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⚽ | "If Matsu-san was alive, what would he be doing now?" A former Japanese national team player called "successor" has been in the 10-year section ...

Photo Yuto Chiba / BuzzFeed Yuzo Kurihara, clubship captain of Yokohama F. Marinos

"If Matsu-san was alive, what would he be doing now?" A former Japanese national team player called "successor" has been in the 10th year ...

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Marinos, the Olympics, and the World Cup ... I was convinced when I saw Mr. Matsuda's play reflected there over and over again.

It has been 10 years since Naoki Matsuda died in an accident while practicing.Played together at Yokohama F. Marinos and also with the "successor" ... → Continue reading

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World Cup

World Cup(British: world cup) Is a word often used in the names of international sports competitions. Often used as an abbreviation for those tournaments. "W cupIt may be written as ".


In team competitions, by countryWorld championshipSynonymous with (World's No. 4 Decision Competition) Many are held every four years.

In individual competitions, several to dozens of games are held in different parts of the world in one season, and the ranking of each match is converted into points, and the world tour format is used to determine the annual champion by the total score. Is held every year.

In many countries, the World Cupサ ッ カ ーWorld Championships by Country (FIFA World Cup) Often means.

The "World Cup" in competitions other than soccer is named after the success of the "FIFA World Cup."International Football Federation (FIFA) tried to register the name of the "World Cup" as a trademark, but since it was not recognized, it registered with the "FIFA World Cup". Therefore, the name of the World Cup can be used in other competitions.

Incidentally,New ZealandIn countries where rugby competitions such asRugby World Cup] In Northern Europe, where skiing is thriving, we refer to the World Cup for skiing, while the World Cup for soccer is called the "Soccer World Championship." Also,J LeagueBefore the openingJapanSpeaking of the World Cup,Volleyball world cup』I had a strong image.[Source required]

International sports competitions that include "World Cup" in the name

サ ッ カ ー

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Other ball games

Winter sports

ウ ォ ー タ ー ス ポ ー ツ

  • (ISAF Sailing World Cup)
  • (ASP World tour) (Professional surfing competition)
  • (World tour) (Pro windsurfing competition)
  • (World tour)
  • (Wakeboard World Series, WWA Wake Park World Series) (Wakeboard competition)

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