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Do you solve the mystery together with Masato Kumashiro's "I want to say but I can't say" feelings?

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Saitama Seibu Lions

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Saitama Seibu Lions(Saitama Seibu Lions,English: Saitama Seibu Lions) IsJapan OfProfessional baseball team.Pacific LeagueBelong to.

SaitamaTheFranchiseAnd the prefectureTokorozawaIt is inMetLife DomeTheHeadquarters,sameSaitamaOmiya WIt is inSaitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball FieldTheSemi-homeI am trying. Also,Second army[Note 1](Eastern LeagueThe headquarters of (affiliation) is on the same site as the domeSeibu Second Stadium.

Baseball history

Fukuoka era

Before joining the Pacific League

West Japan Railway(Nishitetsu) until 1943Ocean Army[Note 2] Take over,Nishitetsu ArmyIt was run as a company, but it was dissolved within the same year.[Note 3].

Immediately after the war1946Nishitetsu launched a non-professional team in June1948ToBaseball against cityIt was a strong team in the amateur ball world, such as winning the championship.Nishitetsu's first presidentMurakami KojiWanted to "provide a bright topic to Fukuoka after the war", he tried to revive the prewar Nishitetsu baseball club in early 1949 and try to have a professional baseball team again, but the Nishitetsu baseball club was treated as disappearing due to dissolution. Because of that1949In 3 monthJapan Baseball FederationThe application for return has been rejected.

However,1949At the end of the dayProfessional baseball reorganization problemThere has occurred. The federation that was a one-league systemCentral LeaguePacific LeagueDivided into two leagues.Taking this opportunity, Murakami planned to advance into professional baseball with Shigekichi Kimura, who was the third president of Nishitetsu and also the owner of the baseball team.[2],FukuokaFukuoka CityNishitetsu Clippers(Nishitsu-,Nishitetsu Clippers) Was formed. Inaugurated on November 11, joined the Pacific League (this membership date is said to be the team's founding date).

Nishitetsu Clippers era


Operating company in late JanuaryNishitetsu Baseball Co., Ltd.Established and registered[Note 4].. at firstWest Japan ShimbunI tried to establish a baseball team jointly with, but this failed.Nishinippon Shimbun is based in Fukuoka prefecture, which is the same as Nishitetsu.West Japan PiratesWas launched, and two professional baseball teams will be formed in Fukuoka Prefecture.

The player will be the first manager from the Nishi-Nippon Railroad team as a non-professionalMiyazaki KanameStartOtsumori,Yasuhiro Fukami,Akinobu Kono,Etsuro Tsukamoto,Yawata Steel OfSeiichi Kitoh,Hoshino GumiNew Rokukoku Ryo et al.Kyushu regionIn addition to non-professional playersSagaI'm fromYomiuri Giants OfTokuji Kawasaki, Born in Fukuoka prefecture last yearNankai HawksWon 20 winsTakemasue MasamasaAlso from FukuokaMasaaki NoguchiWe gathered influential players from the professional ball world from Kyushu.Regarding Kawasaki's transfer, there was a contract with the giant left, so the giant did not approve the transfer at first and had a difficult time, but he finally transferred.

In the season, the team was mainly amateur players, and Kawasaki, who was expected to be an ace, was the first pitcher.Orions every dayIn the 3rd inning, he broke his elbow and ended up in 7th place out of 5 teams.

Compared to West Japan, which is also based in Fukuoka, Nishitetsu was lower in terms of popularity and spectator mobilization due to the fact that West Japan had a giant game of dollar boxes, but West Japan also had team results in the first year. Is 8th out of 6 teams and is as sluggish as Nishitetsu, and Nishinippon Shimbun is an amateur in the management of professional baseball, so it may not be possible to host a game hosted by Fukuoka City on its own, and profits may be taken away by the entertainer The management was not stable, and in August during the season, the salary to the players was delayed and the management deteriorated. Nishitetsu, which had already grasped the fact that the management of West Japan had deteriorated in June, saw that the Nishinippon Shimbun would eventually give up the management of the team, and proposed an absorption-type merger of Pirates, and officially signed the merger in September.[Note 5]..At the suggestion of Tokuji Kawasaki, the next director was the general director of the giant, and there was a problem of exclusion due to the return of Shigeru Mizuhara.MiharaHowever, due to the backlash from Nishitetsu players from the beginning, Mihara was initially appointed as general manager, and Kaname Miyazaki continued to be the manager until 1952.

Nishitetsu Mihara director era


On January 1, Nishi Nippon Pirates was absorbed and merged.Nishitetsu Lions(Nishitsu-,Nishitetsu Lions ) (The name of the team will change on March 3st)[Note 6]..From western Japan, it will become the mainstay of the later golden ageSeiji Sekiguchi-Takeshi HibinoJoined.Initially, the players from the former Clippers were strongly repulsed, and the upper management of the team also intervened to "use the Clippers players", but Mihara continued to use the Clippers players without repulsion. He proved that the Clippers players couldn't be used, and later released those dissatisfied players to other teams or fired them.Leading南海And 18.5 games behind the 2nd place[3].


The contract was difficult during the seasonTokyu FlyersBig starHiroshi OshitaTheYasuhiro Fukami,Toshiaki OgataWithtradeObtained at.This season, the 8.5rd place is 3 games behind the leader Nankai.


Even though I finished 4th in the B classFutoshi Nakanishi Home run-RBI-Most hits.Triple threeHas also been achieved.Tokuji KawasakiMost wins-Best defense rateAcquired.In 1954, out of the 1951 players who were in the Lions when the Lions were established in 34, 3 players, or 4/26, were dismissed or transferred to other teams, and they have been replaced significantly.


Nishitetsu takes the lead with 11 consecutive victories from the opening, but on the way from August 8 to October 22, 10 wins and 5 loss[Note 7] It was a fierce battle with Nankai, such as being caught up by Nankai and temporarily taking the lead, but Nishitetsu won the Hankyu match on October 1th, which was the only match left, and Nishitetsu's first Pacific League. The league championship will be decided.In the end, Nishitetsu had 10 wins and Nankai had 11 wins, but Nishitetsu outperformed by the difference in the number of draws.Second batter this seasonYasumitsu ToyotaFollowing the 18 home runs, all the cleanups recorded 20 home runs (Hiroshi Ohshita <22>, Futoshi Nakanishi <31>, Seiji Sekiguchi <27>), and the team's top 134 home runs in both leagues. Record.But,Japan seriesThen.Chunichi DragonsLoses with 3 wins and 4 losses.


Contrary to the previous year, Nankai won 10 consecutive victories from the opening, but from the beginning it was a battle for the lead with Nishitetsu, and the lead was changed 25 times. In the battle against Kintetsu on June 6thOtsumoriIs the first teamNo hit no runAchieved. After August 8, Nankai did not surrender the lead, and Nankai won the Nippon Professional Baseball record with 24 wins, adding 99 games to Nishitetsu, who had 90 wins following the previous year, and Nishitetsu finished in 9nd place.


Except for one period from April 4th to June, Nankai consistently kept the lead, with a maximum of 15 games behind. Even in early September, Nankai was behind Nishitetsu, which is second.Nishitetsu won 6 wins and 7.5 draw in four consecutive battles against Nankai in the end of the same month, and Nishitetsu took the lead temporarily on September 9, and after that, the lead was replaced with Nankai, but on October 2th Nishitetsu won the Hankyu battle and won the league title for the first time in two years.Both Nankai and Nishitetsu had 7 wins, but Nishitetsu exceeded the winning percentage due to the difference in the number of draws.Yomiuri GiantsWithJapan seriesWon with 4 wins and 2 losses, achieving the first time in Japan.


This year will also be a battle for the lead with Nankai, but from late July to August Nishitetsu recorded 7 consecutive wins, including 8 consecutive wins against Nankai, and the match against Nankai this year also won 7-14. On October 15th, the Nankai was behind the Nankai by 7 games.Toei FlyersAchieved the third league championship for the second consecutive year by winning the doubleheader in a row[8].. With the giant who has been competing for the second consecutive yearJapan seriesDefeated the Giants with 4 wins and 1 draw without losing, and achieved the second best in Japan for the second consecutive year.


Nankai is a newcomerTadashi Sugiuraが前半戦だけで20勝3敗と活躍をみせて3年連続で開幕から首位を独走。一方西鉄は4月は12勝5敗と好スタートを見せたものの5月は9勝10敗1分け、6月は12勝10敗ともたつく。7月19日の東映戦(駒沢野球場)で、Nishimura SadaroAchieved the team's first perfect game, but from July 7Osaka StadiumHe lost all three games in a direct confrontation with the Nankai in the game, and was behind by a maximum of 3 games.However, in the second half, Sugiura got sick andKazuhisa Inaoが後半戦のチーム36勝のうち31勝に絡む鉄腕ぶりをみせる。9月27、28日には6厘差で南海との首位攻防2連戦となり、27日は先発の杉浦と途中からリリーフの稲尾との投げ合いで10回を引き分けとし、28日には連投の先発の杉浦を打ち崩して初回で降板させるなど7対2で勝利し、西鉄が首位となり、10月2日の対近鉄ダブルヘッダーに連勝したことで、3年連続で序盤から首位を走った南海を逆転しての優勝達成となった。3年連続の対戦となった巨人とのJapan seriesThen, after losing three games in a row, Inao's good throw will win four games in a row.

Hiroshi Ohshita, Nakanishi, Toyoda, and others were the main players at that time, including Inao.Akira Aoki-Teruyuki TakakuraWith such good players, "Field Warrior CorpsWas called.


Due to the breakdown of Nakanishi, Oshita, Sekiguchi and others, the pitchers are also other than Inao.Yukio ShimabaraWon only 12 wins and no double-digit winning pitcher, finishing in 2th place.Mihara resigned as director andOcean WhalesBecame the director of.Kawasaki is appointed as the next director of Nishitetsu.

Nishitetsu / Kawasaki era


In this year too, Nakanishi was out of order and only participated in 32 games, and due to Inao's delay, he was at the bottom in the early stages. 5rd place, but 20st placeDaigo Orion'sThe result was a big loss to the 2nd place Nankai.


Inao continued to win from the beginning and reached the fastest 7 wins in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball on July 11, but at this point all other pitchers had 20 wins and Inao accounted for more than half.[11]..Inao threw 78 innings in 404 games, more than half of this season, and 42 wins, a record for Nippon Professional Baseball in Thailand.[Note 8] In addition, he set a record for the season of 353 strikeouts in Nippon Professional Baseball (at that time).[11], The team finished in 2rd place for 3 consecutive years, and Kawasaki resigned as coach.After the seasonConcurrent playerThe "Youth Cabinet" is born by Nakanishi, player-coach Toyota, and player-coach coach Inao.

Nishitetsu / Nakanishi era


Continuing from the previous year, from the bottom of the first half of the game, pitchers such as Kazuhisa Inao's recovery in the second half of the game will be in third place for the third consecutive year.Futoshi Nakanishi, who both missed while having a breakdown, and Yasumitsu Toyoda, who participated, did not engage, and Toyoda was off.JNR SwallowsTransferred by money trade to.


序盤から独走状態だった南海に6月には最大14.5ゲーム差をつけられ、オールスター戦直前でも10.5ゲーム差であったが、西鉄が8月に6連勝、9月に7連勝と追い上げて、9月末には3.5ゲーム差として、9月末から1分を挟んで9連勝で一時、南海に並ぶ。10月17日に南海が全日程を終了した時点では1ゲーム差で南海が首位、西鉄は残り4試合を、3勝1分以上で優勝、3勝1敗で西鉄と南海が同率でプレーオフを行い、2勝以下だと南海の優勝となる状況で、10月19、20日に共に対近鉄戦ダブルヘッダーが平和台で行われ、19日の第1戦を17対5、第2戦は3対2でそれぞれ勝利。続く20日の第1戦は5対4のGoodbye gameIn the 3th round, if you win 4 times in a row, you will win if you winWakao TadaoKazuharu AbeHe won 2-0 with his succession, becoming the fifth league champion in five years and the last league champion in the Fukuoka era. As of 5, the 5 game behind the game is the largest in the history of Nippon Professional Baseball.Japan seriesThen, because Inao had a breakdown, he lost to the giant with 3 wins and 4 losses.


Although he was in the lead in the early stages, Kazuhisa Inao, who has won 8 wins for eight consecutive years, ended up with 20 wins and 0 losses due to a breakdown.Yoshio Inoue No hit no run17 wins, includingTsutomu TanakaWon 15 wins, but finished in 5th place, the first B class in 5 years.


Kazuhisa Inao, who lost the opening game for the first time in eight years and lost from the beginning, was behind the leader by 8 games at the end of the first half of the game, but Kazuhisa Inao won 26.5 wins and was a newcomer.Masaaki IkenagaWon 20 wins and finished 3rd.


At the Nankai Battle (Osaka) on May 5thPerfect matchCompared to stable pitchers such as Tsutomu Tanaka, who achieved the highest ERA with 23 wins and 11 wins, Kazuhisa Inao, the batting team did not perform well.As in 1963, when the championship was won, Nishitetsu left four games at the end of the entire schedule, and if Nishitetsu won four consecutive games, it would have been a playoff with Nankai at the same rate, but in the first match.Toei FlyersLost the battle and finished in 2nd place.


Although he took the lead in April with five consecutive victories, including two consecutive shutout wins from the opening round, he continued to lose in a row after May and temporarily fell to fifth place at the end of August.Although the batting team was sluggish, the pitchers such as Masaaki Ikenaga, who won the most wins of the year, took second place.This was Nishitetsu's last A-class entry.


4 consecutive losses from the opening. With 6 games in a row in June, it will be the bottom of the 9 games behind the leader Hankyu at the end of the first half of the game.Masaaki Ikenaga has won 12 wins for the second consecutive year. It will be the 2th place for the first time in 23 years.


