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🥋 | Irie, boxing girl's first gold Japan 18th, Tanaka also confirmed medal

Photo Sena Irie = Ryogoku Kokugikan rejoices in winning the women's featherweight final

Irie, boxing girl's first gold Japan 18th, Tanaka also confirmed medal

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Yukako Kawai (62) of the 23 kg class advanced to the semi-finals.

On the 12rd of the 3th day of the Tokyo Olympics, boxing was adopted by the women from the 2012 London Games, and featherweight Sena Irie (... → Continue reading

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Yukako Kawai

Yukako Kawai(Cute Yukako,1997May 8 -) isJapanGirlswrestlingplayer.IshikawaHebei-gunTsubata Townwhere one is from.The class is 63 kg.Height 162 cm.Japan BeverageAffiliation[1].. My sisterRio de Janeiro OlympicsWon the 63kg classRisako Kawai[2].Tokyo OlympicsSo I won the sister championship[3].


His father is a former student champion of Greco-Roman wrestling, and his mother is in 1989.World championshipBorn under a wrestling family who participated in the 53 kg class and ranked 7th[4][5]..Wrestling started in the Kanazawa Junior Class with my sister Risako and my sister Yuriko.[6].Tsubata Junior High SchoolIn the second yearJunior Queen's CupWon the 48kg class in junior high school[2]..Chasing my sisterShigakukan High SchoolIf you go to, in the second yearJunior Queen's CupWon the 56kg class in the Cadet section of the Krippan Women's International Tournament[2].. In the second year with the Junior Queen's CupJunior olympicIf you win the 60kg class in the Cadet section,World Cadet ChampionshipBut I got in 3rd place[2].. At the time of 3 yearsFILA Golden Grand Prix60rd place in the 3kg class[2].All Japan ChampionshipThen, in the final, I had a sister showdown with my sister Risako, but I lost the technical fall of 0-10.[7].

In 2016Togakukan UniversityIn the first year, he won the Junior Queen's Cup Junior Division 1kg class.At the All Japan Wrestling Championships, he was third in the 63kg class.[2][8].. In the second year, he won the Junior Queen's Cup and the Junior Olympic Junior Division 2kg class respectively.All Japan Selection ChampionshipThen it was 3th[2].World JuniorSo stayed in 9th place[2]..In addition, 63 kg classWorld championshipWas the representativeAyaka ItoWas unable to participate due to injury, so immediately after returning from World Junior, he decided to participate in the deciding match for a replacement player, where he and Yurika ItoAyana GempeiWas defeated and decided to represent the world championship.Initially, he was not scheduled to participate in the decisive battle because he was third in both the All-Japan Wrestling Championship and the All-Japan Selection Championship, but as a result of a direct interview with the Olympic gold medalist's sister to have his sister participate in the leaders, he went to the decisive battle. It is said that participation in the war has been decided[9]..Simultaneous participation in the world championships with sistersChiharu IchoとIchoen,Hitomi SakamotoとMakiko SakamotoIt became the third group following[10]..At the World Championships, he was mistaken for his sister who won the Olympics and was selected as the second seed.Although he honestly reported to the referees that he was wrong, he commented that he was "lucky" because the lottery was not redone.However, in the match, he lost to a Colombian player in the third round and finished 2th.[11][12].All Japan Student ChampionshipThen won[2].World CupThen, he contributed to the team's victory by winning all the games, including the fall victory against China in the final.[2][13]..If you participate in the 59kg class at the All Japan Championship, you will be in the finalNihon University1 yearsYuzuru KumanoDefeated and won the first victory.My sister also won the 62kg class, so she won the sister championship.[14][15].. In April 2018TakasakiIn the World Cup held in China, he and his sister won all the games and contributed to the victory of the Japanese team, such as defeating the 2016 60kg class world champion Pei Xingru in the final match against China.[16][17].. In the third year, he participated in the 3kg class of the All Japan Selection Championship and won the championship.In July of the previous year, my sister won the All Japan Championship in this class, so in July I played off with my sister.World championshipThe representative was supposed to be decided, but since my sister won the 59 kg class in this tournament, I did not play off and was decided to represent the world championship in the 62 kg class.[18].. In the October World Championships, he lost to Bulgaria's Taybe Yusein 10-2 in the final and did not win the sister championship with his sister Risako, who won the 6kg class.[19][20][21].. In MayU-23 World ChampionshipThen, I won the technical fall in all the games and won the championship.[2][22][23].. December All Japan Championship is in the finalDay university2 yearsYuzuru KumanoDefeated 3-0 to win the championship[24].. In the 4th year of AprilAsian ChampionshipIn the final, Kyrgyzstan's Aisuluu Tinibekova lost to a come-from-behind defeat and finished second.[25].. In the final of the All Japan Selection Championship in JuneYuzuka InagakiDefeated and won the championship for the second time in a rowWorld championshipWas chosen[26].. Lost to Tinibekova in the third round of the World Championships in September[27]..After that, he won the repechage and finished third.Since he won a medal in this tournament, he got the right to represent the Olympics by regulation.My sister won the 3kg class, so she decided to participate in the Olympics as a sister.[28].. In SeptemberNaritaContributed to the Japanese team's fifth straight victory in the World Cup held in Japan[29].. In the Asian Wrestling Championships in February 2020, he won the championship by defeating Tinibekova in the first match.[30].. August 2021Tokyo OlympicsThen, in the semi-finals, he defeated former world champion Taybe Mustafa Yusein of Bulgaria 3-2, and in the final he defeated Tinibekova 4-3 to win the championship.[31]..The next day, my sister won the Olympic Games for the second time in a row, so she became a sister gold medalist at the same tournament.[32]..As a Japanese player, through the summer and winter,Nana Takagi,Miho TakagiSisters,Abe XNUMX,Abe poetryBecame the third sister gold medalist following the brothers and sisters[3].


Kumi KoudaFan of[33].

Main battle record

  • 2010- National Junior High School Championship 3rd place (41kg class)
  • 2011- Junior Queen's Cup Junior high school student 3rd place (44kg class)
  • 2011- Junior olympic 2nd place in Cadet (46kg class)
  • 2011-National Junior High School Championship 3rd place (46kg class)
  • 2012- Junior Queen's Cup Junior high school championship (48kg class)
  • 2012-National Junior High School Championship 3rd place (48kg class)
  • 2013-Junior Queen's Cup Cadet Championship (56kg class)
  • 2013- Junior olympic 3nd place in Cadet (56kg class)
  • 2014-Krippan Women's International Tournament Cadet Championship (56kg class)
  • 2014-Junior Queen's Cup Cadet Championship (60kg class)
  • 2014-Junior Olympic Cadet Championship (60kg class)
  • 2014- World Cadet Championship 3rd place (60kg class)
  • 2014-All Japan Women's Open High School Student Championship (60kg class)
  • 2015-Junior Queen's Cup Junior Division 3rd place (59kg class)
  • 2015-Junior Olympics Junior Division 3rd place (59kg class)
  • 2015-Inter-High 2nd place (60kg class)
  • 2015-All Japan Women's Open Senior Division Winner (60kg class)
  • 2015- FILA Golden Grand Prix 3rd place (60kg class)
  • 2015- All Japan Championship 2rd place (60kg class)
  • 2016-Krippan Women's International Tournament 3rd place (63kg class)
  • 2016-Junior Queen's Cup Junior Division Winner (63kg class)
  • 2016-All Japan Championship 3rd place (60kg class)

Battle record in the 63kg class

Battle record in the 59kg class

  • 2017-All Japan Championship championship
  • 2018 --World Cup victory

Battle record in the 62kg class



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