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🎾 | New star Raducanu loses first match in the first tournament since the breakthrough "Wimbledon"

Radukanu in the photo "WTA250 Nottingham"

Rising star Raducanu loses first match in the first tournament since the breakthrough "Wimbledon"

If you write the contents roughly
After "Wimbledon", Ladukanu had the opportunity to change his mood by watching the "EURO (European Championship)" final in London, watching the British Grand Prix in F1, and visiting the elementary school he graduated from.

Emma Raducanu (UK), an 18-year-old rising star who boiled "Wimbledon" last month, said "WTA500 Sanno ... → Continue reading


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British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix(British Grand Prix, British Grand Prix) IsThe United KingdomDone inMotor sports Ofrace. CurrentlyF1It is held as an event of.

When the F1950 World Championship was held for the first time in 1Round 1Is this British Grand Prix and is one of the most traditional races in F1.

F1 races with names other than the British Grand Prix held in the UK are also described in this item.


1926Held for the first time in1928~1947The event has been held after the interruption.1950After that, it was launched in the same yearF1With the same name in F1Grand PrixIs held without fail for a year with this British Grand PrixItalian GPOnly.

F1950 Grand Prix in 1Round 1When it was held for the first time asSilverstone CircuitIt was done in.from,Brands HatchThe British Grand Prix was held at circuits such as 1987, but it has been held at Silverstone since XNUMX.

Due to a number of issues such as the aging of Silverstone facilities and financial and entertainment issues including the ban on tobacco advertising, 2010Donington Park CircuitIt was once announced that the event would be held in Japan, but after that, the circuit management company at Donington Park failed to raise funds for the course renovation, making it difficult to hold F1.[1]..Therefore, it is highly possible that the event will continue in Silverstone after 2010.[2], 2009, December 12, 7, it was decided to hold the British Grand Prix until 2026 at Silverstone.

However, the owner of the Silverstone Circuit, the British Racing Drivers Club (BRDC), said2017 British Grand PrixImmediately before the event, the contract was shortened until 2019 by exercising the cancellation clause of the event contract because the economic loss would be too large due to the increased burden of the event cost.[3].. During this time,UKAlthough it was considered to be held in the city[4], The contract expires2019With Silverstone2024The holding contract was signed[5]..In addition, run F1Liberty mediaWill continue to explore the possibility of hosting in downtown London[6].

Held circuit

1926First held and the next1927 TheBrooklandsIs held in1928~1947Although it was not held for 20 years1948Place toSilverstoneIt has been held again every year since then, with occasional changes in venue.

1948~1954Until then in Silverstone. 1955 times in 1957, 1959, 1961, 1962, 5AintreeIt was held in Silverstone in 1956, 1958, 1960 and 1963.

Even-numbered years from 1 to 1964 after F1986 was no longer held at AintreeBrands Hatch, Odd years were held alternately at Silverstone Circuit, but since 1987 it has been held at Silverstone Circuit.

1983-1985-1993-2020Is a name that is not the British Grand Prix in the UKGrand PrixHowever, it is co-sponsored with the British Grand Prix.Details will be described laterF1 races other than the British Grand Prixchecking ...

F1 races other than the British Grand Prix

There are races that have been given different names while being held in the UK. It was held twice this year in one country, but due to the principle of holding one in one country, etc.European GPWas given the name.Also, in 202070th anniversary GPThe second event was held.

Brands Hatch held
Held in 1983 and 1985.The race held at Brands Hatch was named after the European Grand Prix because Silverstone was named after the British Grand Prix.teethBrabham-BMW OfNelson Picket,1985 TheWilliams-Honda OfNigel MansellWon the championship.
Donington Park held
1993Held only once in. Often used in two-wheeled world championships,Donington ParkIt was held in.McLaren-Ford OfAyrton SennaWon the championship.
Silverstone held
It was announced that in 2020, it will be held in the same Silverstone for two consecutive weeks, the first week will be held as the British GP and the second week will be held as the 2th anniversary GP.[7].

Notable past races

Here are some of the races that have happened or are memorable among the many British Grand Prix events.