Futoshi Nakanishi temporarily rested as a coach after losing nine games in a row in May. Although it went up to 5th place in September, the season ended in 9th place in the end. October,Masayuki Nagayasu MatchfixYou will be permanently banished for doing the act, and this is the so-called "Black fog caseIt was the beginning of.Kazuhisa Inao retired from active duty and became the director.

Nishitetsu / Inao era


Just before the opening, Masayuki Nagayasu, who was banished the previous year, is Masaaki Ikenaga and six Nishitetsu players.[Note 9] Revealed that he was performing a match-fixing act.The team was sluggish with 5 wins and 10 losses from the beginning, of which 4 wins were given by Masaaki Ikenaga. Permanently banished to Ikenaga, Yoda, Masuda and others by the Commissioner Committee on May 5[Note 10][Note 11] Will be lowered, which will greatly reduce Nishitetsu's strength (for details, see "Black Fog Case (Japan Professional Baseball)"reference).In pitcherOsamu Higashi,Satoru Miwa, In the batterMasayoshi Higashida,Takenouchi Masashi(Tontake combination) and other young people are appointed.Higashio has 5 wins with an ERA of 11 points, but the team has 43 wins, 78 losses and 9 draws, a win rate of .355, and is the leader.Lotte OrionsIt will be the first bottom of the team with 34 games behind.


Transferred from a giantAkira TakahashiWon 14 wins, but other than that, with Higashio, who won double digits the previous year.Akira KawaharaBoth lost 16 in the league, and the situation continued to win one or two and lose in a row.Yoshimasa TakahashiPerfect game on September 9thSuzuki revelationNo-hitter no-run is recorded continuously.Losing with more than 10 losses because he couldn't win more than 15 wins against all the teams.The winning percentage is also lower than the previous year. It ends up at the bottom for the second consecutive year, 311 games behind the leader Hankyu at 43.5.


Higashio throws 300 innings and wins 18 winsKato firstWon 17 winsNewcomer KingHowever, he lost the whole team for the second consecutive year.It is the lowest for the third consecutive year with a 2 game behind the leader Hankyu.Management deteriorated due to a sharp decrease in the number of spectators, and Nishitetsu finally gave up the management of the team.[Note 12].

Pacific era


In 11 monthLotte Orions OfNakamura NagayoshiThe owner bought the team and said, "Fukuoka Baseball Co., Ltd.Changed the trade name to.PepsiCoJapanese corporation (JapanPepsi ColaThere was a plan to have the sales company buy it,Toei FlyersBecause there was a story about the sale of1973January,Nitaku HomeIt was sold to Pepsi), which was broken by the Pepsi side, who feared the current situation of the Pacific League.In addition, an audio equipment manufacturer that was considering acquiring ToeipioneerIt was also mentioned as an option to sell to, but this also did not happen.For this reason, Nakamura himself, who proposed these sales, will buy Lions.With this acquisitionBaseball agreementNakamura will resign from the owner of Lotte Orions and become the owner of Fukuoka Baseball Co., Ltd. due to the violation of the provision prohibiting the possession of multiple baseball teams by one person or one group specified in.A golf course development company founded to strengthen financial aspectsPacific ClubA kind of partnership withNaming rightsThe name of the team is in the contractTaiheiyo Club Lions(Let's go-,Taiheiyo-Club Lions) (The Pacific League executive committee on November 11 will approve the transfer of company shares and the name change of the team).


From this year the Pacific LeagueLate period systemWill be.New foreigners in the opening roundDon BufordWhen he won the walk-off home run, he took the lead with 4 wins and 10 losses in April, but then dropped to 3th place in the previous term.In the latter half of the year, it was strong in the early stages, but ended up in 4th place and ranked 5th throughout the year.Director Lotte from this year to the following yearShoichi KanedaWithGrudge confrontationBecame a hot topic.To offMajor League382 home runsFrank HowardTo win[Note 13]


The expected Frank Howard left just after participating in the opening round and returned to the United States in May.Higashio, Hajime Kato and others have a poor pitching team, and the batting line is not stable, finishing 5rd in the first half, 3th in the second half, and 4th in the whole year.Inao will be dismissed after the season[15]..From the ocean to succeedShinichi EtoWas acquired by trading and became a player-coach.From KintetsuMasahiro Doi, From Nippon HamWhite heavenEarn by trading.


54 out of 17 players will become new forces, and the new coach, Eto, will aim for a dynamic and competitive baseball game, and Masahiro Doi, Baek In-chun and others will hit the line "Bandit battingIt became a threat to other teams, and although it was ranked 2nd in the first half, it was 4th because of tiredness in the second half.For the first time in eight years, he entered the A class and finished third, with Doi being the home run king and White.Leading batter, Osamu Higashi won the most wins.Off, known as a major league baseball playerLeo drawerEto rebelled against the announcement of a substantial "demotion" as a player and batting coach, and moved to Lotte after leaving the team.[16].


Leo Durocher, who became the new coach, collapsed due to a sudden illness just before coming to Japan, and the spring camp was held without the coach.However, he simmered his business and canceled the contract in response to Durocher's response that he could come to Japan by the open game and that his health condition had deteriorated again.Head coachSeiichi KitohIs urgently promoted and becomes a director.Due to lack of force and the influence of rumbling from the previous year, this year will end in the bottom of 6th place in both the previous and next term.Satoru YoshiokaIs the first top hitter in his 9th year as a professional player. The crown sponsor with naming rights on October 10 is led by Yoshiaki SakuraiKosaidoUnder the groupCrown gas lighterIt was decided that the name of the team would change.

Crown era


From the seasonCrown gas lighterIn partnership with the team nameCrown writer lions(Crown-Lighter Lions change to.The original company name "Gas" is omitted because the team name will be long.Approved by the Pacific League on October 10, the same year).However, due to some financial support from the Taiheiyo Club, the uniform will continue to bear the Taiheiyo Club logo on the right sleeve.

Pitchers transferred from the oceanRitsuo YamashitaWon the top 12 wins of the team, but Ace Higashio won 11 wins the previous yearMasaaki KogaAll are out of order.The batting team was second in the league with 129 home runs,Bob Hansen.269 is the teamRegular turn at batThe batting average was sluggish, with the highest batting average among the reachers.Although he performed well, keeping 6th place in the first half and 8nd place until mid-August in the second half, he eventually fell to 2th place.For the whole year, it finishes at the bottom of 5th place for 2 consecutive years. At the draft meeting in NovemberHosei University OfTakashi EgawaIs refused to join the group.Director Kito resigns and succeedsRikuo NemotoBecame the director.


Mayumi Akinobu,Tachibana YoshiieYoung people emerged and became regular, transferred from ChunichiWillie DavisAlthough he was active with a batting average of .293, the shortage of pitchers other than Osamu Higashi, who won 23, was revealed.4th place in the previous term.In the second half, he won 10 wins, 0 losses and 7 draws in 3 games from the opening, and after that, although he reached 5% at one point, he was 5th without participating in the battle for victory.For the whole year, he escaped from the bottom for the second consecutive year and ranked 2th.Off, the teamSeibu Railway Group OfNational land planWill be acquired by.

Saitama era

In 1979, it became the new Seibu Lions, and the financial power increased and it embarked on strengthening.Although it struggled at first when the baseball team facilities, environment and treatment of athletes were improved, a new force emerged and won the championship, and when it achieved the best in Japan, it became a winning corps.

Rikuo Nemoto, who became the first coach from the final year of the Crown, gathered influential players with a strategy of struggling to acquire players and overtaking other teams throughout the front era after retirement.

Born at the same timePrince Hotel Baseball ClubUntil the 90's by team management utilizing the organizational strength of the Seibu Group, includingGolden ageWill be built.

Nemoto director era


October 10, after the end of the regular season, Kosaido Crown[Note 14] Sold the Lions teamSaitamaTokorozawaAnnounced relocation to[17].National land plan OfYoshiaki TsutsumiThe president (at that time) bought the Crown Writer Lions,Seibu Lions(Seibu Lions).Of the bankMedium personFukuda YoshioIs appointed Honorary Chairman.Tsutsumi was at a press conference to announce the acquisition, and the talk of the acquisition of the team was a few days ago.Professional baseball commissionerThey said that it was decided in a short period of time after receiving their visit.[18].

October 10, team officeTokyoToshima wardHigashiikebukuro OfSunshine 60Opened in. On October 10, the trade name of the operating company was changed from Fukuoka Baseball Co., Ltd. to the current "Seibu Lions Co., Ltd."change to. Announcement of pet mark and symbol color on December 12th. The name of the new baseball stadium, which was under construction at the time of December 5,Seibu Lions StadiumDecided to.The bank is the centerpiece of the new team from LotteKatsuya NomuraHiroyuki Yamazaki, From HanshinKoichi TabuchiEarned.Tetsuji KawakamiNominated and obtained the right to negotiate in the 77 draft of the Crown eraTakashi EgawaI was obsessed with joining the group, but failed[19], By thisYomiuri GroupThe relationship withEgawa incident).


The first season as Seibu Lions failed to adjust at the spring camp[Note 15] In the first half of the year, he lost 2 games in a row with two draws in between, and in the second half he was fifth and the total result was also the lowest.However, a novel stadium and "Good luck Lions"(TBSAs a result of striving to promote by broadcasting mini-programs such as (broadcast in the entire Kanto area), the number of spectators mobilized increased by 77% from 136 in the previous year to 75 million, jumping to the top of the Pacific League.Seibu has never been at the bottom since this year.


Last term bottom,Steve OntiverosJoined, and in the latter half of the year when the batting line was strengthened, he took the lead in September, but lost six consecutive games in the final stage, missed the latter half of the championship, and ended up in fourth place.9th place in total.


In the previous term, he competed for the championship until the end, but lost to Lotte and finished in 2nd place.However, in the second half, it stalled and sank to 5th place, and 4th place in total.Draft 1st placeHironori IshigeIs a rookie king.Rikuo Nemoto retired from the coach only this season, and since then he has been involved in team management as the manager of the management department.

Hirooka era


Became a director from this yearHirooka TatsuroUnderneath, the team was reformed.The effect will soon appear and he will win the previous term.In the second half, if you stumble in the early stages, you will have the rest of the gameplay offSpend on measures,1982 Pacific League PlayoffsThen, the late champion Nippon-HamYuka EnatsuAnd won the playoffs with 3 wins and 1 loss, achieving the league championship for the first time in 19 years.Japan seriesButChunichi DragonsDefeated with 4 wins and 2 losses, and achieved the first time in Japan for Seibu for the first time in 24 years as a team.


From the beginning, he started to run alone, and won the league championship for the second consecutive year with 86 wins, 40 losses and 4 draws, and a big difference of 2 games from 17nd place Hankyu.Japan seriesDefeated the Giants with 4 wins and 3 losses, achieving the number one position in Japan for the second consecutive year.


Veteran players such as Tabuchi and Yamazaki who supported the second straight victory declined and slumped from the beginning, finishing in 2rd place.After the end of this season, Tabuchi and Yamazaki retired from active duty.


Chunichi Dragons OfYasushi TaoBy trading, 5th yearKoji AkiyamaIs the second year in the pitchers fighting for the home base hitting kingHisanobu Watanabe, 4th yearKimiyasu KudoHas become the main pitcher, and young power has emerged to win the league title for the first time in two years.But,Japan seriesThen.Hanshin TigersLost with 2 wins and 4 losses before.After the season, Director Hirooka has his own health problems (gout) And so on, leaving one year for the contract and resigning.His successor was the head coach of the 1st Army under the supervision of Hirooka from 1982 to 1984.Masahiko MoriWas inaugurated.In this year's draftKoshien total home run recordhavePL school OfKiyohara KazuhiroThe end of 6 team competition[Note 16], Has acquired the right to negotiate.

Mori era

At this time, both throwing and hitting strength (Koji Akiyama,Orestes Destrade, Kazuhiro Kiyohara,Hironori Ishige,Ito work,Hajime Tsuji,Ken Hirano,Norio Tanabe,Berkleo,Osamu AbeEtc.), especially Hisanobu Watanabe (Most wins1986, 1988, 1990,1st place win rate1986 years),Guo Taiyuan(Season MVP1991, 1st win rate 1988, 1994), Kimiyasu Kudo (Season MVP 1993, 1st win rate 1987, 1991, 1993),Takehiro Ishii(Season MVP, 1st place in winning percentage,Sawamura Prize1992 years),Tomoo Watanabe(Best defense rate1991 years),Yoshitaka Shikatori(Best Relief Pitcher1990) and other pitchersAK gunAkiyama and Kiyohara's striking power was shining, and during Mori's term of office from 1986 to 1994, he won the league in all years except 1989, and in the year he won the league until 1992, he was definitely the best in Japan. Also, "Seibu Golden Age'[20] It was built.


Kazuhiro Kiyohara, who joined the team in 1st place in the draft, won the dead heat with Kintetsu and won the league title for the second consecutive year.Japan seriesThen.Hiroshima Toyo CarpHowever, after losing three games in a row in the first game, he won the game in four consecutive games from the fifth game to the eighth game in the history of the Japan Series, and became the best in Japan for the first time in three years.Tamotsu Nagai and Katahira traded to the ocean, and Takuji Ota retired.

On August 8, the team office was relocated to the current Seibu Stadium site.All the facilities of the baseball stadium (office, baseball stadium, practice field, training camp)SaitamaTokorozawaGathered at Kamiyamaguchi (the company's registered head office will continue to remain in the same area as Sunshine 60).


Akiyama converted to the outfield and Ishige converted to third base.In the early stages, Kiyohara's slump and Tsujiya and Watanabe struggled due to a series of injured people, but gradually recovered and reversed the lead, Hankyu in August, winning the league title for the third consecutive year.Japan seriesThen, he played against the giant and won 4 wins and 2 losses, becoming the best in Japan for the second consecutive year.Higashio, who won 2 wins this year during the off-season, was sent documents on suspicion of mahjong gambling and was suspended until June of the following year.


