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⚾ | Senga's “ghost fork” that shocked the United States “What is that? Split?”

Photo SAMURAI JAPAN Kodai Senga [Photo: Yuji Arakawa]

Senga's "ghost fork" that shocked the United States "What is that? Split?"

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It's a one-two punch that is extremely difficult for batters to capture on both sides of the Pacific Ocean. "

US fans are also shocked "Wow, amazing control" ■ Japan 7-6 US (2nd, knockout stage ... → Continue reading


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punching(Punching) Orpunch(Punch) IsfistIs to grab and hit the object.mainlyFighting sports-Martial arts OfSkill(Batting technique).In that case,fist,Fist technique,Fist,blow,Fist,knuckleAlso called.


Hand OfMeansHold onfistA technique that causes damage by hitting by hitting the opponent's body with a fist by sticking out the arm forward or swinging it from either the top, bottom, left, or right direction.

In martial arts, it is classified as "strike" and ""Beating(Procedure) ”.There are two types of techniques: "pushing", in which the arm is pushed forward, and "striking", in which the arm is swung around, but there are both ways to punch.Hand sword,PrideTsuki that does not hold a fist such asOpen blowIs called, and is distinguished from punches.

Head, temples, etc.Key pointIt is possible to cause large damage such as KO and fatal injury if you aim at, but you will injure your own hand depending on how you hit it, the position you hit it, the timing etc.riskThere is also.

Punch has been incorporated into many martial arts and martial arts and is used in various names.In addition, there are many ways to punch, and there are many derivative techniques.


It is an event that fights only with punchesboxingVarious types of punches are used in.It is mainly divided into straight type with linear movement and hook / upper type with curved movement, but even with the same type of punch, how to apply force and how to move weight, or form and speed. It may have completely different properties depending on the change.Typical examples are jabs and straights.[Source required].

In addition, punching in boxing is a form that is conscious of continuous attacks, not to lose position, guarding at the same time as attacking, concentrating weight on the fist, transmitting the energy of the fist to the target, etc. There is a strong tendency to form punches with rational movements.

As a type of punch, the one that shoots with the instantaneous force of the arm without using the rotation of the waistJabIs.Those that pierce the dominant arm straight, mainly with the movement of the center of gravity and the rotation of the bodystraightIs.These punches are called straight type because of their trajectory.Also, the one that shoots a straight after the jabOne-two punch, Or simplyOne-twoIt is known as the most basic and effective combination.

Those who hit their fists horizontally from the sidehookIs.Also, a punch that draws an arc larger than the hookswing..What you shoot like pushing up from belowUppercutOr simplyupperIs called.For punches hit between the upper and hookJack DempseyWas good atExcavator hook,Donovan RuddockWas good atsmashThere is.These punches are called hook-upper type because of their trajectory, and especially the left hook is a bang with a high KO rate along with the right straight.

Aim at the abdomen instead of the opponent's headBody blowIt is classified into body straight, body hook, body upper, etc.Also, if the body blow is a hard puncherdownIt is possible to steal, but it is usually used as a tactic to stop the opponent's movement, steal stamina, or lower the guard to break the defense of the face.Of the body blow, the opponentEpigastriumWhat to aim forStomach blow, Aim at the other party's liverLever blow(River blow).

Martial arts, martial arts

martial arts-Martial arts(mainlykarate,Boxing) Is also used.It may also be used in professional wrestling and mixed martial arts.


There are many original derivative techniques in professional wrestling.Many are unique to professional wrestling and are rarely used in other martial arts.However, some techniques are used in mixed martial arts.

Basically, in professional wrestling, beating with a fist is a foul, regardless of country or group, even if you are wearing gloves.But in professional wrestlingrefereeIf you stop using the technique before counting 5 counts, it will not be a foul, so you are actually allowed to use it.However, most wrestlersTacit understanding of professional wrestlingTherefore, it does not seriously hit the opponent and cause fatal injury.JapanMost players use punches during the matchAmericaThen, it is said that "If you look at how to hit the punch, you can understand the skill of the wrestler", "1, do not cause fatal injury, only damage 2, do not break your fist 3, injure the opponent It is said that "I will not bear it" is the point to determine.


