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⚾ | Munsingwear's new line, [Munsingwear Grand-Slam] (Manshin…


Munsingwear's new line, [Munsingwear Grand-Slam] (Manshin ...

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The fleece (back pile) material that can be worn from the fall season is natural and you can enjoy aging with each wash.

This time, from Descente Japan Co., Ltd., a new line of [Munsingwear], [Mu ... → Continue reading


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aging(aging,aging,aging) Generally means "time" (time passes). Especially,Human capitalincludingAnimalIn the case ofAgeing, HeavyIndustrial products(EspeciallyElectric appliancesIn the case of), it means to operate until the new product operates stably.

A human

The original meaning of aging isageThat is, "aging". In this sense, humansFertilizationStart aging from the moment. But in JapanAged societyWith the progress of aging, interest in aging has increased, and the term is sometimes used to mean "aging." Also, in the sense of resisting and countering aging,Anti-AgingIs also used. Medical care to prevent or treat age-related illnessesAnti-aging medicineCalled.

Heavy industry

electric circuit

The electric circuit is aged by actually applying a load due to energization. This is because the generation of Joule heat and fatigue due to the energization load also lead to changes in the atomic and molecular skeleton structures. As a result, if the product does not meet the specified performance, it will be a failure or an initial failure.[1].

Precision machinery

CMMlikePrecision machineryIn order to reduce strain due to aging due to internal stress during manufacturing, there is an example in which the material after casting and rolling is stored for a certain period of time and then secondary processed. Similar cases can be found in the manufacture of precision machinery such as watches.

Movie art, theme park

Film art,Theme park"Aging" is an art technique that makes new buildings, monuments, and their sets look like old ones, such as by intentionally painting, peeling off walls, or rusting. "In the model field"WeatheringIt can be said that it is the same usage.

Food industry


liqueurSome are preserved for the purpose of transforming them to better quality. This is called "aging" or "aging". A typical example iswhiskyAndBarrelIt is shipped after aging for several years, sometimes decades.

Aging in sake is a gradual occurrence inside the sakeChemical changesAnd physical changes[2].. Whiskey etc.Distilled liquorOnly when in the barrelbottledAging after being done is rarely done,Wine,Sake,beerSuch asBrewed sakeMay age after bottling[2].. Especially酵素Brewed liquor containing liquor changes at a faster rate than distilled liquor, so the flavor may deteriorate after long-term aging.[2].BurningSake that is notyeastThis applies to beer that has not been removed.



Over time, paintings and statues fade and wear over time,PatinaIt has a texture called (old color).Scientific in no time to give it an old-fashioned feel(English editionA process called is also performed.


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