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⛳ | The moment when Yuri Yoshida grows up, the coach talks about becoming a real professional with Sadaharu Oh's saying [Tsuji Nii]

Photo The maxim received from Mr. Sadaharu Oh also led to the victory (provided by Mr. Tsujimura)

The moment when Yuri Yoshida, who the coach talks about, grew up, he became a real professional in the saying of Sadaharu Oh.

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After the change, he coached Momoko Ueda, Ayaka Yamamura, Ayaka Matsumori, Kana Nagai, Sakura Kobetsu, Yuri Yoshida, Miyu Abe, etc. as tour companion coaches.

The new tournament "Rakuten Super Ladies", which was held for an irregular three days from Thursday to Saturday, is 3 years old, Yoshida ... → Continue reading

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Aya Yamamura

Aye Yamamura(Even Yamamura1992May 6 -) is a Japanese girlProfessional golfer.FukuokaFukuoka CityI'm fromSamantha ThavasaBelongs.


Since high schoolTadashi ErenAfter graduating, moved to Kobe and hone his skills at the Korenchu ​​Golf Academy. The enrollment period is July 2012, 7, 27th graduate. While fighting the regular tour for two years from 84, the bottom step-up tour became the main battlefield from 2012. In 2, he showed the best 14 finishes on the step-up tour, but in 16 and 10, he was forced to participate in the regular and step-up tournaments with a recommendation and a difficult battle. Meanwhile, he was selected as one of the 17 female professional golfers who signed the 18 Castrol contract. From 2018, as a new member of Aki Tsujimura as a teacher, as a member of team16,Ueda Momoko,Kana Nagai,Cherry blossomIt started with them.

In the 2019 season, I couldn't do well in the limited number of games. However, after finishing the season, he took the Taiwan LPGA QT and got the participation rights for the 2020 season. We could not proceed to the final QT in Japan, but we can improve the QT ranking from 2019 and it is expected that there will be more battlegrounds in 2020.

In 2021, at Resort Trust Ladies, he broke through the regular tour qualifying for the first time in eight years.

Main battle history

  • 2012 Fujitsu Ladies 7th place *Regular tour
  • 2012 LPGA rookie match Kaga electronic cup 2nd place ※ Rookie match
  • 2013 Nichimeiko Women's Open Golf Tournament 9th *Regular Tour
  • 2014 Guam Governor Cup Women's Golf Tournament Winner * Sponsored by Guam Tourism Bureau
  • 2014 Synching Ninnia/RKB Ladies 7th place *Step-up tour
  • 2016 Daikure Ladies Cup 6th *Step-up tour


Other information

  • Teacher relationship = Akira Tsujimura
  • Hobbies = Music appreciation Aroma
  • Career =Oki Gakuen High Schoolgraduate
  • Golf history = 10 years old ~

Media information

  • Weekly Golf Digest (June 2016, 6 issue)
  • Golf magazine "Waggle" (October 2017, 10 issue)
  • Miho Koga Golf Challenge Athlete (BS Fuji, April 2019, 4-13 times in total)
  • Miho Koga Golf Challenge Athlete (BS Fuji, April 2019, 6-22 times in total)


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