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⚽ | Anti-rapid increase in Nadeshiko Japan? "I lost the desire to support" "Disappointed"

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Anti-rapid increase in Nadeshiko Japan? "I lost the desire to support" "Disappointed"

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Nadeshiko Japan probably took part in the BLM movement with one knee in line with the British athletes who were doing the BLM movement at the Tokyo Olympics.

In the Tokyo Olympics women's soccer match held on July 7, we lost to Sweden and ended up in the top eight. → Continue reading


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BLM exercise

Japan national soccer team

Japan national soccer team(Soccer Japan, Soccer)Japan Football AssociationOrganized by (JFA)Women's football OfJapanNational team(Representative of the best members without age restrictions). Nickname is "Nadeshiko Japan. " FIFA Women's World CupIn all 8 competitions,OlympicHas participated in 7 out of 5 competitions.2011 FIFA Women's World CupThen.First victory as Asian national teamdid.


From the dawn to the director Ryohei Suzuki

1977 years,Taiwan-Taipei CityHeldAsian Women's ChampionshipThe FC Jinnan players participated as "Japan National Team". This tournament is the first international match in Japanese women's soccer. 19811981 AFC Women's ChampionshipAt the time, the first Japanese national team that formed by selecting players from all over the country was formed,KyotoWhereaboutsNishiyama High SchoolWas a teacherIchihara SeikiBecame the director[1].. In September of the same year, with the Japanese representative as a Portpia 9 related businessEngland national teamandItaly national teamMatches were played against England with 0-4[1], Scored 0-9 in the match against Italy.

1986 years,Ryohei SuzukiWas appointed as the first full-time representative director. Held in 19861986 AFC Women's ChampionshipAchieved a second-place finish.

Director Tamotsu Suzuki/Satoshi Miyauchi

Women's footballBecame an Olympic event1996 OfAtlanta GamesBecause.

Suzuki HoThe Japan Women's National Team, which is headed byスウェーデンHeld at2nd FIFA Women's World ChampionshipParticipate in. In this tournament in the group leagueGermanyTo 0-1,スウェーデンBut lost 0-2Brazil2-1 to advance to the final tournament and win the right to participate in the tournament. However, at the Olympic Games, 2-3 in Germany, 0-2 in Brazil,ノルウェーWas defeated by 0-4 and was eliminated from the group league.

2000 yearsSydney OlympicsFocused on participationSatoshi MiyauchiThe Japan Women's National Team, which is headed by Japan, will also serve as the Olympic qualifying in June 1999.The United States of AmericaWas held in3nd FIFA Women's World ChampionshipParticipate in.カナダAlthough the first match with was drawn in 1-1ロシアThey lost their qualifications for the Sydney Olympics by losing 0-5 to Norway and 0-4 to Norway. As a result, the interest in women's soccer in Japan quickly dropped, the crowd mobilization of the L. League showed a rapid decline, and the withdrawal of teams from the league continued.[2].

Director Eiji Ueda

2002 January,Macau Men's RepresentativeWas the director ofEiji UedaIs appointed representative director. In October South KoreaMade in14th Asian GamesThen came 3th place.

January 2003Thailand-BangkokHeld at2003 AFC Women's ChampionshipParticipate in.4th FIFA Women's World Cup USA TournamentIn the semi-finals of this tournamentnorth koreaIn the 3rd place match South KoreaLost to 4th place and betting on the remaining slotsメキシコWith (North and Central America Caribbean region)Intercontinental playoffs(Home and awayMethod). On July 7Mexico City OfEstadio AztecThe away match ended in a 2-2 draw, but seven days later, on July 7, attracting 7 spectators.National StadiumThe home game held inSawahokiKatsura MaruyamaGot 2-0 to win World Cup[3].. The match was widely covered by the mass media, and it started to attract attention to women's soccer again. In this competitionアルゼンチンFW in the first match withMio Otani hat trickAlthough they won the match 6-0, they lost to the group league with 0-3 against Germany and 1-3 against Canada.

The number of participating teams increased to 2004 in April 4Athens OlympicsTournament to decide Asian frame 2 ofAFC Women's Soccer Qualifying Tournament 2004Is held in Japan, and Japan is in the first leagueEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euTo 7-0,ThailandIt won 6-0 and passed in 1st place. The semi-finals with North Korea were held at the National Stadium, attracting 31,324 spectators.[4],Eriko ArakawaMio Otani scored a goal and won 3-0 to win the 2nd tournament and decide to enter the second Olympic Games.[5].. In addition, the finalChugokuIt became a runner-up after losing 0-1.

In July, before the Olympic Games, the team was nicknamedNadeshiko JapanDecided. Then, at the Olympic main tournament held in August, they won Sweden by 8-1 in the first stage of the group stage and won the first victory of the main tournament.Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euAlthough they lost 0-1 in the match, they made it to the final tournament due to the difference in total points from other groups' 3rd place. In the quarterfinalsAmericaAlthough they lost 1-2 and finished in the best eight, the team won the "Fair Play Award" for "warning and zero players" through three games.

