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⚾ | Lotte Mysterious Fish Appears in a TV program on the 3rd that makes “Beautiful Voice” sound in the morning in Chiba, and performs a live song

Photo "Mysterious Fish" Performs Live Song at "Morning Konpas" [Photo courtesy of Chiba Lotte Marines]

Lotte, a mysterious fish, appeared on a TV program on the 3rd that made "beautiful voice" sound in the morning of Chiba, and performed a live song

If you write the contents roughly
Of course, since it's a live broadcast in the morning, I'm most worried about getting up early in the morning, but I'll do my best to set the alarm clock and head to Chiba Tele.

Studio live appearance on the morning information program "Set the alarm clock firmly ..." Lotte's team official character ... → Continue reading


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Worry early

Alarm clock

Alarm clock(Mezamashi Dokei) aimed to wake up at a designated timeclockIs.In addition to the usual long hand, short hand, and second hand, the old-fashioned analog alarm clock is equipped with a "reference hand" for setting the wake-up time.Nowadays, digital display type is also widely used.

How to get up


soundIs generally widely used.Bell ringing, electronic sound,radio-Recorded voice is used.Also,Sleep twiceMany of them are equipped with a function called snooze to prevent the sound from ringing even if the sound is stopped.


vibratorThe vibration function by is used when only one person wakes up without waking up another person in the same room.Also,Hearing impairmentMany alarm clocks for people who have an alarm clock also use this method.Usually, the oscillator is attached to the person's body, clothes, and bedding such as pillows and sheets.


LightThere is also one that uses.It is said that light stimulation is more comfortable than voice stimulation, and in order to bring it closer to the dawn of nature, it does not light up suddenly at full power, but gradually brightens from 1 hour before the scheduled wake-up time to the wake-up time. The number of specifications is increasing.In this case, a small alarm sound is also used.There are also products that encourage people with hearing impairments to wake up with a powerful flashlight.


Some use the scent.The scent generator is activated shortly before the wake-up time, and the alarm sounds when the time comes.

Air mat

Air matRailway operatorIt is used in nap facilities such as flight attendants.Shift workTherefore, the wake-up time is different, voice and light cannot be used, and it is used to wake up reliably.If you insert a contracted air mat under the futon or bed pad in advance, it will swell when it is time to wake up and the bed itself will not be flat.Later from JR East Shoji, "Okoshi Taro"商標Commercially available for the general public has also started[1].


計 き 時 計
It is intended to be used by leaving it in the bedroom.Generally speaking, an alarm clock refers to this.Widely used.Radio clockMany of them are.Also, so that you can see the time even at night or in the darkBacklightMost of them shine for a certain period of time or have a phosphorescent function a long time ago.Long time agoInverted flap methodThere was also (the numbers were turned over).It is also a so-called electric clock and requires an AC power supply.It should be noted thatツ オ ー ツIs not built in in many cases, and if it is not adjusted accurately on a daily basis, a considerable error will occur.
Ear hole type / ear hook type
earThose that are directly attached to.The sound of the alarm is very quiet from the outside, but it operates at a close distance, which is sufficient for the user himself / herself.
腕 時 計
wristWhat is attached with a belt.But of the alarmsoundIs small.Some are equipped with a vibration alarm function.Radio reception functionMany are equipped with.
Travel clock
TravelA small one intended to be carried at times.Many can be folded.Some of them can display the time of the travel destination with a simple operation so that they can be used even in foreign countries.Radio clockThere is also that.
Built-in type
ShipIt may be used to prevent damage in stormy weather and to prevent theft at accommodation facilities.It is generally digitally displayed, and the time of the clock itself cannot be set from the guest room side.In addition, since the numbers themselves shine on the digital display, some people say that they cannot sleep because they are dazzling even in the middle of the night, so the brightness of the display often changes according to the brightness of the room.However, many of them have a fixed alarm volume, and there are some that are not very practical, such as being difficult to hear when waking up.


  • Mobile phoneWith the spread of the alarm clock, more and more people are using the alarm function of the telephone as an alternative to the alarm clock.


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