There was concern about the hole that Osamu Higashio had missed since the opening, but when the opening started, Kudo, Watanabe, Kuo Taiyuan,Hirohisa MatsunumaFrom this year, one army will participate in the stable pitchersBerkleoHe saved money from the opening with the addition of. 29 wins in the 20th game and 6 savings on June 15th, but ironically, after Higashio returned, Kintetsu and others were out of order, Guo broke down, and the pitchers collapsed, but in June It was 20 games behind the 6nd place Kintetsu, and even in September it was 2 games behind, but Kintetsu was chased from there. It seemed that Seibu won the championship after defeating Kintetsu on September 8, but Seibu scored 9 wins and 6 losses in 9 games from there, and on September 13, the Kintetsu was behind by 10 games. , On October 4th, there was a fierce battle for victory, such as being lined up with Kintetsu without a game difference.Seibu also survived the final 6 games with 9 wins and 29 losses, and when Seibu finished the entire schedule on October 1.5, Kintetsu won the remaining 10 games with 5 wins or more, and Seibu won 10 wins or less. It was a situation.Kintetsu won 8 win and 2 loss from there, and 10 consecutive wins became an absolute requirement for victory.Lotte vs. Kintetsu doubleheader at Kawasaki Stadium on October 10thThe second game of the game ended in a 2-4 draw, and Seibu won the league title for the fourth consecutive year with a two-game difference (no game difference).Japan seriesThen, with 4 wins and 1 defeat, he won Chunichi and became the best in Japan for the third consecutive year. 3nd yearRyoji MoriyamaIs a rookie king with 10 wins.Higashio retired from active duty.


It was sluggish from the beginning, and it was not possible to win three consecutive games until the middle of July.From the middle of the seasonOrestes DestradeJoins.The second half of the game rebounded and took the lead in September, but with a doubleheader with Kintetsu on October 9th.Ralph BryantThe fact that he was hit by home runs in four at-bats in a row and lost in a row made a big impact, allowing Kintetsu to win the championship and missing the fifth straight league title.The result was the 4rd place behind the winning Kintetsu by 5 behind (2 games) and the 0.5nd place Orix by 2 behind.RookieTomoo WatanabeStruggled with 10 wins.Off the army strategy and battery coachMasahiro KurodaMoved to Daiei,Kuroe TooruReturned to the team as the head coach of the XNUMXst Army.


Taking advantage of the reflection that the number of saves was in the single digit for the third consecutive year, we sought to strengthen the relief team.From the giantYoshitaka Shikatori, In draftTetsuya ShiozakiAcquired.These two teams supported the relief team and ran alone from the beginning, and in a stable battle except for losing eight games in a row in June, they regained the league title by 2 games behind the second place Orix.Japan seriesThen defeated the giant with four consecutive victories and achieved the number one in Japan for the first time in two years.[Note 17]..Destrade will hit a home run and two RBIs, Akiyama will be the stealing king, and Hisanobu Watanabe will win the most (at the same time as Kintetsu and Nomo).


He has won eight consecutive victories since the opening.In the early stages, he ran alone in the lead, but from the middle stage, he became a single combat with Kintetsu, which had been improving.However, in September, he won 8 consecutive victories and pushed Kintetsu away to win the league title for the second consecutive year.Japan seriesThen.Koji YamamotoHe played against Hiroshima led by the manager, and although he was able to win the championship with 2 wins and 3 losses first, he won the 6th and 7th rounds with 4 wins and 3 losses, defeating Hiroshima with a reversal and being the best in Japan for the second consecutive year.Guo won the MVP, Destrade won the home run for the second consecutive year, two RBIs, and Tomio Watanabe won the best ERA.


After overtaking Kintetsu in June, he ran alone and won the league title for the third consecutive year.Japan seriesHowever, he defeated Yakult, led by Katsuya Nomura, with 4 wins and 3 losses, and became the best in Japan for the third consecutive year.[Note 18]..Also active in the Japan SeriesTakehiro IshiiIs an MVP with 15 wins, and Destrade is the home base hitting king for the third consecutive year.Rikuo Nemoto, the manager of the management department, left the team due to the appointment of Daiei coach.


Destrade left the team due to his return to the majors, and although there was concern that his offensive power would decline, he won the league title for the fourth consecutive year by winning the battle with Nippon-Ham.Japan seriesThen I lost to Yakult with 3 wins and 4 losses.After the series endsFukuoka Daiei HawksKoji Akiyama, Satoshi Watanabe,Tomoyuki UchiyamaMakoto Sasaki,Takehiro Hashimoto,Murata KatsukiA 3 to 3 exchange trade is established.In addition, the CM appearance of the affiliated player who was banned from this year until then has been lifted, and Kiyohara will be the firstAce cockIt was appointed as a commercial for the Super Cup.


Although it was a battle for victory with Orix, Kintetsu, and Daiei, when Seibu escaped in September, he won the league as it was, and won the league title for the fifth consecutive time.But,Japan seriesThen he lost to the giant with 2 wins and 4 losses and lost the series for the second consecutive year.Director Mori retired for this year.

Higashio era


Osamu HigashiWas appointed as the manager and Destrade returned, but the main members of the golden age such as Ishige and Kudo transferred to Daiei one after another and the strength decreased, the remaining main force also increased veterans and the results were sluggish, and they participated in the battle for the championship in the early stages. But,IchiroAllows the leader Orix to run alone.In addition, it was overtaken by Lotte, and finished in 12.5rd place with 0.5 games behind Orix and 3 games behind Lotte, and the consecutive championships were lost.Tsuji was notified that he was out of force, and the team stayed as a coach, but he left the team and transferred to Yakult because he wanted to continue working.


It was sluggish from the beginning and wandered around the B class, but it was the second year.Fumiya NishiguchiIs the most winKip grossHe is active with 1 wins, one less than (Nippon Ham). Hisanobu Watanabe recorded a no-hitter no-run in June, but the team's condition did not improve and Guo and Takehiro Ishii, who supported the golden age, did not win and Tanabe and Sasaki were in a bad condition, but young people in the final stage got excited. In the onslaught, he ended up with 16 wins, 6 losses and 62 draws, and although he was losing, he was third for the second consecutive year.Kiyohara who played an active part as immovable No. 64 after the seasonFree agentTransferred to the Giants.


Matsui Kazuo-Susumu Otomo-Taisei Takagi-Takashi Ishii-Kiyoshi ToyotaWith the rise of young people such as, Orix who has won the championship for the second time in a row was pushed out, and in the game greeted with Magic 2Takeshi SuzukiWon the league title for the first time in three years with a walk-off home run.But,Japan seriesThen he lost to Yakult with 1 win and 4 losses and missed the best in Japan.


Seibu Stadium was part of the Dome Stadium construction,Seibu DomeRenamed to.The team is behind the leader Nippon-Ham by 7 games in July, and then wins the fierce battle for the lead with Nippon-Ham, Daiei, and Kintetsu to achieve the second consecutive league title.[Note 19].Japan seriesThen,Yokohama Bay StarsIt was expected that Seibu would have an advantage in the Shimouma criticism.[21], Lost with 2 wins and 4 losses.In the draft, he won the high school baseball spring-summer championship this year.Yokohama High School OfDaisuke MatsuzakaWas nominated in the first round, and after competing with Nippon Ham and Yokohama, he won the right to negotiate with Matsusaka by lottery.


Completed dome stadium construction for Seibu Dome.Rookie Matsuzaka scored 1 wins, the most wins in the first year.Newcomer KingIs selected for.Partly due to interest in Matsuzaka, the number of spectators and TV broadcasts increased.However, the team fell short of Daiei, who won the championship this year, and finished the season in second place, four games behind Daiei.


Following the previous year, it is one step behind Daiei and is the second place behind the leader Daiei by 2.5 games.However, he beat Orix for the first time in six years.In the fall draft of the same yearPrince Hotel Koshiki Baseball Clubから

Acquired 3 people.The two Matsuzaka generations could not be nominated until 2 under the rule that "players who joined high school graduates and joined adult baseball cannot be nominated as drafts for 3 years", but due to the abolition of the Prince Hotel baseball club, relief measures and special cases Entering a professional.


Matsuzaka has the most wins for the third consecutive year, 3 wins, Nishiguchi has 15 wins, the second year in JapanMasterpieceAlthough he played an active part with 11 wins, he missed the championship by 6 games behind the winning Kintetsu and 2rd place behind the 3.5nd place Daiei by 3 games for the third consecutive year.At the end of this year, coach Higashio retired, and Tsutomu Ito was nominated as a successor coach during the off-season. He was promoted to coach and catcher.

The first Ihara director era


Immediately after the opening of the season, he will run alone in the lead and win the league with a big difference of 2 games behind the 16.5nd place Kintetsu Daiei.[22].. HoweverJapan seriesLost to the Giants four times in a row[23]..On October 10nd in my personal recordAlex CabreraRecorded 55 home runs per year in the Nippon Professional Baseball Thailand record (at that time).On the same day, Kazuo Matsui broke the Japanese record for the number of long strokes per year.[24].

The opening game of Seibu this year is a game hosted by Seibu, but not Seibu DomeSapporo DomeI went there.This is NPB in 6 major cities all over the country (Sapporo,Tokyo,Nagoya,Osaka,Hiroshima,Fukuoka), Which was the parent company of the Seibu Lions baseball team at the time, for the construction of the Sapporo Dome.KokudoWas involved.

Seibu planned to use the Sapporo Dome as a quasi-base from the following 2003 and hold about 20 games a year.However, before the start of the 2002 season, at that timeTokyo DomeNippon-Ham, which was based in Sapporo, announced a plan to use Sapporo Dome as its base by moving to Hokkaido from 2004.Seibu, who had been planning the above, was reluctant to do so, but in June 2002, he agreed to make Nippon-Ham the Sapporo Dome base on the condition that official games of other teams could be held.However, in the end, only 6 games were hosted by Seibu, which was originally planned to be about 2003 games in 20, and since 6, no games have been held at Seibu's Sapporo Dome.[Note 20].

Nippon-Ham has been holding several official games a year at Tokyo Dome since 2004 when it moved to Sapporo, but Seibu has held games hosted by Nippon-Ham at Tokyo Dome before the move of Nippon-Ham to Sapporo Dome. After the match on September 2003, 9, it was cut off until the two consecutive battles were held on April 28 and 2015, 4.[Note 21].


Although he competed with Daiei for the victory, the pitchers were sluggish and the season ended in 5.5nd place, 2 games behind Daiei.Just before the end of the same year seasonIto workAnnounced his retirement from active duty and at the same time agreed to take office as director.Director Ihara retired and became the director of Orix.

Director Ito


Ito workHowever, he was promoted from a general coach to a director.Matsui's major transfer.Cabrera, the main gun, left for a long time from the opening, and although the main pitchers could not work throughout the year due to starting pitchers and relief pitchers, all of them were able to play baseball throughout the year, and as a result, they were second overall in the regular season.Introduced this yearplay offIn the first stage of the game, he defeated Nippon Ham with 1 wins and 2 loss, and in the second stage, he played against Daiei. In the 1th round, which was held in Thailand with 2 wins and 2 losses, he was caught up with the tie in the 2th inning, and he was still in the pinch of 5nd and 9rd base in the regular season.Nobuhiko Matsunaka(However, Matsunaka was sluggish with 5 hits including 1 home run in these 2 games).When the runner returned here, he missed the league championship that was just around the corner, and on the contrary, it was a big pinch that allowed Daiei to win the goodbye reversal league, but he beat Matsunaka and got through with a tie and entered overtime.Then, he won the extension 10 times, won as it was, defeated with a final result of 3 wins and 2 losses, and achieved the 2th victory for the first time in 20 years.Japan seriesThen, although he was able to play against Chunichi and win the championship first, he won the number one spot in Japan for the first time in 4 years with 3 wins and 12 losses.In the same year, as part of management improvement measures, the naming rights for the facility name of the base, Seibu Dome and the team name of the second army were sold.Its main business is communication charge consolidated billing service for companies.InvoiceAgreed to acquire the naming rights of the second army on December 12th under a three-year contract.


From the season, it was announced that the name of the team of the second army will be "Invoice" and the name of the stadium will be "Invoice SEIBU Dome".In the regular season, he lost to Lotte in the playoffs, finishing 3rd overall.Off-season, parent company at the timeKokudoIn addition to the sluggish business of Kokudo, it is the current parent company of Kokudo's affiliated company.Seibu RailwaySeibu Railway Co., Ltd.'s financial position deteriorated due to the plunge and delisting of Seibu Railway shares triggered by the problem of false statements in the securities report.Seibu GroupKokudo has decided to sell the team in order to rebuild its business.Sale for new entry of the team in 2004RakutenLost in battleLive doorWe consulted with several companies, but the sale price was expected to be 200 to 250 billion, and negotiations were not finalized because the condition was that the Seibu Dome would continue to be used.Seibu LionsIt was continued to be managed as.In the Seibu Group's reconstruction plan, if the team's deficit was not resolved, it was said that it would consider selling the team again in the off-season of 2005, but at that time he was the chairman of the Seibu Group Management Reform Committee.Moroi KenThe plan disappeared in opposition to the sale, and the team will continue to be owned after 2006. On November 2005, 11, the "Fan Appreciation Gathering" was held for the first time in 23 years since 1980 (it will be held on the same day every year thereafter).

In the off of this year, the restraint that played an active part as the center of reliefKiyoshi ToyotaDeclared FA and transferred to Giants, middle of pitcherShinji Mori Posting systemMajor League OfTampa Bay Devil RaysTransferred to.


After the battle for 1st place in the season with Nippon-Ham, the team was entangled until the final race, but finished 1nd with only one game behind.play offThen in the first stageFukuoka Softbank HawksHe was eliminated with 1 win and 2 losses.Off, of aceDaisuke Matsuzaka Boston red soxOn December 12, the same year, Seibu replaced the invoice whose term had expired.Temporary staffing-Nursing careGoodwill Group, a major service company (currently:TechnoPro Holdings) And a five-year naming rights agreement, announced that Seibu Dome will be changed to "Goodwill Dome" and the team name of the second army will be changed to "Goodwill", officially approved by the executive committee on the 5th of the same month. Be done2007The name was changed from January 1st.


XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Hidekazu OtaThe team president and acting owner (at that time) visited the Saitama Prefectural Office and visitedKiyoshi UedaIt was reported to the Governor of Saitama Prefecture (at that time) that the policy was to include the area name in the team name from 2008.At this stage, "Saitama Lions" or "Tokorozawa Lions" were the most promising candidates.[25],Musashi countryWestern part ofThe name of the team, "Seibu Lions," which expresses the area name or along the Seibu line, was also a candidate.Also, since 2008, in Saitama CitySaitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball FieldIn the official battle of the XNUMXst ArmyClimax seriesIt was also informed that it was a policy to hold.

team isExchange battleHe recorded 10 consecutive losses in the game, and has been sluggish since then. On September 9, when the game against Lotte was defeated, the B class was confirmed for the first time in 26 years since 1981, and the Japanese professional baseball record for the A class (26 consecutive years A class) was cut off, and 25 games with the leader Nippon Ham. It finished in 14th place, 2.5 games behind the bottom Orix.Immediately before the final round of the season, Ito took responsibility for the slump and expressed his resignation, and retired from the coach at the end of the season.

November 11, 6, "Saitama Seibu LionsI applied to the Professional Baseball Executive Committee to change the name of the baseball team, and it was approved at the Professional Baseball Owners' Meeting on November 2007, 11, and the name of the baseball team was officially changed.This clarifies that it is a team in Saitama Prefecture, which is a protected area.Community-basedI tried.

In December, the Goodwill Group, which had signed a stadium naming rights contract with the second army team, discovered a misconduct such as the illegal dispatch of its subsidiary Goodwill. It was decided to cancel the naming rights acquisition contract by mutual agreement. On January 12, 2008, the cancellation of the naming rights contract was officially announced, and from January 1, it was announced that the base name will be "Seibu Dome" and the team name of the second army will be "Saitama Seibu Lions" as well as the first army. Was done.

Watanabe director era


The name of the team on January 1stSaitama Seibu LionsChanged to (the operating company remains "Seibu Lions Co., Ltd.").Hisanobu WatanabeWas promoted from a farmer to a farmer,Kuroe TooruTo the head coach,Hiroku OkuboThe coaching team has been renewed, such as making the coach a batting coach.As a result, the striking power is improved, and WatanabeNo Limit battingI named it. On August 8th, he achieved a total of 11 wins since the founding of Nishitetsu Clippers.This is the record for the sixth baseball team in Nippon Professional Baseball (the first among the baseball teams formed after the division of the two leagues), and 4000 wins after the division of the two leagues is the second team after the Yomiuri Giants. He has never surrendered his position since becoming the leader in April, and on September 6, he became the Saitama Seibu Lions and won the 2st league title for the first time in four years.Climax seriesThen, we will play against Nippon-Ham on the final stage. With 4 wins and 2 losses, he decided to participate in the Japan Series for the first time in four years since 2004.With the giantJapan seriesThen, although the giant won the check with 2 wins and 3 losses first, he won consecutive wins and achieved the best in Japan with 4 wins and 3 losses for the first time in 4 years.Asia seriesThen in the final match of TaiwanUnited LionsHe won his first victory by winning the game by goodbye.Aya no Kuni Service AwardAward.


On January 1st, the team color was changed from light blue to navy blue (Legend Blue: a combination of Nishitetsu's black and Seibu's blue) on the official website.Pet mark, The team name logo and uniform have also been announced (however,Team flagAnd the mascot does not change). On January 1th, a new official uniform with a new pet mark and team name logo was announced.From this year, it has also been announced that the home will be on the 28rd base side of Seibu Dome.[26]..Was the guardian deity of last seasonAlex GrummanDue to the breakdown of the pitcher, the relief pitcher is not stable, and he loses the league worst 14 games by goodbye.Still at the endKazuyuki HoashiHowever, the starting pitchers struggled to win four games in a row, and although they fought fiercely for A-class with Rakuten and Softbank, the final ranking ended in 4th place.It was the first time in 4 years for a team to fall from Japan's number one to B class the previous year.Hanamaki Higashi High School at the draft meetingKikuchi YuseiSucceeded in acquiring the right to negotiate with Hanshin, Yakult, Rakuten, Chunichi, and Nippon-Ham after competition by six teams.


In the first half, the relief pitcher was stable, and despite a series of breakdowns of the main players, he returned to the lead in the first half.However, the relief pitchers collapsed and stalled at the end of the game, so they finished second with only two behind the winning Softbank (no game difference).Climax seriesLost to Lotte two times in a row on the first stage and was eliminated.Waseda University hopes to be number one in the draftTatsuya OishiWas won after competition by 6 teams with Yokohama, Rakuten, Hiroshima, Orix, and Hanshin.


Great East Japan EarthquakeDue to the rolling blackouts caused by the team, it was decided to refrain from playing at the Seibu Dome, which is the home base, during April.[Note 22][Note 23].Interleague playIt stalled from the latter half of the year, and at the end of August, it experienced a maximum debt of 8 and fell to the bottom.However, in September, with a record of 15 wins, 9 losses and 19 minutes.[27]、クライマックスシリーズ出場権をめぐる3位争いに加わった。10月18日の最終戦前まで4位であったが最終戦で勝利し68勝67敗9分で勝率.50370となり、前日まで3位だったオリックスが同日に敗戦して69勝68敗7分、勝率.50365となってシーズンを終了したため勝率を5yarn(0.5hair) Beyond, 3rd place in the season was confirmed and decided to participate in the climax series[28].Climax seriesIn the first stage, he defeated Nippon-Ham for two consecutive games, but in the final stage, he lost to Softbank for three consecutive games.With FA transfer to offKazuyuki HoashiTo Softbank,MasterpieceTransferred to Orix respectively.


Died May 5st in 1Kazuhisa InaoAnnounced that the uniform number "24" will be a permanent retirement number[29]In the match against Nippon-Ham Fighters at Seibu Dome on July 7, all the players who participated in this match as a memorial game wore Inao's uniform number 1.[30]..The opening game is the 5th consecutive yearHideaki Wakuiが先発するものの、敗戦投手となり涌井は開幕から3連敗で4月16日に登録を抹消され、チームも最大借金9を抱えて最下位と低迷した。涌井が救援投手に回り、6月以降は勝ち越すようになり8月までの3か月で貯金を19とし8月19日に首位に立った。日本ハムとの優勝争いとなったが、10月2日の試合に敗れたことで優勝を逃し[31], 3 games behind the 2nd place.Climax seriesThen, in the first stage, he lost to Softbank with 1 win and 2 losses, and was eliminated from the climax series for the third consecutive year.[32].Takeya NakamuraWon a home run, off,Hiroyuki NakajimaExercises overseas FA rights and is a major league baseball playerAuckland AthleticsJoined the[33][34].


Although he succeeded in the opening dash, such as reaching 10 wins in the league first place[35], August 5LotteYield the leader who has been defending since April 4 due to consecutive defeats[36], On the 22nd of the same month after the start of the interleague gameTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesOvertaken by and fell to 3rd place[37], Won the interleague game on June 6thFukuoka Softbank HawksAfter being overtaken by, he retreated to 4th place, and in the end, the exchange game ended in 11th place with 13 wins and 8 losses and the lowest in the PA 6 team.[38], On June 6th, the maximum of 29 savings was once gone[39].. On July 7th, he will rise to 28nd place again.[40], Fall to 8th place after losing to Softbank 15 times in a row on August 3[41]After that, the 3rd place Softbank was behind by up to 5 games.[42], Moved up to 10rd place again due to consecutive wins in a direct confrontation with Softbank on October 3[43], 10rd place or higher in the year by winning 5 to 2 against Rakuten (Ksta Miyagi) on October 1th, for 3 consecutive yearsClimax seriesDecided to advance to[44].. On October 10th, they both won a direct confrontation with 8nd place Lotte at Seibu Dome in the final round of the season 2-10 and moved up to 2nd place with 8 consecutive victories, and won the right to hold the CS first stage at the base.[45] However, CS First Stage lost to Lotte with 1 win and 2 losses.[46], On October 10th, the day after the end of the first stage, Director Watanabe requested the team to resign and announced that it was approved.[47], Director Watanabe will be appointed as the team's senior director[48].. On October 10, to replace Director Watanabe2002Announced the appointment of Ihara, who was the director of Seibu for two years.[49].. In FA,Kataoka OsamuTo the giant,Hideaki WakuiTransferred to Lotte.

The first Ihara director era


Starting from May with 3 consecutive losses from the opening, as a tactic for hitting the lineErnesto MejiaHowever, on May 5, the team slumped to the bottom, reaching the fastest 25 losses in both leagues. On June 30rd, due to poor results and worsening right knee pain, manager Ihara volunteered to take a rest, and the team accepted this, and after the 6rd game of the season against DeNA on June 3th, Ihara took a rest. Hitting coach on behalf of the directorNorio TanabeAnnounced the inauguration of[50]..Also, the chief and battery coachHidetoshi HakamaTo the head and battery coach, the second army fielder general and batter coachHiroyuki TakagiThe first army batter coach, the second army outfield defensive baseball coach and assistant batter coachShigenobu ShimaAnnounced that he will be a second-arm batter coach and an outfield defensive baseball coach. On June 6, Ihara officially announced his resignation as a coach and his appointment as an advisor to the baseball team on July 27 (Tanabe's acting coaching position remains the same).[51].

Tanabe director era

* Including the acting director in 2014.


Lost to Softbank game (Seibu Dome) on September 9, and decided to lose the season for the first time in 22 years[52], B class was decided for the first time in 9 years on September 27th[53].. On October 10, it was announced that Tanabe would officially take over as director from the following year.Mejia, who joined in the middle, will be the first "two home base hitters of the same team" after the two league system with Nakamura, but the overall result will end in 2th place.[54]..In the draftMitsunari TakahashiWas appointed.


From the opening, Nakamura, Mejia,Mori TomoyaThe team won the opening five consecutive victories for the first time in 1991 years since 24, with a lineup of hits.[55]..Nakamura hits eight home runs during the interleague game[56] 10 wins, 6 losses, 2rd place[57]After the interleague game, it became a battle for the lead with Softbank and Nippon-Ham, and turned the first half of the game in 3rd place.However, in the second half of the game, he stalled, and later suffered 13 consecutive losses, which was the worst record for the team, and his savings, which had a maximum of 11, disappeared.Hold down during consecutive lossesTomomi TakahashiからKazuhisa MakitaRelocated to. On August 8, he won the match against Rakuten 29-3 and achieved a total of 2 wins for the team.[58].. It is the fastest team that was launched after the division into two leagues, and the sixth team after Giants, Hanshin, Chunichi, Orix, and Softbank.[59][60]..In addition, it is the second team after the Giants to record 1950 wins after the two-league system in 2.[61]..In the final stage, there was a battle for CS advancement with Lotte, and Seibu finished the season in 3rd place first, but Lotte reversed and the final ranking was 4th place and missed CS advancement, and it was the first B class in 34 years for the team. Became[62].Akiyama ShogoSet a Japanese record of 216 hits in the season.Nishiguchi retired from active duty in this year.


Makita, who re-converted from the opening to the middle pitcher, and Mejia and other batting teams performed well, and at one point he took the lead.Takayuki KishiWithdrawal from the breakdown, other starting lineups, and defensive turmoil that recorded the highest number of missteps in both leagues caused him to fall to the bottom on May 5.In response to these, the second army pitcher coachShinji MoriWas promoted to a starting pitcher coach, as a starting lineupFelipe PaulinoBrian wolfWas urgently acquired.However, he lost for the first time in two years against Softbank on September 9, and the B class was decided for the third consecutive year against Orix on September 11.Director Tanabe's retirement was officially announced in the final round of the season, and his successor was OB.Hajime TsujiIs appointed.Yuji KanekoIs his firstStealing kingThe number of missteps reached three digits for the first time in four years (4 missteps are the worst of the 3 Central League teams)[63]) ・ It was a season with many challenges, such as the foreign starting pitchers recording 19 consecutive unwinning games.In addition, he lost for the first time to Rakuten, who had never lost in the annual competition results from the establishment of the team in 2005 to 2015.[64]..This year, he won only the Orix match and escaped the loss to the Pacific League whole team.CSHe did not participate in the battle and ended up in 4th place.Active as a mainstay for many years offTakayuki KishiTransferred to Rakuten in FA[65].

Tsuji era


From March 1st, the name of the Seibu Dome, which is the home base, was named by Naming Rights on January 16th."Met Lifedome"Announced to[66]。4月中旬以降、5月上旬の一時期に4位となったほかは8月末まで3位を保ち続けた。この間、7月21日から8月5日にかけて西鉄時代以来59年ぶりとなる13連勝を達成した[67].. On August 8st, he won a direct confrontation with 31nd place Rakuten and moved up to 2nd place.[68]After that, he remained in second place until the end of the season.Seibu has been in A class for the first time in four years since 2.In the climax series, he played against Rakuten in 2013rd place in the first stage, and in the 4st round, Ace Kikuchi shut out and won a big victory 3-1, but lost in the 10nd and 0rd rounds and was eliminated with 2 win and 3 losses.SotozakiHas become a regular player in the third year, and from the middle of the season, he has replaced Nakamura and Mejia, who have been sluggish.Yamakawa HotakaSit in number four.AceKikuchi YuseiAchieves the league's best ERA and most wins[69], NewcomerSosuke GendaWon the rookie king after achieving full inning participation with a rookie for the first time in 56 years[70], Shogo Akiyama became the top batting average with a batting average of .322.I left Rakuten offMatsui KazuoReturned for the first time in 15 years as a technical coach and outfielderRyoma NogamiIs a giant in FA,Kazuhisa Makita Posting systemSan Diego PadresTransferred to.