With the success of Nadeshiko Japan in the Athens Olympics, women's soccer became widely recognized andJapan Women's Soccer LeagueHas also risen in popularity again. Also, after the Olympics, the new nickname "Nadeshiko League" was adopted, and from 2005 "Nadeshiko Super Cup'[6]Since 2007, "Nadeshiko League Cup"Nadeshiko" is used as a brand name for women's soccer.

Also, the Universiade Japan Women's National TeamUniversiade Of2003 DaeguSilver medal at the competition,2005 IzmirWon a bronze medal at the tournament. In this Izmir competitionHonda MisatoWas appointed as Japan's first "female representative director" for men and women of all ages.

Director Koji Ohashi

2004 To succeed Ueda who retired in October last monthKoji OhashiWas appointed as the new director. It was the first match after taking officeMay 12 OfChinese TaipeiThe match started 11-0 with a win and a good start. In addition, the flyer, program, and blue sheet for support of this matchNadesicoFor the first time, a pattern with the image of a flower was drawn.

2006 In 7 monthAustraliaHeld at2006 AFC Women's Asian CupParticipate in. Will be held next year2007 FIFA Women's World CupIn the semifinals at this tournamentAustraliaHowever, he lost to North Korea in the 3rd place match and ended up in 4th place. Meanwhile, in DecemberQatar Ofcapital-DohaMade in15th Asian GamesThen.Sakaguchi Yumeho,Yuki NagasatoThe new force played an active part, defeating China in the group league and advanced to the final tournament. Of the finalnorth koreaIn the match, he entered the PK match with 0-0 but lost and became a runner-up.

2007 In March, I applied for the FIFA Women's World CupIntercontinental playoffsで2003年と同様にメキシコとホーム・アンド・アウェーで対戦。ホームで行なわれた第1戦は2-0で勝利し、アウェーで行なわれた第2戦は1-2で敗れたものの2試合合計3-2で勝利し出場権を獲得。また、4月から8月に行われたBeijing Olympic Asian QualifyingHe won the Olympic right at 5 wins and 1 place.

January,ChugokuIn the FIFA Women's World Cup held inEnglandAfter winning the match against Argentina, he was defeated in the final match against Germany and was eliminated from the group league. At this tournament, there were many boos in the venue for Japanese players due to Japan-China relations problems, but after the end of Germany, a banner with "Apologize" (thank you) was raised and was praised by the Chinese media.[7].

Director Norio Sasaki


On December 2007, 12, he was a coach following the retirement of Ohashi after his term expired.Norio SasakiBecame the director[8].. Made in February 2008East Asian Football Championship 2008Became the first official tournament title for the Japan Women's National Team, winning all three wins for the first time.[9][10].. From the end of May to the beginning of JuneEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euMade in2008 AFC Women's Asian CupSo although I lost to China in the semifinals,[11]Defeated Australia in the 3rd place match and finished 3rd[12](SawahokiIs the MVP of the tournament, the team won the Fair Play Award).

Held in augustBeijing OlympicsIn the first match of the group leagueNew ZealandTo 2-2 with a draw[13]In the following American match, I lost 0-1[14]Broke the group league for the second consecutive time with 3-5 victory in the third match against Norway[15][16].. In the quarter-finals against China, they won 2-0 and reached their first Olympic best 4[17]Lost to America in the semifinals 2-4[18]Lost to medals in the 3rd place match, losing 0-2 to Germany and finishing in 4th place[19].


2010 1,チリMade inCopa VicentenarioEntered 2010. Won three rounds and one minute in a brute force match between five countries.

East Asian Women's Soccer Championship 2010Succeeded the previous tournament and achieved two consecutive victories in all three wins. Held in China in May2010 AFC Women's Asian CupAlthough he lost to Australia in the semi-final, he won the local China in the third-place final and won the right to participate in the FIFA Women's World Cup the following year (Kozue AndoWon the tournament top scorer). Chinese in NovemberGuangzhouMade in16th Asian GamesThen, he advanced to the final without a goal, defeating the former champion of the competition North Korea 1-0 to win his first victory.


2011 year 3 month,PortugalInternational competition of women's national team held inAlgarve Cup 2011Participate in. Although they lost to the US 1-2 in the first game of the group leagueフィンランドTo Norway in 2nd place in the group league, and in the 3rd place match game, Sweden was 2-1 to win 3rd place.

From the end of JuneGermanyIn the FIFA Women's World Cup held at the group, although they lost to England in Group B group, they defeated New Zealand and Mexico and decided to advance to the final tournament in second place.[20], In the quarter-finals to host Germany at the end of extra time 1-0[21]Wins Sweden 3-1 in semi-final to reach first final[22][23].. With AmericaFinal gameIs a 2-2 tie at the end of the overtimePK battleAnd 3-1 to win the tournament's first victory(It is the first time in Asia among men and women)(The team received a fair play award, Sawa won the best player award and the top scorer in the tournament)[24][25]。FIFA主催の世界大会で日本代表が優勝したのは男女・年代別通じてこれが初めてとなった。決勝戦はフジテレビ系列およびNHK-BS1で生放送され、フジテレビの視聴率は前半部分(午前3時35分 - 5時)が平均11.8%、後半部分(午前5時 - 6時30分)は平均21.8%(瞬間最高27.7%)、NHK-BS1では関東地区において平均10.7%を記録した[26].

