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⚾ | [MLB] Is Shohei Ohtani faster than a superhero? U.S. movie-related people also pay attention to "quick hits" "talented"

Shohei Ohtani, the Angels who hit infield hits in the first at bat [Photo: AP]

[MLB] Is Shohei Ohtani faster than a superhero? U.S. movie-related people also pay attention to "quick hits" "talented"

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Also, Eric Monasselli, the senior director of "Marvel", which makes a superhero movie, seemed to be surprised at Otani's speed and was "really ridiculously talented".

Otani who marked the 6th multi-hit this season for the first time in 30 games against the Rangers ■ Angels 11-3 Rangers… → Continue reading


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Super hero movie

Super hero movie(Superhero Eiga, Superhero film / Superhero movie / Superhero motion picture) is one of the movie genres, one or more.Super heroRefers to a movie that focuses on the activities of.The first of these films is the awakening of the protagonist's abilities and the mainSuper villainThere are many works that depict the confrontation with.Most superhero movies(English editionIs based on, but "ロ ボ コ ッ プseries""Mr. IncrediblesThere are also original movie works such as "Series".

The genre had been sluggish for a long time, but in the 2000s,X-MEN series''Spider-man series''The Dark Knight Trilogy''Marvel Cinematic Universe], Etc., established the position of a popular genre in the world.These worksAcademy awardsIt has won movie awards such as, and has gained high support from the audience.



When superheroes appeared in manga and became well known, they were based on superheroes in 1939.Continuous play"Mandrake the MagicianWas released, and(English edition''(English edition''T''(English edition''(English editionWas followed.But then happened(English editionUnder the influence ofSuperman and the Mole Men''(English editionNo longer screened with the exception of[1]..As an early superhero movie, "Golden bat] Can also be mentioned[2]..In addition to this, the French "Mr. Freedom』And AmericanB-grade movie"Rat Pfink a Boo Boo''The Wild World of BatwomanA work with a strong comedy color such as[3][4].


"Star wars seriesWith the success of the movie industryFantasySFAttracted attention, and in it, "SupermanIs the first big-budget movie for a superhero movie and has been a box office success. In the 1980s, as a sequel to the same work,Superman II AdventureIs released, and "ロ ボ コ ッ プAnd 'バ ッ ト マ ンA superhero movie with box office success has appeared[5]..As a representative superhero movie of this period, "Flash Gordon''Phantom Swamp Thing Shadow Hero''Conan the Great''Superman III''(English edition''King of Destroyer / Conan PART2''Devil's poisonous monster''Superman IV''Mr. India''The Punisher''Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles''Sgt. Kabukiman NYPD''Rocketia''Batman returns''Batman/Mask of Phantasm''shadow''Batman forever''Tank girl''Power Rangers / Movie version''T''Steel''Mystery MenIs listed[6][7][8].. 『Captain America Ambition of the EmpireIs sold as a video, not as a theater release,The Fantastic FourWas canceled on the way[6].

Published in 1994 ``Crow/Flying legendEstablished the status of the first franchised superhero movie[6]..The film pioneered the violent depictions that were lacking in previous superhero films for young audiences and is contemporary.Action moviePlayed a bridge with[9]..The success of this work is "SpawnThe success of the "darker" cartoon character movie changed the direction of comic books and movies.Marvel comicsImmediatelyMen in Black''Braid] Was produced and franchised.Marvel after acquiring Malibu Comics, which owned the rights to Men in BlackColumbia PicturesReleased the movie of the same work with and released the comic[10]..The same work was published in 2002SpidermanWas Marvel's first property with the highest box office record until it was released.[11].. "Blade" is a combination of traditional action movies and dark superhero movies, with the main character having supernatural powers and using a large number of weapons.[9]..The success of the film provided an opportunity for the success of Marvel movies and the development of more comic movies.[12][13].

2000 era

The 1990s were a success in comic movies, including the comic book boom and superhero movies.[14].. In the 21st century, more profitable superhero movies became the focus, many of them Marvel Enterprises.TV series "X-MenFollowing the success of the series20th Century FoxAcquired the rights to make the film into a movie in 1994[15]..Also, after the success of "Men in Black", the Columbia movie was released in 1999.Spiderman』Acquired the right to make a movie[16].. Published in 2000X-MenWas franchised with box office success[17], Published in the same yearUnbreakableWas also successful, adding a realist element to the genre.[18][19]..Then, in 2002, "Spider-Man" was released and became the biggest hit.[20]..Due to the good sales of tickets and DVDs, the work was released in the 2000s.Daredevil''League of Legends / Battle beyond time and space''Hulk''Cat woman''Hellboy''The Punisher''Sky Captain World of Tomorrow''Batman Begins''Giant monster Munising''Fantastic Four [Super Power Unit]''Ghost rider''Ironman''The Incredible Hulk''Watchmen] And several superhero movies were released every year.