Various events and projects will be held in the year commemorating the 40th anniversary of the relocation of the team to Tokorozawa.[71]..The largest of these is the large-scale renovation and redevelopment of the Seibu Dome and the second military facilities and their surroundings scheduled from the end of 2017 to the spring of 2021.[72][73][74][75].. The first sponsored game was held at Tokyo Dome on April 4th.[76].. On April 4, it was the first record for the team with eight consecutive victories since the opening at the base.[77]..In addition, the savings will be 10 and the arrival within 18 games of the opening will be1954,1955It was the third time for the team to follow in 63 years.[78].. On June 4LotteWinning, 9 consecutive victories from the opening at the base Seibu Dome and breaking the team record to save 11[79], Finally extended the winning streak at home to 12[80].. On June 4SoftbankSet a new Pacific League record by scoring 5 goals in 9 games in a row[81]..In addition, it was the second consecutive win in April in 14 years.[82]。強打で首位の座を一度も譲らず、9月半ばから勢いが加速、9月14日の楽天戦から12連勝で一気にマジックを減らし、9月30日、マジック1としていた首位西武は日本ハムに敗れたがマジック対象チームである2位のソフトバンクもロッテに負けたため、10年ぶり22度目のパ・リーグ優勝が決まった[83].. It is the first time since the 1 Pacific League Softbank and Seibu that the 2st and 2010nd place were defeated on the same day and the championship was decided.[84] となり、開幕から首位のまま優勝したのは2リーグ制では1953年の巨人、1962年の東映、1997年のヤクルトに続く4例目の記録だった。771得点、191本塁打、2割7分3厘の打率と攻撃面はリーグトップを記録した一方で防御率4.27と636失点、84エラーはいずれもリーグワーストで、この内防御率が最下位で優勝したのは2001年の大阪近鉄バファローズ以来となった。

Climax seriesIn the final stage, he will face 2nd place Softbank, but the pitchers who had an ERA of 4.27 and Achilles tendon were destroyed with a total of 5 goals in 44 games.Lost in the first race and won in the second race, but suffered three consecutive losses from the third race to the fifth race.advantageLost with 1 wins and 2 losses including 4 win.Director Tsuji was at the final round ceremony of the season after the match."I'm sorry. I never thought that the 2018 season would end today."I regretted having lost in three consecutive losses and continued to shed tears[85].Matsui Kazuo,Ryohei Fujiwara,Ryo Sakata,Kentaro FukukuraRetired from active duty.Off in FAAsamura EitoIs Rakuten,Ginjiro SumiyaIs a giant,Kikuchi YuseiIs a posting systemSeattle MarinersTransferred to.


Tetsuya UtsumiWas acquired by FA's human compensation, but there were a series of injured people in the starting lineup before the opening, including Utsumi.Unlike the previous year, when he won the championship without giving up the lead even once since the opening, he suffered three consecutive losses in Softbank's three consecutive games from the beginning of the opening game, and started from the bottom of the league.But,ReiwaAfter entering, Yamakawa hit the Pacific League's first home run in Reiwa on May 5st, and on May 1th.Tatsuya Imaiが令和初の完封勝利を果たした。7月9日に首位とのゲーム差が最大8・5まで開いたが、8月に入って打線が奮起。9月11日、ソフトバンクとの首位攻防戦に勝って初めて首位に立ち、9月24日、マジックを「2」としていた西武は対ロッテ戦(ZOZO Marine Stadium), And the 2nd place Softbank lost to Tohoku Rakuten 2-4, so they won the league title for the 2rd time in a row for 23 years.The team situation was not perfect due to the transfer of the main players to Asamura, Kikuchi, and Sumitani, but it overturned the previous reputation and the ERA was the league's worst 4, but the top 35 teams scored 12 points.[Note 24] He won the championship with his overwhelming striking power.The Pacific League's second straight victory has been since Softbank in 2-2014 and since 2015-1997 in the team.[86]..In addition, on May 5st of this yearEra HeiseiからReiwaIt became the first consecutive championship across the era in the history of professional baseball.In addition, until now, he had not won the championship only in the year ending in "9" in the Christian era, but now he has won all of the years from 0 to 9 in the Christian era.With 120 RBIs for Hotaka Yamakawa, 123 RBIs for Takeya Nakamura, and 105 RBIs for Tomoya Mori, he formed the first 100 RBI trio in the history of the team, and was the feat since Daiei (Softbank) in 2003 in the Pacific League.In addition, Yamakawa is the home base hitting king (2nd consecutive year), Nakamura is the hitting point king (4th time), Mori is the top hitter (first), Kaneko is the stealing king (2nd time), Akiyama is the most hits (4th time) and 6 out of 5 divisions. Seibu occupies the top position in each category and swept the hit title[87]..Although it was the CS final stage with Softbank who faced bravely, it suffered three consecutive losses and in the fourth roundKenta Imamiyaに3本の本塁打を許すなど、1勝もできず4連敗(アドバンテージ1勝を含む)。シーズン756得点の強力打線はわずか13得点とふるわず、投手陣も32失点(自責29)、防御率7・25と試合をつくれなかった。前年と同じソフトバンク相手に、計1勝8敗と短期決戦でのもろさが際立ち、本拠地4連敗という屈辱的“逆Sweep"Allowed Gekokujo for the second consecutive year, and missed the Japan Series for the seventh consecutive time.[88]..The following year, it announced that it would introduce a three-armed system.Chunichi became a free contract offDaisuke MatsuzakaReturned for the first time in 14 years.Akiyama ShogoIs an overseas FACincinnati RedsTransferred to.


Yamakawa, the main gun, fell into a slump from the opening, and a new foreignerCory SpangenbergHowever, it was sluggish immediately after the opening.Also, in the middle of the season, Nakamura was hit by pitch and withdrew from the breakdown, Mori, the top batter of the previous year, had a batting average of around 2% and 5 minutes throughout the season, and Tonosaki also fell into a slump.In addition, the starting pitchers of the task also won the most in the previous year's team.Zach NeilWith a ERA of 4 to 5 points, he started to live in debt in the summer and retreated to 8th place in August.However, in the latter half of the season, the relief pitchers teamed up seven times.Ryosuke Moriwaki,TwiceHirara Kaiba,TwiceTatsuji MasudaThe winning relay was established and he did not drop the close game at the end of the season, so he paid off his debt in late October and approached Lotte in 10nd place, which had stalled due to the corona.However, after a direct confrontation with Lotte on November 2, he lost to 11rd place and missed CS.Although he won against Rakuten and Lotte, his team's ERA was the lowest, and he lost to Softbank, the lower-ranked Nippon-Ham and Orix, and caused him to miss his third straight victory.Among them, TairaPacific League Rookie KingWas awarded.


Team results/records

  • League championship 23 times (the highest annual win rate is 1982 times excluding 2004 and 21)
    • (1954年、1956年 - 1958年、1963年、1982年 - 1983年、1985年 - 1988年、1990年 - 1994年、1997年、1998年、2002年、2004年、2008年、2018年、2019年)
  • Japan Series victory 13 times
    • (1956-1958, 1982, 1983, 1986-1988, 1990-1992, 2004, 2008)
  • Climax series victory 1 times
    • (2008)
  • 1st win in the previous term
    • (First half of 1982)
  • Class A 49 times
    • (1951, 1952, 1954-1958, 1960-1963, 1965-1967, 1975, 1982-2006, 2008, 2010-2013, 2017-2020)
  • Class B 22 times
    • (1950, 1953, 1959, 1964, 1968-1974, 1976-1981, 2007, 2009, 2014-2016)
  • Longest record in A class for 25 years [Nippon Professional Baseball Record] (1982-2006)
  • Longest record in B class for 7 years (1968-1974)
  • Most wins 96 wins (1956)
  • Most losses 84 losses (1971)
  • Maximum draw 14 minutes (1959, 1987)
  • Highest win rate .683 (1983)
  • Minimum win rate .311 (1971)

* In 1982, with Nippon-Hamplay offTo win the championship. In 2004, he won the playoffs in 2nd place in the regular season, defeating 3rd place, Nippon-Ham with 2 wins and 1 loss, and 1st place, Fukuoka Daiei with 3 wins and 2 losses.

Other records

  • Minimum game difference 0.0 games (2010
  • Maximum game difference 43.5 games (1971
  • Most home runs 219 (1980
  • Minimum of 63 home runs (1951
  • Maximum batting average .281 (1986,1997
  • Minimum batting average .222 (1967
  • Maximum ERA 1.87 (1956
  • Minimum ERA 4.60 (1979
  • Most consecutive wins 14 (1957) * 2 Draw
    • The record of consecutive wins without a draw is 13 (2017
  • Most consecutive losses 13 (2015

Permanent number

  • 24 : Kazuhisa Inao
    Even after retiring, Inao himself was assigned as a manager until 1972, and he was absent because Inao changed his uniform number to 1973 when he sold it to Fukuoka Baseball Co., Ltd. in 81.At that time, Inao declined a permanent missing number, so in 24, he was missing for a while, saying, "I want to give a 1976th gift when a promising player joins the team."Masaaki KogaWorn.After that, it was worn by various players, but it was designated as a permanent missing number on the occasion of the 2012th anniversary of the birth in 75 (the same year was a missing number even before the permanent missing number designation was reported)[89].

Sawamura Eiji Prize Winners

Successive homes

  • 1950- Heiwadai baseball field,Kasugahara Stadium
  • 1951 --1978 --Heiwadai Baseball Stadium
    • A formal franchise system has been established since 1952.In 1950, it was also designated as the home of Nishi Nippon Pirates.
  • 1979 --1997 --Seibu Lions Stadium
  • 1998-Present- Seibu Dome
    • In 2005 and 2006, the name was changed due to the naming right.Invoice"SEIBU Dome", 2007 "Goodwill"Dome", 2015/2016 "Seibu"プ リ ン ス"Dome", "MetLife Dome" from 2017
    • The Seibu Stadium was completely dome-shaped in 1999.The name was changed to "Seibu Dome" in 1 when the first phase of construction (construction to erection the roof around the stand) was completed.[Note 25].

From 1965, Ogura Stadium (currently:Kitakyushu City Stadium), Since 1973Fujisakidai Prefectural Baseball FieldWas held as a quasi-base, and both were used until 1978.

In addition, Seibu has a high rate of holding games at its base (Seibu Lions Stadium → Seibu Dome).[Note 26]、特に1993年までの15年間では西武球場で全ての主催試合を行ったのが1982年から1986年と1989年から1993年の計10年間あり、それ以外の5年間も地方球場開催は平和台のみだったが、1994年以降は徐々に地方開催を行うようになった。特に2000年から2008年までの間はNagano Olympic StadiumIt has been held every year since 1996.Gunma Prefectural Shikishima Park Baseball FieldHowever, it is held once every two or three years, and it was held almost every year because Hisanobu Watanabe was in office because of his birthplace.Also, from 2Saitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball FieldBut we play sponsored games every year (see:List of local stadiums for games hosted by Saitama Seibu Lions).Since "Saitama" was added to the team name, the number of games hosted by official games outside Saitama Prefecture has been on the decline.

Successive directors

TaiziIs the league title, ◎ is the best in Japan

  1. ^ From here Nishitetsu Lions
  2. ^ April 1965, 4-May 19 for illnessYasuhiro FukamiIs acting director.
  3. ^ May 1969, 5-Seiichi Kitoh will act as director on June 23 and after October 6.
  4. ^ From here Taiheiyo Club Lions
  5. ^ Although his appointment was announced, his contract was canceled without coming to Japan due to illness.
  6. ^ From here Crown Writer Lions
  7. ^ Seibu Lions from here
  8. ^ The only coach in the team who is not right-handed and right-handed (right-handed and left-handed).In addition, it is the only one among the current 12 teams + Kintetsu that there is no left-handed left-handed in successive managers.
  9. ^ July 1997th-until 7th, 11Yutaka SudoIs acting director.
  10. ^ From here Saitama Seibu Lions
  11. ^ Until June 2014, 6.From the following 4th to the end of the season, Norio Tanabe will take over as acting director.

Team features

  • Mihara in the Nishitetsu eraTokuji KawasakiOther than that, a person from the team served as the director.For a long time from the Pacific Ocean to the Seibu eraOutsideDirected, but in 1995Osamu HigashiLater,Haru Ihara,Ito work,Hisanobu Watanabe,Norio Tanabe,Hajime TsujiAnd the supervision of the people from the team continues.
  • Nishitetsu ClippersNicknameThe origin of this is that when the nickname was solicited, Nishitetsu, the parent company, at that timePan American AirlinesBecause it was a Japanese distributor of Pan Am, the nickname of the Pan Am machine was "ClipperIt is said that it was adopted from[90].
  • After moving to Saitama, "Seibu", But originallySeibuグループThe direct baseball team parent company acquired the former Crown Writer Lions in 1978.Kokudo), Absorbed Kokudo when the Seibu Group was reorganized in 2006Prince HotelMet.However, it has been in full swing since 2008Community-basedAt the professional baseball owners' meeting on November 2008, 11, the parent company of the baseball team was relocated to Tokorozawa City for the purpose of strengtheningSeibuTrainApproved to change to[91].
  • The team symbol mark after becoming Seibu has a deep connection with the Seibu line.Osamu Tezukaof"Jungle the Great』The main character, Leo is adopted.
    • According to the author, Tezuka, the owner of Tsutsumi directly contacted me, "Are you willing to return the retired Jungle Emperor Leo as a team mark?" And "After becoming an adult, not a child Leo?" I want Leo to wear clothes (uniforms, etc.) and use it. "[Note 27], As a team mascotLeoHas appeared (in human form).After the announcement, it seems that around Tezuka, it was ridiculed as "That is not Leo but his father's Punja. Is it even for the Punja team?", And the mascot is another female character.LinerHowever, since this is the original character of the team, it is said that it became a memorable character after remaking the color of the nose head and the size of the eyes many times.In fact, after that, in Tezuka's own room, he was decorating various liner's failed works.[92]..Both initially had no uniform number (later sponsored uniformsNikeMajestic AthleticLogo is included).In addition, this mascot is a part of "inter-competition exchange"2003-2004In the seasonSeibu Railway Ice Hockey ClubWas also used by the integrated Kokudo Ice Hockey team (the teamSeibu Prince RabbitsBecame2006Do not use from).
    • This Leo markSeibu Yamaguchi Line Of8500 seriesIn addition to being attached to the front of the vehicle (also known as the Leo Liner), Seibu Railway's prepaid card system "Leo card(Common SF card system "PassnetAfter joining, it was also used for "SF Leo Card").
  • Until 2015Tohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIt was the only team in the 11 teams that did not lose the season, but in 2016 it lost to Rakuten for the first time.As a result, there are no cases where only one team is not defeated in the annual competition results.[64].
  • 20st centuryThe last existing team to win a series of championships in Japan. The 1990rd consecutive championship in Japan in 1991, 1992 and 3 became the last consecutive championship in the Japan Series in the 20th century.
  • Kazuhisa Inao (200 wins) and Osamu Higashio (276 wins) are the 251-win pitchers, and Takumi Kuriyama has achieved 2000 hits.[Note 28]There is[Note 29].