During the tournament the team occurred on March 3th of the same year after the matchGreat East Japan EarthquakeWe received applause from the venue with a banner showing appreciation for the support from the world to the world, but analyzed that the media of each country is also motivated to win for the recovery, Nadeshiko Japan's quick pass soccer[Annotation 1]And praised the battle[28][29].. As a result of this victory, Nadeshiko Japan has a "star" on the left chest emblem representing the international A match, which indicates the number of World Cup wins, and on the right chest, the champion emblem (2015 Until the World Cup was held) he also won the honor of adding. From the Japanese government on August 8National Honor AwardThe presentation of the award (first for the group) and enhancement of women's soccer support was also announced.[30].

Made in China in SeptemberLondon Olympic Asian QualifyingWon the London Olympics with 4 wins and 1 place, the first in women's group sports on November 1Purple ribbonWas awarded[31], Nicknamed "Nadeshiko Japan" on December 12stNew Word/Buzzword AwardWon the annual grand prize[32].. American sports sites ·FOX sportsNo. 2011 in the "FOX Soccer 10: Top 2011 Teams of 2011" announced by[33].


2011 FIFA Annual Awards CeremonyAt SawaFIFA Women Best Player AwardSasaki won the FIFA Women's Best Director Award (both Asians won the first time)[34].

3 of the monthAlgarve Cup 2012After winning Norway and Denmark in the group league and winning the final round against the United States to advance to the first final, they lost to Germany 3-4 in the final and became second place.

7 of the monthLondon OlympicsThen, in the group league first match, they won Canada 2-1 and continued with Sweden.South AfricaThe opponents all drew 0-0, but won the championship in 1nd place and won the group league for three consecutive games. Brazil in the quarterfinals 2-2, in the semifinalsFranceHe won the first prize in 2-1 by winning the silver medal although he lost to the US 1-2 in the final. Japan won the medal in the Olympic soccer competition through men and women1968 Mexico City OlympicsThis is the first time in 44 years since the bronze medal was won in.


Held in Vietnam in May 20142014 AFC Women's Asian CupSo, when we could not convene the main players of the overseas group and participated in the player composition centered on the domestic group, surpassing the group league with 2 wins and 1 minute and gaining the World Cup participation right of the next year, we won the extra game in the semi-final match against China. Go to the final after 5 competitions. In the final, he defeated the champion Australia last time and achieved the Asian Cup's first victory in the 15th appearance (Aya MiyamaWon the competition MVP).


2015 year 3 month,PortugalHeld atAlgarve Cup 2015In the league match of Group C, 1 wins and 2 losses and 3rd place in the groupアイス ランドWon 2-0 and finished 9th[35].

2015 year 6 month,カナダHeld at2015 FIFA Women's World CupIn the group leagueスイス,カ メ ル ー ン,エクアドルCompete in the final tournament with all three wins[36][37][38], In the first round of the knockout stage NetherlandsWin 2-1[39]Wins quarter-final against Australia 1-0 to reach the best 4[40], In the semifinalsEnglandDefeated 2-1 and proceeded to the final[41] However, there was no goal of more than 1 points with 0-2 or 1-3 all, and in the final 3 minutes to the United States in the first half 3 minutes, be careful of the height from the corner kick or from the low ball 2 years ago in the London Olympics final XNUMX I was robbed of my goalCurly lloydWhen it was decided to be pursued for the first time in this tournament and two minutes later, a free kick from the left side of the own side was kicked with a low trajectory again and it was pushed into Lloyd from the melee battle, and like Lloyd in the first half 2 minutes. One of the 14 London Olympics gold medal membersAlex Morganのクロスをヘディングした岩清水のクリアが中途半端になった所をローレン・ホリデーにダイレクトで叩き込まれると2分後、ペナルティスポット付近にポジショニングを取っていた海堀の頭上を越すシュートをハーフェーラインからロイドに決められて前半16分までに0-4とリードされて且つロイドにハットトリックを許す。27分に川澄のクロスを大儀見がペナルティーエリア内で相手の寄せを見事にいなしてからの反転シュートで1点を返すと、後半にもフリーキックから相手に寄せられながらも澤のバックヘッドがオウンゴールを誘い2点差まで詰め寄るも2分後パンチングした海堀に向かってのコーナーキックから最後はトビン・ヒースに押し込まれてジエンド。2-5と女子ワールドカップ決勝史上最多失点で敗れての準優勝で大会を終えた[42].


