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⚽ | That Ibrahim has 4 goals!Close contact with the company-wide qualifying round in Kyoto


That Ibrahim has 4 goals!Close contact with the company-wide qualifying round in Kyoto

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From Kansai, Cento Cuore HARIMA, Ococias Kyoto AC, Arterivo Wakayama, St Andrew, and Moriyama Samurai 2000 will participate in this tournament as representatives.

The All Japan Senior Football Championship Kansai Tournament was held last weekend.A tournament in which 20 teams that have won the preliminary rounds in each prefecture participate ... → Continue reading


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Arterivo Wakayama

Arterivo Wakayama(Arterivo Wakayama)WakayamaWakayama CityA soccer club for working adults based in Japan.Clubs aiming to join the J LeagueIs one of.


2005In the futureJ LeagueA meeting to establish a soccer club for working adultsMeeting to create a J League team from WakayamaInaugurated as.A voluntary organization where about 30 volunteers from the prefecture gather.

2006October,"NPOMeeting to create a J League team from WakayamaOfficially launched as.The team name will be decided by open call for participants,Arterivo Wakayama". "Arterivo" is a coined word that combines the Italian words ARTE and ARRIVO.

2007, Registered in the Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Federation Education League.National Club Team Soccer ChampionshipParticipation.

2008,Kinokawa CityConcluded an agreement with.Kinokawa City promises to provide the facilities necessary for the activities of Arterivo Wakayama.same year,National adult soccer championshipWakayama tournament, victory.Wakayama Prefecture Soccer 3rd Division All-Winner, 2nd Division Promotion.

2009, Wakayama soccer championship, championship.89th Emperor's CupMake his first appearance in.In the first roundSagahigashi High SchoolLost in the war.Wakayama Prefecture Soccer 2nd Division All-Winner, 1st Division Promotion.

2010, Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship in a row90th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundOsaka University of Physical EducationLost in the war.Won the prefectural league finals and was promoted to the second division of the Kansai league.

2011Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship for 3 consecutive years91th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundSagawa Printing SCLost in the war.Entered 2nd place in the 2nd division of the Kansai League and was promoted to the 1st division.

2012Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship for 4 consecutive years92th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundFC Gifu SECONDAfter the extra time, he won 2 to 1 and won the Emperor's Cup for the first time.In the Kansai League 1st division, he finished 4th with 5 wins, 5 draws, 17 losses and 5 points.

2013Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship for 5 consecutive years93th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundFujieda MYFCAfter the extra time, he lost 2 to 3.In the Kansai League 1st division, he finished 4th with 1 wins, 9 draw, 13 losses and 6 points.Also,The KSL Cup Then, he achieved the first qualification in the history of the team and finished 3rd.J3The number of teams decreased due to the inaugurationJFLSubmitted an application for membership request to[1] Could not join (25 out of 6 teams).

2014Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship for 6 consecutive years94th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first round, he lost to Fujieda MYFC 2-4 after overtime.In the Kansai League 1st division, he finished 7rd with 2 wins, 5 draws, 23 losses and 3 points.Also,50th company-wideIn addition, he won the venue frame final and made his first appearance, and lost in the quarterfinals.

2015Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship for 7 consecutive years95th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundMIO Biwako ShigaAfter the extra time, he lost 2 to 3.In addition, in the Kansai League 1st division, he won 11 wins, 3 losses and 33 points.39th Regional FinalParticipated in, and lost in the first round with 1 win, 2 losses and 3 points.Also,51th company-wideSo I won my first victory.

2016Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship for 8 consecutive years96th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundMontedio YamagataAfter the extra time, he lost 1 to 2.In addition, in the Kansai League 1st division, he won 11 wins, 1 draw, 2 losses and 34 points.Regional CLParticipated in, and lost in the first round with 3 losses and 0 points.

2017Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship won 9 consecutive times97th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundFC Maruyasu OkazakiAfter the extra time, he lost 2 to 3.In the Kansai League 1st division, he finished 8rd with 6 wins and 24 losses and 3 points.Also,53th company-wideThen I lost in the quarterfinals.

Sami MotoyaWas commissioned to the official Instagram manager[2] In 2018, won the Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship 10 times in a row98th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundHonda FCAfter the extra time, he lost 2 to 3.In the Kansai League 1st division, he finished 6th with 6 wins and 20 losses and 5 points.Wakayama won the Kinki block tournament for the first time in 22 years in the national polity Wakayama prefecture representative consisting of Arterivo Wakayama alone.73th National Sports FestivalEven though I participated in the first roundTokyoLost to the national team 0 to 1.

