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⚾ | [High School Baseball] What did the players and managers feel at the East-West Tokyo Games held at Tokyo Dome for the first time in history?

Photo The semi-final of the National High School Baseball Championship East Tokyo Tournament was held at Tokyo Dome (photo is an image)

[High School Baseball] What did the players and managers feel at the East-West Tokyo Games held at Tokyo Dome for the first time in history?

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The final is scheduled for August 8, from 2 o'clock at Kokugakuin Kugayama-Tokai University Sugao, and from 10:15 at Kanto XNUMX-Nishogakusha University.

Kokugakuin Kugayama and Tokai University Sugao advance to the finals in West Tokyo The semi-finals of the National High School Baseball Championship West Tokyo Tournament and East Tokyo Tournament are in July ... → Continue reading


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Nishogakusha University

Nishogakusha University(Nishogakusha University,English: Nishogakusha University) IsTokyoChiyoda WardSanbanchoHeadquarters in 6-16Japan Ofprivate university.1949Was installed in.Abbreviation of universityIs Nisho, or Nidai.


Whole university

Nishogakusha1877ToMishima Nakasu TokyoKojimachiIchibancho (currentlyTokyoChiyoda WardSanbancho) Begins with the Kangaku Juku.Nishōgaku's name symbolizes unchanging moderation and integrityPineThere were two trees in the garden, andHan YuAccording to "Aida Prefectural Government Office Wall Record", it has a meaning as a learning building, and it was named with the hope that it will continue to future generations as a school.[1].

Also published in the list of public, public and private Tokyo schools1881The number of Nishogakusha students was 300.[2]. this isFukuzawa Yukichi OfKeio University,Keiu Nakamura OfDoujinshaIt was as good as[3]. AlsoMotosawa Chikuun OfKachi Gakushaな どChinese studiesThere were many schools specializing in this at that time, but it gradually declined, and the only one that still exists is Nishogakusha.[Question].

"Kokuhan no Nimatsu" "Sparrow also came to the pine branchArgument"Singing" etc.[Source required]TraditionallyDepartment of literatureIs famous.National languageTeacherWe are focusing on training.

The old font "舍" and the new font "sha" are often confused with "Nishogakusha", but the correct name is "舍", which has a stick underneath. Nishogakusha ".

Founding spirit (building lessons)

The spirit of "Ikuei" in Nishogakusha is that Mishima, who was worried about the time when he was eager to ingest Western culture, could know the true nature of Japan by learning Eastern culture.Self-study person wo cure me first generation XNUMX useful null person wo trainingBy doing so, we aimed to establish oriental studies and develop nationally significant human resources who will lead the new era.

Education and research

Established two faculties and two graduate schools.Teacher license,librarian,curatorQualification can be obtained.

Academic style and features

Ministry of Justice Law School,Army AcademyAt that time, there were many judicial officers and military officers among the junior high school students because they used Chinese writing for the examination.Mishima contributed to the rise of calligraphy and founded the Gosho Gakuin.Tenrai HidaiIs learning from Nishogakusha.It is also one of the few private universities with a major in calligraphy.

"Kokuhan no Nimatsu" "Sparrow also came to the pine branchArgument"Singing" etc.[4][Source invalid],Department of literatureIs famous[Source required].National languageTeacherWe are focusing on training.Students are called Shasei, and graduates are called Shayu.[Source required].

The situation at that timeNatsume SosekiIt is written in "Failure" of.A disciple of Soseki Natsume and Chushu Mishima, who later became the principal of Nishogakusha.Jun YamadaWas born in 1867 in the same year, and both are studying at Mishima at Nishogakusha.



Nishogakusha UniversityMishima Nakasu TokyoKojimachi Ward43 Ichibancho (currentlyTokyoChiyoda WardSanbancho) In the private residence1877(Meiji 10) Founded on October 10thChinese studiescram school·NishogakushaIt is a university that originated in.In the past, the school building was divided into Kashiwa and Kudan,2009The university functions have been consolidated into nine stages.