In addition to having practiced games against high school boys, but not international games, of the 20 registered members, the 2011 World Cup championship and the London Olympics silver medal member of the following year were 12 members.[Annotation 2] From February to March due to the fact that metabolism did not progressOsakaMade inRio de Janeiro Olympic Soccer Asian Final QualifyingIn the first matchAustraliaIf you lose 1-3, then South KoreaIn the second half of the battle, Iwabuchi squeezed into Kawasumi's cross in the 39th minute while competing with the goalkeeper to take the lead, but Fukumoto, who stopped the deadly PK in the second half of the 25th minute, crossed with Kumagai. After being fumbled, I was pushed in and brought to the draw just before the end of the match,ChugokuIn battleKawamura Yuriのバックパスを田中が福本とお見合いをしている間に奪われてミスから失点し、後半13分にミドルシュートを決められ反撃はその後返した1点のみ。最初の3戦で1分け2敗と大きく出遅れた事が祟り結局2勝1分2敗の3位、2000年のシドニーオリンピック以来2位以内に与えられる2016 Rio de Janeiro OlympicsParticipation right[43] Lost two consecutive tournament medals are no longer lost to the Olympic qualifying. And Director Norio Sasaki retired on March 2th[44].

Director Takako Asako

April 2016, 4, succeeded by former director Sasaki's retirementU-20 Soccer Japan Women's National TeamDirector'sTakakura AsakoWas appointed as the first female director of Japan's A representative, regardless of gender.[45].

Held in Japan in December 2017EAFF E-1 Soccer Championship 2017 Final TournamentThen in the second round South KoreaPlay against. Served as captain in this matchCho SeohyunI was overtaken twice by the PK, but in 2 minutesMana IwabuchiScored the final goal and won 3-2[46].. In the second roundChugokuIn 20 minutesMinami TanakaSet the first goal and turned back the first half. In the latter half of the year with a 1-point lead, I couldn't score an additional point, but I kept the lead until the end and won 1-0. We won the championship for the first time in three tournaments[47].. Round 3north koreaIn the first half of the match, he played at the pace of Japan in the first half, but he couldn't make a deciding machine before the goalless score and strong defense, and if he scorelessly returned to the first half, he took two goals from a middle shot and a cross in the second half. I was allowed to escape and lost 2-0. Missed the first victory in three tournaments[48].

Published in March 2018FIFA rankingFell to 11th place and was out of the top 2007 for the first time in about 12 years since December 10[49]. July of the same year,JordanHeld at2018 AFC Women's Asian Cup(2019 FIFA Women's World CupIn the qualifying, the first match against Vietnam won 4-0[50].. In the second round of Korea, a scoreless draw that won't take goals until the end[51].. 3 minutes in Round 63 against AustraliaSakaguchi YumehoDespite the goal, he made a defensive mistake in the 86th minute to present the goal and draw 1-1, but he passed the group league in 2nd place and advanced to the semifinals, and by the rules to 5th place. Won the World Cup qualification given to him (in the semi-finals after this, China was defeated by 3-1 to advance to the final. In the final, the Australian opponents continued to be attacked for a long time, but the defensive team survived the opponent's power play, In 84 minutesKumi YokoyamaBeat the final goal and won 1-0. Achieved consecutive championships)[52].

September of the same year,IndonesiaHeld atAsian GamesParticipate in. The first match against Thailand won 2-0. In the second round, they played at the AFC Women's Asian Cup in AprilEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euWins 7-0 and wins two consecutive victories in the group league in 2st place[53].. In the quarterfinals, the previous tournament four years ago[Annotation 3] And last December's EAFF E-12 Soccer Championship[Annotation 4] Bet the humiliation ofnorth koreaPlay against. Iwabuchi scored the first goal in the 40th minute and Hasegawa scored an additional goal in the 62nd minute to lead the score. In the 2th minute, the penalty was given from the penalty, but without making it a tie, the lead was defended to the end and 70-2 was won to advance to the semifinals.[54].. In the semi-finals, it ended in a scoreless draw at the AFC Women's Asian Cup in April. South KoreaPlay against. In 5 minutesYuka SugazawaGoes ahead by 1 point. However, after that, the time to be attacked by South Korea continued, but the first half ended without allowing a goal. Korea also pushed in the latter half, and Japan desperately had time to endure. If you couldn't get a score while keeping your paceLee MinaThe heading shot was decided by and was able to catch up to the same score. In the 86th minute, Sugazawa responded by raising the cross from the left side, though it seemed that extra time was going into it, but he made an own goal with his head. This is the final point and wins 2-1 to advance to the final.[55].. In the final, I won the first time in two tournamentsChugokuPlay against. From the beginning, he was at the mercy of China's aggressive defense, unable to create the attack rhythm, and ended the first half with indigestion. In the latter half of the year, China pushed Japan into the game, but continued to defend without concentrating on defense, and in the 90th minute, Sugazawa scored a 1-0 goal from Nakajima's cross and scored the 2-2 goal. Winner of the second victory (two consecutive crowns at the 2018 Asian Games following the AFC Women's Asian Cup in April)[56].