  • 1950 --Held as a memorable first round of the F1 World Championship, which was established this year,Alfa romeo OfGiuseppe FarinaWon the championship.Alfa Romeo monopolized the following 4th place.
  • 1951 ――Defeating Alfa Romeo, which has been undefeated since the previous year,FerrariWon the first victory.Team ownerEnzo FerrariLeft the saying, "I have killed my mother."
  • 1955 - メ ル セ デ スBelongs toSterling mossAchieved his first F1 victory locally.
  • 1957 --With MossTony BrooksShares the machine and wins.Two British drivers and a British machine (Vanwall) Was a memorable victory.
  • 1965 - Jim ClarkWon the British GP 4 consecutive times.
  • 1968 - Rob Walker Racing Team OfJoe Siffer Lotus 49BFirst victory in F1.The team won the championship1961 German GPIt was the first and last time in seven years since Moss.
  • 1973 --On the home straight on the second lap of the raceJody SchecterMachine spins.Eight machines crashed one after another on a machine that got stuck on the course, the first time in the F8 World ChampionshipRed flagThe race was interrupted at.In this accidentAndrea De AdamichBroke his leg and cut off his F1 career.
  • 1976 --The red flag was restarted due to multiple accidents immediately after the start, and the machine was repaired during the suspension.James HuntWon the championship.However, Ferrari disputed and Hunt was disqualified two months later.[8].
  • - Williams OfClay LegazzoniWon, Williams won his first victory.
  • 1987 --With Williams using the Honda engineLotusMonopolized 1st to 4th place.The winner was Nigel Mansell of Williams, Nelson Piquet of Williams in 2nd place, Ayrton Senna of Lotus in 3rd place, and Lotus in 4th place.Satoshi NakajimaMet.
  • 1992 ――It was suitable for the triumphant return race of Mansell, who drove Williams Renault, who boasts overwhelming fighting power, and ran alone in the driver's ranking.Mansell set the fastest time in all sessions from Friday's free practice session.In the final race, he did not give up the lead in all laps and was secondRicardo PatreseWon with a difference of about 40 seconds.Fastest lapAlso recordGrand slamWas achieved.
  • 1994 --WilliamsDamon HillIs a local victory.Benetton OfMichael Schumacher TheBlack flagHe was disqualified for ignoring and was ordered to suspend two more races.
  • - Johnny HerbertIs the first F1 victory.
  • 1999 --Ferrari Schumacher crashes into the tire wall due to a brake problem.I broke my right leg and was forced to miss.
  • 2003 --During the final raceアイルランドCleric fromNeil HoranRushed into the course with a placard with a religious message on it.He was arrested and convicted of two months in prison.
  • 2013 --On Saturday free runMcLaren OfSergio Perez, And in the final race of MercedesLewis Hamilton, FerrariFelipe Massa,Toro Rosso OfJean-Eric Vergne, And the abnormal situation where the left rear tire of Perez bursts one after another.Immediately after Vergne burstsSafety carEntered[9][10]..In response to this, we exclusively supply tiresPirelliConducted a thorough investigation of the cause and concluded that the cause was improper use such as attaching the tires upside down or lowering the air pressure, or the curb of the circuit.[11]..But on the other hand, PirelliInternational Automobile FederationIt is also reported that the tire structure was changed without permission from (FIA) and each team.[12].
  • 2017 --Hamilton achieves 4 consecutive wins in the British GP since Clark in the Grand Slam.Also, the total number of wins at the British Grand Prix is ​​with Clark.Alan ProstLined up in[13].
  • 2019 --Hamilton is a teammateValtelli BottusAchieved the sixth win in total, becoming the sole top of the British Grand Prix.
  • 2020 ――Hamilton was forced to run on three wheels due to an accident where the left front tire punctured on the final lap, but he kept the lead and won the championship.[14].
  • 2021 ――The first qualifying in F1 history in sprint race formatMax VerstappenTo win the pole position[15]On the first lap, the race came into contact with Hamilton and was pushed off the track, crashing into the tire barrier and ending in retirement.Due to this accident, a red flag was issued and the race was interrupted.Hamilton was penalized with a 1-second time penalty after the race resumed, but took the lead in the accident mentioned above.Charles LeclercPassed at the end of the race and won a come-from-behind victory[16].

Past results and holding circuit

British GP

The results after 1, which was held as the F1950 World Championship, are described.For the transition of the course layout of Silverstone Circuit,Silverstone Circuit # Repair HistorySee.