In 2019, won the Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship 11 times in a row99th Emperor's CupParticipated in.In the first roundSaga LIXIL FC3-0 victory in the second roundCerezo OsakaLost 1 to 3 at the end of overtime.In the first division of the Kansai League, he finished third with 1 wins and 7 losses and 6 points.55th company-wideThen I was eliminated in the first round.74th National Sports FestivalIn the first roundHokkaidoFrom one-on-one to the representativePK battleLost in (5-6).

To the mascot characterYatagarasuIn 2020, when "Rivo-kun" was established, he won the Wakayama Prefecture Soccer Championship for 12 consecutive years.100th Emperor's CupParticipated in the second round, defeated MIO Biwako Shiga 1-0, and lost 0-5 in the league match in the third round.FC TIAMO HirakataVictory 3 to 2 after extension, XNUMXth roundFukuyama City FCLost 0 to 1.In the Kansai League 1st DivisionCoronavirusIn 7 games, he finished 2th with 2 wins, 3 draws, 8 losses and 6 points (company-wide and national sports festivals were canceled due to coronavirus).

Team results / successive coaches

League match

年度AffiliationRankingPointsmatchWinMinuteDefeatscoreGoaldifferencedirected by
2007Wakayama Prefecture Education---------Junichi Nakano
2008Wakayama Prefecture 3rd DivisionWin24880066165Nobuhiro Shiba
2009Wakayama Prefecture 2rd DivisionWin24880054252Hitoshi Harami
2010Wakayama Prefecture 1rd DivisionWin27990046442
2011Kansai2 part2 bit2614824372017
2012Kansai Section 15 bit17144551120-9
20136 bit13144191635.Yu Kawamura
20143 bit231472530237Shigeru Tsujimoto
2015Win33141103271314Yosuke Sakamoto
20173 bit241480623185
20185 bit20146262224-2
20193 bit221471627207
20206 bit87[*1]223915-6
20212 bit31141013321121

注 釈

  1. ^ Spread of COVID-XNUMX infectionAs a result, all the games from the first half of the previous term to the ninth half of the previous term were canceled, and only the second half of the schedule was held.

Emperor's cup

  • Participation 12 times (as of 2020)
892009May 91 RoundKisimi-dera2 3Sagahigashi High School (Saga)1,122
902010May 91 RoundGold bird star3 8Osaka University of Physical Education (Osaka)705
912011May 91 RoundTogenkyo0 5Sagawa Printing SC (Kyoto)354
922012May 91 RoundTogenkyo2-1 (ex)FC Gifu SECOND (Gifu)367
2012May 92 RoundAusta0 5Shimizu S-Pulse (J1)2,864
932013May 91 RoundTogenkyo2-3 (ex)Fujieda MYFC (Shizuoka)491
942014May 71 RoundKisimi-dera2-4 (ex)Fujieda MYFC (Shizuoka)783
952015May 81 RoundHigashiomi2-3 (ex)MIO Biwako Shiga (Shiga)329
962016May 81 RoundND studio1-2 (ex)Montedio Yamagata (J2)2,095
972017May 41 RoundKisimi-dera2-3 (ex)FC Maruyasu Okazaki (Aichi)843
982018May 51 RoundKisimi-dera2-3 (ex)Honda FC (Shizuoka)670
992019May 51 RoundKisimi-dera3 0Saga LIXIL FC (Saga)524
2019May 72 RoundYS Nagai1-3 (ex)Cerezo Osaka (J1)3,455
1002020May 92 RoundKisimi-dera1 0MIO Biwako Shiga (Shiga)393
2020May 103 RoundYS Nagai3-2 (ex)FC TIAMO Hirakata (Osaka)785
2020May 124 RoundWide area first1 2Fukuyama City FC (Hiroshima)596
1012021May 51 RoundKisimi-dera3-3 (ex PK4-5)Kyoto AC (Kyoto)318


  • Participation 4 times (as of 2019)
502014May 91 RoundTogenkyo2-1 (ex)Dezzolla Shimane EC700
2014May 92 Round3-3 (ex PK4-3)Kochi U Truster FC400
2014May 9quaterfinalsTogenkyo0 1Club Dragons300
512015May 101 Round2-1 (ex)Cobaltore Onagawa200
2015May 102 RoundHanamaki5 0Sapporo kicking team100
2015May 10quaterfinalsMorioka Minami B1 0FC Kariya100
2015May 10Semifinals2 1Line Mail Aomori FC200
2015May 10finalMorioka Minami A1-1 (ex PK5-3)Hannan University Club200
532017May 101 RoundMaruoka Hitomi Minami2 1Verfe Takahara Nasu156
2017May 102 RoundMaruoka Sa2 1Tegebagjaro Miyazaki270
2017May 10quaterfinals2 3VONDS Ichihara FC180
552019May 101 Round3-3 (PK1-4)Tokoha University Hamamatsu FC110