Transition of the team flag

Team flag (one army)

Fukuoka era
  • 1950-Separate type with blue on the top and yellow on the bottom.Nishitetsu on topCompany emblem.."CLIPPERS" in blue below.The typeface is the one used by Pan Am for the reasons mentioned above.
  • 1951 --1972 --The "CLIPPERS" part was changed to "LIONS" due to the change of the team name to Seibu Lions.The typeface has changed several times since then.
  • 1973 --1976-- Due to the acquisition of the team, the name of the team was changed to Pacific Club Lions, and the upper part was blue and the lower part was red, with a thin white line in between.Above is the company emblem of Taiheiyo Club.Below is "Lions" in white cursive.
  • 1977 --1978 --The main sponsor became the Crown Writer Lions, and with the change of the team name to the Crown Writer Lions, the separate type with red on the top and blue on the bottom and the one in the Pacific era are upside down, the white line in the center Becomes thicker.The letters "CROWN LIGHTER" in blue on a white background in the center.There is a crown and a crown mark that imitates a "C" on the top.The "Lions" logo is enlarged in white cursive.
Saitama era
  • 1979 --The Lions Blue (light blue) is the ground color due to the acquisition by the Seibu Group and the change of the team name to Seibu Lions."Leo mark" designed by Osamu Tezuka in the center."SEIBU" in white letters on the top and "Lions" in white cursive on the bottom.Comprehensive design including uniformsGan HosoyaIs in charge.

Team flag (second army)

  • 2005 --2006 --The name of the second army team was changed to invoice, and the invoice mark was placed on a white background.
  • 2007-The name of the second army team was changed to Goodwill, and the Goodwill mark on a white background.

Changes in uniforms

Uniform (one army)

Nishitetsu era

  • 1950 -1951 --"CLIPPERS" with a dark blue and yellow border.There is also a "FUKUOKA" mark on the gray vertical stripes.There are no changes other than the logo changing to "Lions" after becoming Nishitetsu Lions. In 1950, the hat mark was a combination of a yellow "N" and a navy blue "C", and in 1951 the following year, the pet name was changed to "L".
  • 1951- 1952 --A dark blue logo with the words "LIONS" has appeared.The "NISITE TU" mark, which was a symbol of the golden age, is now available for the first time.However, stockings have a bad reputation and are abolished for visitors in a year.
    • The uniforms of 1952 were used for the second army and practice for a while after that.
  • 1952- 1954 --The uniform will have blue-gray vertical stripes.At the same time, of "Lions" that was used until Nishitetsu's later yearsBlackletter(Decorative characters) are now available.
  • 1954- 1961 --A design that symbolizes the later golden age of Nishitetsu, based on a black hat, line letter, has appeared.Also, the chest logo "Lions"iMinor changes such as removing the black dots of the hat, the hat mark was changed from the conventional N mark to a mark that overlaps N and L (since 1960 to 1961, the NL mark was used until the sale of Nishitetsu).This uniform was used from the Japan Series.1958From the middle of the season, the visitor's breast mark became "FUKUOKA".1960The sleeve number was attached to the hat, and the hat mark became an L decorative letter.
  • 1962 - 1965 --Changed the home line to the W line.Also, instead of the sleeve number, the first chest number in the history of the team is adopted.Also, for visitors, the line is a little thicker.
  • 1966 - 1968 --Orange is used for the uniform (hat mark, line letter edging).On the left sleeveEgyptmuralThe lion mark of the wind appears.Adopted the first back name in the history of the team.
    • 1968On the way, the logo for visitors became the parent company "NISHITETSU", and on the left sleeveStanding lion(Nishitetsu Grand Hotel(Same design as the mark)Coat of armsWindWappenFitted.
    • In 1969, the back name was excluded.The number will be Gothic typeface (It was used for practice after the official game was used, and was enrolled only in the last year of Nishitetsu.Kihachi EnomotoThere are still pictures of people wearing them for visitors[93]).
    • In 1970, he attached an illustration patch of a lion with one leg sticking out on his left sleeve.The visitor's chest logo will be changed to blue gray, and the visitor's chest logo will be changed to the "NISITE TSU" mark that was used from 1 to the middle of 1951.
  • 1971 - 1972 -Pants and cuffs will be W line, and the emblem lion will be changed to two legs.This was Nishitetsu's last uniform (note that the first year of Taiheiyo Club Lions)1973I continued to wear Nishitetsu uniforms until the spring camp and the open game).

Pacific era

  • 1973 - 1975 ――The main sponsor will be the Pacific Club, and the design will be based on white for the home, hat, jacket (the team's first pullover), pants (the team's first beltless), and for visitors, Japan's first primary color. Introducing uniforms (the first two-tone upper and lower colors in Japan <design based on red on the top and white on the bottom>).At the same time, there was also a design with red sleeves for home use and a blue jacket for visitors."TAIHEIYO CLUB" on the uniform number for home use and "FUKUOKA" for visitors.There are two types of hats for home use: a white background with a blue brim, and for visitors, a blue background with a red brim and a red background with a blue brim.Hat mark ・ Taiheiyo Club symbol mark on the left sleeve (Company emblem).
  • 1976 ――The first and last onesAmerican FootballWind uniform.The base color is wine red, and like Kintetsu, it uses a raglan sleeve style with "FUKUOKA" on the left sleeve and a lion illustration patch on the right sleeve.The hat is wine red with a blue brim and the mark is a combination of "T" and "L".The sleeves, belt, and pants line has two white stripes on a blue background.There is a big number on the front of the uniform, like an American football uniform.However, due to bad publicity such as "preparation for trafficking", the "Lions" logo was revived in the latter half, and the "TAIHEIYO CLUB" logo was revived for visitors.In each case, the player's name was entered above the uniform number.

Crown era

  • 1977 - 1978 --The main sponsor is the crown gas writer, and the hat is also changed to a combination letter of "C" and "L" with a red background and a white front.The uniform has also been remodeled to a uniform based on red letters on a white background.For visitors, the letters will be red on a light gray background and the two-tiered letters of "CROWN LIGHTER" will be used.For home use only, a crown and a crown imitating a "C" have been added instead of the chest number (there is no chest number for visitors who do not use the mark).The right sleeve will continue to have the Taiheiyo Club mark (because of some assistance), and the left sleeve will have a lion's illustration emblem with the hat changed to a crown specification.This was the last uniform worn by the Lions in Fukuoka.

Seibu period

  • 1979 - 2003 --The team name is "Seibu LionsWill beGan HosoyaRedesigned by.The uniform that built the golden age of Seibu, although there were minor changes on the way, the basic design is2003Was used up.
    • The hat, undershirt, and stockings will be light blue in team color, and the sleeves, neck, and pants will have red and green lines designed with the image of "sun" and "meadow".
    • The hat is in a green ovalOsamu TezukaLeo mark of the design is attached, and in white letters belowLionsLogo is embroidered.These marks are printed directly on the helmet, and on the right side (left side for left-handed batters).SEIBULogo is included[Note 30].
    • The typeface of the uniform number and chest number will be Gothic, and the pants will be a beltless type without a waist line.
      • However, the uniform number "1About the typeface of ""Koji AkiyamaOnly at the request of the person himself, "_ (Lines) ”Was used[Note 31].
    • Spikes on toes,heelAnd the stringing part is dark blue, the other parts are white, and the blue, green, and red lines are entered from the toe side according to the design of each manufacturer.The string is blue[Note 32].
      • For home use, the top and bottom are white, and the chest logo, chest number, and uniform number are light blue.Light blue letters on the left sleeveSeibu Department StoreMark is entered.
      • For visitors, the top and bottom are light blue, and the chest logo, chest number, and uniform number are white.The left sleeve has the Lions logo in white letters (used until 1995, but used until 1996 in Eastern).
        • 1980It will be a belt type, and the belt loop that goes around the waist will be the same color as the home and visitor's ground color.
          • Joined in 1981Hironori IshigeFor full-body blue visitorspajamasI thought it was awkward, but as the team continued to win, I became attached to it, and I heard from players of other teams that "the one for visitors seems to be stronger".[94] There is an episode called.
        • 1990The buttons on the uniform are from milky white translucent to the same color as the ground color (manufacturer)DescenteThe logo will be included).
        • 2001For home use from DescenteNikeManufactured by Nike on the left chestSwooshMark is included (Brand mark is included in uniforms for the first time in Nippon Professional Baseball)[Note 33].
        • 2002For home use, the cutting design will be used.The Lions logo on the chest has been thickened and reduced in size, and the belt loops on the pants have become standard, resulting in a blue belt.
  • 1996For visitors from, the jacket is light blue with a white racket line, the chest number, uniform number, chest logo have a white border, the typeface is a high school baseball type, the pants are white, and the light blue There is a line.Also, the red and green lines on the sleeves and neck disappear.At the same time, the spike color becomes a light blue (green and red on the edge) line on a white background.In addition, this uniform for visitors was selected by fan voting from four designs.[95].
  • For visitors from 2002, it will be manufactured by Nike as well as for home, and it will be significantly remodeled, the front of the visitor's jacket will be gray, the sides and back will be light blue, and the pants will be gray.The chest name and number were white at the time of the announcement, but were changed to blue during the official game.In addition, third uniforms have also appeared for sponsored games in Sapporo and Nagano.Arranged for home use, the border of the name and number is black.The logo of the number is the same as that of the visitor.The green oval was removed from the visitor and third hats (the helmet is the same as for the home).In addition, all three types have a pride logo on the right sleeve (a home base type in two colors, red and green, with the Lions logo and eight stars, which is the number one in Japan).
  • 2004 - 2008 - Ito workTaking the opportunity of becoming a director, he changed to a home uniform for the first time in 25 years.The red and green lines disappear and the Lions logo is capitalized LIONS underlined[Note 34] Will be.Also, the Lions logo disappears from the front of the hat, and the LIONS logo appears next to it.The visitor's hat was also used for home use, and the third uniform was abolished.The pride logo is for visitors only.
    • 2005The number of stars in the pride logo will be 9 (because it became the best in Japan last year).
    • 2008The logo for the 30th anniversary of the relocation of Tokorozawa is on the right chest.
  • 2009 - 2014 --The team color has been changed from light blue to dark blue called "Legend Blue".In addition, the "Lions" logo will be renewed.[Note 35] Was announced on the official website on January 2009, 1.Along with that, the uniform design has also been redesigned.The basic design follows the uniform design of the Nishitetsu Lions era, and the home version has a navy blue apron line on a white background.An "L" initial is attached to the left chest.For visitors, a navy blue apron line on a light gray background.New "Lions" logo and chest number on the chest.For both home and visitor use, the left sleeve has a new team pet mark designed by a lion to grab the ball, and the right sleeve has the red letters "saitama seibu" in almost the same typeface as Lions.In addition, the hat and helmet have also been changed from the Leo mark to a single letter "L" in white on a dark blue background.
  • The spikes are white lines on a black background.
    • However, except for the cap, this uniform has been used since the opening round, and during the first year's spring camp open war, the upper part was a dark blue original training suit based on the new design, pants and helmets were in the light blue era until the previous year. Use the one.
    • 2012Wearing "Omiya Limited Cap" for games at the prefectural Omiya Stadium.The cap is an arrangement of the usual hat design using the color orange of Omiya Ward, Saitama City.The air pit, the button on the top of the head, and the end of the brim are orange.There is no change in the uniform, and only one match in 2013 will be used with the 1rd uniform.
    • 2013The "Saitama" uniform will be used as the 3rd uniform.Based on Legend Blue, white from the side to the flank.The racket line and cuff line that flows from the collar to the chest use red, which is conscious of the color of Saitama prefecture.White letters "Saitama" and chest number on chest, pet mark on left sleeve, right sleeveSaitama prefecture chapterIs included.It will be the first time for Nippon Professional Baseball to use the prefectural emblem for uniforms.[96]..In addition, it will continue to be used in 2014[97].
  • 2015 The home chest logo has been changed to just the "Lions" wordmark for front visitors.There is no chest number.The emblem on the right sleeve moves in combination with the pet mark on the left sleeve, and this is named the "primary mark".On the right sleeve, the number "13" in Japan including the Nishitetsu era is studded with ☆ Nishitetsu Black, the predecessor Lions Blue, Legend Blue 3 color flag emblem with the slogan "i believe lions." "Mark" is newly added.The player name and number logo have been changed to a new type with the image of "Lions' strength".For visitors, changed to the 3rd uniform up to the previous year.The player name and uniform number logo are the same as those for the home.No new 3rd uniform has been established.
  • 2016More uniformNikeFrom the companyMajesticBecome a company[98]..The basic design is the same for both home and visitors as in the 2015 season, but the Nike logo on the right chest is the Majestic logo, and the font of the player name and uniform number isHouston Astros(In 2013American leagueIt will be changed to the specifications (immediately after moving to).
    • Also, from 2016, advertisements have been added to the pants.Seibu Department StoreTo joinSogo/SeibuAdvertisement for private brand "Limited Edition"[99].
    • 2017From the season, the logo was changed to the sublimation printing method.
    • 2018Than,GunmaKanara TownConcluded a cap sponsorship contract with the food company "Yokoo Day Leafs" headquartered in Japan, and wear a cap with the "Konnyaku Park" logo operated by the company.Advertising on the cap will be the team's first initiative[100]..In addition, the "40th anniversary emblem" was put on the left sleeve of the uniform.
    • 2019, Third uniform introduced for the first time in 6 years. As "a uniform that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the foundation of the team, wears a color that combines tradition, glory, and long-sought league domination, and challenges a new battle," the body is based on legend blue, and on both shoulders. The black of Nishitetsu Lions (right side) and the blue of Seibu Lions (left side) are put in gradation.The chest logo has a small "Saitama" in the upper right corner of "Seibu" in white letters.The cap and helmet are also available in three colors: black, blue, and legend blue, and on the right side of the brim, 13 stars are placed to indicate the number of times in Japan, including the Nishitetsu era (with a normal home visitor helmet). Unlike, it is not matte).In addition, a new "Victory emblem" WE ARE ONE "" has been introduced, which will be engraved on the right sleeve of home uniforms and third uniforms for the 2019 season.[101].
    • 2021, For visitors, changed to the third uniform up to the previous year again.No new third uniform has been established.

