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⚽ | [Tokyo Olympics] Men's soccer loses Japan to Spain in semi-finals America loses to women


[Tokyo Olympics] Men's soccer loses Japan to Spain in semi-finals America loses to women

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Midfielder Becky Lynch will be the first Olympic medalist to announce transgender.

Tokyo Olympic soccer had a men's semi-final on the 3rd, and Japan lost to Spain and missed the first final.Before… → Continue reading


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Olympic medalist


Transgender(English: Transgender) Means when you were bornAssigned genderIs ownGender identityorGender expressionIs a comprehensive term for people who are different from[1][2][3][4].Sexual minorityCan be mentioned as one of[5].

Gender identity, also known as gender identity or gender identity, is one's own gender (gender) Is recognized.That is, a transgender woman is a person who has a female gender identity and is assigned to a male at birth, and a transgender male is a person who has a male gender identity and is assigned to a female at birth.Gender identity may not be female or male.Usually used in combination with nouns that refer to people, such as "transgender people" and "transgender women," as words that describe people.[6][7].. TransgenderTransformerIt may be abbreviated as.Corresponds to the translated wordGender identity disorderIs inappropriate, in JapaneseGender cross-borderMay be called[8].


Strictly transgender means more than oneGender identityIn addition to gender identity (trans women and trans men), which is the opposite of the gender assigned at birth, men and women (trans women)Gender binary system) Gender identity ()X gender, Non-binary,Gender queer, Gender, etc.)[9][10][11].. TransgenderThird gender (described later)May include[12][13].

Many transgender people feel gender dysphoria (gender dysphoria), so in order to eliminate the dysphoriaHormone replacement therapyAndGender-adaptive surgery,PsychotherapyMay use medical measures such as[14].. Some people do not want or need such measures, while others cannot choose for financial, medical or institutional reasons.[14][15]..Of the medical procedures, some who wish to have a physical gender transition (transition) may wish to be called transsexual.[16][17]In recent years, many people want to be called transgender with or without transitions.[18].

Typically,Gender expressionIs often associated with the person's gender identity, but this is not always the case.[19][20].. Reminiscent of or specific genderSex roleSimilar appearances, behaviors and attitudes do not necessarily mean having a gender identity that matches them.

Being transgender means that personSexuality (sexual orientation)Is an independent concept[21][22].. That is,Heterosexuality,Homosexuality,Bisexual,AsexualThere are transgender people with diverse sexualities, including. Also, a system that benefits the sexually oriented LGB does not always benefit transgender.[21].

For transgender people, those who have the same gender identity as the gender assigned at birth (non-transgender people)Cis genderDescribed as[23].

Transgender history

For non-traditional gender identity in non-Western societies,Third genderSee section.

As a medical conceptTranssexual(In Japan todayTranssexualThe parties to what is called their gender identity (equivalent to what is called)Gender identity) Is a term that the parties began to use as a self-proclaimed term in the late 1980s in order to avoid discriminatory labeling that it is a mental illness.Cross dresser,(English editionIt is sometimes coined by, but it is inaccurate. She contributed significantly to the spread of the term, but is not an advocate).

Transvestite and transsexual

Montreal DeclarationOr later,European Union,United Nations OfHuman rights issuesIn official documents dealing with, transsexuals that require hormone therapy or surgical treatment (gender transition,ICD-10 F64.0en: transsexualismEquivalent to) and does not require such treatmentGender identityPermanent or temporary byCross dress(ICD-10 F64.1en: dual-role transvestism(Equivalent to) are collectively referred to as "transgender." But these international organizationsGender-adaptive surgeryBecause the need for insurance coverage is stated in a series of official documents, transsexuals that require surgical treatment and legal gender changes,Gender identityDerived fromCross-dresser(Transvestite or Crossdresser) and others are not confused by the word "transgender."

The transsexual problem alone is extremely small in number of parties (minorities among minorities), despite being unfairly stigmatized and persecuted.Human rights issuesBecause it was difficult to officially pick up as, it is in a similar situationCross-dresserInclusively, the expression "transgender" has come to be used because of the need for human rights relief to be an issue in international public institutions.LGBTAt first glanceHomosexualityFor the same reason, expressions that give the impression of being confused with transgender have come to be used publicly.

Change of concept

Previously, it was a term that explained only one process of gender transition in the body as follows.