Chronological Table

  • 1877 Mishima Nakasu, Established Kangaku Juku Nishogakusha
  • 1900 Japanese language department is juxtaposed
  • 1909 FoundationNishogakusha donation act approval
  • 1919 Eiichi Shibusawa, Appointed as Chief (Chairman)
  • 1923 Publishing department opened
  • 1928 Established Nishogakusha Vocational School
  • 1929 For graduatessecondary schoolApproval of non-examination certification for Chinese language teachers, establishment of student songs
  • 1932 Kentaro Kaneko, Appointed as Chief (Chairman)
  • 1943 School song establishment
  • 1945 Tokyo air raidBurned down the school building
  • 1948 Established Nishogakusha High School
  • 1949 Nishogakusha College moved to new university, Nishogakusha University Faculty of Letters Department of Japanese Literature and Department of Chinese Literature established
  • 1950 Renamed Nishogakusha University to Tokyo Bunka University
  • 1953 Renamed Tokyo Bunka University to Nishogakusha University
  • 1963 Yoshida Shigeru(OriginalPrime Minister), Appointed as chief
  • 1966 Nimatsu Gakushu University Graduate School of Letters (Doctoral / Master's Program in Chinese Studies, Master's Program in Japanese Literature) established
  • 1968 Established Nishogakusha University Oriental Studies Research Institute
  • 1969 Nishogakusha University Numaminami High School opened, Nachi Saden, appointed as chief
  • 1977 Ceremony held to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Nishogakusha
  • 1978 Nishogakusha UniversityPositive studyLaboratory establishment
  • 1982 Opened Nishogakusha University Shonan Campus
  • 1986 Established Nimatsu Gakushu University Graduate School of Letters (Doctoral Program in Japanese Literature),Masahiko UranoBecame a chief
  • 1991 Established Department of International Politics and Economics, Faculty of International Politics and Economics, Nishogakusha University
  • 1995 Nishogakusha University Graduate School of Letters Day / Night Opening System
  • 1997 Member of Japan University Accreditation Association (maintenance member)
  • 2001 Nishogakusha University Graduate School of International Political Economy (Master's Program in International Political Economy) opened
  • 2002 Stopped use due to renovation of Chiyoda school building.Undergraduate classes are held at the Kashiwanuma Minami Campus for all grades.In addition, the Graduate School of Letters will hold classes at the Yushima Temporary School Building.
  • 2004 Completed Nishogakusha University Kudan Campus.Along with this, the use of the Yushima temporary school building of the graduate school will be stopped.In addition, classes for 3rd and 4th grade students of the Faculty of Letters and the Faculty of International Politics and Economics will be held at the Kudan School Building.Established Nishogakusha University East Asian Academic Research Institute
  • 2006 Graduate School of Letters Japanese Language Education Program established
  • 2007 Established librarian course
  • 2008 Curator course established
  • 2009 University functions 3-dan consolidation, XNUMX-dan campus building No. XNUMX completed and started to be used
  • 2015 Completion and start of use of Kudan Campus Building No. 4
  • 2017 Nishogakusha University Faculty of Letters Department of Urban Culture Design established

basic data




  • School emblemIs drawn as "Nishogaku" in the middle of the facing pine needles.

School color

school song

Nishogakusha University Song (Lyrics: School Song Establishment Committee, Composition:Tokyo Music School

Student song

Nishogakusha University Student Song (Lyrics:Jikichi Morimoto, CompositionYuji Koseki) Nishogakusha Song (Jun Yamada

Education and research



  • Department of literature Installed in 1949
    Faculty of Letters1949It is the oldest faculty of Nishogakusha University that has existed since the establishment of the university.
    • Department of Japanese Literature
      The Department of Japanese Literature is a department that remains from the time the university was established to the present.
      • Department of Japanese Literature
      • Department of Japanese Culture
      • Video / Drama / Media Major
      • Department of Comparative Literature and Culture
      • Japanese major
    • Department of Chinese Literature
      The Department of Chinese Literature is also a department that has remained since the university was established.
      • Chinese Literature Major
      • Calligraphy major
      • Japanese Chinese Studies
      • Korean major
      • Chinese major
      • Department of Comparative Literature and Culture

Each faculty / department is divided into majors from the second year onwards.The Department of Comparative Literature and Culture is a common major in the Faculty of Letters.

graduate School

  • Graduate School of Literature
    • Department of Japanese Literature Master's and Doctoral programs (Day and night classes
    • Sinology Master's Program / Doctoral Program (Day / Night Course)
  • Graduate School of International Political Economy
    • Master's Program in International Political Economy (1 year / 2 year)
      • East Asian Economics and Business Program (Weekday nights and weekends daytime)
  • Graduate School of International Japanese Studies
    • Master's Program in International Japanese Studies (established in April 4th year of Reiwa)

Affiliated organization

  • library
    • Nimatsu Gakushu University Library
    • University materials exhibition room
  • graduate School
    • East Asian Academic Research Institute
      • Japan Research Department
      • China Research Department
      • Korea Research Department
        The origin of the above three research departments is the Institute of Oriental Studies (established in 1988).
      • Yangmingism Research Department
        Originated from the Yangming Institute, which was established in 1988
      • Kanji Literature Research Department
        Originated from the International Kanji Literature and Materials Center established in 2002
      • International Political Economy Research Department
  • セ ン タ ー
    • Teacher Support Center
    • International Exchange Center
    • Career center
    • Information Center
  • Study Group
    • Nishogakusha University Humanities Society
    • Nishogakusha University International Political Economy Society
    • Nimatsu Poetry Society
    • Nishogaku Tanka
    • Nimatsu Haikukai


21st Century COE Program

21st Century COE ProgramAs a result, one program has been adopted.