Multiple media criticsAmerican terrorist attacksWe believe that the political and social climate of Western society since then has contributed to the growing popularity of superhero movie franchises in the new century.[21]There are also opinions that advances in special effects technology have played an important role.[22]..Another opinion is that it presents various stories to the audience that take advantage of the flexibility of the genre of the original manga.A common element is that all heroes have special abilities and wear unique costumes.ホ ラ ー("Blade Series"),Thriller("Unbreakable]),Historical drama("Captain America/The First Avenger]),Space opera("Guardians of the Galaxy』), Family comedy ("Mr. Incredibles』), Teenage comedy ("Spider-Man: Homecoming]),Heist movie("Ant man』), Political drama ("Captain America/Winter Soldier]),Western("LOGAN]) And various genres are used[23].

During this period,Blade 2''X-MEN2''Spiderman 2''Blade 3''Electra''X-MEN: Final Decision''TMNT''Spiderman 3''Fantastic Four: Galactic Crisis''Hellboy/Golden Army''dark Knight''Wolverine: X-MEN ZERO] And other series sequels and spin-off works were produced.When the production of the sequel or spin-off work is finished, reset the previous settings and recreate itrebootThe work was produced and "Batman Begins''The Incredible Hulk''Punisher: War ZoneWas released. Published in 2006, "Superman ReturnsWas produced as a sequel to the second work "Superman II / Adventure", and the settings after the third work have not been followed.[24].

HollywoodAs a superhero movie produced by other thanFaust: Love of the Damned''ULTRAMAN''CASSHERN''Gatchaman''Cicak Man''(English edition''Drone''(English edition''(English edition''Mercury man"and so on.

2010 era

Even in the 2010s, box office revenues for superhero movies remained at the same high levels as in the last decade.[25].. In 2010Kick ass''Iron man 2, In 2011Green Hornet''Green lantern''X-MEN: First Generation''Mighty Thor"Captain America: The First Avenger" has been released. In 2012Ghost Rider 2Was released, but the reaction was not good[26], Superhero movies occupy the top box office revenue in the summer movie market,ア ベ ン ジ ャ ー ズ』And three works dominated the box office ranking[27]..In addition, "Avengers" broke the box office record of superhero movies so far.[28].

2012 yearsSan Diego Comic ConAnnounced that it is planning to make a movie of "Ant-Man" and "Guardians of the Galaxy". In 2013,Iron man 3''Mighty Thor / Dark World''Wolverine: SAMURAIWas released, and in 2014, "Captain America / Winter Soldier" was released.Published in the same year, "The Amazing Spider-Man 2Received the lowest box office revenue in the series, while "X-MEN: Future & PastWas a box office success. In 2015,Avengers: Age of UltronWas released. "Marvel Cinematic UniverseFollowing the success ofDC ComicsAlso"DC Extended Universe, And 20th Century Fox rebooted the "Fantastic Four Series" to "Fantastic fourWas produced[29]. Also,(English editionAnnounced a policy to create a new superhero movie by building its own world view in collaboration with DMG Entertainment in China[30].

In 2016, "X-MEN series" "デ ッ ド プ ー ル''X-MEN: ApocalypseIs released,Warner BrothersDepicted Batman and SupermanBatman vs Superman Justice Birth, With Supervillain as the main characterSuicide Squad] Was produced.on the other hand,Marvel StudioIsCivil War/Captain America''Doctor strangeWas produced, and in October of the same year, "Max SteelWas released[31].

In 2017Lions GateWith a view to franchising,Power Ranger], But failed in the box office.In contrast, "X-MEN series" "LOGANWas a box office success and was highly praised by critics.In the summer of the same year,Guardians of the Galaxy: Remix''Wonder Woman''Spider-Man: HomecomingMonopolized the box office revenue ranking[32].. In 2018African AmericanProduced by the staff cast ofBlack pantherWas released and received high praise[33].. 『Avengers/Infinity WarHas achieved worldwide success with box office revenue of over $ 20 billion[34][35], 20th Century Fox production "Deadpool 2Was also a box office success[36].


Animated superhero work is a video through (Marvel animation,(English edition), But it was released in theaters in 1993.Batman/Mask of Phantasm』Has been successful. In 1968, in Italy, Superman's parody work "VIP my Brother SupermanWas released and received high praise[37][38]. In 2004Pixar Animation StudioDepicts the superhero familyMr. Incredibles』Produced,Academy Feature Film AwardWas awarded. In 2010Dreamworks animationIsMega mind』, In 2014Walt Disney Animation StudiosIsBay Max] Was produced.In the same year, Warner Bros.LEGO movieWas produced and achieved a box office success, followed by "Lego batman the movieWas produced.


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