  • Suffering from gender identity and assigned gender mismatch
  • TV (=Transvestite.. By wearing clothes of the opposite sex, the discomfort of gender is alleviated)
  • TG (= transgender. Administering sex hormones to improve your bodyGender identity(State of cross-dressing, etc.)
  • TS (Transsexual.hormoneEven if the body changes due to administration, the problem cannot be solved, and surgical operationgenitalAppearance ofGender identityClose to the genitalsGender identityState of living by gender)

Today surgery (=Gender-adaptive surgery) Existence of unwanted gender transition (gender identity disorder) parties and medical care for gender transition (gender identity disorder) parties in JapanInfrastructureThere are many people who do not follow this process due to delays in maintenance, etc., and when living with a gender identity different from the assigned gender, these people in general are referred to as transgender. ..

However, in the Nordic countries, the expression "transgender" does not include transsexuals as a loan word meaning a cross-dresser and has a negative meaning.スウェーデン,ノルウェーInstead of "Transpelson" (SwedishThen.sv: TranspersonFormalLegal termAs "könsövers kridande",NorwegianThen.no: Transperson) Is used.なおフィンランド語にはトランスセクシュアルと異性装を包括する概念がなくTranssexualismのIn Finnish, there is no concept that includes transsexual and cross-dressing, and transsexualismFinnishThe shape "fi: TranssukupuolisuusPlease note that the expression "" is used.

X gender

Some of the transgenders are "X genderThere are also those who are.This mainly applies to those who have "amphoteric," "asexual," or "neutral" gender identity.There are various aspects, such as those who identify with different genders and those who identify with different genders in parts of their minds.Although there are individual differences, I feel confused because I don't know whether my heart is male or female, or I feel discomfort or pain in an environment where I am forced to be either male or female.However, this aspect of "X gender" is very similar to the symptoms of dissociative identity disorder in atypical cases with memorable switching (personality conversion), and the replaced heterosexual minds were divergent personalities. Therefore, it is premature to assume that it is a gender identity disorder.

For these X-gender people, it is medical (often considered that a person with gender identity disorder has identity to either male or female).Gender identity disorderAlthough it may be said that it does not meet the diagnostic criteria of, in the actual medical practice, the diagnostic criteria of "gender dysphoria" of DSM5 describes the alternative gender, so if you go to psychiatry, Gender and asexuality also fall into the category of psychiatric disorders.

Also, because the prefix "trans" has the nuance of "a complete transition from one gender to the other on the premise of the dualistic gender view of" male "and" female "in the world." For example, those who have their own gender, such as "X gender," or who deny gender as a social institution, (gender bender, Gender twister), (gender blender, People who mix gender),Gender queer(genderqueer, Who does not fit into the existing gender framework, or who is fluid).

Detail is,X genderSee.


Some transgenderGender identityMay not be male or female.Those who take the position of gender, which is not limited to either of these men and women, are especially called non-binary.People close to this in some non-Western cultures were traditionally recognized as the third gender.For exampleNavajoNadur,India OfHijra,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euGave Doche or Mathie Embla,ZambiaKwol Atumol,フィリピン-CebuBayot or Rakin On,IndonesiaWallia,TahitiMuffs, Filipino Bakura and Bakuran,IndonesiaVinci,ThailandKathoey or Saopla Passon,MyanmarAcolt,MalayAcne,OmanHannies,トルコCocheck,セネガルGoldiguna,モロッコHassasu etc.[24].アルバニアWill live as a man from the day the woman applies until she diesOath virginThere is a culture[25].

Transgender pride flag

The most prominent of the transgender flag designs[26]Is known as the "Transgender Pride Flag," a symbol of transgender pride and diversity, and transgender rights.

Transgender Pride Flag is an American trans woman(English editionCreated in 1999 by Arizona, USA in 2000PhoenixFirst announced at the Pride Parade[27][28].

The flag represents the transgender community and consists of five horizontal stripes (two light blue, two pink and one white) in the center.

Helms describes the meaning of the transgender pride flag as follows:[29][30].

"The upper and lower horizontal stripes are light blue, which is the traditional color of baby boys, and the stripe next to them is pink, which is the traditional color of baby girls. The middle stripe is white.IntersexFor those who are in transition, or who believe they have a neutral or undefined gender.No matter how you raise this flag, it is always right and means finding accuracy in our lives. "

In the UK(English editionThe councilTransgender Day of RemembranceThis flag is displayed on[31].Transport for LondonAlso in 2016(English editionToLondon Underground Of(English editionThe flag was raised from the headquarters.

For the first time on November 2012th and 11th, 19 in San FranciscoCastro districtLarge public flag hoist (usuallyRainbow flagIs displayed)[29][32][33].. To commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance, the flag-raising ceremony was held locally.Drag QueenPresided over by La Monistat[33][34].

On August 2014, 8, Monica Helms donated the Transgender Pride Flag to the Smithsonian National Museum of American History.[35].

2016 years,Santa Clara CountyBecame the first county government in the United States to raise the transgender pride flag[36].


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