YearsFinal dayroundcircuitwinnerConstructorResult
1950May 51SilverstoneItalian flag Giuseppe FarinaAlfa romeoDetails
1951May 75SilverstoneArgentina flag Jose Fraulan GonzalezFerrariDetails
1952May 75SilverstoneItalian flag Albert AscariFerrariDetails
1953May 76SilverstoneItalian flag Albert AscariFerrariDetails
1954May 75SilverstoneArgentina flag Jose Fraulan GonzalezFerrariDetails
1955May 76AintreeBritish flag Sterling mossメ ル セ デ スDetails
1956May 76SilverstoneArgentina flag Juan Manuel FangioFerrariDetails
1957May 75AintreeBritish flag Tony Brooks
British flag Sterling moss
1958May 77SilverstoneBritish flag Peter CollinsFerrariDetails
1959May 75AintreeAustralian flag Jack BrabhamCooper-climaxDetails
1960May 77SilverstoneAustralian flag Jack BrabhamCooper-ClimaxDetails
1961May 75AintreeWest Germany flag Wolfgang von TripsFerrariDetails
1962May 75AintreeBritish flag Jim ClarkLotus-climaxDetails
1963May 75SilverstoneBritish flag Jim ClarkLotus-climaxDetails
1964May 75Brands HatchBritish flag Jim ClarkLotus-climaxDetails
1965May 75SilverstoneBritish flag Jim ClarkLotus-climaxDetails
1966May 74Brands HatchAustralian flag Jack BrabhamBrabham-RepcoDetails
1967May 76SilverstoneBritish flag Jim ClarkLotus-FordDetails
1968May 77Brands HatchSwiss flag Joe SifferLotus-Ford
(Rob Walker)
1969May 76SilverstoneBritish flag Jackie StewartMatra-Ford
(Matra International)
1970May 77Brands HatchAustrian flag Jochen LindtLotus-FordDetails
1971May 76SilverstoneBritish flag Jackie StewartTyrrell-FordDetails
1972May 77Brands HatchBrazilian flag Emerson FittipaldiLotus-FordDetails
1973May 79SilverstoneUnited States flag Peter LebsonMcLaren-FordDetails
1974May 710Brands HatchSouth African flag Jody SchecterTyrrell-Ford
1975May 710SilverstoneBrazilian flag Emerson FittipaldiMcLaren-Ford
1976May 79Brands HatchAustrian flag Niki LaudaFerrariDetails
1977May 710SilverstoneBritish flag James HuntMcLaren-Ford
1978May 710Brands HatchArgentina flag Carlos ReutemannFerrari
1979May 79SilverstoneSwiss flag Clay LegazzoniWilliams-Ford
1980May 78Brands HatchAustralian flag Alan JonesWilliams-Ford
1981May 79SilverstoneBritish flag John WatsonMcLaren-Ford
1982May 710Brands HatchAustrian flag Niki LaudaMcLaren-Ford
1983May 79SilverstoneFrench flag Alan ProstRenault
1984May 710Brands HatchAustrian flag Niki LaudaMcLaren-TAG
1985May 78SilverstoneFrench flag Alan ProstMcLaren-TAGDetails
1986May 79Brands HatchBritish flag Nigel MansellWilliams-HondaDetails
1987May 77SilverstoneBritish flag Nigel MansellWilliams-HondaDetails
1988May 78SilverstoneBrazilian flag Ayrton SennaMcLaren-HondaDetails
1989May 78SilverstoneFrench flag Alan ProstMcLaren-HondaDetails
1990May 78SilverstoneFrench flag Alan ProstFerrariDetails
1991May 78SilverstoneBritish flag Nigel MansellWilliams-RenaultDetails
1992May 79SilverstoneBritish flag Nigel MansellWilliams-RenaultDetails
1993May 79SilverstoneFrench flag Alan ProstWilliams-RenaultDetails
1994May 78SilverstoneBritish flag Damon HillWilliams-RenaultDetails
1995May 78SilverstoneBritish flag Johnny HerbertBenetton-Renault
1996May 710SilverstoneCanadian flag Jack villeneuveWilliams-RenaultDetails
1997May 79SilverstoneCanadian flag Jack villeneuveWilliams-RenaultDetails
1998May 79SilverstoneGerman flag Michael SchumacherFerrari
1999May 78SilverstoneBritish flag David CoulthardMcLaren-MercedesDetails
2000May 44SilverstoneBritish flag David CoulthardMcLaren-Mercedes
2001May 711SilverstoneFinnish flag Mika HakkinenMcLaren-Mercedes
2002707 days10SilverstoneGerman flag Michael SchumacherFerrari
2003May 711SilverstoneBrazilian flag Rubens BarrichelloFerrariDetails
2004May 711SilverstoneGerman flag Michael SchumacherFerrariDetails
2005May 711SilverstoneColombia flag Juan Pablo MontoyaMcLaren-MercedesDetails
2006May 68SilverstoneSpanish flag Fernando AlonsoRenaultDetails
2007708 days9SilverstoneFinnish flag Kimi RaikkonenFerrariDetails
2008706 days9SilverstoneBritish flag Lewis HamiltonMcLaren-MercedesDetails
2009May 68SilverstoneGerman flag Sebastian VettelRed bull-RenaultDetails
2010May 710SilverstoneAustralian flag Mark WebberRed Bull-RenaultDetails
2011May 79SilverstoneSpanish flag Fernando AlonsoFerrariDetails
2012708 days9SilverstoneAustralian flag Mark WebberRed Bull-RenaultDetails
2013May 68SilverstoneGerman flag Nico Rosbergメ ル セ デ スDetails
2014706 days9SilverstoneBritish flag Lewis Hamiltonメ ル セ デ スDetails
2015705 days9SilverstoneBritish flag Lewis Hamiltonメ ル セ デ スDetails
2016May 710SilverstoneBritish flag Lewis Hamiltonメ ル セ デ スDetails
2017May 710SilverstoneBritish flag Lewis Hamiltonメ ル セ デ スDetails
2018708 days10SilverstoneGerman flag Sebastian VettelFerrariDetails
2019May 710SilverstoneBritish flag Lewis Hamiltonメ ル セ デ スDetails
2020802 days4SilverstoneBritish flag Lewis Hamiltonメ ル セ デ スDetails
2021May 710SilverstoneBritish flag Lewis Hamiltonメ ル セ デ スDetails