Held in France, June 20192019 FIFA Women's World CupParticipate in. At the group stage, Argentina, Scotland,EnglandHowever, in the first match against Argentina, the opponent's 4 backs could not be destroyed to the end and it ended in a scoreless draw. In the second round against Scotland, Mana Iwabuchi and Yuka Sugasawa scored the first half of the first half, and the first half was 2-2. However, in the latter half of the game, he couldn't make the decision despite repeated attempts, and in the 0th minute he couldn't make it even though he was able to return one point due to a defensive mistake, but he defeated 88-1. Round 2 of EnglandEllen Whiteに2ゴールを奪われて0-2で敗れたが、1勝1分1敗のグループD2位で決勝トーナメント進出を決めた。決勝トーナメント1回戦(ラウンド16)では3連勝でグループE1位の NetherlandsPlay against. In 17 minutesRieke MartensAllowed the first goal, but in the 43rd minuteHasegawa YuiMade a loop shot and returned from the first half with 1-1. In the latter half of the game, when the game broke back with the same score, the game proceeded at the pace of Japan, but we couldn't decide on the deciding factor of the repeat. 90 minutes at the end of the game, when the extra-long war is approachingVivian MeedemaThe shot shot bySaki KumagaiWhen he hit the arm of his hand, he was fouled by the hand and gave a PK, it was calmly decided by Rieke Martens and it was defeated 1-2.[57].. I will leave the tournament in the best 16. It was the first time in three tournaments since the 8 Chinese tournament that Japan was unable to reach the Top 2007 or higher. It was also the fastest time in the history of the tournament that Asians were wiped out in the best 3.[58].

Held in South Korea in December of the same yearEAFF E-1 Soccer Championship 2019Participate in. Of the first matchChinese TaipeiThe new force was vigorous in the battle, showing a terrible goal rush and a big victory of 9-0[59](Japan had 46 shots in this match and won a big victory with perfect content that no one allowed.) Round 1ChugokuIn the match, Mana Iwabuchi achieved the first hat-trick of the national team, and won the victory for the first time in 3 tournaments with 0-4 victory.[60].. Of the final race where the victory is decided by winning or drawing South KoreaIn the battle, 88 minutes at the end of the match, as the two teams struggled against each otherPaddy yukaThe shot shot by him hits his left hand directly and judges the hand. Haki himself decided the PK that he acquired and won the Japan-Korea match 1-0. Eventually, he showed the overwhelming strength of 3 wins with 13 goals and 3 goals in 4 games and won the championship for the first time in XNUMX tournaments.Tokyo OlympicsHe left behind a momentum (on the day after this match,BoysAlso played against Korea. However, there was a goal in the 28th minute and they lost 0-1. Therefore, the first-ever double victory for men and women in this tournament could not be achieved.)[61].

In April 2021, ahead of the Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one yearパラグアイBattleパナマ7-0 big wins in the match, Juneウクライナ8-0 victory in the battle,メキシコAlthough he suffered the first goal in 2021 in the game, he scored 5 goals and won 27 goals in the friendly match, and many athletes left results for the Olympics, raising expectations for the Olympics.The last before the OlympicsAustraliaIn the 9th minute of the second half, Mana Iwabuchi scored a penalty shoot-out and won 1-0.

In the Olympics, I joined Group E andカナダ,The United Kingdom,チリIt became the same group as.However, in the first match against Canada, only 6 minutes after the start, he lost the first goal and scored a goal in the match when he achieved 300 matches in total for the A national team.Participated from the second halfMinami TanakaHe couldn't take advantage of the chance of a tie because he couldn't take advantage of the chance of a tie, and although he caught up with Iwabuchi's goal at the end of the game, he couldn't take the lead and drew 1-1.In the following match against England, he tried hard to overcome the problem that he had run out against Canada, but in the 29th minute of the second half, Ellen White, who had scored many goals against Japan, again. However, he scored the first goal and was a 0-1 black star.In the final match against Chile, he couldn't decide the deciding machine repeatedly before GK's good save, and Tanaka finally scored the first goal and won 20-32 in the 1nd minute of the second half when he greeted with more than 0 shots. However, even though it was held in his own country, the result was that passing 3rd place in the group was a big difference from the friendly matches so far.No. 1 in the women's soccer world in the quarterfinals, which challenged to win the first gold medal in historyAmerica3-0 defeated in this tournament's only group stage 3 consecutive winsスウェーデンHowever, following the first match, he scored the first goal at the start and scored a goal.Still, in the 23rd minute of the first half, Tanaka took advantage of one chance to catch up with the tie in the first half and finish the first half.However, as in the first half, when he was able to win the rise in the second half and score a goal, in the 23rd minute of the second halfNarumi MiuraWas given a penalty shootout in the penalty area after a VAR decisionKosovare AsllaniIt was decided to give the third point of grief.After that, he struggled with the concentrated defense of the opponent, and finished with 3-1 without making a decision machine until the end.The dream of grabbing a medal in his own country will be scattered with flowers in the quarterfinals[62][63][64]..In the friendly match held before the Olympics, only 28 goals and 1 goal were left, and in the Olympics, 3 goals and 5 goals were shown, showing the difference in power to the strong opponents throughout the tournament, which is a big difference from the expectations before the Olympics. I left the result[65]..In addition, since the Asako Takakura system was established, I have never been able to win a come-from-behind victory.[66]..In addition, the jinx that the participating countries of the Olympic Games, which will be held locally after the 2000 Sydney Games, will not be able to win the Olympic Games will continue.[67].

