rookie in MLB but became majors (Kershaw started in major spring training → AA Jackson Building → promoted to major at the end of May), so they played catch almost every day, so they are on good terms.[149].
There is an age difference of 10 years or older from Kershaw, and although the nationality, way of thinking, and lifestyle are different, it is said that they grew up while respecting each other.[9]..投球についてたびたび話し合うだけでなく、プライベートでも頻繁に食事を共にしたり、プレゼントを贈り合ったりもしていたNot only did they often discuss pitching, but they also often ate together and gave gifts to each other in private.[9].. 2011年にトレードでの移籍に心が傾いた際にもカーショウにだけ心境を明かした他Other than revealing his feelings only to Kershaw when he was inclined to transfer in trade in XNUMX[150]Kershaw, who threw 233 innings this year when he played catch with the Dodgers before his last pitch in the Dodgers, was banned from catching after the last pitch of the season. The coaches stopped him, but he continued to play catch, saying, "Okay, Hiro is the starting lineup, so it's natural for me to play catch."[9].
Kershaw said at the last meeting of the year, "I want to talk to Hiro. I want the Dodgers to stay next year." Kuroda, who returned to the locker room after the meeting, was deeply moved and cried.[9]..When choosing a team to transfer to as FA off this year, he said he avoided transferring to the National League team because he thought "I don't want to play against Kershaw as a pitcher".[9].
When the match against Kershaw was realized on July 2013, 7, the Yankees won the match, but Kuroda had 31 hits and no runs in the 7th inning, and Kershaw had 5 hits and no runs in the 8th inning. Good throw and no win or loss[151]..After the match, Kuroda said, "I thought there was no help for Kershaw, and I didn't have a chance to win with this kind of development, so I thought I had to keep it at 0 points all the time. "[152]"He's one of the best pitchers in the American League, so it's unavoidable to lose," Kershaw said.[153].
  • When I visited Kershaw to report his retirement, he was invited to catch by Kershaw, the day after the starting pitcher, and was given a glove that he had used for five years with a message.[154].
  • Regarding MLB training, which is different from NPB, "I came to the United States, so I thought that if I didn't accept American baseball, I wouldn't accept myself. As long as I came here, I tried this method myself. I think that kind of attitude will be conveyed to everyone. Since I came to play baseball in the United States, it is important to accept it once, whether it is adjustment method or training. " It's getting better every year, so it was good for me to believe in the American way and try it. "[155]Also, when I was playing in Japan, I vaguely drew an image of a major, saying, "There are days when I only practice and games, and there are days when I relax," but I wear uniforms almost every day. After experiencing the fact that he had to go to the stadium, he thought that Japan, which is said to have a long practice time, was rather "not painful".[9]..そのため「日本と同じような調整では絶対に身体がもたない」と思い、調整法を変えていくことに至ったというTherefore, he thought that he would never have a body with the same adjustment as in Japan, and decided to change the adjustment method.[9].
  • High School days,Saigo TakamoriGave it to his nephew Rena IchikiChinese poetryI was impressed with the passage "Beautiful plum blossoms withstanding the snow", and since then it has been the motto.Kuroda introduced these words when each player showed his favorite words on a daily basis at the 2012 Spring Camp meeting during the Yankees era.この言葉には主将のThis word is the captain ’sDerek JeterAnd the directorJoe GirardiAlso resonated[156].
  • Since I was a high school studentB'zI often listen to the song, and it was used for the song that appeared in 2015.REDIs a newly written song in response to a request from Kuroda to produce a song that appeared directly (this is the first time that B'z has provided a song for an individual regardless of genre).[157].
  • For the first time in history as a Japanese pitcher, 200 wins with only the starting wins of NPB / MLB (Hideo NomoThe number of starting wins is 199) and the number of starting wins for the first time in the history of college graduate professionals (Starting pitchervictoryHe is a pitcher who has reached 200 wins in number). (これまで大卒200勝投手は4人いたが、いずれも(There have been four college graduates with XNUMX wins so far, but all of themStarting pitchervictoryRescue pitchervictoryHas won 200 in total.The number of starting pitchers for 200 college graduates isMurayama Minoru188 wins,Hideo Fujimoto184 wins,Tadashi Wakabayashi179 wins,Shigeru SugishitaHas 133 wins.ちなみに高卒社会人プロのBy the way, a high school graduate professionalHideo NomoAs mentioned above, the total number of NPB / MLB starting wins is 199.Rescue pitcherThe total of 2 wins is 201 wins. )[158]
  • He was a two-year junior in the Hiroshima era and returned to Hiroshima in 2, just like his own return to Hiroshima.Takahiro AraiIs a relationship that can be called an "alliance"[160], Immediately after Arai retired from active duty2018May 11ToChinese newspaperWork hard to retire Arai in the morning editionFull-page advertising(2 front and back) are posted at private expense.事前の予告等は全くなく、新井本人にも知らせなかったというThere was no advance notice, and Arai himself was not informed.[161].