  • 2004
    Innovative academic fields
    Building a global center for Japanese Chinese literature research


School life

School festival

The school festival was called "School Festival", but from 2002 it was renamed to "Souensai".It is held every year around November 11rd at Kudan Campus.

Club activities, club activities, club activities

There are 13 physical education clubs, 15 cultural clubs, and several circles.Most of the activities are on the Kashiwa campus.

University personnel and organizations

University related organizations


Matsureikai is an alumni association whose regular members are graduates of Nishogakusha Vocational School / University and graduates. "Matsurei" is the "Matsurei" of Nakasu's seven words, "Prolific 茯 蓓 meditation".PoriaIs taken from[Source required]..茯 蓓 is used in Chinese root medicine, whose Japanese name is Matsusho.The principal of the vocational school says that the graduates must become Issei's wooden roots and be the philtrum among those who correct the time.Jun YamadaNamed by[Source required].

Nishogakusha University Supporters Association

Established with the main purpose of supporting national literature and Chinese studies (philosophy, thought, history, literature), and Asia-Pacific regional political economy research, which are the characteristics of education and research at Nishogakusha University.


Nishogakusha Service Co., Ltd.

List of university personnel



Kudan Campus

Kudan Campus2004It was rebuilt as part of the 125th anniversary commemorative project.The designerHisao Kohyama..There is a public open space on campus2006ToTBSseriesWas broadcast onKeigo HigashinoThe original TV drama "Bai Ye Xing] InAyase HarukaUsed as a location for Yukiho Karasawa's membership boutique "R & Y 2nd store"[Source required].

In 2007, we celebrated the 130th anniversary of our founding and laid down a 130th anniversary school building in the south of Kudan to consolidate university functions into Kudan.Yokote across the roadYasukuni Shrine, Behind the school buildingIndiaThere is an embassy. Completed in 2009.

Kashiwa Campus

  • Faculty of use: Indefinite.Used when taking practical physical education courses or some courses.[5]
  • Graduate School of Use: Graduate School of International Political Economy (partial).
  • Directions
    JRJoban Line-Tobu Noda Line Sakai StationGet off, 15 minutes by school bus from the east exit
    JR Joban Line Abiko Station20 minutes by school bus from the north exit

Students in JapanKabaddiIs the birthplace of.[6]Next to the campusKashiwa Junior and Senior High School attached to Nishogakusha UniversityThere is.

Student cafeteria

The restaurant "Faculty Lounge" on the top floor of the Kudan Campus is open to the public.Cheap and high quality food was introduced in multiple mass media[7].. There are also 14 kinds of drink bars, Friday, July 2011, 7Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Introduced in Ladies 4.

Lecture hall

There is a Nakasu Memorial Auditorium on the Kudan Campus, which is used for various ceremonies.


We have four student condominiums exclusively for Nimatsusei in Kashiwa City (consignment).

Foreign relations

Agreement with local government

Agreements with other universities

Elementary school teacher training special program (XNUMX types)

Until now, it was not possible to obtain an elementary school teacher's license at Nishogakusha University, but this agreement has made it possible.

Overseas partner schools

Relationship with society

Seishi Yokomizo Old Collection

June 2006, in Setagaya, TokyoYokomizo MasashiManuscripts (about 280 points, about 5,000), including raw manuscripts such as the unpublished short stories "The Events of the Fog Night" and "The Inugami Clan" from the residence, as well as the literature that Yokomizo seems to have used as the material for writing the novel. Ryoichi Yokomizo, a child of Seishi Yokomizo, wrote a scenario of a movie (about 300 points), a foreign magazine (about 290 points), a foreign book (about 170 points), and a movie still photograph (about 880 points). It's been found.These collections and materials are to be kept by the university and open to the public.[Source required].

Affiliated school

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Related literature

  • School corporation Nishogakusha "Nishogakusha XNUMX years history" 1967
  • School corporation Nishogakusha "Nishogakusha XNUMX-year history" 1977

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