Land decision / Regional CL

  • Participation 2 times (as of 2016)
392015May 111 timesEhime ball0 1Saurucos Fukui250
2015May 112 1FC Imabari1088
2015May 110 3Hannan University Club168
402016May 111 timesFuji north foot0 1Suzuka Unlimited FC95
2016May 110 1Tokyo 23FC303
2016May 111 2J.FC MIYAZAKI147


League match

Cup match



ス タ ッ フ

PositionNameformer jobRemarks
directed byJapanese flag
coachJapanese flag Kazunori TakadaArterivo Wakayama Junior Youth Coach
coachJapanese flag Kosuke KadoshimaJapanese flag Arterivo Wakayama
GK coachJapanese flagJunior Youth GK Coach


PosNo.Player namePrevious affiliationRemarks
GK1Japanese flag Yuta UsukiJapanese flag Tokyo Musashino City FC
21Japanese flag Takuya KuwasuiJapanese flag FC Osaka
31Japanese flagTokoha UniversityNew member
41Japanese flagHimeji Dokkyo UniversityNew member
DF2Republic of Korea flagDemocratic People's Republic of Korea flagKorean UniversityJoin again
3Japanese flagJapanese flag Kochi United SCNew member
4Japanese flagJapanese flag FC KariyaNew member
13Japanese flagOsaka University of Physical EducationNew member
17Japanese flag Kazuki ShinoharaJapanese flag Fukui United FCNew member
22Japanese flagJapanese flag Nara ClubNew member
24Japanese flagHokuriku University
25Japanese flag Kanta TakahashiJapanese flag Line mail AomoriVice captain
27Japanese flag Yasuki OkuraJapanese flag Tokyo Musashino City FCNew member
MF5Japanese flagHimeji Dokkyo UniversityNew member
6Japanese flagOsaka Gakuin University
7Japanese flag captainKinki Universitycaptain
8Japanese flag Kento KatoJapanese flag The Spa Kusatsu GunmaVice captain
10Japanese flagJapanese flag FC Osaka
15Japanese flagJapanese flag Kyoto AC
20Japanese flagJapanese flag JAPAN Soccer CollegeNew member
26Japanese flagOtemon Gakuin University
FW9Japanese flag Kengo KuboJapanese flag FC OsakaNew member
11Japanese flag Ryosuke MonjiJapanese flag MIO Biwako ShigaNew member
17Japanese flag Nakanishi TomoyaJapanese flag Verspa Oita
19Japanese flag Yoshiaki SasakiJapanese flag FC OsakaNew member

Major players belonging to the past


Uniform color
カ ラ ーshirtPantsstockings
FP (1st)绿绿绿
FP (2nd)whiteNavy blueNavy blue
GK (1st)OrangeOrangeOrange
GK (2nd)tagtagtag
FP 1st
FP 2nd
GK 1st
GK 2nd

Team color

  •     绿

Uniform sponsor

Posting locationSponsor nameNotationPosted yearRemarks
chestTrans cosmostranscosmos
people & technology
Upper backIntellexJust curtain2007-2007-2010 is chest
("JUST CURTAIN" notation)
Lower backYamamoto SangyoYamamoto Sangyo2017-
sleeveNaris cosmetics Naris cosmetics 2018-
PantsWakayama Agricultural CooperativeCoco Kara.Wakayama2016-

Uniform supplier itinerary

Chronology of successive uniform sponsors

年度chestUpper backLower backsleevePantssupplier
2007JUST CURTAIN-Before ban--umbro
2008Gold bud riceJ: COMwbs Wakayama Broadcasting
2010J: COMMaruni FoodsKamada liquor storePENALTY
people & technology
Just curtainStrawberry village
2016-Coco Kara.Wakayama
2017Yamamoto SangyoGAViC
2018Naris cosmetics

Official song

  • Forza! Arterivo!
    Lyrics / Composition / Song:


  • Arterivo Wakayama U-15 --Junior Youth
  • Arterivo Yuasa --U-12


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