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🥋 | Shohei Yabiku, a wrestler, loses the second round but goes to the repechage

Photo Yabiku Shohei

Wrestling shop Shohei Hiku loses the second round but goes to the repechage

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However, as this Hungarian player won the semi-final and advanced to the final, Yahihisa was decided to participate in the repechage on the 3rd.

Wrestling at the Tokyo Olympics will be held until the semi-final of the men's Greco-Roman style 2 kg class at Makuhari Messe in Chiba Prefecture on the 77nd. → Continue reading

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Loser Revival

Loser Revival(Haishafukatsusen) is onceCompetitionAthletes who lost toplayer)・OUR TEAMIt is a competition system that is carried out in order to make the fight again and advance a part of it to the next round.In English, it is called "repechage" or "consolation".


Mainly one-shot game typeTournament methodUsed in the competition.This is probably because the tournament method has a strong element of luck, and it is difficult to tell whether the loser is inferior in ability.In contrast, brute forceLeague matchIt is rarely used in, but it seems that this is because it is clear that the loser is inferior in ability, and it is meaningless or incomprehensible to revive the loser.

In addition to sports competitionsquizNon-sports competitions, etc.Cuisine-PerformanceSkill competition format TV such asEntertainment showsIt is often carried out in.In that case, "" which is mainly used in sports competitions.WildcardIs sometimes used.

尚,Abandoned gameIn the case of disqualification due to fraud or problematic acts, participation in the repechage may also be prohibited.

Repechage in Judo

As a competition in which the repechage is adoptedjudoIs famous and is mainly used in world competitions.

2009 The repechage before the World Championships in August will be a block-by-block combination of the best four players (semi-finalists) who lost in a direct confrontation.First, the winner advances to the final round of the repechage by the step ladder method in which the loser of the first round and the loser of the second round, and then the winner and the loser of the third round play against each other.The final repechage is held for each pool, and the winners of each block repechage play against each other.3rd place match(7th place is confirmed as the loser (2 people)). In the 3rd place playoff, the final winner of the repechage and the semifinal loser of another block will play against each other, and the winner will be 3rd (2 people) and the loser will be 5th (2 people).

Since the World Championships in August 2009, only players who have lost since the quarterfinals have the right to repechage.Players who lost the quarterfinals in the same block played a repechage, and the winner was3rd place match(7th place is confirmed as the loser (2 people)). In the 3rd place playoff, the repechage winner and the semifinal loser of another block will play against each other, and the winner will be 3rd (2 people) and the loser will be 5th (2 people).

In addition, due to the system of both old and new, the player who advanced to the semi-final cannot be ranked 3rd, and the player who lost to that player in a direct confrontation and went to the repechage may be ranked 3rd.

Repechage in baseball

high school baseball

National High School Baseball ChampionshipOf the predecessor of "National Junior High School Winner Baseball Tournament"1916 -1917 Introduced in (2nd and 3rd respectively).This was because the number of participating schools was small because the representatives of each block advanced to the main tournament instead of the representatives of the prefectures as they are now, and there was a fraction in the winning of the tournament.

2 times12 teams have advanced, and 2 teams have won the second round, but in this case, 6 teams will advance to the semi-finals and a fraction will be generated.Therefore, the two teams, Meizen Junior High School (Fukuoka) and Naka Tottori (Tottori), who had good results among the six teams that lost based on the results of the first round, were regarded as "repechages" and played in the quarterfinals, and the team that won there was the semifinal. It was in the form of proceeding to.With this repechageTottori Junior High SchoolHas advanced to the semi-finals, but has been eliminated in the semi-finals.

3 timesAgain, 12 teams were involved in the repechage, but the target of the repechage was 4 teams, and Aichi Ichichu (Aichi), Meisei Sho (Osaka), Nagasaki Naka (Nagasaki), and Wakayama Naka (Wakayama) advanced the pieces and the repechage Won the battleAichi IchichuWon the championship by advancing to the final, but there were voices saying that it was unfair because the school that lost once won the championship, and the repechage was abolished as long as this was the case.[1].

Repechages are still being held at some prefectural tournaments in spring and autumn (Chiba, Kyoto, Hyogo, etc.).

College baseball

1976 times of 25 yearsAll Japan University Baseball ChampionshipThen, the repechage was held from the two schools that lost the semifinals, and they lost in the semifinals.Tokai UniversityWon and won the championship.This method was abolished for that year.

Adult baseball

City competition baseball tournamentIn the qualifying rounds in each region, there are many districts where the national team is decided in a tournament that combines the repechage.