Futoshi Ikeda era

Before the successor to Asako Takakura on October 2021, 10U-20 Soccer Japan Women's National TeamDirector'sFutoshi IkedaWas appointed[68].


Adopted since 2004Nadeshiko JapanThe origin ofAthens OlympicsIt was held as an Asian qualifyingADuring the Women's Soccer Qualifying Tournament 2004Yamato NadeshikoThe word "(Yamato Nadeshiko)" was often used and "Yamato" became "Japan" with the wish that "Yamato Nadeshiko" should "flapping into the world and be universal."

Female football staff of the Japan Football Association (JFA)[69] "The name of the Japanese representative is the image of a boy.Australian Women's National TeamはMatildas(マティルダス)の愛称で親しまれており、日本女子代表も愛称を使えば認知度も高まり女子サッカー発展につながる」というものであった。JFAでも日本サッカーの発展には女子サッカーの発展が必須との考えで、キャプテン・ヘッドクオーターズ(CHQ)において女子サッカー活性化に積極的に取り組み、2004年5月14日に女子代表愛称の募集を開始した。約2,700通の応募から2回の予備選考を経て下記の審査委員会による最終選考が行なわれ、その結果7月5日に愛称が「なでしこジャパン」に決定(発表は7月7日)、7月30日のGiraffe challenge cup-カナダBattle (National Kasumigaoka Stadium) Was adopted from. In addition, Nadeshiko Japan will be2005 May 3ToTrademark registrationIn 2004 and 2011New Word/Buzzword AwardHe was nominated for a candidate and was selected for the 2011 Grand Prix.

Symbol of the Japan Football Association in the runner-up as a nicknameYatagarasuThere were "Yata Girls" after "Yatagarasu" and "Yatano Karasu", and there were "El Blue" and "Dream Blue", which were a combination of the uniform color blue with the letters L (L) and dream (dream) of lady.[70].

The current uniform design of the Women's National Team is the same as that of the Men's National Team, but in the Men's National Team, red is used in parts such as the under neck and underarm lines.NadesicoIs the color of the flowerpinkIs used.


In tournament battles at international competitionsPK battleIf it rushes up to, it will be treated as a draw on the official record regardless of winning or losing.

FIFA Women's World Cup (FIFA Women's World Championship)

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLostdifference
Flag of the People's Republic of China 1991Group league lost3003012.
Swedish flag 1995Best 8410328-6
United States flag 1999Group league lost3012110-9
United States flag 2003310276+1
Flag of the People's Republic of China 2007311134-1
German flag 2011Win6411126+6
Canadian flag 2015second place7601118+3
French flag 2019Best 16411235-2
Total 8 appearances / 1 victory33144153959.

Match details of each tournament

The 1st FIFA Women's World Championship (1991)[Annotation 5]
May 11GL Brazil● 0-1Foshan New Plaza Gymnasium (Foshan
May 11 スウェーデン● 0-8
May 11 The United States of America● 0-3
The 2st FIFA Women's World Championship (1995)[Annotation 6]
May 6GL Germany● 0-1Tingvala IP (Karlstad
May 6 Brazil○ 2-1Akemi Noda(2 o'clock)
May 6 スウェーデン● 0-2Aros Valen (Vasterose
May 6quaterfinals The United States of America● 0-4Sträm Valen (Gävle)
The 3st FIFA Women's World Championship (1999)[Annotation 7]
May 6GL カナダ△ 1-1Nami OtakeSpartan Stadium (San Jose
May 6 ロシア● 0-5Civic Stadium(Portland
May 6 ノルウェー● 0-4Soldier field(Chicago
4th FIFA Women's World Cup (2003)[Annotation 8]
May 9GL アルゼンチン○ 6-0Mio Otani(3 o'clock)
Sawahoki (2 points)
Yamamoto Emi
Columbus Crew Stadium(Columbus
May 9 Germany● 0-3
May 9 カナダ● 1-3SawahokiGillette Stadium(Foxboro
5th FIFA Women's World Cup (2007)[Annotation 9]
May 9GL England△ 2-2Aya Miyama(2 o'clock)Shanghai Hongkou Stadium(Shanghai
May 9 アルゼンチン○ 1-0Yuki Nagasato
May 9 Germany● 0-2Hangzhou Huanglong Sports Center(Hangzhou
6th FIFA Women's World Cup (2011)[Annotation 10]
May 6GL New Zealand○ 2-1Yuki Nagasato
Aya Miyama
FIFA Women's World Cup Stadium Bochum(Bochum
May 7 メキシコ○ 4-0Sawahoki (3 points)
Shinobu Ono
FIFA Women's World Cup Stadium Leverkusen(Leverkusen
May 7 England● 0-2FIFA Women's World Cup Stadium Augsburg(Augsburg
May 7quaterfinals Germany○ 1-0 (extension)Katsura MaruyamaFIFA Women's World Cup Stadium Wolfsburg(Wolfsburg
May 7Semifinals スウェーデン○ 3-1Naomi Kawasumi(2 o'clock)
FIFA Women's World Cup Stadium Frankfurt(Frankfurt
May 7final The United States of America△ 2-2
○3-1 (PK battle)
Aya Miyama
(PK successful player)
Aya Miyama
Sakaguchi Yumeho
Saki Kumagai
7th FIFA Women's World Cup (2015)
May 6GL スイス○ 1-0Aya MiyamaBC Place Stadium(Vancouver
May 6 カ メ ル ー ン○ 2-1Samejima Aya
Yuka Sugazawa
May 6 エクアドル○ 1-0Ogimi YuukiWinnipeg Stadium(Winnipeg
May 6KS R16  Netherlands○ 2-1Ariyoshi Saori
Sakaguchi Yumeho
BC Place Stadium (Vancouver)
May 6quaterfinals Australia○ 1-0Mana IwabuchiCommonwealth Stadium(Edmonton
May 7Semifinals England○ 2-1Aya Miyama
Own goal
May 7final The United States of America● 2-5Ogimi Yuuki
Own goal
BC Place Stadium (Vancouver)
8th FIFA Women's World Cup (2019)
May 6GL アルゼンチン△ 0-0Parc des Princes(Paris
May 6 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu○ 2-1Mana Iwabuchi
Yuka Sugazawa
Roazone Parc (Rennes
May 6 England● 0-2Stade de Nice(Nice
May 6KS R16  Netherlands● 1-2Hasegawa YuiRoazone Parc (Rennes)