Knuckle part
In professional wrestling to avoid beating with a fistKnuckle partA derivative technique called (knuckle part) was born.In the game, it is hard to tell the difference from the knuckle punch described later, but the knuckle part is to hit the opponent with the bent finger side of the fist and the lower part of the palm.Many people apply this knuckle part to punching used in boxing and martial arts and use it in professional wrestling games.Terry FunkIs famous as a user, and was used by interweaving in the form of jabs and straights.
Knuckle punch
Similar to punching in other martial arts.The above knuckle part and this knuckle punch are the most used in professional wrestling, and some players use either one, while one wrestler uses these two types properly.Tenryu Genichiro TheGoo punchIt was used under the name of (mainly straight and jab).
Knuckle Arrow
ア ン ト ニ オ 猪 木The punch that was used by.bigbowAfter sprinkling with a unique form like pulling, hit the opponent at once.There were times when it was used in the knuckle part and times when it was used in the knuckle punch.Known as "Tekken sanctions".By the way, the action of pulling in the hand has nothing to do with the power itself.
Open hand blow
Had a career as a former amateur boxerBig van vaderThought, "I want to hit the ball in a professional wrestling match."UWF InternationalA technique developed in the times.The technique of holding a fist and hitting the opponent near the boundary between the arm and fist, around the wrist.Swing your arm from the side like a hook.He often aims at the head, and the opponent shakes his head greatly.It is powerful when the left and right arms are alternately and continuously extended.Since he does not hit with his fist, he can hit him as hard as he can without being fouled.The above VaderVader HammerUsed in the name of.recentlyTakeshi MorishimaIs used under the name Moricy Hammer.
Low blow
Punch to money.In order to avoid fatal injuries, many are delivered in the form of arm punches.
Hammer blow
Swing the punch down from above to the back of the opponent who is leaning forward.
Hammer punch
Punch out to the back of the standing opponent as if swinging down from above.Great antonio,Big john studdUsed by giant wrestlers such as.
Headlock punch
Head lockPunch to the top of the opponent's head while mastering.This technique is sometimes called "Tekken sanctions".
Double sledge hammer
In the United StatesDouble ax handleAlso called, with both hands folded above, swing down as it is, and hit the opponent with the part of the folded hands.What is used from the top ropeFlying Ax HandleAlso called,Randy SavageI was good at.
Running uppercut
Take a run-up to the standing opponent and deliver the uppercut.
Russian hook
Igor Bob ChanchinThe technique developed by.It is a technique to bend forward deeply at the moment of launching and hit the back of the hand against the face.This is Bob ChanchinRussian(To be exactUkrainian), And was once said to be a "punch that can't be tackled," and is also Russian (also ethnically Ukrainian).Emelianenko FedorAlso used.However, it is not often used in professional wrestling.
Death Yoza
Akitoshi SaitoBut the comedy combination "Home team"ofYoshiaki YozaRyukyu Karate-prepared right straight that was taught directly from.
TOPOriginal technique.The opponent sits on the corner, and while jumping with a run-up, the palm bottom is extended, but in rare cases the uppercut is extended.
Drum turbulence
Tag matchA technique that two to three people apply to one opponent.Line up around the opponent who leaned forward, and hit the back of the opponent all at once with both hands in small steps.Named because it looks like you are hitting a drum.

Use outside of martial arts

サ ッ カ ーInGoalkeeperRefers to playing the ball with a two-handed or one-handed fist.

Moreover,OshiokiAnd for commandments (so-called "Fist") Is also used.

Marine engineeringIn, it means that the wave hits the ship and the whole ship shakes greatly.


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