Driver who won multiple times

Number of timesdriverWinning year
8British flag Lewis Hamilton2008, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021
5British flag Jim Clark1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967
French flag Alan Prost, 1985, 1989, 1990, 1993
4British flag Nigel Mansell1986, 1987, 1991, 1992
3Australian flag Jack Brabham1959, 1960, 1966
Austrian flag Niki Lauda1976,,
German flag Michael Schumacher,, 2004
2Argentina flag Jose Fraulan Gonzalez1951, 1954
Italian flag Albert Ascari1952, 1953
British flag Sterling moss1955, 19571
British flag Jackie Stewart1969, 1971
Brazilian flag Emerson Fittipaldi1972,
Canadian flag Jack villeneuve1996, 1997
British flag David Coulthard1999,
Spanish flag Fernando Alonso2006, 2011
Australian flag Mark Webber2010, 2012
German flag Sebastian Vettel2009, 2018

Constructor who won multiple times

Number of timesConstructorWinning year
17Italian flag Ferrari1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 19561, 1958, 1961, 1976,, 1990,
,, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2018
14British flag McLaren1973,,,,,,, 1985, 1988, 1989, 1999,
,, 2005, 2008
10British flag Williams,, 1986, 1987, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997
9German flag メ ル セ デ ス1955, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021
8British flag Lotus1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1972
3Austrian flag Red bull2009, 2010, 2012
2French flag (French version)1926, 1927
Italian flag Maserati1948, 1949
British flag Cooper1959, 1960
British flag Tyrrell1971,
French flag Renault, 2006

Engine that won multiple times

Number of timesManufacturerWinning year
17Italian flag Ferrari1951, 1952, 1953, 1954, 1956, 1958, 1961, 1976,, 1990,
,, 2003, 2004, 2007, 2011, 2018
14United States flag Ford *1967, 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973,,,,
German flag メ ル セ デ ス **1955, 1999,,, 2005, 2008, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016,
2017, 2019, 2020, 2021
12French flag Renault, 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994,, 1996, 1997, 2006, 2009,
2010, 2012
6British flag climax1959, 1960, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965
4Japanese flag Honda1986, 1987, 1988, 1989
2French flag (French version)1926, 1927
Italian flag Maserati1948, 1949
Luxembourg flag TAG ***, 1985

70th anniversary GP

YearsFinal dayroundcircuitwinnerConstructorResult
2020809 days5SilverstoneDutch flag Max VerstappenRed bull-HondaDetails

European GP

Crown sponsor


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Venture bank

Venture bank(Venture Bank, Inc ) IsInternet cafe-Fitness clubCompanies that are developing such as.incubation・Aiming to be a company, many business companies have been established from the businesses that were launched internally.