Uniform (second army)

  • 1976-Basically the same as the previous year.The hat used is the same as the one in the same year with the TL mark.
  • 2005 --2006 --The name of the team of the second army was changed to invoice, and the Seibu department store mark for the mark home of the hat was changed to invoice.Company emblemchange to.The logo is also "INVOICE(The typeface is the same as before).
  • 2007 --The name of the second army team has changed to Goodwill.The chest logo is "GoodwillFor the home, the gray part for the XNUMXst army visitor and the one with a white back (the logo of the uniform number is the same as for the XNUMXst army home) were used, and for the visitor, the neck line was removed from the XNUMXst army one. Each one was used.The hat mark has been changed to the Goodwill company emblem.

Limited time uniform

  • As a special summer project in 2007, we used a special uniform and a reprint of the visitor uniform (so-called Lions Blue) that was used from 7 to 10 in the home game sponsored from July 8th to August 30th.The front and underarms of the special uniform are light blue, and the back and shoulders are white.The chest logo "LIONS" and the uniform number / chest number are white on the red edge.A red pattern with a lion fang motif on the back.
  • Wearing an interleague game limited uniform in 2008.The part from the shoulder to the sleeve and the part from the side to the flank are white, and the other part is Lions blue.A logo emblem for the 30th anniversary of the relocation of Tokorozawa on the right chest, a white star on the black edge on the shoulder, and the 2008 slogan "No Limit!" Under the uniform number.
  • Since 2008, "Lions ClassicHas started, and he is wearing a reprinted uniform during the period.Detail is,Lions ClassicSee.
  • In 2012, in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of Seibu Railway, the parent company of the team, we are soliciting uniform design proposals from elementary and junior high school students nationwide.[102]..I wore a uniform with a design plan on August 8th and 11th against Nippon-Ham Fighters and August 12th and 17th against Rakuten.[102]..After that, there were many requests from fans to "fight again in the 100th anniversary uniform", so I wore it in the Rakuten match on September 9-25.[103].
    • The title of the adoption plan is "4000 series and smile train uniform"[102]..A railroad vehicle owned by Seibu Railway4000 seriesAnd30000 seriesThe motif is the body painting of "Smile Train", and the "SEIBU" logo (same as the one for visitors up to 2003) is treated on the chest based on the gradation of blue and green, which is the band color of Smile Train, and the neck.・ Three colors of blue, red, and green, which are the band colors of 4000 series trains, around the sleeves.Lions colorEnter[102]..In the original draft, the Seibu Railway's corporate logo was displayed on the right sleeve, but the "saitama seibu" logo will be affixed to the same part as in regular uniforms according to league regulations.[102].
    • On August 8th, replica uniforms were presented to all visitors except Wright Outfield Freedom.[104].
  • In 2013, the Pacific League 6 team joint project "Legend series 2013, Wearing a reprint of the uniform used for home use during the Golden Age of Lions from the 1980s to the 1990s.However, the Nike mark is attached to the left chest of the reprinted uniform.
  • 2014, As part of the Seibu Railway 100th Anniversary projectTezuka ProductionsWearing the design "Jungle Emperor Uniform".Of the cartoonist who designed the team flag and mascotOsamu TezukaIt is also a masterpiece of "Jungle the Great], The team mascot Leo is drawn.Based on navy blue, the team mascot Leo is decorated on the body and right shoulder, and Leo running on the horizon on the right shoulder and back, and Leo barking only under the left chest are designed.[105]..The team and jersey number logos have been uniquely designed, and the style is only jersey numbers without player names.
  • 2015As part of the Seibu Railway 100th Anniversary project, Seibu currently owns Seibu Yellow, which has long been popular as a vehicle color for Seibu Railway, as the main color.2000 seriesWearing a uniform with the motif of (so-called "yellow train").Yellow is placed on the logos of shirts and hats.The team logo, uniform number, etc. are the same as those for visitors from 2002 to 2008, and the color is dark blue with a white border.By the way, the yellow uniform was the first in the history of the team.[106].
  • 2016, Announced the new "Lions Festivals 100" to be held with the end of the Seibu Railway 2016th Anniversary project.As a result, in 7 official games (including visitor games) and 18 Eastern League games (home games only) from July 8th to August 21st, the trees around Seibu Prince DomeLake Tama-Sayama lakeWear an "emerald uniform" that expresses nature such as the surface of the lake.The template is almost the same as the home uniform except that there is no racket line.In this project, Seibu Railway will be the cap sponsor, and the caps worn by the athletes will carry a logo with Seibu Railway's corporate message, "That and this, Seibu Railway."[107]..In addition, due to the good team performance during the holding period, it was used again in the three consecutive games from September 9th to 17th.[108].
  • 2017, Held "Lions Festivals 2017" following the previous year.Along with that, in the 7 official games (including visitor games) from July 21st to August 8th, the team song "I saw a lion running over the horizonWear the red "Enji" uniform, which is derived from the passage of the lyrics "I saw a lion with a blue sky, a white wind, a green background, and a flame color."[109]..This is the first time that the team has become Seibu since wearing this uniform, and it has recorded 1958 consecutive victories since 13 during the Seibu era.[110]..The result was 20 wins and 4 losses, with a winning percentage of .833.[111].
    • versusTohoku Rakuten Golden EaglesIn the war, Rakuten wears a home uniform because it is difficult to tell if it is a visitor uniform.
    • As mentioned above, due to the good results, it was announced on August 8th that the flame lion uniform will be re-worn in the eight official games from September 27th to September 9st.
    • On October 10th, it was announced that the climax series (CS), which had advanced for the first time in four years, will be worn again at the CS first stage and final stage (in the case of advancement) at the request of players and managers (regular). Unlike the season, Rakuten, who will be the opponent of the first stage, will wear a visitor uniform, so it will be a confrontation with a uniform of the same color).It will be the first time since the climax series was founded to compete in CS with limited uniforms.
  • 2018, With the holding of "Lions Festivals 2018", in 7 official games (including visitor games) from July 20th to August 8th, as a culmination of the "Lions Festivals Uniform" trilogy that has continued since 16 , "Lion's style ≪Shiburu≫ uniform" with white wind and countless champion flags designed based on blue, derived from the lyrics "Sky blue, wind white" of the team song "I saw a lion running over the horizon" To wear[112].
  • 2019With the holding of "Lions Festivals 2019", in 7 official games (including visitor games) from July 19th to August 8th, "Lions who were the champions of the Heisei era are in a new era (Reiwa), He wears a "Leo" uniform with the wish to continue to be the champion.With the completion of the uniform trilogy with the theme of the team song "I saw a lion running over the horizon", the main theme was set to "Lion", which is the symbol of the team, and the image of the lion's mane on the chest logo and number. Use gold.In addition to placing a dynamic blue lion on the chest, the team fights with the fans as one, likened to a flock of lions, and the acronym "L" is adopted as a pattern with a dynamic design.[113][114].
  • 2020In commemoration of the 70th anniversary of Lions naming, the "Lions 2020th Anniversary Series" was held in 16 games during the 70 season, reminiscent of the "golden age" of 9-1985, which achieved nine league championships in the games. Announced to wear "94th Anniversary Uniform"[115]..Based on the light blue Lions blue that has been popular with fans for many years, the chest has a cursive "Lions" logo (a gradation from Lions blue to navy with chest number and uniform number), and the left sleeve is the 70th anniversary. Leo mark of specifications, Victory emblem "WE ARE ONE" is decorated on the right sleeve[116]..Later, due to a change in schedule, it was worn in 15 games.[117].2021Continue to use (number of games undecided).
  • 2021, Held "Lions Festivals 2" for the first time in 2021 years.Along with that, in 7 official games (including visitor games) from July 13th to August 8th, the color with the feeling of "getting the" best "result and returning to the championship again in Sai no Kuni" Wear a bright "Sai no Kuni uniform"[118]..Based on the lyrics of the team song "I saw a lion running over the horizon", "A violently heroic and beautiful mane with a rainbow tail", the pride of the lions, the diverse personalities of the players, this year's Lions The theme of the entire festival, "Sustainable Development GoalsColorfully expressed in colors such as[119]..The chest logo and back name / number are outlined, the sleeves are legend blue, and the cuffs and sides have gold lines.

Uniform sponsor

Major successive team songs and support songs

The cheering song "LET'S GO LIONS" (composed / arranged: recorded on the B side of the single record board of the same song) announced at the same time as "I saw a lion running over the horizon"Daiyuki Nagato), But the chances of being played are decreasing now.[Note 36].

In 1951, the 70th anniversary of the team name changing from Clippers to Lions in 2020 after the team was founded in Fukuoka, "Barking Lions" covered by Kohmi Hirose was released on June 6.Upon renewal, the lyrics have been changed from "Seibu Lions" to "Saitama Seibu Lions".[120].

Incidentally,Home run"12 team all player color encyclopedia" produced by the editorial department (Japanese sports publisherKosaido Publishing → Kosaido Akatsuki), It is basic to post the team song when introducing each team, but for Seibu, the cheering song "Barking Lions" is posted.

またNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.But"Culture Broadcast Lions NighterAs an insert song forBamba Hirofumi-Kajiwara ShigeruThe song "V Scenario-Hoero Lions" sung by (the announcer of the same station at that time)1985Although it was announced around this time, it is a different song with the same name as the current cheering song "Barking Lions".

Main campsite


Team slogan since 1982

Hirooka era
  • 1982: New wind
  • 1983: Fighting ball
  • 1984: Sharp ball
  • 1985: Soukyu
Mori era
  • 1986: Leap
  • 1987: Advance
  • 1988: Train
  • 1989: Fascinate
  • 1990: Burning
  • 1991: Majestic
  • 1992: Beginners
  • 1993: New
  • 1994: Challenge
Higashio era
  • 1995: There is a moving drama
  • 1996: Hot and intense impression.
  • 1997: Hit! Foot! Get!
  • 1998: To the dream Hit! Foot! Get!
  • 1999: To Glory, Hit! Foot! Get!
  • 2000: Hit! Foot! Get! More Runs! Boldly attack and score more.
  • 2001: Hit! Foot! Get! Challenge to Glory
The first Ihara director era
  • 2002: Best To The Best
  • 2003: Full power to glory!
Director Ito
  • 2004: '04 Challenge begins.
  • 2005: '05 Challenge again.
  • 2006: '06 There is only a challenge.
  • 2007: One heart.Power in one.
Watanabe director era
  • 2008: No Limit! 2008
  • 2009: No Limit! 2009
  • 2010: No Limit! 2010 Counterattack Lion
  • 2011: No Limit! 2011 Victory Obsession
  • 2012: Get out! Lions-This slogan is also used in the title of the "Asahi New Star" baseball broadcast.
  • 2013: Bone!Lionsism 2013
The first Ihara director era
  • 2014: Full power! Lions Offensive, defensive, cheering.
Tanabe director era
  • 2015: Gachi! Seriously! Fight hard, really hot.That's Lions!
  • 2016: BEAST! Strong and ferocious.
Tsuji era
  • 2017: CATCH the ALL Grab and catch! --At the end of the season, "Grab and catch!" Was changed to "Glory and catch!".
  • 2018: CATCH the FLAG 2018 Grab the glory!
  • 2019: CATCH the GLORY New era, be enthusiastic!
  • 2020: Leolution!
  • 2021: BREAK IT

マ ス コ ッ ト

LionsMascot characterAre the following two bodies established after the relocation to Saitama.Both designsOsamu TezukaWorked on.For details, refer to the relevant item.

In the Pacific Crown era, a yellow-faced lionPet markUsed for[Note 38]..Also, the pet mark designed by the lion was used during the Nishitetsu era.An emblem was attached to the chest of the jumper at that time.

Odaiba dome concept

The Seibu Stadium before the dome was often canceled in the rain, and in some cases the game schedule in the second half became strict.Therefore, the base is from Tokorozawa to the city center of Tokyo.DaibaThe idea of ​​moving to and building a dome stadium emerged.However, at that time, there were already three teams with Tokyo as a protected area.[Note 39] Due to the need to obtain the consent of all the teams, the fans in the vicinity of the local Tokorozawa rebelled against the relocation, a large amount of construction costs were incurred, and there were concerns about a decrease in the number of passengers from the group company Seibu Railway. It became difficult, and in the end, the Seibu Stadium was covered with a roof to make it a dome.

Handling of history in the Fukuoka era

Since the acquisition by Seibu, at that timeYoshiaki TsutsumiThe owner declared "Nishitetsu and we are different teams"[122] As you can see, until 2007, there was a tendency to erase the history of the Fukuoka era as much as possible.