Detailed information

Pitcher results by year


Every time











A person




1997Hiroshima2323410690--. 400601135.0147176304648172664.401.56
1998186000140--. 20019945.05352401251034336.601.71
19992116210580--. 38540687.2106203913554070666.781.65
20002921710960--. 600623144.01472161211163073694.311.44
2001272713331280--. 600786190.01751945181467072643.031.16
2002232382110100--. 500671164.11661634311441069673.671.22
200328288141390--. 591827205.21971845231375177713.111.18
20042121711790--. 438639147.01871729121381081764.651.47
200529281113151200. 556852212.21831742271657076753.171.06
2006262572313610. 684744189.11691221471445049391.851.00
2007262671212800. 600738179.21762042351231078713.561.21
2008LAD313122291000. 474776183.11811342871165085763.731.22
200921200008700. 533485117.1110122411875059493.761.14
20103131000111300. 458810196.1180154813515912087743.391.16
20113232000131600. 448838202.019624496516112177693.071.21
2012NYY3333321161100. 593891219.220525512816713086813.321.17
20133232111111300. 458824201.11912043251506079743.311.16
2014323200011900. 550820199.019120350714613091823.711.14
2015Hiroshima262610011800. 579685169.2158829071063053482.551.10
2016242411010800. 556623151.2152143033983054523.091.20
NPB: 1332129476151712410510. 54183942021.22016204504225214614928587973.551.25
MLB: 7212211654797900. 50054441319.0125412929232389866615645053.451.17
  • Of each yearTaiziIs the best league

Defensive results by year

Every time
Pitcher (P)






199921101814. 966
200223152913. 978
200529173923. 966
20072683421. 955
2008LAD31183822. 966
20092181210. 952
20103182530. 917
201432181610. 971
2015Hiroshima2642923. 943
NPB321138390837. 985
MLB21290183713. 975






NPB pitcher record
First record
Record of milestone
NPB hit record
First record
NPB and other records
  • All star gamesParticipation: 5 times (2001, 2005-2007, 2015)
  • Double-digit wins of the season: 2 times
MLB pitcher record
First record
Japanese player (pitcher) Highest record
MLB hit record
First record
  • First hit: April 2008, 4 (local time), vs.Pittsburgh PiratesWar (Dodger Stadium)
  • First RBI: April 2008, 4 (local time) against Pittsburgh Pirates (Dodger Stadium)
MLB Other Records
  • Double-digit wins of the season: 2 times
Record of total NPB/MLB milestone
Japanese player (pitcher) Highest record
  • NPB / MLB40 team victory (MLB29 team / NPB11 team): May 2015, 5, against Orix Buffaloes (Kyocera Dome Osaka)[2]

Uniform number

  • 15 (1997-2007, 2015-2016) (Permanent absence of Hiroshima Toyo Carp)
  • 18 (2008-2014)

Appearance song

  • B'z"RED(2015-2016) * Newly written song

Related information


Related books


  • "Hiroki Kuroda's Carp Love-The Last Decision in Baseball Life" (March 2015, TC Entertainment


  • "Hiroki Kuroda-One Word Introductory-with DVD" (April 2016, 4, Wanibooks)


TV program

TV drama
Culture/Documentary Program



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