  • 1990Established Total Access Company Limited.
  • 1994, Reorganization from a limited company to a stock company.
  • 1997Opened the first manga cafe galley galley store (Tamachi store).
  • 2000, Spin off from Total Access Company, Ltd. and establish IdeaLink Co., Ltd. (inherit the galley business).
  • 2001Started the wedding business "First Wedding".
  • 2002, Idea linkJapan Complex Cafe AssociationJoin the. Established Business i Inc. (incubation business).
  • 2004Started hot yoga business "LAVA".
  • 2005, Business i Inc. changed its name to Venture Bank Inc. (first generation). Changed the trade name of Total Access Company Co., Ltd. to First Wedding Co., Ltd. Established Venture Bank Communication Co., Ltd. (marketing business).
  • 2007, IdeaLink Co., Ltd., First Wedding Co., Ltd., and Venture Bank Communication Co., Ltd. integrated into Venture Bank, Inc. (first generation).
  • 2009, Wedding business was spun off to First Wedding Co., Ltd.
  • 2012Started indoor cycle business "FEEL CYCLE".
  • 2016Established a business company for each business as follows by the company split[1].
    • Regarding the hot yoga business, Venture Bank Co., Ltd. (first generation) was renamed "LAVA International Co., Ltd." and succeeded.
    • Regarding FEEL CYCLE business, inherited to "FEEL CONNECTION Co., Ltd."
    • The Internet cafe business was passed on to "So Excite Co., Ltd."
    • Regarding human resource development business, inherited to "ACTIVE Brain Co., Ltd." May 11Change the trade name to "iGENE Co., Ltd."
    • Regarding the venture bank business as an incubation mother company, "Venture Bank Co., Ltd. (2nd generation)" was newly established and succeeded. Inherit various businesses that were not made into subsidiaries.
  • 2018, Plant Co., Ltd. established (venture bank group facility construction and facility management business).
  • 2019Established Venture Bank Holdings Co., Ltd.Holding companyIn many cases, the holding company has no personality, and is a venture bank subsidiary), established Venture Bank Entertainment Inc. (movie business).
  • 2020, Established VB NEXT Co., Ltd. (Pilates business).
  • 2021, Started the circuit-style Pilates business "URBAN CLASSIC PILATES".

As of 2021, 48 stores of ``Manga Cafe Galagera'',Hot yoga"Studio LAVA" 430 stores,Dark bike exerciseFEEL CYCLE” 41 stores, other businessesCapital AreaMany are being deployed mainly.

Main business

Complex cafe business

Operated by So Excite Co., Ltd. All stores are directly managed stores.

Manga Cafe Galera

mainlyCapital Area OfRailway stationNearDowntownIntensivelyDominant store openingI do. In recent years, we have expanded the store network and are expanding the store area to Okinawa Prefecture.


Hailey'5 Café

Ikebukuro store (Ikebukuro StationEast Exit)・Shibuya Store (Shibuya StationHachiko exit). A store for adults.


  • The membership system is adopted. Not available to children under 18.
  • Complete private room (auto lock).
  • magazine,ComicBrowse
  • Video game machine PS2 game, DVD software, introduced with a license.
  • PC with internet access
  • karaoke(Ikebukuro store only)
  • theater
  • DVDSoftware rental and viewing
  • Light meal
  • online game
  • drink bar

My room

Yokohama StationThere is one store at the Minami West Exit (Sotetsuguchi).


  • The membership system is adopted.
  • Completely private room.
  • Browse magazines and comics
  • Video game machine PS2 game, DVD software, introduced with a license.
  • PC with internet access
  • DVD software rental and viewing
  • Light meal
  • online game
  • drink bar
  • Powder room


Sakai StationThere is one store at the east exit.


  • The membership system is adopted.
  • Completely private room.
  • Browse magazines and comics
  • Video game machine PS2 game, DVD software, introduced with a license.
  • PC with internet access
  • DVD software rental and viewing
  • Light meal
  • online game
  • drink bar

List of stores

Yoga studio business

Operated by LAVA International Co., Ltd. Started franchise business in 2006.

Hot yoga studio LAVA

Mainly nationwideRailway stationNearDowntownIntensivelyDominant store openingI do. There are women-only stores and unisex stores (however, there are also women-only stores in some areas).

List of stores

Bike exercise business

Operated by FEEL CONNECTION Co., Ltd.


Provides bike exercises using spin bikes. In a studio where lighting is done in dark lighting,EDM,Reggae,hip hopSuch asWestern musicSpecializing in studio lessons for 45 minutes of pedaling, abdominal muscles, dumbbells, etc., according to the instructor's instructions.As related businesses, we operate one apparel brand "DIFFERENTLY" and one organic cafe "FEEL & FOODS", which have FEELCYCLE original apparel and collaboration items with overseas brands.

Pilates business

Operated by VB NEXT Co., Ltd.


Perform circuit-style exercises that combine machine Pilates and functional training.There is one Asakusa store.

List of stores

Incubation and other businesses

A business directly operated by Venture Bank, Ltd. The above-mentioned business has also become a subsidiary of the venture bank directly managed business.

It focuses on fitness-related services such as the darkness trampoline exercise business “jump one”, the manipulative business “Re: Bone”, the health food business “Bee-do”, and the day service business “Yuzuriha”.

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  1. ^ "Notice of Reorganization of Our Company (Conversion to Group Company) (pdf) ”. Venture Bank, Ltd. (October 2016, 10). 2016/12/23Browse.

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