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🥋 | Karate Kiyuna "I don't feel like losing" Japan representative press conference

Photo Ryo Kiyuna, who will hold a press conference when he enters the Olympic Village = 2nd, in Tokyo (representative photo)

Karate Kiyuna "I don't feel like losing" Japan representative press conference

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When Kiyou Shimizu, a female figure, said, "I'll do my best not to lose karate," Ryutaro Araga, who is over 75 kilograms in men's kumite, said, "I also want to play a game that impresses me."

On the 2nd, the karate representative of the new competition held an online press conference at the time of entering the Olympic Village in Harumi, Tokyo, and the overwhelming victory in the men's form ... → Continue reading

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Nozomi Shimizu

Kiyou Shimizu(Let's see)1993May 12 -) isJapan OfKarate.OsakaSuita CityI'm fromMiki HouseAffiliation[1].Kansai UniversityGraduated from Faculty of Letters[2].

World Karatedo ChampionshipIn his personal form, he has won the tournament in 2014 and 2016 for the second time in a row.[3]. All Japan Karatedo ChampionshipSo, we have won 2013 consecutive titles from 2019 to 7[4].

2019December Premier League Japan national team player selection criteria set by the Japan Karatedo Federation based on ranking points at the end of the Madrid tournament[5]Will meet the conditions of2020 Tokyo OlympicsWon a silver medal in the women's form[6][7].

Before the Tokyo Olympics, the karate men's representative from JapanRyo KiyunaHe was practicing with him (Ryo Kiyuna won the gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics).

Main battle record

Women's individual competition [8][9]

World Games / Asian Games

Malaysia flag Malaysia: Malacca victory
  • 2013 World 21 Under Karatedo Championships
Spanish flag ã‚¹ãƒšã‚¤ãƒ³: Guadalajara victory

KARATE1 Premier League

  • 2014 Okinawa victory
  • 2015 Okinawa victory
  • 2016 Paris victory, Salzburg victory
  • 2017 Rotterdam victory
  • 2018 Paris victory, Dubai 3rd place, Istanbul runner-up, Berlin victory, Tokyo victory
  • 2019 Paris Runner-up, Dubai Runner-up, Rabat Runner-up, Shanghai Runner-up[11], Tokyo championship[12], Madrid runner-up
  • No. 2020 in Paris in 3

KARATE1 Series A

  • 2017 Istanbul victory, Salzburg 3rd place, Okinawa victory
  • 2018 Guadalajara victory, Salzburg victory
  • 2019 Salzburg runner-up, Istanbul runner-up

All Japan Karatedo Championship

  • 2012 (40th) runner-up
  • 2013-2019 (41st-47th) Winners: 7 consecutive victories



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