1996 Atlanta GamesWomen's soccer has become an official Olympic sport. Men's soccer1992 Barcelona GamesFrom 23 years old and under (U-23), it will be a tournament, but the women's representative will participate as in the World Cup.

With the 1996 Atlanta Games2000 Sydney GamesIt is said that the host country and the top 7 teams of the FIFA Women's World Championship of the previous year will participate, and although they got the right to participate in the 1995 Atlanta Olympics by entering the best 8 in the 1996 World Championship, in the 1999 World Championship He missed the top eight and was not eligible for the 8 Sydney Olympics.2004 Athens ConventionSince then, teams that have passed the qualifying of each district (2004 teams in 10 Athens Games,2008 Beijing GamesAfter that, 12 teams) will participate.

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLostdifference
United States flag 1996Group league lost300329-7
Australian flag 2000QualifyingDefeat
Greek flag 2004Best 8310223-1
Flag of the People's Republic of China 20084 bit62131110+1
British flag 2012second place632174+3
Brazilian flag 2016QualifyingDefeat
Japanese flag 2021Best 8411235-2
Total Participation 5 times2274112531-6

Match details of each tournament

Atlanta Olympics (1996)[Annotation 11]
May 7GL Germany● 2-3Kioka Futaba
Akemi Noda
Legion Field (Birmingham
May 7 Brazil● 0-2
May 7 ノルウェー● 0-4Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Stadium(Washington DC
Athens Olympics (2004)[Annotation 12]
May 8GL スウェーデン○ 1-0Eriko ArakawaPantesalico Stadium (Volos
May 8 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu● 0-1Karaiskakis Stadium(Piraeus
May 8quaterfinals The United States of America● 1-2Yamamoto EmiCaftan Zoglio Stadium (Thessaloniki
Beijing Olympics (2008)[Annotation 13]
May 8GL New Zealand△ 2-2Aya Miyama (PK)
Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium(Qinhuangdao
May 8 The United States of America● 0-1
May 8 ノルウェー○ 5-1Yukari Chika
Own goal
Shinobu Ono
Shanghai Gymnasium(Shanghai)
May 8quaterfinals Chugoku○ 2-0Sawahoki
Yuki Nagasato
Qinhuangdao Olympic Sports Center Stadium (Qinhuangdao)
May 8Semifinals The United States of America● 2-4Shinobu Ono
Eriko Arakawa
Beijing Workers Gymnasium(Beijing
May 83rd place match Germany● 0-2
London Olympics (2012)[Annotation 14]
May 7GL カナダ○ 2-1Naomi Kawasumi
Aya Miyama
City of Coventry Stadium(Coventry
May 7 スウェーデン△ 0-0
May 7 Republic of South Africa△ 0-0Millennium Stadium(Cardiff
May 8quaterfinals Brazil○ 2-0Ogimi Yuuki
Shinobu Ono
May 8Semifinals France○ 2-1Ogimi Yuuki
Sakaguchi Yumeho
Wembley Stadium(UK
May 8final The United States of America● 1-2Ogimi Yuuki
Tokyo Olympics (2021)[Annotation 15]
May 7GL カナダ△ 1-1Mana IwabuchiSapporo Dome (Sapporo)
May 7 The United Kingdom● 0-1
May 7 チリ○ 1-0Minami TanakaMiyagi Stadium (Miyagi)
May 7quaterfinals スウェーデン● 1-3Minami TanakaSaitama Stadium 2002 (Saitama)

AFC Women's Asian Cup (AFC Women's Championship)

Japan is4th competition(1981) first participation.6th competitionSince 1986, all have achieved a grade of 4 or higher.