Professional baseball

1936 At the "1st Professional Baseball All Japan Championship" (Summer Games), a tournament with a repechage was held at a tournament in Tokyo and Nagoya.

soft ball

In the softball playoffs, in addition to the usual win-through method, the elements of the repechage are combined.Page system tournamentThere is.

Repechage in Shogi

ShogiSo professionalShogi worldOf the eight title battlesRyuo BattleRyuo ranking battleChess gameThere is a repechage in.

Ryuo Ranking Battle

In one group (capacity 1 people), all those who did not advance to the final will go to the repechage.

  • 1組の1回戦敗者8名は5位決定戦に回り、勝ち抜いた1名が1組5位として本戦出場する。原則として5位決定戦1回戦敗者4名が2組に降級する。
  • The four losers in the second round of one group will go to the 1th place deciding match, and the one who wins will participate in the main race as the fourth place in one group.
  • Two losers of the third round (semi-final) of one group will fight, and the winner will participate in the main race as the third place of one group.

In groups 2-6, only one winner and two runners-up will participate in the main race.However, there will be a repechage to decide the 1rd place (2 each) to be promoted to the upper group.

Detail is,Ryuo Battle See.

By the way, as a representative example of getting the right to challenge from the repechage, in the 2008 Ryuo match, 1 group was 5th.Yoshiharu HanyuBecame a Ryuo challenger.Also, as a representative example of promotion from the repechage,Takashi HashimotoHowever, by 2006, they were all promoted to one group for the fifth consecutive year in the promotion deciding match.

Chess game

After entering the top four in the main tournament, it is a "two defeat disqualification system" where you can get the right to challenge up to one defeat.First of all, the two losers in the provisional semi-final will fight, the one who wins will fight the one who lost in the provisional final, and the one who wins will be the repechage.The player who won the repechage will play an irregular second game with the player who is the provisional 4st place, the player who is the provisional 1st place will be the challenger if he wins only 2 and the player who will be the loser will be the challenger if he wins 2 times in a row.

In the past, the final was not the second match, but there was a voice saying that it is unfair that the repechage advancer does not have the right to revive the loser, and in the 1990s the repechage tournament won the championship. The system has been amended so that one must win two repechages.

Repechage on TV Show

TV programBut it is not uncommon for it to be used.

Participatory viewer participation, which was once produced in large numbersQuiz showThen, the repechage system has existed for a relatively long time.However, it was only that this system became widely recognized.Nippon TVOf the systemTrans-American Ultra Quiz』Introduced the repechage system in a big way, and the repechage was written as" repechage "Squirrel,headbandIt is because I was made to wear.The repechage on the program was often held in the early stages when there were a lot of people left, and except for some times, the repechage was held each time.The repechage won the show several times.[2].

Nowadays, not only quiz shows, but also "M-1 Grand Prix(Since 2002) and "R-1 Grand Prix』(2009, 2010, after 2015) is also adopted in event programs in the form of performance skill competition.

Other Repechage

wrestling,TaekwondoThen, the player who lost to the player who advanced to the final advances to the repechage (Details).

Beach Volleyball JBV TourHas been introduced.

Olympic CyclingSuch asKeirinThen there is the first round repechage.

All-star bicycle raceIn the past, there was a year when the repechage (for the players who lost in the first round) was introduced.

Auto raceGII Sasanqua Cup (Funabashi) introduced the repechage in the 2006 "East-West Battle"[3].

Figurative Repechage

Horse racing,Ski World CupIn the case of sports where the competition system is established throughout the season, even if a prominently strong presence appears,OutpostAtInjuryYou may not be able to participate in the most important competitions or races due to circumstances such as qualifications or qualifications.age limitIn the case of the problem, the strongest class has no choice but to walk on the so-called "back road" route, and sometimes it can be seen that there is a situation of consecutive victories on that side.Also,OlympicHowever, due to the same problem, it can be seen that the winner of the latest world-class international tournament, which is the outpost, will not participate.

In such a case, in a sense, large competitions and races, which are originally positioned to determine the existence of the world's best and the strongest of the generation, are centered on those who have lost to the existence that is considered to be the strongest. In the absence of the leading role, in effect, "Battle to decide number 2], And it can be seen that the excitement is lacking even before the war.This situation is sometimes referred to by the media as "repechage".

The following cases are known as cases in which the term repechage is used in this pattern.

Central horse racing

Central horse racing OfEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euI couldn't run in the race because of the rules at that time.Carry-on horseMaruzenskyHazy in front of1977 Classic Triple Crown Line, sameLocal horse racingI couldn't run in the classic race because I didn't register for the classic because I first entered the race, so I walked on the winning streak behind the classic.Oguri capCry in the shadow of1988 In the classic triple crown route, the expression "repechage" was used in sports newspapers.


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