All official records of the team were released only after the relocation of Saitama, and the total record since the foundation of the team in 1950 was not retrospective at all.[Note 40]..In addition, players who were enrolled in the Fukuoka era but have not been enrolled in Seibu Lions after leaving the team before moving to Saitama are members of the team.OBIt was not recognized as, and the award and the opening ceremony were basically not held.[Note 41]..Fans from the Fukuoka era also strongly opposed such treatment.

But,2005Tsutsumi over Seibu Railway Co., Ltd.Securities Trading LawLost in violation, in 2007Takashi GotoWill change the treatment of the history of the team when the owner takes office[122].. In 2008, the 30th anniversary of the founding of the Seibu baseball team (relocation to Saitama) (30th season) and the 100th anniversary of the founding of Nishi-Nippon Railroad will overlap. → "Looking back on the history of the Fukuoka era up to the crown"Lions ClassicThe project isYasumitsu ToyotaIt was developed under the supervision.The uniforms of the Nishitetsu era were basically worn at the games hosted by Seibu Dome during the implementation period, but Fukuoka, which was the home of the Nishitetsu era (currently)Fukuoka Softbank HawksHome baseFukuoka Yahoo! JAPAN Dome) But I wore it for 2 games.This may be done depending on the year, in addition to the target such as the Fukuoka baseball era and the early Seibu era after 2009.

Taking this opportunity, the description of the Fukuoka era starting from the formation of Nishitetsu Clippers was added to the chronological table on the official website, and the company profile information that began to be posted from the same year ("Team overview" on the official website) Of these, the date of establishment was described as "October 1978, 10".[123], "Registered as Nishitetsu Baseball Co., Ltd. on January 2009, 1" and "Changed the trade name from Fukuoka Baseball Co., Ltd. to Seibu Lions Co., Ltd. on October 1950, 1" in the January 28 update. ..further,2012Is a player of the Nishitetsu eraKazuhisa Inao"No. 24" is the first Seibu baseball team to celebrate the 75th anniversary of his birth.Permanent numberSpecified in[29].

As for the team color, the dark blue color, which is a fusion of black from the Nishitetsu era and blue from the early Seibu era, was adopted under the name of "Legend Blue".Red, which is used as an accent color, was also the team color of the Fukuoka baseball (Taiheiyo Club, Crown Writer) era, although no clear intention of adoption was explained.

On the other hand, Nishitetsu also saw the history of Lions as taboo after the sale.[122], Will reappear on the front stage on the occasion of Nishitetsu's 100th anniversary[124].2011Is affiliated with both companiesNishitetsu Expressway BusSeibu sightseeing busBy the vehicle that designed the Lions logo mark of Nishitetsu and Seibu respectively[125]Lions ExpressStarted operation (service was abolished in May 2015)[126], Nishitetsu official website also introduces Nishitetsu Lions with images of past trains and buses at "Nishitsu web museum"[127].

Cheering style

A small flag called the Victory Flag is used for cheering.It is used when the starting member is announced, when scoring, before the 5th inning attack, etc.At the time of scoring, the team song "I saw a lion running over the horizonB Melody-The chorus is played, and the fans wave the Victory flag accordingly.After the performance, he sings hurray like other teams, but then "Washoi" x 3, "1 ・ 2 ・ 3 ・ dar" (no change since the start of 1992). Before the 5th attack, one chorus of the team song "I saw a lion running over the horizon" was performed, and fans waved the Victory flag accordingly.In the interleague game, "White ball fantasyIs played instead.To lead the supportBass drumIs used.The use of trumpet is prohibitedMiyagi StadiumThen, instead of the fanfare before the start of the attack and at the time of base, the shout of "Saitama! Seibu! Let's Go Let's Go Lions" is used.

In the sponsored gameorganThe performance of.Chance Theme 1 and Chance Theme 3 have a prelude, so they may start ahead of the organ.At the time of victory, the remnants from the Fukuoka era "Coal mineIs played.

Until 2013, "Go! Go! Let's Go ○○" was followed by "Kabashi- ○○".HoweverTakeya NakamuraAt bat, after Nakamura hits a home run, it will be "another refill".

Until 2004, there were players with different cheering songs in the games in Kanto, Kansai, and Kyushu.After that, it was announced that all the new songs released from 2005 to 2006 were unified, but even after that, in Fukuoka and Kansai, different cheering songs were played in the first round of batters and alternate cheering with unified cheering songs. Is being supported.The cheering songs in Fukuoka and Kansai are basically diverted from the cheering songs of the golden age players with some lyrics changes, or the local cheering songs composed from the 1990s to the 2000s.

The cheering songs of most of the players were changed in 1990 and 2005 (the change in 1990 was only in the Kanto area, and in Kyushu it is the same as the previous cheering song).However, when it comes to the turn at bat, the cheering song of the player before the change or the cheering song of the player who had the same uniform number before may be played.Seibu DomeToru HosokawaWhen he stood at bat at batIto workThere was also a cheering song played when he was a former coach.Chance themeAs a player with a uniform number of 7 (from 2008 to 2013)Yasuyuki Kataoka, From 2014 to 2015Ryota Wakitani)as well asHiroyuki NakajimaAt batHironori IshigeCheering song, at bat of foreign playersAlex CabreraCheering songJose FernandezThe cheering song of is used. Before the simultaneous change of the cheering songs of the players was made in 2005, almost no new cheering songs were made, and only the past players were diverted.There was also an example of using what was a pitcher's cheer song for a fielder (Tatsuya Ozeki,Yusuke SatoSuch).It wasn't actually subject to the 2005 cheering song changeAlex CabreraThe cheering song isMike PagliaruloOr later,Darrin Jackson,Domingo MartinezSongs used by successive foreign players (the lyrics are the same except for the name part),Kazuhiro WadaThe cheering song isHideshi NakadaIt is a diversion of the song (the lyrics are different).

Before the 7th attack, the cheering song "Barking Lions" will be performed.It was a traditional cheering song "Young lionsIs also used when changing pitchers.During the Lions Classic 2010, "Our Longing Lions", which was a cheering song for the Taiheiyo Club Lions era, will be performed.During the Lions Classic 2011, "Nishitetsu Lions Song", which was a cheering song for the Nishitetsu Lions era, will be performed.

Out Theme It was used until 2013, but it was abolished from 2014.

7 times before attack (Lucky 7) and at victoryJet balloonsTo skip.In the past, Lucky 7 changed its color to blue, and when it won, it changed to white, but now it is unified in blue.Also, during Lions Classic 2010, we will fly red balloons to match the red color of the uniform.

There is a general-purpose pinch hitter theme for the time being, but there are only a few fielders who do not have a dedicated cheering song, such as new players, and in recent years, if a player who does not have a dedicated cheering song plays an active part in a single army game, a dedicated cheering song will be immediately available even during the season. Is rarely played because it tends to be created. When the change was made in 2005, a new pinch hitter theme was created, but the following year, he joined the team in 2006.Ginjiro SumiyaIt was not used for anything other than, and it became a cheering song for Sumitani as it was around the 2006 Interleague Play.After that, until 2009, the pinch hitter theme before the simultaneous change was tentatively used, but from 2010, a new pinch hitter theme was created.However, some players have difficulty singing a new pinch hitter theme, such as players whose player names have five or more characters, so the pinch hitter theme before the change is used for those players.


Black fog case

It happened from 1969 to 1971MatchfixIn the case, it was the main forceMasaaki IkenagaIkenaga is involved inPermanent exileReceived disposal (later released).See above for details.

2007 Slush Fund Issue

August 2007, 3,Hidekazu OtaTwo amateur players (at that time), who was the president and acting owner of the team, held a press conference and decided not to do so in the ethical action declaration.Tokyo GasPitcherKimura Yuta[128][Note 42] And Katsuhito Shimizu of Waseda University[129]), It turned out that he was giving nearly 1,300 million yen in cash to the two people.It was also found that the scouts provided a certain amount of cash to the two players from spring 2 to fall 2004.In a subsequent investigation by the in-house investigation committee, a total of more than 2005 million yen (that is, 2 people received the back payment) under the name of "advance payment of contract money" to another 5 amateur players, and even an amateur team A total of 6,000 directors (high school / university / worker) were also given cash as a reward for joining the players.[130]Moreover, it turned out that cash was already provided since 1978 when the owner company became the Seibu Group.

Ota heard from the former president in August 2006 about this slush fund act, but the official announcement was made in March 8 after an internal investigation.

March 2007, 3, the team's season opener (RakutenIn the match), Ota apologized prior to the pre-match ceremony and commented, "We aim to create a team that fans will love."

Japan Professional Baseball OrganizationOn May 5, let the team donate a fine of 29 million yen or the same amount of supplies to a training organization designated by the Organization, and in the fallHigh school draftIt was decided to dispose of the nomination in the third round.In addition, the scout manager at the time of the incident, who was the scout manager at Rakuten when the incident was discovered, was punished by Rakuten for a reduction in salary, dismissal, and an organization department.

Based on the lessons learned from the injustices of the scouts, the Seibu Lions Charter was enacted on August 8, pledged to aim for a team that is familiar to fans and to act responsibly.

Goods shop

In addition to its home base, MetLife Dome, it has an official goods shop "Lions Store" in Saitama Prefecture and along the Seibu Railway.In addition to selling goods, you can join a fan club, purchase tickets, and exchange various special tickets.However, since Flags is located adjacent to Seibu Dome, tickets are not sold or exchanged.

Of these, both Honkawagoe and Tokorozawa before the move were the sites of "Seibu Kanko", but Seibu Kanko also handled tickets for the Lions match.

fan service

Fan club

There is an official fan grab of the team, and there are 4 courses of high grade, regular A, regular B, and junior.At restaurants and goods shops at Seibu Dome (currently MetLife Dome)L pointCan be saved.Goods shopSeibu RailwayYou can apply for membership at major stations in Japan.

Collaboration with anime

Along the parent company Seibu RailwayAnime production companyBecause there are many, collaboration events with anime are increasing as well as Seibu Railway.

As for the content of the collaboration, I was in charge of the main characters of the collaborative animationVoice actorWill come to the venue to make an announcement at the opening ceremony and in the venue, and sell goods in collaboration with Lions.Most of the collaborative anime works are set in Saitama Prefecture, but in recent years, "Diamond AAnd 'Dragon ball super], We are also collaborating with anime works that are not set in Saitama Prefecture.

2018From April, in Tokorozawa, the home baseTokorozawa Sakura TownA major publishing company planning (a cultural complex that sends out cool Japan such as anime and manga)KADOKAWAWe publish a free magazine in collaboration with.

In addition, as an animation based on Seibu Lions, at the beginning of Seibu transferKoichi TabuchiModeled on "Good luck! Tabuchi-kun!』(Hisaichi IshiiThe original) exists.In the film, there were many depictions of Yoshiaki Tsutsumi, who was the owner at the time, as well as the players and director, but there was no mention or protest from Tsutsumi himself, the team, or the group companies.This was also held in 2009Lions ClassicIt is being screened at.

Major collaboration works

TaiziIs a work set in Saitama Prefecture.

The numbers in parentheses are the animation production companies that produced the work.


Lions' crown program currently on air

Match relay
Support program
  • LTV ~ Lions Thorough Support Declaration! ~ (J: COM channel| Saitama, Tokyo, some areas of Gunma) Former: Saitama Seibu Lions TV

Programs that were once broadcast

Fukuoka era program

tv set

Saitama Seibu Lions Ladies

Related books


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注 釈

  1. ^ Long time ago"Invoice","GoodwillThe name of the team unique to the second army was used.
  2. ^ Post-warOcean WhalesUnrelated to
  3. ^ There is no genealogical connection as a team due to the circumstances described below with Lions after the war.
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  • BLUE LEGENDS(Cheerleading team)
  • Lism -Saitama Seibu Lions quarterly information magazine.
  • LIONS MAGAZINE - Seibu RailwaySaitama Seibu Lions, which are distributed free of charge at stations, etc.free paper.
  • Tokimeki dot com --The Internet product sales company for Lions goods, which was once outsourced by Seibu Lions Co., Ltd.
  • Sayama Fudoson --A temple near Seibu Dome that prays for victory every year before the opening
  • Lions Express --A highway bus route that was jointly operated by Seibu Kanko Bus and Nishitetsu Highway Bus, named after the connection between the current base, Tokorozawa, and the base of the predecessor team, Fukuoka.
  • UD Trucks(Formerly Nissan Diesel Industry) --It was a sponsor of Lions.In this relationshipSeibu BusBut at one point, only Nissan diesel cars were introduced.In addition, there was an advertisement for a Nissan Diesel bus at the bottom of the advertisement for the Lions support bus departing from and arriving at Omiya, which was posted inside the Seibu bus.
  • Saitama Broncos --A professional basketball team based in Tokorozawa.In addition to developing collaboration projects such as the opening ceremony with Saitama Seibu Lions, the parent company Seibu Railway has been an official sponsor since 2010.In addition, the Lions game is being broadcastNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.But Lions have a business and capital alliance since 2021[1].
  • Saitama Musashi Heat Bears --Based in Kumagaya City, Saitama PrefectureBC LeagueA professional baseball team that belongs to.
  • Pride Dreams Saitama --An organization formed by professional sports teams in Saitama Prefecture.
  • Wing army(Tokyo Senator's) --One of the teams in the early days of professional baseball, which was established by the former Seibu Railway based in Kamiigusa, Suginami-ku before the war.Because the parent company is one of the source companies,Lions ClassicIt will be adopted in the main of "2013".By the way, Senator's used a lion as a pet mark.
  • Nishitetsu Lions Study Group
  • Saison Group - KokudoAlready by the time he bought the teamSeibu Railway GroupIt was after the separation from, but the victory commemorative sale etc.Seibu Department Store-SeiyuI went to each Saison Group store.
  • Seven & i Group
    • Sogo/Seibu --One of the team sponsors, the successor to the former Seibu Department Store[2]..A subsidiary of Seven & i HD.Seven & i and Seibu Group hold shares, and at the time of victorySeibu(Former Seibu Department Store) and Kanto areaSOGONot only someIto-YokadoWe also have a winning sale[3].

外部 リンク

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