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLost
Hong Kong flag 1975Not participating (Before formation of representative)[Annotation 16]
Republic of China flag 1977
Indian flag 1979
Hong Kong flag 1981Group league lost310213
Kingdom of Thailand flag 1983Non-participation[Annotation 17]
Hong Kong flag 1986second place4202144
Hong Kong flag 19893 bit5401371
Japanese flag 1991second place6411276
Malaysia flag 19933 bit5401294
Malaysia flag 1995second place5401272
Flag of the People's Republic of China 19973 bit5401331
Philippines flag 19994 bit6402366
Chinese Taipei flag 2001second place6402305
Kingdom of Thailand flag 20034 bit6402344
Australian flag 20064 bit5302196
Vietnam flag 20083 bit5302197
Flag of the People's Republic of China 20103 bit5401162
Vietnam flag 2014Win5410163
Jordan flag 2018Win532092
Total 15 appearances / 2 victory765242034756

Asian Games

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLost
Flag of the People's Republic of China 1990second place5311178
Japanese flag 1994421193
Kingdom of Thailand flag 19983 bit5302187
Republic of Korea flag 2002531183
Qatar flag 2006second place5410211
Flag of the People's Republic of China 2010Win431060
Republic of Korea flag 2014second place6411283
Indonesian flag 2018Win5500142
Total 8 appearances / 2 victory39276612127

EAFF E-1 Football Championship (East Asian Women's Soccer Championship, Women's East Asian Cup)

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLost
Republic of Korea flag 20053 bit302101
Flag of the People's Republic of China 2008Win330082
Japanese flag 2010330071
Republic of Korea flag 2013second place311132
Flag of the People's Republic of China 20153 bit310256
Japanese flag 2017second place320144
Republic of Korea flag 2019Win3300130
Total 7 appearances / 3 victory2113354016

Algarve Cup

Japan is18th competition(2011) first participation.

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLost
Portugal flag 20113 bit430193
Portugal flag 2012second place430185
Portugal flag 20135 bit420244
Portugal flag 2014second place421145
Portugal flag 20159 bit420275
Portugal flag 20176 bit420275
Portugal flag 20186 bit420269
Total Participation 7 times28161114536

Cyprus cup

Japan participated for the first time in the first competition (1).

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLost
Cyprus flag 20083 bit320155
Total Participation 1 times320155

Seabilly's Cup

Japan participated for the first time in the first competition (4).

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLost
United States flag3 bit311156
United States flag4 bit300327
Total Participation 2 times6114713

Tournament of Nations

Japan participated for the first time in the first competition (1).

Host Country/YearGradeTrialWinMinuteDefeatObtainedLost
United States flag3 bit301238
United States flag4 bit300338
Total Participation 2 times6015616

Match results by country

2021 May 7At the end of the match against Sweden

Asian Football Federation(AFC)[Annotation 18]
Opponent country (region)TrialWinPullDefeat
  South Korea3117104
 north korea247512
 Chinese Taipei231616
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu121200
 Hong Kong8800
 ネ パ ー ル2200
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu2200
Total 2071273149
Oceania Football Federation(OFC)[Annotation 18]
Opponent country (region)TrialWinPullDefeat
 New Zealand9720
Total 9720
African Football Federation(CAF)
Opponent country (region)TrialWinPullDefeat
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu3201
 Republic of South Africa2110
 カ メ ル ー ン1100
Total 8611
European Football Federation(UEFA)
Opponent country (region)TrialWinPullDefeat
 チ ェ コ[Annotation 19]1001
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1100
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu3300
 アイス ランド3300
Total 102431049
North Central America Caribbean Football Federation(CONCACAF)
Opponent country (region)TrialWinPullDefeat
 The United States of America371828
 Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu1100
Total 62161333
South American Football Federation(CONMEBOL)
Opponent country (region)TrialWinPullDefeat
Total 191243
All matches total 40721161135


World level

Continental level

Regional level


2021 May 7Active players at the end of the match against Sweden

Number of appearances

PlaceNameNumber of capsRepresentative convocation period
1Sawahoki2051993 - 2015 
2Aya Miyama1622003 - 2016
3Shinobu Ono1392003 - 2016
4Yuki Nagasato (#)1322004 - 2016
5Kozue Ando (#)1261999 - 2015
6Sakaguchi Yumeho (#)1242006 - 2018
7Iwashimizu Azusa (#)1222006 - 2016
8Hiromi Ikeda1191997 - 2008
Saki Kumagai(#)2008 
10Kato (Sakai) Yoshie1141997 - 2008
Samejima Aya (#)2008 -



PlaceNameScoreNumber of capsRepresentative convocation period
1Sawahoki832051993 - 2015
2Yuki Nagasato (#)581322004 - 2016
3Nagamine Kaori49641984 - 1996
4Shinobu Ono401392003 - 2016
5Aya Miyama381622003 - 2016
6Mana Iwabuchi (#)36812010 -
7Mio Otani31732000 - 2007
8Kioka Futaba30751981 - 1996
9Takakura Asako29791984 - 1999
Nami Otake461994 - 1999
Sakaguchi Yumeho (#)1242006 - 2018

Successive directors

Results of national teams by age

Universiade Women's National Team

U-20 Women's National Team

U-17 Women's National Team

Works on Nadeshiko Japan


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