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⚾ | [MLB] "This child isn't bad at all ..." I sympathize with the boy's "unlucky obstruction" that led to the goal of his beloved team.

Adam Frazier of Padres who protected the left wing [Photo: Getty Images]

[MLB] "This child isn't bad at all ..." I sympathize with the boy's "unlucky obstruction" that led to the goal of his beloved team.

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The boy in the Padres uniform, who was in the front row of the left wing seat, grabbed the ball earlier than Frazier, and thought it was a nice catch ... and the ball spilled to the ground.

A big fly ball to the left wing, entering the catching position from the front row of the stand ... ■ Rockies 9-4 Padres (31st Japan time, Sa ... → Continue reading


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Left wing seat

That's not it !? Frazier

Frasier title logo.svg

"That's not it !? Frazier』(Frasier) IsAmerica OfNBC1993から2004Was broadcast overSitcom..Also at NBC1982から1993Sitcom broadcast overCheers"ofSpin-offIt was produced as a work.Emmy AwardReceived the work award comedy category for the fifth consecutive year since 1993.


I failed to get married twice and lived for many yearsDuffel BagBorn from hometownSeattleMoved toPsychiatristFrasier.After returning, he gained popularity for his personality work on a local radio station's trouble consultation program, and lived in a luxury condominium with a view and enjoyed a comfortable living alone.

However, he decided to live with his father Martin and his dog Eddie, a former police officer who retired after being shot at the waist.In addition, Daphne, an English helper who had a strange place hired by his father, joined the house and the house became tumultuous.

Main characters

Frasier Crane
Performance- Kelsey Glamor, Japanese dubbing- Junpei Morita
A psychiatrist and a personality of radio life counseling at the local radio station KACL.He has a son Frederick with his ex-wife Lilith.
Daphne Moon
Performance- (English edition, Japanese dubbing- Matsui Sakurako
Martin's care helper.He lives in an apartment and is also in charge of housework.England is from Manchester.Has inspirational ability.When talking, it becomes an off-color humor.
Niles Crane
Performance- David Hyde Pearce, Japanese dubbing- Keiji Fujiwara
Frazier's younger brother and psychiatrist.I am a practitioner.Quite nervous.My wife, Maris, doesn't have a head, but Daphne seems to be quite anxious.
Rosalinda'Roz' Doyle
Performance- (English edition, Japanese dubbing- Kazue Komiya
Producer in charge of Frazier's show.There is no male luck.The horse doesn't seem to fit the Niles.
Martin Crane
Performance- John mahoney, Japanese dubbing- Arimoto Kintaka
Frazier's father.Immediately before retirement, he was shot in the waist by a robber and was injured, which led him to retire as a police officer.Seattle MarinersFan of.
Performance-Dog (mousse
Martin's dogJack Russell Terrier..I love cushions.



  • Frazier Season 1 Complete DVD-BOX (released in Japan on June 2005, 6)
  • Frazier Season 2 Complete DVD-BOX (released in Japan on June 2005, 7)
  • Frazier Season 3 Complete DVD-BOX (released in Japan on September 2005, 9)

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